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Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: It’s your birthday, and this is Bucky’s late gift to you. (No plot, just smut)

Warnings: smut. Unprotected sex(Wrap it before you tap it) daddy and kitten kinks, sergeant kink, ties and such

A/N: Happy birthday to my babe, @jamesbarnesblog! This one is for you, bb.

Bucky backed you up against the door of his quarters, smashing his lips against yours as his hands roamed your body, your hands playing with his white collar and tie in a hot and heavy kiss. “Easy, Sergeant.”

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technically im not homeless but being around my mom makes me feel horrible and guilty and honestly id rather freeze to death sleeping in a public restroom than face any of my emotional issues

#that being said i do hate seeing people make avatar aus and then not have allura be the avatar#allura is CLEARLY the fucking avatar like jesus christ……..#anyway @klanced i’m here to fix this horrible mistake with headcanons yas

  • lance is sokka, hunk is katara, bc id rather their personalities fit than their motifs, alright (i’m so sorry to all kataangs and zutaras but its not happening buddies)
  • also keith is zuko, he’s half galra but everyone thinks he’s full galra (so does he) (have i ever mentioned i love the episode the avatar & the firelord) (i can’t believe sozin and roku were gay) EHEM WHAT WAS THAT (anyways zukka’s happening here, i apologize)
  • so, lance is actually, super scared of hunk bein a waterbender here
  • bc he doesnt want his childhood friend to be taken away in the same way their mothers were taken away blah bluh and he says Some Shit
  • hunk is just like “!!!! OKAY YOU’RE MY BEST FRIEND BUT THIS IS BULLSHIT” and gets pissed (HAVE. YOU SEEN HUNK’S MEAN STREAK. it’s not v touched upon in canon but it is thERE. i KNOW. i BELIEVE.)
  • and boom shakalaka they break the iceberg (i just realized it’s birthing symbolism and i’m oging to scream) .
  • out goes a weird girl with arrow tattoos and long white hair, and a huge redhead beast (Appa, what a lovely moustache you’ve grown)
  • they bring her back to town, she wakes up
  • “hi who the fuck”
  • “hey i’m allura where the fuck am i”
  • “in the south pole ????”
  • “okay shit where’s the airbenders”
  • “???? dead???? since like a 100 yrs ago????”
  • etc
  • the Furrybenders (galra/firebenders) attack
  • actually just the prince, kevin keith
  • allura wrecks their shit
  • “oh , eyah ,fuck”
  • shenanginas ensue
  • casting: THE MICE as momo, PIDGE as toph (LISTEN.), GOOD GUY GALRA as iroh (here he’s zarkon’s bro and zukeith’s dad) (he’s called Gigiroh for convenience [since GGG = Gigigi, gigiroh]) (pronounced gee-GY-roh, btw)
  • more casting: SHAY as yue, because i love suffering (also yuetara would actually be a good ship i just realized), SHIRO as… i dont ?? know??? probably suki?? i dont know im genuinely so confused as to were i should put him. ZARKON as the fire lord ozai (and all the fire lords b4 him), HAGGAR is not here, ALFOR as roku,
  • yeh that’s all, i need to figure out shiro/matt/com. holt’s positions in this and that’s it

ok im going to bed im sorry for disappointing everyone with my horrible taste id promise it wouldnt happen again but i dont think i can uphold that


im horrible artist so i cant post “”real”” art of my novel’s characters but, i made an attempt at making them on dreamselfy so!! heres leo (hes not supposed to be named after me, i called him that LOOONGG before i started going by leo and i didnt wanna change the name since it suits him lol) and alexander, the two main protagonists of lost paradise! 

leo is obv an adventurer and alex is an imperial knight, which is a knight who serves directly underneath the emperor/empress! if you’re wondering, alex is my overall favorite character from anything i’ve written. he’s my angel. 

also theyre gay 

NT: Wow….. it’s so scary but tragically romantic when Crazy people are reckless and impulsive……. driving fast into the night and getting into fistfights and telling people their True Hidden Feelings……..

