this is how a man loves a woman

Being in a relationship with Negan would include:

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• Him getting rid of his wives for you

• Him loving to make you laugh doesn’t matter if it’s with jokes, his behavior or anything else, just as much as you love to make him laugh

• You being able to handle him in every kind of situation

• Him bragging before his man about you being the best and hottest woman ever

• Him bringing back little gifts for you from runs or in general making little surprises for and loving to see how your eyes lighten up when you see them

• Him treating you as his equal and expecting everybody else to do it as well

• You being the only one he lets and who is able to put him in his place when there are things going wrong or you feel like he’s being to much of an asshole to others

• Which leads to you actually being able to persuade him to handle situations at least a bit differently and more merciful

* You being the person that means the most to him and also through that you being the most important person in his life

• Him loving to hold you tight in the night and to wake up with you in the morning

• Him making sure that you always know how much he loves you, doesnt matter if its telling you or showing you that and being just as happy when you’re telling him that you love him back

• Him loving the feeling of you huddling up to him or falling asleep in his arms

• Him always somehow having an arm wrapped around you or a hand on your back when you’re walking around the sanctuary

• Him loving to hold you tight and feel your body while kissing you

• Him always making sure that you’re feeling well and you’re having everything you somehow need

• Always eating together, doesn’t matter if you’re cooking together or he’s cooking something you like for you as a surprise

• Him being really protective over you

• Him showing only you his soft and also vulnerable side

• His men knowing that in case one of them just attempts to harm a hair on your head they would sign up for a slow death through Lucille

• Long make out sessions that often lead to passionate and even rough sex

• Even though he also loves to have sweet and loving sex with you

• Him not leaving your side when you’re ill and laying in bed with you, holding you and ordering his men to get you everything you want and need while he would make sure that you have the best medical treatment through his doctor 

• You knowing everything about him and his past just as he knows about yours

• Him and you trusting each other entirely and being irreplaceable for each other

• Him always giving you his jacket and scarf when he sees that you’re cold in first place because he really cares about you, in second place because he also  loves seeing you wearing it 

• Him not being able to see you cry and taking you gently in his arms and comforting you to make you feel better

• Him directly noticing when something’s wrong with you or you’re not feeling well and dropping everything to look after you and only starting to work again when he knows that you’re feeling well again

• Him kissing your neck and loving to see and feel the effect it has on you

• Him loving to tease you and to sometimes even make you blush through his comments 

• Him making sure that besides the whole lot of work he has that he has enough  undisturbed alone-time with you, doesn’t matter what he has to do for it or where he has to go with you

• You making him a better person

• Him always making you feel like the most desired woman and not being able to resist you

• Him being able to forget everything when he’s alone with you and just being grateful for every second he can spend with you

• You and him sometimes staying up all night long doesn’t matter if you’re laughing the whole time together until your stomaches hurt or you have deep talks

• Him making sure that all his men know that you’re only his and they shouldn’t ever dare to hit on you

• Him realizing after all that you are the love of his life and he couldn’t ever think of a life without you and all the love and happiness you bring into his life

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Romance is Manly

It’s always amazed me at how much little gestures can mean and do in the life of the receiver. How just a note taped to a mirror, a small stuffed animal or trinket left on a steering wheel, going out and cleaning off her car and starting it on a cold winters morning, a text waiting in the morning (as a few examples) can do for a persons mood, or day.

Now I know I’m not the only man out there who does these things for the woman he loves, but I’m dealing that those of us who do these things is a very small minority and that saddens me.

It saddens me when friends of my significant other tell me I should write a book telling other men to be romantic and attentive.

It saddens me that so many times when a man does these things, to his spouse or girlfriend, that the spouse or girlfriend are asked, “What’s he expecting from you for this?”

It saddens me that my Baby Girl, after months of being with me is still in awe of the way I treat her. To Seeger reaction to what I consider normal behavior just floors me. Then let her daughter ask her mother, “Why is he doing that?” Why is he doing that?“ To think this is knew to them. That is something they never believe life could be like. That they spent almost two decades being treated more as a servant than a princess.

It saddens me that if I penned this book those who need it the most would not read it and if the did they wouldn’t learn a thing.

I personally spent over three decades doing the little things to my spouse with zero reciprocation. None! Sure they were appreciated, but nothing was returned. Did I do these things to receive something? No. Why else would I have stayed three decades if I was expecting a return that never came. I did it because that’s what I do.

Now I have a partner who truly appreciates my gestures. She lived a life void of them for way too long. I get to reap the benefits of romance, random acts of kindness. Basically for showing that I care and I love her to death. ❤️

So men,
If you’re one of the few like me - congratulations! There’s not a woman out there who wouldn’t fall head over heels for a man like you.

