this is horrible but the quote man

you know what quote kills me?

what if i’ve gone bad?”

harry potter, who was left for years to deal with abuse and neglect, who’s constantly questioning how he’s supposed to feel, how he’s supposed to react to these insanely horrible situations, who has the capability to not let his hand fell the man who sold out his parents

who has had to watch friends and guardians and loved ones die for a cause he never asked to be in 

what if i’ve gone bad?”

there’s too much fear and worry in that question. and that after so much resilience and strength, harry questions this about himself - it goes to show how little support for mental health and trauma there is in the wizarding world, of how large an oversight it was for the adults to have left him to deal with the aftermath of all this by himself. at the very core he’s still a kid. capable, yes, extremely so. but emotionally taken care of?

he’s just a kid. just harry. 

  • Pidge: What is the easiest way to steal a man's wallet?
  • Keith: Knife to the throat.
  • Lance: Gun to the back.
  • Shiro: Poison in his cup.
  • Hunk: You're all horrible...

“He destroyed everything. Everything I am, everything I was, everything I ever could be. I hate him. I hate myself.”

His dad tormented him. He was bullied and abused by the man he was supposed to look up to. The man who was meant to take on the role of his sons hero, was just a low life who presented no love or respect for his child. Billy only had himself. Himself to blame. Himself to thank. Himself to trust. Maybe I’m a horrible son, he thought. Maybe I pissed him off, he yelled. Maybe it’s because I’m me, he whispered. Billy was destroyed; and it was all because of him.

     **this quote is not from billy, or anyone. just a random thing i made up.**
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so im reading the original megamind script and here’s some of the wild things that have happened so far:

  • There’s a lot of cursing, like in the first scene someone has already said ‘holy shit’
  • metroman is called uberman?? 
  • megamind is called mastermind and he has  minions named plato da vinci and einstein
  • idk why they decided to do that were they trying to be clever??
  • so mastermind kills uberman like usual with the sunbeam
  • then roxanne is sad abt uberman cuz they were dating and her friends tell her she should go for this actor she had a crush on
  • mastermind straight up explodes a guy trying to turn him into a superhero
  • he covers a guy in spiders trying to do the same thing
  • so hal is a huge fuckboi and he frequently harrasses women
  • the only reason he becomes a hero is because he “saves” a woman and her baby but he was actually trying to save himself
  • mastermind poses as roxannes favorite actor to get close to her
  • hal destroys a toilet and a wall with his super piss
  • Hal also bribes a blind kid so he can look cool to a hot lady like who the fuck wrote this
  • theres a battle scene with robbers dressed up as the beatles and they all make song puns while they’re fighting
  • mastermind says: “I’ll filet his scrotum”
  • he then proceeds to grab his minion by the balls like why does this happen
  • hal pisses on the citizens of metro city with his super piss
  • hal doesnt even stop trying to be a hero because he gets rejected, he stops out of pure laziness
  • apparently uberman was a massive kinkster??? and when mastermind finds his hideout its like a porn dungeon????
  • There’s a lot of terrible sex jokes god help me
  • “The once mighty man instantly drops to his knees, searching, with tears in his eyes, for the proper word to express the pain suddenly surging through his member.” THIS IS AN ACTUAL QUOTE FROM THE SCRIPT
  • the above quote is from mastermind defeating Hal…he literally punches him in the dick with a copper gauntlet…
  • they made a weak attempt to make it seem like mastermind was looked down upon cuz he didnt have any powers but honestly this whole script was horrible help
  • apparently it was gonna be a live action with ben stiller before dreamworks took the script

  • peter: i am a very bad person. i am a very, very bad person. i am a horrible person.
  • ned:
  • michelle:
  • peter: "no, you're not, peter! we still love you, peter!"
  • Goku: Vegeta, this totally sucks man.
  • Vegeta: This is horrible.
  • Goku: Yeah, I know. I mean, look at this. It’s terrible! “Hercule versus Cell: The Fight of the Century.”
  • Vegeta: No, it’s not that. It’s Bulma. I can’t get her out of my head, and every time I look at her I have these pains in my chest, and I just know it’s her fault, that bitch!

