this is horrifyying holy shit

can we just appreciate everyone’s faces in the chelsea interview?? word for word, this woman literally said “do you guys feel responsibility when that conversation [the gender wage gap] comes up? that you have to defend other women? you’re only trying to make your own fuckin pay check, like now you have to defend women??” and they just

they all look disappointed and disgusted on many levels

John Childermass - Part III: John Uskglass

It was a language he had never heard before. He was not even certain there were words. Perhaps it only spoke to him in the black writing the birds made. He was small and unprotected and there was no escape. He was caught between earth and sky as if cupped between two hands. They could crush him if they chose.

Can you imagine Tom not knowing what a bath bomb is? 

Like one day Marco buys a whole bunch of them and Tom is completely confused as to why he’d want to drop a ball of “sparkly dirt” into the tub and bathe in it. So Marco runs a bath and drops it in to show him and its one of those really pretty ones and Tom is both horrified and amazed because “ Holy shit Marco how the fuck did you make an entire galaxy in your tub what kind of human earth magic is this?!” and immediately tells Star before Marco can explain what exactly a bath bomb is. When he does its practically bath bomb hell and he starts to regret even showing him.