If you’re NOT one of the few - that’s to bad. You really need to step up your game. I say this because to many of you have no idea how much you women long for this. It’s so important that a man who does these things has a good chance of stealing her from you. It costs so little. It takes minimal time yet the return on your investment is huge.

I encourage every man out there, married or single, to start truly courting your women. Let them know you appreciate them. Let them know they are special to you. It will be the best decision you will make in your life.

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So from some time I wanted redo all my oldies OC with fandomes or orginal ones, so lets continue with this!~
This time gonna be my pretty old OC from D.Gray- man <3 gosh I just love that …. ~  And her Name is Sayne <3 I think I’m gonna do with her OC sheet cose I remebered how much I liked her back then q-q <3 soo all the info gonna put there <3
For now I leave her here as the sketch with her activated innocence annnnd killing some akumas in background xD <3 wanted put colors buuuuut welp… resons! xD <3  (aka laziness)

You know I just love this woman.

She hasn’t even met the man for more than a couple hours but she has already given him a loving nickname, like he’s part of the family.

She cooks for him.

Also she made it EXTRA-LARGE, I’m sure not everybody gets that special treatment.

“An extra-large for the handsome russian boy.”

And just look how delighted she gets when Victor praises her food. She’s just the perfect mother in law.

And never forget this.

She looks so proud, so pleased, and you know most parents want their kids to find someone who’ll take care of them the same way they did, because their kids are their treasures, they are what they consider most precious in their lifes. And she knows her son has finally found the one, he has finally got to meet the man who’ll treasure him above everything, and I think she knew it since Victor walk through their door… You know, how moms have this sixth sense about people, and more when it involves friends or lovers.

That smile, she’s a proud mom, and she knows his son now has someone who will be sure to hold him up even in the hardest of times.

Now imagine them both coming back to Hasetsu after the grand prix… and having to explain the rings, their engagement, and the future date for their wedding. Imagine her joy. Imagine her with her future grandchildren, I don’t know I just love her too dam much.


“An ecstatic smol mom, skipping after listening to his future son in law praise her cooking skills.”


bazluhrmann: The inspiration for the scene between the fish-tank came when Craig and I were so desperately looking for a solution as to how to surprise the audience for the first connective moment between Romeo and Juliet. I was younger then and we might have gone out to clubs a bit more. That night after working all day we squirreled out to a place (if I recall correctly called “The Dome”) in Miami. When I came out of the bathroom to wash my hands I looked up and saw a woman combing her hair with a brush through a fish-tank. It was a brilliant device to get guys and girls to connect through the sitting rooms, while protecting each room’s privacy. Obviously you can see where this moment lead … #romeoandjuliet

  • DC Fans: Suicide Squad was awesome I can't wait for Wonder Woman next year
  • DC: hey we're already giving you a movie about the most iconic female superhero of all time, but since you liked the Squad so much how about we start planning a couple solo movies about the female lead and the POC lead even though it's only been a few months?
  • Marvel Fans: it's been nearly a decade since Natasha Romanoff first arrived in the MCU and we still would really love a solo movie about her, could you please take our wishes into account?
  • Marvel: Tony Stark in Spider-Man Homecoming!!
Romantic Royalty Starters
  • “I want to unlace your corset slowly.”
  • “I couldn’t take my eyes off you from across the ball room.”
  • “Not any jewel in the entire kingdom could compare to you.”
  • “I cannot marry that man. He smells of rank meat!”
  • “I cannot marry that woman. Her voice causes dogs to howl!”
  • “I need you in my life. I am incomplete without you.”
  • “We could retire to my suite. No one would know.”
  • “May I suggest a walk in the garden? The roses are in bloom.”
  • “I will slay anything that dares to harm you, my love.”
  • “There are secret passages. Come! We haven’t a moment to spare.”
  • “I will marry you. I shall make it happen. Somehow.”
  • “How long would it take to remove all those layers?”
  • “My crown is heavy. It feels lighter when you’re around.”
  • “If you go to war we will not be together…”
  • “Nothing matters if we are not allowed to be in each other’s arms.”
  • “Our parents are fools.”
  • “I do not care if our nations are at war.”
  • “It drives me mad that no one will leave us alone!”
  • “When we are not together, I am pained to my very soul.”
  • “We must pretend not to feel anything. They cannot know about us.”
  • “Forgive me…”
  • “We shall be happy together, forever.”
  • “I know that fairy tales cannot come true but I feel that one may have.”
  • “You are so magnificent on the dance floor.”
  • “You sparkle even without the jewelry.”
  • “I have never seen a more eloquent creature.”
  • “This maybe the wine talking, but you are glorious.”
  • “I’ll never look at another.”
  • “I’m blushing…”
  • “I will fight for you.”

