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Winning an Aquarius heart ❤️

Astrology has us wrong. The basic recipe for disaster is: befriend an Aquarius first then become their lover, the end. Sorry to disappoint but there is no guarantees with anyone and none can be truer than with an Aquarius. Aquarius are an enigma and so unpredictable, that they themselves dont know what they’ll do next or how and why they re-act the way that they do. So why would anyone else understand that? The closest you have to that is another Aquarius who shares familiarity with their brethren.

So answering your question, there is no sure way of winning an Aquarius’ heart. If you were one of the fortunate ones, chances are that he or she already had their eyes set on you. If they feel some level of physical (sexual) attraction towards you but never act on it, it is because either #1 they were too timid to approach you #2 were too unsure of your reciprocation or #3 you didn’t fit the ‘mold’ of their ideal mate.

Chances are you fall into the third category. Aquarius are pretty straightforward in the object of their affections, initially. If an Aquarius doesnt see you as someone that is relationship material, they will play with you (especially the males), but will never commit to you. Very rarely do Aquarians commit to someone that doesnt fit with what they want.

Unlike Leos, their counterparts who spend a great deal looking for that partner to connect with and love wholeheartedly, Aquarius are willing to wait for that love to come to them or let it happen organically. They’re not so desperate to commit to someone out of sheer loneliness, in fact they probably revel in not having to deal with a relationship that makes them unhappy. “I’d rather stay home and nurse an unhealthy level of attachment to my dog than socialize with people” rings true to a majority.

So to conclude this disappointing piece, Aquarius will only commit to you if they see you as something other than a friend. They hardly change their minds about moving you from the platonic to lover zone. If you have been categorized as just a friend, then you are really just a friend. The question begs though, aren’t Aquarius friends with their partners beforehand? How can I tell the difference?

Aaah, patience padiwan. 'Til the next time, the answer shall be given. ;)

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Hi! I just watched Wonder Woman, and while I loved most of it, I felt that it fell into the traditional "Germans are evil" stereotype. Almost all of the enemies that Diana and her friends fought and killed were soldiers, just as sick of the war as everyone else. They didn't know what their general was plotting. In particular, there was one scene as Diana rode through a guard post and cut down a man whose only crime was standing in her way. How can a hero justify killing people like this?

I’m not really sure how to answer this one. But I think the German=Evil trope is subverted. The only genuine German bad guy, Ludendorff, was a patron of Hitler during his first attempt to rise to power, but the true villain of the story took the guise of a Englishman who enforced the armistice that led to a century of conflict and the next world war. And when they’re defeated, and the war is over, the German soldiers are revealed to young men, kids, who embrace the men who were enemies who were moments before.

As for Diana killing that guard, her quest was to defeat the God Of War and end the Great War, and he could have warned others or tried to kill her, and that was a threat she had to eliminate. Maybe she could have found a better way, but we’re in a 2 ½ hour movie and the story needs to move along.

Suspicious Partner Episode 29

I was really anxious about today’s episodes, and to be honest this one wasn’t all that angsty. What it really was was a test to my nerves because watching Ji-wook stress cleaning, cooking and working in order to get his mind off his parents case was incredibly painful. To me.

Ji-wook clearly needed what he suspected as the truth to be a lie but so far he’s under the impression that Bong-hee is the daughter of the man who destroyed his parents and cause of a long life trauma, accompanied by nightmares. Now he has to process that the woman he loves, and wants to spend the rest of his life with, it’s a constant reminder of an old wound that never healed.

I’m surprised that Ji-wook hadn’t look into his parents case way before Bong-hee and this misunderstanding came along. Which to me speaks volumes of how much this newfound truth affects him. If he was never willing nor strong enough to find out everything about his parents murder (like he does with every other case), I can only imagine his hurt for the people he loves and how much it was have cost me to ask Chief Bang to find out the truth.

Chief Bang clearly knew and was dreading to be the messenger of this bad news. And his conversation with Ji-wook, which was full of silence from his part, showed how sorry and sad he was for both of them.

