this is horrifyying holy shit

okay but what I really wanna see in infinity war is someone takes Wanda’s powers away and they start cackling (because everyone fucking says Wanda is shit without her powers) but then she flips back up into a fight stance and her opponent looks horrified and starts swinging, she starts fighting back because holy shit she’s been trained in hand to hand combat just like any other avenger should their main weapon get taken from them wow isn’t that a thought

also Clint standing somewhere off, clapping wildly and tears of joy springing from his face

oboy have some shitty langst prompts that are probably overused and overdone 

-coran finally mentions how homesick lance is to the team. no one else realized and everyone is horrified because holy shit how did they miss that

-lance just wants validation but no one gives it to him other than hunk, so eventually he just breaks down crying and screaming in front of everyone after compliments are given to everyone but him that one day, after a very stressful and panic inducing mission.

-lance tripped and fell in the airlock by accident and it short circuited, leaving the lock jammed. since it was right after training he had his helmet on, but he was singing when they were fighting the training bots to relieve stress. everyone had muted him and Lance is now panicking and screaming for help but no one is listening. he passes out crying.

-pidge was saying more sarcastic and snappy comments than normal, and she directed absurdly harsh comments to Lance as an outlet for her anger (they were probably up all night worrying about her parents). the words hit lance like a sledgehammer to the face and he starts coughing and crying, running out of the room and jumping into blue so she can comfort him

-(overused much?? but here goes) lance is sick. like. violently sick. as in vomiting blood. (turn it into pining lance with hanahaki disease?? sure) he tries to push through it but ends up throwing up blood during a battle and ends up getting captured by lotor who (obviously) manipulates lance into loving him instead of whoever he was pining after

The Arrangement (Part 6)

Summary: Jess informs you about Dean’s past, and Sam teases Dean. After dinner, Dean brings you home to find someone unexpected waiting for you, and helps you deal with it.

Pairing: AU!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,800

Warnings: language, sexual tension/references, a mild panic attack, mentions of breakups

A/N: Part 6 because I have homework I don’t want to do. Hope you guys like it!

Need to catch up? See the series masterlist

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I Hate History

 Author: bvidzsoo

 Warning: light swearing, smut

 Pairing: Park Chanyeol x female reader

 Word count: 5, 925

 Summary: You always hated history. Maybe because your previous teacher was a nightmare, you weren’t sure….One day, a very hot and young teacher introduces himself as Park Chanyeol, your new History teacher. In some ways you’re glad that you have a hot teacher, but you also find him weird. Things turn out diferently when you have to make a project with him.

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So the above photos, this tweet, and some spirited conversations in the group chat led to this ficlet. Much contribution from @sidsknee and @ehghtyseven, the best bits were their ideas. Make sure you take a look at @sidsknee‘s AO3 here


Shape of You

Geno feels like shit. The ice packs the trainers sent him back to the hotel with have gone warm. They’re going to take ages to refreeze in the tiny freezer of his mini fridge; and in the meantime, he’d like to maybe sleep, at some point. Their flight tomorrow is at ass’o’clock in the morning. He can’t wait to be back home. This entire road trip has been hellish, with tonight’s game the worst of all.

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The College Years - Freshman Year (Chapter 7) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “The Third Patrol”

Characters: Stiles Stilinski & Reader/OFC

Warnings: Fluff, cursing.

Author’s Note: Ignore the issues with the timeline and just go with it.

Summary: Stiles and Y/N go on your third patrol where you two discuss her being a witch and you both finally run into some vampires.

Chapter Six - Chapter Seven - Chapter Eight

Originally posted by bloggergirl29

“So how do you become a witch? Are you born one or does something happen to make you one?” Stiles asked as you both sat in his infamous battered up, blue Jeep, watching the front door of the building that one of the alleged vampires had walked into the hour before, while the last group was on patrol.

“I was born one, but sometimes you can be made one later in life. It’s all kind of a long story..” You explained.

“I mean, we’ve got three more hours of this until the sun comes up…” Stiles prodded.

You laughed quietly. “Right.. Well, the gift is inherited… I guess would be the best way to describe it. I got it from my Grandfather on my Dad’s side.. and there are rules about how you receive it.”

“What are those?” Stiles inquired.

“My grandpa Jack, he died during open heart surgery, on the operating table on May 12th, 1979, at 7:31PM. I was born May 12th, 1992, at 7:31PM…”

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one of the best things about buzzfeed unsolved supernatural HANDS DOWN is every time they hear some weird noise n ryan looks @ shane with that classic horrified “holy shit” look on his face for a good 5 seconds. as if the noise is definitive evidence that there is a ghost n ryan is ALWAYS like :-0 did you hear that? and shane is like “its the wind” every single time…. it’s too fuckign funny 

I have been watching Jack’s channel for… a while now (Years?? Since 2013 I think?  Don’t quote me on that.  Idk it’s been a long ass time) and I just wanted to post a few of my favorite spooky games that he has played since I’ve been watching because… well… I want to. 