The Six Thatchers blog post from season 2 was fake, a murder mystery John wrote for Sherlock as a Christmas present. If you read it you’ll see Sherlock literally asked a mall Santa for a murder for Christmas. Because one didn’t happen, John created one as a gift. ***Oh my god, my heart hurts so much right now*** In the story the murder victim was dating a man but loved from afar by a woman. Keep in mind this was written while Irene was in the picture. Write what you know, eh John? Such a good storyteller. He even had himself do most of the work, mentioning how brilliant Sherlock was during the whole thing, barely lifting a finger. What a beautiful Christmas present. THAT’S WHY SHERLOCK WAS READING THAT POST AT CHRISTMAS IN A SCANDAL IN BELGRAVIA. It was John’s present to him. It’s the post that had the counter stuck on “1895”.

The Six Thatchers episode follows the concept of The Geek Interpreter – stories miraculously coming to life. John’s Christmas story came to life – this is why Sherlock is so bent on premonition, fate, and Death in Samarra. The Lying Detective will be more of this. ***No characters in Sherlock in episode 11 go “Hmm, smashing thatcher busts? That happened already.” because it wasn’t a case. It was a story.***

Can you believe John loved Sherlock so much as to create that for him? My heart is hurting. I welcome death.

every time a woman character is canonically shown in a relationship with a woman but her orientation is unspecified:

lesbians: wow i love this lesbian!
everyone else: um excuse me but that’s so offensive…what if she’s BI!!??? why are you ASSUMING she HAS to be a lesbian!!!??? how ugly of you :/

any time a woman character is in a relationship with a man:

like 2 people: what if she’s bisexual!? wouldn’t that be nice!?
everyone else: *crickets*

i sort of wish it was possible to swap bodies. for two people to consensually slip into a new life. i sort of wish instead of saying “i wish you could see my view” we could just jump into it.

men who learn exactly how much it wasn’t asking for it. who laughed at catcalling because she’s pretty. where the jokes stop being funny. women who finally understand why they’re wrong about transgender individuals, why they’re still woman in the body of the man. who learn that their gay child really can’t “just control it.” who sob in the bathroom for hours because they’ve got to give the body back. 

people with mental illness who get to feel how much someone loves them, who don’t have to rely on just words. who take that with them. neurotypical people learning exactly what they’ve been ignorant of; trying kale shakes and yoga and sobbing because nothing is working. learning to be understanding. mentally ill people who at first are sick in their heart about how much easier it all is but at the same time finding out: they really are ill, nothing was laziness, nothing was a lie. that they accomplished so much more than anyone could have thought possible. 

just learning things about people. how your happy friend is quiet and shaky in front of her father. how good he is at drawing, how much his hands hurt. their pride in their immaculately decorated room, their extensive set of dog movies no one else will listen to them talk about. the obvious and explicitly consensual exploration of a partner’s body, the insane trust of knowing someone won’t do that exact thing.

just imagine how much we don’t know about someone. all their cool facts or small talents. imagine returning to your body and saying: i’m sorry that was boring i know it’s not nice to be i’m sorry - and having them gush because they’re so impressed with how you never complain about those achy hips or how they’re really proud of you for those poems you never show anyone. discovering you’re not weird, that what you thought no one would understand is exactly what someone else is going through. 

and someone finally saying: hey. i’m proud of you.



I don’t care if they are 13, I don’t care if they are 30.

This is what transphobia looks like. This is what being 27 years old and your family is talking to you like a toddler and telling you “Sweetie, that’s just how the world is. We can’t change our minds. I’m sorry, we don’t love Kyle, we love Katie.”

I am strong. I will survive this. But this is what is killing children. This is what is killing adults. This is the ugly reality of things.

I went home for Christmas in the hopes I could show my family how good I was doing. Even after they told me I wasn’t allowed to come originally. I fought to be here. I had gained weight, me depression is better, my anxiety is gone, my smile was real.

But it was crushed. Every. Day. No one stuck up for me. Not even my siblings.

It’s not wrong to be transgender. You don’t need to be fixed! I don’t give a fuck if a book or some old dude tells you it’s wrong. I don’t care if your mom tells she doesn’t love you anymore and your dad hits you. It isn’t wrong. You are normal and you have to be strong and you have to live for you.

It is time to take control of your life. I don’t know what happens when we die. But I know it’s important that we live and show this world that we deserved love and respect and to be a part of a family.

Please be strong. Please choose to live because I am choosing to live and document this in the hope that one day it is going to get better and someone will find this and see even in the darkest hours we can pull through.


A man can be physically, emotionally and verbally abusive or even strong to shake a woman’s body but the silence of a woman can shake his consciousness to an extent you can never imagine… BECAUSE.. No matter how physically strong a man is…he can never match up to the emotional strength of a woman…

Yesterday I woke up after a night of tears, and saw dozens of emails and donations in support of my work with LGBTQIA youth. 

