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Klance: Fortress

Ao3 x

Summary: Keith is taking the discovery that Shiro isn’t actually Shiro really badly. Lance is thinking of a career change from Space Pilot to interior designer.

Lance offers to find Keith when the sleep deprived team haven’t seen him in a few days. Lance and Keith had become much better friends over the last months and he wanted to do everything in his power to help the sad paladin and bring their leader home.


Lance walked timidly into the control room where the rest of the crew were already hard at work, careful not to disturb anyone. It was as if no one had slept a wink since the discovery that the Shiro that had been with them for weeks wasn’t actually their leader. Finding the real Shiro had been the team’s main priority as soon as they had found out, not even Lotor and his gang held a higher focus. Ever since they killed Zarkon, Shiro had been on their radar but it was always about saving the universe. It was something about getting Shiro back only to have him essentially ripped away from them again lit a fire underneath the whole team and no one had done much else since.

Pidge had the darkest circles that drooped out from underneath her glasses and Allura’s hair was an array of loose strands and lack of care instead of her usual tidy bun. Coran wasn’t even cracking optimistic lines of wisdom as he rubbed his temples with frustration. Hunk was sat on the floor surrounded by about six or seven screens, searching through data trying to find patterns or any possible link in the lions mechanics that could potentially lead to Shiro’s whereabouts or what had happened to him.

He had expressed late one night to Lance that he knew it was pointless, he had searched every bolt in the darn thing, but he would keep going dammit until he had searched every bolt again and every line of code until he had found his friend. And Keith, well, Keith had taken it the worst out of everyone. The training room had never been in such as state as he took out his anger, robot after robot. He had however, since then, tired this method and moved on to helping the team, working tirelessly to devise plans and make connections.

Lance wasn’t even sure if he’d seen Keith take a single break. Not that anyone had taken many. He stopped talking to clone Shiro; not even acknowledging his existence. This Shiro hadn’t even done anything wrong, to him, he was the real Shiro. But to Keith, being created in itself was enough to despise the man/alien/robot.

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One of Those Fears

BestFriend!Archie x Reader x BestFriend!Jughead

Request: Can i request a reader x Archie and jughead where they’re best friends and they’re super close. y/n has a huge fear of dentists but she needs to go and she’s scared so jug and archie help keep her calm and they make her go even though she doesnt want to because its for her own good? just fluff and some angst please thank u

A/N: Second fanfiction is here!! So Y/N does have a breakdown but it’s mostly Archie helping her. I feel like the ending was kind of rushed but I really had no idea what else I could write. Anyway I hope you enjoy this!

Word Count: 1211

Warnings: Swearing, slight angst, anxiety attack

Summary: Y/N has a fear of the dentist and her yearly checkup is now due.

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Jealous Eyes - Steve Ending

Words: 1121
(Part One) (Tony Ending)
Steve Rogers X Reader X Best Friend! Tony Stark
Request: Hello beautiful! I have a request. Can you make a Steve x reader imagine where they fight because he is jealous of her and Tony’s friendship thanks!” -Anon

The night that had started out as one of your happiest, had turned into one of the longest in your recent memory. You’d been best friends with Tony since you were kids. You’d met in middle school, where even then he was mentally years ahead of everyone else your age. You had always admired how he could make the best out of any situation. Things didn’t affect Tony the way they affected other people. He didn’t hold grudges, at least not petty ones, and he tried to never take anything personal. Being his best friend meant you eventually learned how to do the same. You really were a better person with him in your life.

The Avengers had been an official group for a total of three months before Tony threw them a party. Of course, you were expected to attend. How else was he going to introduce, and set you up with one of his new teammates? You’d tried to weasel your way out of going so many times. Tony was always trying to set you up with people he knew and none of them ever worked out. None of them until Captain Steve Rogers.

“Hey Rogers!” Tony called out to the captain as he dragged you through the apartment. “Have you me [Y/N]?” He smirked, borrowing the incredibly cheesy pick up like from How I Met Your Mother. Steve being completely oblivious to any modern pop culture at the time just smiled you politely.

“No, I haven’t.” He offered out a hand for you to shake. “Captain Steve Rogers at your service.” He introduced. You shook his hand softly.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, uh officially, Captain.” You told him awkwardly.

“[Y/N] was at the battle of New York.” Tony interjected.

“He makes it sound like I contributed at all.” You frowned.

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Helping Miss Fernandes - Part 2

Summary: When Jellal got himself into yet another trouble, which was also partly her fault, Meredy decided that Erza was the best person to give him a hand until she found the way to got him out from his predicament.

Words: 2400+

A/N: I promised in my answer to an anon ask that I would not give up this fic. I had wanted to finish the fic in the 2nd chapter. But I figured that if I put everything in this chapter, it would probably take me another month or even more to update this fic. So I decided to post what I have written to show that I’m keeping my promise and I will finish this in chapter 3 instead.  

Part 1


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Rule #6 - Never Run Away Again

ExcerptPhil wants to yell at the man; to tell him how much he loves Dan that he doesn’t care if he’s in the limbo between life and death because he just really needs to see him.

Summary:  A loosely-connected, self-indulgent chaptered series about a taboo relationship // And, he was glad. 

Warnings: swearing, incest(again, not blood related), and thats about it (no smut this time guys :=(( )

Words: 3584

Alice: ya’ll should thank my gf for doing extreme measures of making me write this because i felt so lazy these days

Charlie: theme song (pls be happy)

chapter #5 || masterpost  || chapter #7

“I’m here for Dan Howell,” Phil heaves as he reaches the reception desk.