Anyway, these aren’t in any specific order or anything, it’s just a random list for people who might want my opinion (not likely but meh)  

Side note: I’m sorry if anything is spelled incorrectly or the grammar is off, I have like 10 minutes to make this, then it’s back to work.  Please do not be angry I am a sensitive Star.  

1)  Gone Home   Yeah it’s old, I know, but this was one of the very first games that I had ever watched anyone do a play through of and I suppose it holds a special place with me because of that.  I was still new to Youtube at the time and Jack was the first one I found to be playing a horror game so I suppose you could say that this play through was what led me to subscribe in the first place. 

2) Outlast     I had such a love for Outcast and really wanted to play it, but was too chicken, so I just watched Jack play it instead.  Granted, I think EVERYONE AND THEIR GRANDMOTHER was playing it, but I still exclusively watched Jack because watching him play was like watching a friend play.

3)  Outlast 2  I’m not even going to explain.  I mean, with this Outlast, I actually played first and then went back and watched Jack so I could get something like a second opinion (also he explored a few things that I didn’t so new info) also LOOK AT THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO OUTLAST PLAYLISTS I’M GROWING OLD. 

4) Neverending Nightmares   Holy shit this game is unsettling and horrifying and I love it so much.  Not for the weak of heart though.  Or weak of stomach.  This was a game that I wasn’t sure I wanted to get until I saw how good it was.  Really though, some disturbing shit in there. 

5) Fran Bow  Again, lots of gore and unsettling imagery and weird things and drug abuse and just all around fun for the whole family. 

6) Until Dawn  Everyone was playing this one too, but I love it all the same.  After watching Jack play it I actually went out and bought it.  I have played it so many times that I’ve memorized the cheesy character lines and I can’t even hear the name “Josh” without crying on the inside at least a little bit.  No idea why I love this game so much, probably the same reason I love cheesy horror films tho. 

7)  Night in the Woods   Isn’t really scary or unsettling or anything but it IS a fan-fucking-tastic game with excellent characters and gorgeous art.  If you haven’t played it yourself (I’ve played it so many times it’s not even funny, I know every little detail I sear) you should watch Jack play it.  Also the more you dig into the game the more everyone is sad.  Just a warning.  

8)  Little Nightmares    Imagine all of your childhood fears.  Like the dark or huge monsters or loud noises but big and scary and I love this game just watch.


1)  Jazzpunk    oh my God I love this fucking game I love the humor I love the style I just fucking love this game and someone else needs to either play it or watch it because omg

2)  Valiant Hearts: The Great War  I love the story, the art, the characters, everything about this game is a hit to me.  The only draw back is that this damn game makes me cry every single time.  Seriously.  At least watch a play through, you’ll thank me when you’re done crying. 

cody is obviously a piece of sh*t but where did they FIND him like how does he EXIST he is literally an emotionless robot. he fascinates me because i can’t believe he exists. i know tons of douchebags like him who are ignorant and offensive in a similar manner… but his OVERALL PERSONALITY? he’s truly horrifying like i need a documentary on his upbringing or something holy shit

there’s spoilers here lmao

here i’m just gonna– share all my thoughts bc there was a lot going through my head that i couldn’t tell anyone bc none of my friends were there

also i have quite a few asks about the finale so i’m tagging all of them as cc spoilers if you guys wanna block it so you don’t get anything spoiled

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can we just appreciate everyone’s faces in the chelsea interview?? word for word, this woman literally said “do you guys feel responsibility when that conversation [the gender wage gap] comes up? that you have to defend other women? you’re only trying to make your own fuckin pay check, like now you have to defend women??” and they just

they all look disappointed and disgusted on many levels

tiredsmolhufflepuff  asked:

What if Moidoriya can see spirits because the universe Fucked Up TM and he wasn't supposed to be born a human???

holy shit, that is amazing and horrifying, i am so behind it

also funny and terrible: izuku’s guardian spirit sort of fused with his soul in order to save him from death at some point early in his life and now he is some kind of spirit-human hybrid, or a spirit possessing his own body, or kind of a spirit given human form…? it was an accident and now izuku is all alone :’^)

anonymous asked:

[thinking face] When Metatron stole Cas' grace, Cas apparently gained a soul (according to the Wiki, at least. That and the horrified 'holy shit I fucked up' look when the angels were faceplanting the earth certainly seems to back that up). I wonder what happened to it when Cas consumed the other angel's grace. Did the grace burn it away? Was it still lurking there, somewhere? With a soul, where would he have gone when he died?

Hey Anon! Thanks for putting such awesome questions in my inbox and sorry for my delay in responding to them.