Yesterday I wore my Nasty Woman t-shirt to the coffeeshop, and a black man came up to me to tell me he wanted to get one for himself and his son. I told him I would always fight for him.

Yesterday my mom called me in tears. She said she felt alone. She said she loved me. She told me I used to watch The Smurfs as a little kid, and I would look at her and say, “Look, mom, they are all holding hands. That is how you know they are gonna win.”

Yesterday I went to therapy.

Yesterday I blocked family members on social media.

Yesterday I cried. I held my wife, Jenny, close. I cried more.

Yesterday I did a livestream to create space for others in our community who were scared. We talked. We shared resources. Jenny sang The Rainbow Connection.

Yesterday I worked and I worked and I worked and I worked.

Yesterday I recorded a voice memo in an attempt to comfort a six-year-old who had woken up crying, and who asked his two moms how we could let a bad man be our president.

Yesterday I recognized and acknowledged my privilege as a white, cisgender woman.

Yesterday I feared for my brown, black, disabled, immigrant, undocumented, and Muslim friends. My trans friends. My friends who are survivors of sexual assault. My friends.

Yesterday was November 9, 2016.

Today I will fight. Tomorrow I will fight. 

I will never, ever stop fighting.


What I really love about it is that it could actually be a proposal. That’s how you traditionally propose in Japan - no falling on one knee and asking the other to marry you, just a casual thing like saying “I want to always come back home to you”. And that’s it.
In fact, I used to read a lot of stuff about Japan’s culture and language written by a woman from my country who is now studying at Waseda University. She also used to be engaged to a Japanese man. She’s talked to her followers about the engagement and said that it’d been no big deal; her boyfriend came home and while eating the soup his girlfriend had made for him, he said “I would like to come back home and eat dinner made by you every day for the rest of my life”. And she knew exactly what he meant. That was his proposal.

So yeah, the scene could in fact be a proposal, though it probably wouldn’t really go like this in their case. I’m not saying it was or wasn’t a proposal, just wanted to point out the whole engagement thing. :)

he looks at you; and you’re in love.

last night, when the sun dipped and you were laughing, you didn’t notice how high you had to build the fence to keep all the noise in. there’s a man inside that smells like the ocean and when he touches you all else falls away until he’s the last one left on this planet. 

when you cook barbecues, you almost don’t notice the smaller guest list. the tittering hands and wide smiles behind fake lips. the woman next door says she has no problem with it, no problem, you’re just not a family, not really, not in the way that matters, does it?

you help him take his t and you fix him tea. a quiet sacred morning.

heroes come in small packages. you’d give your life just to let someone else breathe for another few moments. you were nothing special until he looked at you and you felt special. 

he doesn’t hold your hand in restaurants or in the garage or anywhere someone can see. there’s a word dripping wet on your front door the first time he tries; after that you only love behind pulled shades and flinches.

sometimes it is hard. but then you look at him, and you’re in love.

I find it so peculiar as to how so many people don’t like Newt and Tina’s relationship, when it’s exactly what everyone wishes there was more of. 

It’s not love at first sight. We didn’t get a kiss. Tina was thinking of her job and herself first and not changing herself for a man. Newt was thinking of his creatures first and not abandoning them to be with a woman. They were focusing on their own goals while being civil to each other, then when circumstances put them in the same bad situation together that’s when they learn to truly work together. That’s when they start to let their guard down a little and see something in the other that they can relate to and care for. 

It’s just … Rowling put the relationship people have been seeking for on a silver platter and people keep rejecting it. Tina and Newt both have experienced hardships that made their outer shell tougher to crack, so of course it takes time for them to warm up to each other. With Queenie and Jacob, both of them are more optimistic and since Queenie can read Jacob’s thoughts she can tell what a kind and beautiful person he is from the get-go. There aren’t any walls for their relationship to navigate through, so there’s is a bit more like love at first sight without it being cliche. 

Ancient history can be oddly amusing at times

Once, in high school, I read an excerpt from an account by a Roman soldier of an unsuccessful attempt to take over part of Ireland or pre-Roman-influence Britain. He was talking about how he had been fighting a Celt man and had nearly beaten him.

Except he hadn’t counted on one thing.

The Celt was married.

Apparently, over the hill in high dudgeon came a giant of a woman with her whole body painted red. She stormed over to the Celt and the Roman like “Hey, who do you think you are, picking on my smol husband? Back off!”

And from what I remember reading, she knocked the Roman down, picked up her husband under one arm, and marched off.
Presumably, the Roman wasn’t too much the worse for wear, as he had to have survived long enough to write his “Celt women are terrifying” report.