As for Bong-hee, my strong and courage girl, she knew something was wrong between her and Ji-wook. That he was confused and mad, and that she was partly the reason for it. That the juice, no matter how awful tasted, it was not the cause of Ji-wook’s behavior. I mean, come on!, the man ate to full bricks of raw tofu for her. We all know that juice was nothing.

I am dreading way more the moment Bong-hee finds out the truth about their parents, though, than Ji-wook’s reaction. Because I know Ji-wook won’t ever let go of Bong-hee but I can’t say the same thing about her. She loves him so much that I’m pretty sure she’s willing to be the one to pull away to make things easier for him.

Of course, unlike these characters, we know the truth: that Bong-hee’s father was falsely accused of two crimes (the taxi driver fight and the fire that took Ji-wook’s parents), and that both times he was prosecuted by none other than DA Jang, who at the time was working as a prosecutor like Ji-wook’s father.

I have mentioned before that I believe it’s DA Jang who framed Bong-hee’s father for at least one of those crimes, and after last week’s episode and today’s I’m pretty sure he also took Ji-wook, back when he was a traumatized child, and showed him a photo of Bong-hee’s father to create a false memory of who the culprit was. To make his case more solid and strong in court.

And of course this takes me Yoo-jung who now decided to rebel agains DA Jang’s orders and prosecute the real culprit of the fire related to Eun-hyuk’s case. Too little, too late… just like everything she does. Yoo-jung presents herself as a really strong and assertive character but the more I get to know her, the more I’m sure she’s insecure about her job and personal life. Granted, this could make her relatable if not for her always making the wrong decisions when it matters. Like Ji-hae pointed out, Yoo-jung really needs to get over herself.

Speaking of which, why is nobody talking about Ji-hae’s crush on Eun-hyuk? My heart hurt for her when she so openly and expectant was waiting for him to ask her out, just for Eun-hyuk to ask about the arson case. Gah! And what about the fact she is now living in the same apartment building than Yoo-jung. My senses tell me the Dramaland Laws are making moves for a comedy of errors between these three fools. I’m looking forward to it.

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Me, someone who has trouble remembering names:

Ah yes, I love the contestants on this season of Big Brother:

Rodeo Cowboy
Mafia Dad
Dog Walker
Ghost Hunter
Not Ur Average Redneck
Happy Snappy Radio Gal
Ms. Confident
Muscle Man
Muscle Woman
Salt And Pepper
Hashtag Ya Boi
Cuban/Latino Stereotype
Gamer Girl
Vegas Real Estate Agent
And, who could forget, poor, sweet, cinnamon roll, to good for this harsh world, got voted off in less then twelve hours:
Social Anxiety

i really like how hawkeye/mustang was never confirmed. like i wouldn’t mind if it was, because they have a great dynamic, but it’s also really nice to see such a close, personal bond between a man and a woman that isn’t necessarily romantic. they’d make a great couple, but i love that they don’t have to.

Can you believe Wonder Woman 2017 was written by an openly gay man, directed by a woman, staring a kickass woman surrounded by other ethnically diverse kickass women, with Chris Pine as the love interest who was not weak, racist, or sexist at all, also with diverse and interesting male sidekicks, and the villain who was defeated with the power of love because love is strength not weakness. Like damn how did we get so lucky?

  • me: *takes a deep breath*
  • me: i love-
  • everyone i know: you love the wonder woman movie. you think it's one of the most culturally relevant cinema and that belongs in a museum. you've watched three times and you think about it 24/7 and can't get over how amazing and inspiring diana prince's character is. you want the theme to play at your funeral. you really enjoyed the reflection of how inherent good and evil exists within humanity and how relevant the message is to today. you love that the movie endorses love and positivity instead of darkness and evil. you want the no man's land scene projected onto your gravestone. the movie is your new sun and stars. we get it

i was talking to some friends about wonder woman today and one of them said how she didn’t like steve, bc wonder woman didn’t need a man, it was supposed to be an empowering film about women and not men 

and here’s the thing, we live in a patriarchal society, yet we’re told by women and feminists everywhere that a woman doesn’t need a man, and that’s is entirely true. women don’t need men! but loving a man doesn’t make a woman weak! it doesn’t make wonder woman any less empowering for loving steve! the problem is that female characters are so often lost in the ‘love interest’ trope that they aren’t empowering characters, and are hardly characters at all outside the relationship. but wonder woman, and many more films and tv shows today, aren’t like that anymore! so let’s stop aligning powerful women as not having a man, and non-powerful women as having a man!

