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Remember this. When they finally understand what you are. This is how they will deal with you as well.

Pro Tips for Freshman Band Kids

1. Don’t tell other people you think that one baritone player is cute, the WHOLE BAND will know in two days, including him.
2. Don’t tell said cute baritone player you like their pants in attempt to get them to talk to you, they’ll know you
were looking at dat ass during stretches
3. Don’t tell anyone. EVER.
4. Not even your best friend
5. You’ll get the “You know you wanna tap dat ass(;” face as he walks by
6. Don’t tell him you like his pants later again in the year, he still will know you like dat ass
7. I don’t care how bootylicious he is
8. Don’t fucking do it

But really, have fun at band camp you guys (:


After watching “Dragon Games” I felt like doodling some Raven and Apple but once I started sketching Raven I thought it’d be nice to sketch in her dragon Nevermore but I decided to try my hand at redesigning her even though I am not good at drawing beasts so I tried really hard to make her look ferocious but instead I ended up with a giant chicken and even worse it was going to be a simple messy linear sketch but then I started adding texture around the eye which led to some very lazy shading and before I knew it I was slapping on color and this shouldn’t have taken so long and aw man I just realized I totally forgot to draw the other joint in the wings oh my gosh what am I even doing?

tldr; weird doodle of Raven and Nevermore from Ever After High.

Tbh most of the time someone uses the term “ace tumblr” in earnest it turns out I would have been way better off had I stopped reading right away instead of checking out a few sentences at least

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) hello friendssss (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

sorry for spamming you/forgetting you im sorry i dont like making lists and shit because i love everyone but ya :^( but anyways; its never too late to jump onto the bandwagon of making people happy so hello these are they people that make my dash amazing ((some of the many!!)) btw ya thats me am i pretty heheheheheh eh hueruh

fyi; its organized in alphabetical order/ if they edit/gif or not!! (tell me if i get anything wrong yes because ill probably get it wrong yea since im looking at if they link to their edits)

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