Scrubs {Sentence Starters}

  • “Ahh. Uncomfortable silences and alcohol. Just like thanksgiving at home.”
  • “You have no chance of being normal.”
  • “Don’t ever be afraid to come to me with stuff like that.”
  • “A person doesn’t have to be perfect to be exactly what you need.”
  • “It’s the kid inside of us that keeps us all from going crazy.”
  • “I don’t dislike you, I nothing you.”
  • “Nothing’s worse than a ninja - they’re masters of every style of combat.”
  • “Have you been in the supply closet, crying?”
  • “It sounds like you’re asking me out on a man date.”
  • “There’s a good chance I’m gonna kill someone.”
  • “The only way you could be more useless right now is if you actually were the wall.”
  • “Gosh, now I’m too proud of you to be mad at you.”
  • “Relationships don’t work they way they do on television and in the movies.”
  • “Sometimes it feels like you’re holding back.”
  • “All you do is bitch about your relationships all day long!”
  • “We’re only four seconds in and I’m already regretting my decision.”
  • “I can’t believe you lost our bottle opener.”
  • “I think we both know there’s a little more to it than that.”
  • “Does this lipstick make me look like a clown?”
  • “Why don’t I ever listen to me?”
  • “Well isn’t that just the pickle on the giant crap sandwich that is my day.”
  • “Come on, what’s the worst that could happen?”
  • “I can’t help but notice you love telling jokes.”
  • “Do you want to be alone?”
  • “You’re telling me that you actually made a decision that had a positive impact on your life?”
  • “Can you get that for me? I can’t reach it.”
  • “Don’t look in her eyes, she might steal your soul.”
  • “I refuse to be judged by a grown man wearing a hockey jersey.”
  • “That was my mistake. I keep forgetting that you’re a horrible, horrible person.”
  • “Why are you so afraid of loving me?”
  • “Do you want to cry a little?”
  • “Why do you have to jump out and scare me all the time?”
  • “What do I know about good relationships?”
  • “Newsflash! You can’t drink and then come to work!”
  • “Why is there a pancake in the silverware drawer?" 
On Justice League

I’ve just come back from the movie, and here are the figures. (very slight spoilers)

10 upskirt shots. Two down-boob shots. A fair few completely unnecessary shots zooming or panning with Diana’s hips/butt/upper thighs in the extreme foreground. One Barry faceplanting into Diana’s boobs.

Uncountable Amazons dressed in bikini armour.

Yes, my twin and I double-checked each others’ counts. We only started counting because there were three extended upskirt shots of Diana within the first three minutes of her appearance.

Note: By upskirt shots, I have excluded those quick ones you might see in fight scenes. So a kick or a pan here or there were fairly discounted. Even Hippolyta had an arguable upskirt shot if you counted one moment when she was sliding under something - we didn’t count that one. I also counted a shot with Diana’s tight-trousered butt very uncomfortably taking up two-thirds of the shot.

Oh, and this quote:

“The banks jump like cougars if you miss a dime.”

You’ll never guess who said that sentence.

Clark’s MOTHER.


Okay, all in all, it wasn’t a horrible film. A solid 2.5 stars out of 5, really. The problem both my twin and I had with it was that after seeing Wonder Woman, you really can’t help but notice the difference. What is there to be gained by stripping the Amazons of their warrior armour in favour of what the ironettes (Iron Man 2′s dancers) wear, or starting many shots where Diana entered a scene by placing the camera at hip level or lower? Is there a point to all this? Does it make a better movie?

No. No it doesn’t.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t watch the movie. It was fairly enjoyable in its own superheroey way. But given all of the above, it was just somewhat…saddening.