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It took me forever but it’s finally done! My part of a trade with @mickeymooose of their character Mads. I can make horribly bad puns here about her looking mad, but I’ll refrain XD

Either way, this was super fun to do, it’s not a body shape I draw often but it was a fun challenge ^__^ The anchor’s kinda hiding that she’s cracking her knuckles but eh, that’s an after thing I only just now noticed, ugh. Anyway, I hope you like it, @mickeymooose and sorry for taking so long!

     A trip to Hell wasn’t something she was planning today or for the next few months, really. It wasn’t until one of her demons brought a letter to her door that she cancelled all of her plans for the next week and pay a visit to her beloved kingdom.

     Of course a demon war worried her, but she had faith that her armies wouldn’t let her down. Only the best were leading the entire thing anyways, so there was no cause for true alarm.

     Upon arrival, it was easy for her to find Val. He was lurking in his own little corner of Hell no jokes intended and seemed to be busy. But if he had time to write a letter, then she believed that he had time to talk to her. Besides, he said himself that he missed her. A visit shouldn’t be entirely unwelcome.

     So with a smile on her face she approached, hoping he’d be just as happy to see her as she was to see him.

                  ❝Val! I got your letter.❞

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De!aged Bones being absolutely smitten with Spock.

I need to get my writing mojo going and kill some time! Send me a ship or a character, and a word (or an au) and I’ll write a 500-1000 word drabble for it.

Okay, it’s more like Bones the shameless, awful flirt (and I shamelessly reused some of Jim’s lines), but it’s implied that he’s smitten. This was fun, enjoy!

Jim has never seen Spock look so utterly lost before, and it takes almost all of his self-control not to burst out laughing at the look on his First Officer’s face.

“Captain,” Spock’s voice is cool, and calm in the way that it only is when something’s upset him but he’s trying to pretend he’s above having an emotional reaction. “What exactly happened to Le- Doctor McCoy?” His eyes track Bones’ movements as he wanders around the bridge, poking his nose into everything as if he’s never been on a star ship before – which technically he hasn’t.

“Well see, there was this plant.” Which Jim should have commed the bridge about, or medical, or something, but he just couldn’t pass up this opportunity.

Spock doesn’t say anything. He stares straight at Jim and lifts an eloquent eyebrow, demanding more information without actually throwing a hissy-fit out loud.

“And apparently the pollen somehow effects the age of cells. And Bones, well, he kind of fell into a whole clump of them, got covered in the stuff, and inhaled a bunch too. Then-” he gestures towards Bones, who is currently engaged in a fun game of flirting with Uhura.

He still looks like Bones, but he doesn’t at the same time. Not only is he younger, with long hair and a ridiculous little mustache and neatly trimmed beard, but he lacks a certain cynical air that Bones always carries around with him. The man is Jim’s best friend, but he seriously needs to lighten up, like all the time. This Bones doesn’t have that problem at all.

“Hey there, Captain Kirk,” Bones’ voice is all southern twang, and it’s a real shame he’s already in a relationship, because Jim would do things to hear that every day. “And hello there, stranger!” Bones’ eyes light up as they land on Spock and he winks, actually winks at the Vulcan.

Jim snorts, and has to bite the inside of his cheek, once again, to stop himself from laughing.

Spock clearly doesn’t know what to do with this much younger Leonard McCoy who hasn’t been screwed over by the world just yet. He looks like he’s been cornered by three Gorn’s, and is trying to decide which one offers the quickest death.

“Greetings,” Spock manages a surprisingly neutral voice.

“I’m Leonard McCoy,” Bones thrusts a hand directly at Spock, who, as usual, doesn’t know what to do with the thing. “But you, darlin’, can call me Leo.” He winks again. “If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?” he drawls suggestively and Jim almost draws blood with how hard he has to bite his cheek to keep his laughter contained.

“K-Kirk to Medical,” he chuckles into the comm, keeping one eye on Spock and Bones, thanking every possible power for his amazing luck that he actually gets to watch this happen. “Nurse Chapel, would you mind coming to the Bridge to collect our CMO? He’s ah…regressed, and I’d like you to give him a physical to make sure there’s no other, harmful, changes.”

“Can Mr. Spock give me that physical?” Bones pipes up, his eyes running appreciatively over Spock as a little smirk dances across his lips. “I wouldn’t mind him checkin’ me all over.”

Uhura coughs; Chekov squeaks; and Sulu doesn’t even try to hide his laughter.

“I am not a medical doctor.” Somehow Spock manages to keep his composure, even in the face of a clearly smitten Leonard McCoy. “It would be best if you allowed your medical staff to handle that.”

“Shame,” Bones sighs dramatically, shoving his hands into his pockets. “I’d rather hoped to have you handlin’ me.”