a woman loving a man doesn’t make her any less powerful and independant, and we need to stop portraying and seeing it in that light

I saw Wonder Woman with my mom yesterday and during her big fight scene through the village I turned to my mom to see her reaction (I had already seen Wonder Woman once before) and I saw my mom was crying. Afterwards I asked her why and she told me about how as a child she would make sure to never miss the intro theme to the TV show Mash. There was one shot of a bunch of women in military uniforms sprinting and for her as a child that was everything. Women heroes, unsexualized, not for male consumption, just doing their jobs as bad asses. And she explained that Wonder Woman was just the same and she hadn’t realized how starved she’d been for it. She loved how Wonder Woman fought. She didn’t kick to show you her thigh or grab a man’s head in her crotch to spin him to the ground. She kicked in a way that brought her entire body weight down on someone, she kneed men through walls, and took machine gun fire. My mom said that every shot of Wonder Woman was filmed like she was bad ass. She wasn’t posed like she was pretty. She was posed like she was dangerous. And that made my mother cry.

The parallel to end all parallels

Okay guys, listen up, because I’m about to fuck you up with some knowledge.

So we all know under Dabb’s reign, we’ve seen a multitude of parallels. Season 12 has been chock-full of callbacks from earlier seasons: characters, scenes, props, etc. We saw it with the colt, with Mary’s return, Bobby’s return, “[insert parent name here] went on a hunting trip, and [they] haven’t been home in a few days”. We’ve had Dean and Cas paralleled with Sam and Eileen, Dean and Cas paralleled with Cain and Colette, Dean referred to as Cas’s “human weakness” by Ishim…I mean really, at this point they’re endless. I could make hundreds of posts about the parallels, particularly in regard to Dean and Cas, but I won’t because frankly, there are better meta writers than me on the tumblrverse and they’ve already been done to death.

see @tinkdw and @ibelieveinthelittletreetopper, seriously those guys’ blogs have some seriously incredible information, metas, and I thoroughly enjoy reading literally everything they have to say.

What I want to talk about is Cas’s last scene in the finale. Here we see Cas enter the alternate universe, despite Sam and Dean already being there and having a plan for locking in Lucifer, and stabbing Lucifer, right before Cas’s death scene.

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So I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about this scene and how Cas’s death was completely unnecessary and avoidable. That it was used strictly for the “man pain” we hear so much about, so we can watch the boys once again mourn the death of one of their friends. I agree, to an extent. His death absolutely was avoidable, also necessary because Destiel story arc, but here I believe Dabb knew what he was doing. Remember those parallels we talked about ^^?

So why? If Cas is coming back, like we now definitively know, why take the time and effort to include this scene? Because really, it was pointless. Lucifer could’ve killed Cas straight out of the portal without Cas ever entering, and it would’ve served the same purpose, and raised no questions. Because hey, shit happens, and Cas is almost always on the negatively receiving end of it. So why, Dabb? Why shoot this particular scene that seemingly makes no sense and had everyone questioning Cas’s intentions?

Come. Take my hand. Let me show you.

Dabb literally, intentionally, oh-so-deliberately, shot this scene:

To act as a parallel for this scene:




and before you say, no wait, your hopefulness, Jess doesn’t come back, this makes for a sad ending, stop, no, what are you doing??


Dabb recreated the first scene of the show with Dean and Cas. He intentionally paralleled Sam’s canonical relationship with his girlfriend to Dean’s canonical subtextual relationship with Cas.