I think the idea that Cas gained a soul after Metatron stole his grace is entirely likely.  Since we don’t know exactly how souls work, I guess Cas could have gotten a whole one or it could have been growing inside him throughout s9.

He was certainly feeling things during his time as a human and we know from s6 and soulless!Sam that not feelings things is definitely a side-effect of being soulless.  Another side effect for Sam was not sleeping. He didn’t sleep for months.  When Cas was human he slept, even though it was strange to him.  I think he had a soul.

As far as what happened to it when he consumed the other angel’s grace (and then later when he got his own back) I personally don’t think that grace would burn away a soul.  For one thing the show has given me the impression that a soul is a lot more powerful than grace.  In s6 they were an important plot line for helping Cas to power up and take on Raphael. He needed thousands of souls and got some on loaner from Crowley.  Then they spent all season trying to pop purgatory and get more.   

Even though taking on so many was ultimately more than Cas could handle in the long run, the souls didn’t burn out his grace and his grace wasn’t eating away at the souls.  They were able to co-exist. 

Cas: Souls are living batteries. They’re full of energy. They’re full of light. Each one is as powerful as… 100 suns?

For something as powerful as a soul to be destroyed, I feel like we would see some sort of reaction. Souls are pure energy and energy cannot be created or destroyed. Considering these points I don’t think a soul can even be destroyed (well Amara could probably destroy them). I mean, even when people die their souls live on, going to heaven or hell.  

I think that is a big part of why Castiel’s heavenly family don’t see him as an angel anymore. I think Cas is something different and special, a being with both grace and a soul.  It’s part of the reason he is going to have to eventually answer the questions of who/what he is, how he wants to live his life, and where he belongs.  

Which brings me to your last thought about where Cas would go if he died. I actually have been thinking that maybe what the nephilim showed Cas–Paradise–was actually heaven.  It certainly sounded that way from his description. 

I saw the future. I saw a world without pain or hunger or want. I saw the world that this child… that your child will create.  And it is a world without fear and without suffering and without hate. I saw paradise.

Maybe Cas didn’t recognize it as heaven because this one was customized for himself.  Maybe the nephilim showed him paradise, because he knew that would be Castiel’s inevitable future.  

I don’t know for certain, but I just really hope s13 picks up exactly where s12 left off, because the thought of Cas dead, even if he is in heaven, is just too upsetting and I hope they don’t leave him dead for very long.  

anonymous asked:

Okay I'm gonna try to tap into my angsty side for this request. (¬‿¬) Hcs for how Todoroki would handle being shown(maybe as if he was there, like in dreams) his s/o's childhood memories of being beat on by her estranged father? Specifically being told that she's "worthless trash for being disabled, weak, disgusting, pathetic, not what he wanted from an offspring" etc. All while having this gross smile on his face and making a 6 year old cough blood and whisper "I'm sorry" over and over.

I want to cry, I love angst but holy shit.

•He is horrified
•And also really fucking angry
•He won’t let you go home
•He doesn’t want to let your father near you ever again
•How could this have happened to you
•It makes him sick
•He feels like he is present at that moment, and he hates that he can’t do anything
•He knew your father was an asshole, but he could have never imagined something like this
•After the memory ends, he just hugs you for a really long time
•He tells you how much he loves you and that you had nothing to say sorry for
•He is going to protect you
•He is crying
•You are crying
•You both are a crying mess
•Suddenly his father doesn’t seem like such an asshole… Nope, actually he still does
•Ask if your father still does it
•This boy is mad, like furious
•My god he would kick your dad’s ass
•But he won’t because he is too worried about you
•That smile is haunting him

anonymous asked:

Holy shit how much more horrifying must have the whole Mustafar thing have been with that eldritch abomination version of Anakin? Alternately, maybe his terrifying-ness would have scared off, or at least overcame, Palpatine