Me, a simple ND: *finger on send button of an email containing only “You said you study lizards so I thought you’d like this” and a meme of an iguana wearing a pink sparkly dress on a razor scooter to send to the professor of my huge lecture class who is pretty much a stranger to me* *has a 14 lb bag of candy corn in my Amazon cart* *has a text message to my little sister including WAY too much information about my sex life including never-before-seen graphic trauma details all typed out and ready to send* I’M GONNA DO IT

Chaol Westfall & Celaena Sardothien | Crown of Midnight

But he couldn’t help imagining it - the glimmer of the future and how it would be to forge a life together, to call her his wife, to hear her call him husband, to raise a brood of children who would probably be far too clever and talented for their own good.


Secrets: Peter is not really sure when he met Wade Wilson for the first time, but he’s sure Wade was around for some time now. He does remember when they had first real talk, though. Peter tried to fool a bartender with his horrible attempt for a false ID and failed miserably. He didn’t really want drink that much, but he was angry at uncle Ben for still treating him as a little kid and this was suppose to help. 

It didn’t work out well, bartender laughed at him and if that wasn’t humiliating enough, he offered him a glass of coke. Wade was the douche who laughed quietly from the table closest to them, nursing his own drink. Surprisingly, he also bought said soda and Peter ended up sitting across the table from him, talking about nothing (more like listening to Wade’s craziness) for next three hours. 

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the credit for this title goes to Vance Joy because he wrote this song lmao

Bucky x Reader

Requested by anon: can i request a bucky x reader based off of the song “emmylou” by vance joy? it can be super cute and fluffy!!! thank you, your writing is bomb af 

Word Count: 1.5k

A/N: okay anon im sO SORRY BUT THE BEGINNING IS PRETTY ANGSTY it get fluffy tho i promise!! i was just getting angtsy vibes from the song, ya know?? anyways if the lyrics repeated i deleted them!!

Warnings: reader gets a nightmare, theres talk of the avengers dying (listen,,, this sounds bad,,, but i s2g it ends fluffy)

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Oh if you’re losing sleep…
Oh if you’re losing sleep, scared of shadows.
See it’s just a chair, see the clothes hang there.
Oh don’t go losing sleep, scared of shadows.

It happened again.

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Name: Corrie
Ancestry (brace yourself): im pretty sure the coca-cola company gave birth to me. coke is my life blood.
Zodiac: Aquarius 
Where do you live: Ohio atm! originally from WV tho.
How are you feeling today: sleepy 
Favourite song right now: Spanish Flea
Play any instruments: used to play the clarinet, not so much anymore haha. still remember how to and i can still read music, but yeah. id sound terrible. my embrasure is horrible now.
Are you craving anything: yes, taco-bell
Signature drink: Coke and orange Sunkist
Signature scent: um…leather?
Favourite colour: dark red
Sounds you love: meowing cats
Sounds you hate: cats meowing while im trying to sleep

I hereby tag: no one because im a loser

The thing is. YJ’s Failsafe episode, in seasons one, ticks me off so bad. The fact that the JL went Kobayashi Maru on the YJ kids, opening the Team up to the potential harms (and sticking them in this mental exercise with a telepath whose limits were untested and unknown, what the heck?) makes me legitimately angry.

Every trauma the Team endured is the JL’s fault. They should have tested the telepath (Miss Martian) and known her limits and the extent of her abilities, they should have set up more safeguards and safety protocols in case something went wrong, what happened in Failsafe never should have been allowed to happen. Or it shouldn’t have had to play out to the bitter end. …or both, rather!

On a side note. I, like Jim Kirk, do not believe in a no-win scenario. By extension, I don’t believe in the creation and execution of a no-win scenario as testing. I just. Don’t approve of the JL’s choice of training in Failsafe. At all.


I’m afraid to have kids because I think ill wind up holding back emotionally/mentally from them. If I have a son I’d always be afraid that he’d wind up hating black women like the majority of black men that exist today, and my main goal is to see black girls thriving, so it would kill me if my son got in the way of that. I don’t hate them, I’ve just divested from the black community and I’m generally apathetic to anything involving black men. This is obviously a problem if I try to raise sons one day. Mothers should care about their children, but if I have a black son, that’ll be hard. It sounds really horrible, but id rather admit it. If there was a way to only have daughters id look into it. Maybe I’ll adopt since there’s so many young black girls that need adopting. In all honesty I’m pretty sure there’s too many psychological scars there that will mess up my relationship with any kids I have. I’ve always wanted to be a mother but, I want healthy well adjusted kids and I’m not sure I’m capable of raising them to be that way.