this is horrible gah

So I was browsing through a collection of old pictures and I came across this adorable thing and the most horrible headcanon popped into my head. I can’t manage to forget it so now I’m going to share it with you all. You’re welcome.

On the right we see Edward, with his twin brother, William.

It was a very long and difficult birth, causing enough internal damage that Elizabeth was never again able to carry a pregnancy to term. William was smaller than his brother, but was growing and healthy. Their mother slowly recovered from her ordeal. She knew she might not be able to have more children, but she was so grateful to have her boys. All seemed well.

Until February.

There was an outbreak of croup and both babies grew desperately ill. Edward recovered. William died.

Fast-forward seventeen years. Edward goes through the items Carlisle gathered for him and finds this picture beneath the velvet lining of his mother’s jewelry box. On the back is written in pencil: William and Edward, September 1901.

Edward doesn’t know who William is. Is he a cousin? A friend’s baby? And why was the photograph hidden in his mother’s jewelry box?

To this day, he still wonders.


Damsel in Distress
↳ “Obi-wan Kenobi”

Sorely tempted to restart my town, but there’s one thing stopping me


When I started New Leaf, the day it launched, it was the summer that my daughter was born. She was still a newborn. My husband was just about to have surgery, if I’m recalling the dates right. The spinal fusion he ended up needing, I mean. I downloaded the game and cancelled my preorder the next morning, citing that I’d been gifted the game because I am HORRIBLE. 

I booted up the game and…I hated every single one of my townies. An ugly, neon yellow monkey and a purple ape especially. Horrible colors, horrible everything just gah. But then I befriended them and they grew on me. Tammi and Violet fast became my best friends in the game. I was pretty isolated at the time due to husband being in pain constantly from the surgery he’d had after I got the game, screaming child, just…very isolated and it was a huge boon to be able to chill with the game for like five minutes at a time. 

Time passed, Tammi moved out, Violet nearly moved out a few times, I made more friends of the townies, mourned when they’d leave, but Violet…Violet I was always able to catch in time. Violet never bailed on me. I lost my 3DS nine months ago. I found it recently, booted it back up…she hadn’t left. So even with my two long hiatuses, it was never her that left. 

Tonight I’ve been contemplating deleting my town for the bells, experience it fresh. The new update added SO MUCH and it’d be awesome to try it all again from the start, because my life is…very much stressful right now, and perhaps that would help me chill out. When I returned, my mailbox was stuffed full, with not one, but TWO kind letters from Violet in my absence. I smile, feel bad, keep considering restarting as I check out the new features. I’m puttering around with the new storage and I hear a knock at the door. It’s Violet. Wanted to see how I was. 

I almost CRIED. How could I even think about deleting it while she’s still here?! Three years, my last original townie, still sticking in town. Still stickin’ with me. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Even though she’s pixels, she’s not real, hell, the townies in New Leaf have less personality than the old games but STILL. I, personally, would feel SO GUILTY. I can’t do it.

So…I’ve decided. I’ll not shelve the idea forever…but as long as Violet’s sticking it out in Moi Duex, so am I.


Not Alone | Flint & Silver [Black Sails]


[Spoiler Warnings: Episodes 301 - 305]

This is dedicated to all of the Silverflint shippers and my friends on this site! Enjoy :)