@voltrashy I vaguely remember promising to draw your OCs more often and how horrible of me for not doing so. Here’s Malik okbye *runs away*

~ Aurora

I’m sorry but if trans women are saying somebody is a TWERF who am I to argue otherwise? That makes me just as horrible as them. I’m not transfeminine and I get no say in who is or is not a TWERF. Trans women are saying that Gillian Anderson and Kate McKinnon and so many others are TWERFs and I don’t feel the need to look up receipts to prove them right or wrong.

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The Corruption Bomb did something, well, really weird and horrible. It basically turned the Gems hit by it into actual monsters, making them lose their ability to hold a humanoid form and look really bestial and scary, and it made them lose their minds as well, forgetting who and what they were, just lashing out at everyone and everything. The remaining CGs have them bubbled in a room in the temple till a cure is found

So… what you’re telling me, is… they’re alive.

Their bodies are alive.

But their heads ain’t.

I see. ‘Scuse me.

Just.. I’m shaking, I’m shaking. Just…





Our friends are gone. Dead! Oh, they’re dead. And this is how she respects ‘em; by taking their mangled corpses and shoving ‘em away forever?

Cure? Please. Cure ‘em all you want, they’ll never be the same. At least have the honor of saving them from living as- what was it- beasts? Monsters? Animals?

Is that what they would have wanted? Maybe, some of them, but I know plenty that woulda just as soon be killed. Where’s the respect for their wishes? Where’s the sympathy?

Feeling nothing, suffer none. They make being bubbled sound so nice. Try it, sometime.

Better yet. Some me some respect and do what an honorable gem would do to these poor fellas.

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"R-Really? Then give me another one onegai! I want to get rid of this horrible flavor. I can't stand it." Orihime, she was so innocent, so pristine. Once again she was going to believe him. "I beg you, give me another one."

   Sebastian knew she would believe him, though part of him wanted to see a different reaction just to know what an assertive Orihime would look like. Nonetheless, he pulls another Warhead from his pocket as it seemed to be the last one. Perfect, just enough for her to regret trusting him so easily. He offered a smile which was rather cheesy and seemed about to crack for him to release a laugh, not that the poor woman would understand. Fingers would take a hold of her hand, gently pushing hers out so the piece of sour candy would rest in her palm.

   ❝ This is my last one but for the sake of helping you out, I am sacrificing it…

   This was going to be priceless.

What a horrible picture? I’m looking at old hiking photos atm. Searching for when we hiked in yosemite. That’s me and my horribly competitive outdoors enthusiast younger brother. I’m going to see him in colorado in 2 months.  I should probably start doing a stair climber every day because eh’s sending me trail maps of torture that he has planned for us. I’m just a couch potato. Also when you hike with people who are a foot taller then you it can get hard. OMG.

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            ❝ have you ever been out in the country at night? it’s 
            horrible. it doesn’t look real. all that darkness, and the
            stars come out, and some of them aren’t even stars, 
            they’re galaxies, so far away that they’re indistinguishable
            to our eyes from individual stars–––––it’s like the universe 
            is trying to make us feel small. ❞

Horror story:

You know that dragon I made almost a year ago that cost me over a hundred dollars and destroyed my life in a way I’m still feeling the effects from but it was for someone I really admired’s kid so I gave it my everything? Well, because I technically couldn’t make the deadline I offered to ask for only supply costs (because I am horribly awkward and afraid because I looked up to her and we never agreed on a rate for work [ALWAYS MAKE A DAMN CONTRACT]). She has STILL never picked it up or paid me but we’re technically in contact/know the same people so I can’t get shitty or really express to her the emotional impact of her not only not paying me (JUST SUPPLIES, NOT THE SLEEPLESS MONTHS OF TIME) but not even trying to retrieve the dragon! Not only this but because of this standing issue I have never felt right going after the remaining supply costs from a mutual colleague that I made the second dragon for! AND THAT ONE I ONLY CHARGED $75 FOR IN ADDITION TO SUPPLIES! IT’S THE SIZE OF AN ADOLESCENT AND THAT’S ALL I FELT COMFORTABLE CHARGING BECAUSE HER GOOD FRIEND’S DRAGON WAS FREEEEE. But I have never sought the remaining $50 in supplies because it’s too awkward that I can’t even ask for the $100 for the first dragon. Sure they’ve had “good” reasons for not taking it (moving, destructive pets, very very busy, etc) but then they should have paid me to hold it! And if it was just about cutting out that person I’d keep/sell it for what it’s worth, but it was for her daughter and I don’t want to do that to a young (well, teen) girl! It hurts my heart! But maybe she doesn’t give a shit either, the world may never know

And this haunts me every day.