  • “I’m a monster,” says Anakin. Senator Palpatine smiles, avuncular and warm, and says not you’re not and the Jedi are the ones who call you a monster and I do not think you are a monster and they call you are a monster because they fear your power. I do not. And that is what he says every time Anakin arrives with his eyes boiling red with tears and fury. This is what he says every time Anakin’s been chastised for losing control, for scaring people, for permitting his extra limbs to show, for snarling in that strange way he has, like he is speaking from fifteen throats at the same time, so his voice is layered and quivering and buzzing. This is what he says when a night of passion with Padme results in an electric storm that short-circuits the entire city. This is what he says when Ahsoka is injured in battle and Anakin’s pain and guilt summons black-belled stormclouds that hail down blood. This is what he says when Mace Windu won’t let Anakin teach the younglings – what does he know?
    • they haven’t learned to close their eyes around you, says Mace, flatly. You’d blind them. You’d hurt them. I can barely stand to look at you, how would it be when a child tries to – tries to look at you in your true form–
    • This is my true form! Anakin had barked at Mace, and raised his human hands. I’m –I’m human, I am, I am – 
    • You’re not, says Palpatine, you’re so much more. 
  • All that power. All that strength. But all the power in the world means nothing when its wielder is frightened, and alone. In another world, an entirely-human Anakin is manipulated through his love for his wife, his desperation to belong. In this one, exactly the same thing happens. Anakin is caught in the sharp cracks of: I want to be human and I am not human and I am not a monster and they tell me I am and I want to do the right thing and I do not know what the right thing is, and fear leads to hate, and hate leads to the Dark Side where all things drown, and even the son of the Force cannot escape the tides pulling him in, deeper and deeper, until the Light is a dim and distant quiver. 
  • Mustafar. The molten planet, the blistering lava, the dead and empty sky. Padme lying where Anakin threw her. Anakin himself breaking apart at the seams: his eyes huge and black, too many teeth in his gums, his tongue splitting in twain, becoming a twisting pair of snakes – and Obi Wan closes his eyes, he has to. The images are too awful. The Dark Side, where all things drown. Even the brightest son of the Force. Oh how thou art fallen – 
    • Master! Master Won’t you look at me? And Obi Wan does, but he doesn’t open his eyes: he opens himself to the Force, and feels it pour into him in a hot red tide, snarling and sparking with Anakin’s frenzy. He sees Anakin in his entirety for the first and only time: both human and Force, monster and wonder, mortal and god, wound together, ever-shifting. How can you fight something like that? How? Obi Wan illuminates his lightsabre. Anakin snarls with a thousand tongues, and starts forwards, and it seems that all of reality is surging towards Obi-Wan, breaking at the edges and –
    • I am one with the Force, and the Force is in me, Obi Wan thinks: the old Jedi meditation, and Anakin is bigger than any moon, anything, he is in the physical realm and the mental one at the same time, he is an impossibility he is – 
    • I AM ONE WITH THE FORCE AND THE FORCE IS IN ME and Obi Wan opens his eyes and his apprentice is there, sort of human-shaped, but only in the vaguest possible way. Like a blurry holovid, or one of those optical illusions so popular among younglings; you look at it this way and it is a droid, that way and it is a star. Obi Wan keeps his eyes open, and his Force-sensitivity open, and Anakin flickers in and out of existence, sometimes there and sometimes not, and reality itself shrieks. But the Force is everything and everywhere, and Obi Wan draws on it; because power is what you make if it, life is what you make of it, and there is always a choice. Obi Wan makes his. 
  • A quick fact about lightsabres: they’re in two realms at the same time. Most people don’t know this. They’re in this one, and the the other one. And they can cut through anything
  • The battle jumps between realms, between times, in and out of the physical landscape, and there are times when Obi Wan doesn’t know if he’s fighting on the planet Mustafar or in the heat and tempest of Anakin’s mind. He ignores everything around him and focuses on the beat of his heart, the strength of his lightsabre, his padawan. And –
    • You can’t win Master!I have the high ground! And are they in Anakin’s fevered dreamscape? Are they on the lava-carved banks of a dead planet? Are those Anakin’s eyes, or are they stars, bright-burning and so very close?
    • It doesn’t matter. Obi Wan makes his choice. His lightsabre can cut through anything. Anakin falls in two smoking halves, and the lava takes him. The air around him catches fire, and for a moment Obi Wan sees tentacles, wings, teeth: all burning. 
  • Darth Vader sometimes remembers when he was bigger than the skin he wore. But not very often. The son of the Force died on Mustafar.

This Must Be What Going Mad Feels Like by LadyLade

[902w | Teen]

Then Derek twitches, sees Scott looking at him, and glares. “What?” he snarls.

Does…does Derek look a little guilty?

Oh Jesus. This is not happening.


Teen Wolf kink meme prompt: Holy shit, Scott thinks, horrified. Because Derek isn’t staring creepily at some unidentified point in the distance. Derek is staring at his best friend’s ass.

Note: Outsider POVs are always great and this one had me cackling. I get irritated when the default in fics seems to be Scott vocally against Stiles and Derek being a thing - to the point where they have a falling out over it - so I really appreciate supportive!Scott in this fic.

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mypunkpansexualtwin  asked:

With Greyson and his earlobe, I'm reminded of a thing in Fallout 2. If you take too much radiation damage you will grow an extra toe. The next time you use an auto-doc it will remove the mutated toe and put it in your inventory. Your character is very profoundly sad about this when you interact with said toe, then you get a series of options for what to do with it. One of them is to eat it, to which the game responds in horrified confusion, "YOU JUST ATE YOUR FUCKING TOE!"


[greyson voice] big mood