Further, the scene with Sam and Jess marked the beginning of the series, the beginning of Sam rejoining his brother in the family business, but also the unfortunate end of his relationship with the woman he loved. If you look at this reversed (much in the same way Cain said to Dean about how he was living his life in reverse), that would mean that this could possibly be hinting at the end of the show, but also the beginning of Dean’s relationship with the man angel he loves.

I mean, I’m not saying that Destiel is endgame…but fuck. Destiel is endgame.

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No, but guys, the “New World” trope where a man lands on an unexplored island and a young girl who finds him falls in love with him because he’s the first white man she’s ever seen -and in Wonder Woman’s case, the first man, period- is completely subverted in the literal scene that actually really happened where Diana informs him she knows how reproduction works and how her own body experiences pleasure, taking away all the gross parts of that trope where a man sets out to teach a less experienced woman about her own goddamn body. 


One of the things I loved most about Wonder Woman was how the thing that made Diana a superhero was her compassion and her love for others – for her Amazonian family, for Steve, for all of humanity.

All the traits we are told and socialized to see as traditionally feminine? They were Diana’s strength and her motivation for being Wonder Woman.

The movie never fell into the trap that so many do, writing “Strong Female Characters TM,” the writing of whom generally preoccupied with cutting all their ties to traditionally feminine traits and comparing them more with their male counterparts.

No. Here, when Diana steps into No Man’s Land, it’s because she can’t put aside the horrors that she’s seeing. Her compassion for the affected townspeople and their fate moves her to take action when “no man” can.

And the significance shouldn’t be lost on anyone that the villain she defeats at the end is Ares. Mars in roman mythology – yes, that same Mars we associate with the male symbol, the embodiment of traditional masculinity.

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. That’s how the saying goes, right?

Though they’re reasonably well-matched in combat, Diana can’t get an edge over him until she truly connects with the love she feels for Steve and for the world. And that love and compassion and all her traditionally feminine traits are what allows her to win.

This right here will be cinematic history. This shot will be studied in film classes. This moment right here is the greatest hero shot I’ve ever seen.

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Wonder Woman branded awesomeness
  • no man’s land ? bitch please I Am No Man ™
  • Lemme Blow Down This Clock Tower ™
  • BABY??? B A B Y ™
  • Here Take That Tank In Your Face ™
  • Gotta Help The Horse ™
  • Ice Cream Is Good ™
  • How The Hell Can You Wear Dresses ™
  • Lemme Slap You With My Shield Into That Wall ™
  • Lemme Spray You With My Knee Through That Window ™

Lame adaptations and sequels are always like, “how can Mina go back to her stifling Victorian marriage after her experience with the dark, seductive Dracula??”

Meanwhile, Mina marries her best friend, who she’s known since they were children, who she share common interests with, they build a home together, work as partners, make immense sacrifices for each other, support each other through their traumas.

Guys, a marriage isn’t stifling and restrictive just because two people… get along, I guess?

a friend like mine

 Summary: A discussion about a break up leads to….interesting revelations. || Sebastian x Reader || part 1 of 2

Warnings: discussion of kinks, [in the second part] —> smut and all that entails, thigh riding, choking, some other stuff but i’ll put it in the warnings for the next one

Note: :))))

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Sweet Creature (M)

*I have no words*

Request: Can I get a Sub Jungkook smut where their on the couch and he cums in his pants while the reader is grinding on him on his lap and dirty talks to him in his ear??? Thanks☺️☺️☺️

Word Count: 6.9k words (heh heh)

Let me ruin you goddammit

Let’s get one thing straight. You never claimed to be a good person, never did charity work, never been the perfect daughter for your parents. And you sure as hell wasn’t someone’s little girlfriend.

You did what you want, who you wanted and slipped out of their sheets before they murmur good morning in your ear. You were a ‘no strings attached’ girl, making sure that you would never become someone’s puppet. Of course, you weren’t immune to the disease called ‘love’, your innocent high school days plagued with your naive mindset of finding the ‘one’. It still haunts you, one of the reasons your night doesn’t end with a shot of whisky and half a pack of beer. The only person who was willing to put up with you was your best friend, Jungkook.

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