The receptionist looks at him. “Relationship with the patient?”

Boyfriend. “I’m his godfather.”

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Late Nights and Rough Fights//Josh Dun

Requested: Heyy babe, í love your blog. Can you write one with Josh, where they have a really big fight and she leaves or something like that with lots of drama and a happy ending and fluff?


              You were curled up on the couch, currently reading a book that you had started earlier that afternoon. You promised yourself “only one or two chapters then I’ll finish the chores I started”. You told Josh that morning before he left for the studio that you would clean the kitchen and have supper ready when he got back. You knew how stressed he got with trying to be “the perfect drummer” at times, and when you could do anything to relax him; you did. Except, you had a habit of losing yourself in the words, and universe created by authors. Which left you here, 2 minutes before Josh got home, and you got nothing done; except reading half a book.

              “Y/N? I swear, today was brutal.” You heard Josh walk in, which pulled you from your book. You felt a wave of dread fall over your shoulders. You forgot to do the things you promised; you felt horrible as you sprang from your spot on the couch and ran to the kitchen. “Really? You promise me 2 simple things and you can’t even do that?” Josh groaned, obviously irritated with you.

              “I’m sorry! I was reading, I’ll clean up real quick then start supper. Go lay down and relax in the meantime, okay?” You walked up behind him, trying to wrap your arms around his middle in a hug; only to have him step out of your grasp. That hit you hard, a loving, apologetic gesture being turned away so coldly. “Josh?” You whispered, regretting it as you saw him tense. Something was about to go down.

              “I work my ass off all day, making money for us to survive. It’s stressful to say the least; and I come home to you laying around reading? Can you get anymore selfish? Or lazy Y/N?” You felt your jaw clench as his words passed his lips.

              “You know damn well I work, I supply money too if you haven’t forgotten. Unlike you though, I deal with people who could care less about me. While you have people ogling all over you as you travel the world!” You snapped. 3-4 days a week you were a cashier, nothing special but you did want to contribute to the household; though apparently that was nothing to Mr. Rock star in front of you.

“You wouldn’t have anything if it wasn’t for me and this “stupid job”. No house, no food, no money for your precious books, you’re here because of me and my job.” Josh whipped around to face you, now full on yelling at you. Anger filled your veins, if your mom taught you one thing it was not to take stuff like this. She always taught you to be independent, and never let someone wrongly tell you that ‘you wouldn’t be here or have that if it weren’t for me’. Josh was doing just that.

“Fuck you, I have fended for myself for years before you came along and believe me I will do it again. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be home alone for months on end. I wouldn’t question if you were really thinking of me when you’re halfway across the world or thinking of the random groupie in your bed.” Your anger took over, spewing words you knew you’d regret saying when you calmed down. You trusted Josh, and knew he would never cheat on you. Though your anger, and the adrenaline pumping through your veins took none of that into account. If he wanted to be this way, you would be too.

“I’d love to see you last without me.” He snapped, looking slightly shocked when you pushed past him and stormed toward your bedroom. You were about to show him that your life did not circulate around anyone but yourself. Throwing clothes, toiletries and any other important items into a backpack you zipped it up before making your way downstairs. Not acknowledging Josh in the kitchen, who was currently rubbing his temples; looking frustrated as ever. You slammed the door on your way out, going to the one place you knew you would always be accepted in, no matter what. Your mother’s house.

By the time you reached her house, which was only a block and a half away from yours, you felt like you were going to break down in tears. You hated fighting, of any kind. Especially with Josh. You two rarely fought, but when you did. It was world war 3, like the previous events had proven. When your mom opened the door, with a confused look you broke down.        

“Oh sweetie, come in. What happened?” Your mom asked, sliding an arm around your shaking shoulders. She listened to you cry about what happened tonight, and how bad you felt about it. “Don’t feel bad for listening to what I taught you. Josh didn’t mean what he said, I can tell you that right now. It was the anger and frustration he had with this new album talking.” Her words soothed you slightly. “He had no right telling you those things, just as you had no right accusing him of cheating.” You nodded, guilt building in your stomach as you felt tears continue down your cheeks. “Go get some rest, the guest room is open. You can stay here for a few days until things between the two of you are worked out, okay?” You nodded, wiping the tears off your cheeks and pulling your mom into a tight hug.

              “Thank you mom, for everything.” You whispered before making your way upstairs. You dropped your backpack off at the foot of the bed as you sat down, checking your phone quickly. As you expected there were numerous missed calls and texts from Josh. Either him continuing the argument from earlier, which you hoped he hadn’t done; or a numerous amount of apologies. Regardless of what they contained, you shut your phone off and laid your head on the pillow. You desperately needed sleep right now, which your body happily gave you.

              Rays of sunlight shining through the light purple curtains of the guest room woke you the next morning, causing you to stretch and remember the events that led you to being in said guest room. You sighed deeply, heart breaking at the thought of losing Josh over something so pointless. Reaching in your bag for a change of clothes, you made your way to the bathroom. Stripping out of what you wore the night before; and stepping into the shower. Turning on the warm water as you let the water sooth your aching, tired muscles. You wanted to talk to your mom, see what she would say now that you were in a better state of mind. Your mom was a women that you admired, for her strength and knowledge. You always knew she was the one you could turn to when things went astray, which is what you would do. Quickly drying off and changing, you jogged downstairs.

“Mom I messed up. I shouldn’t have gotten so angry. I love him so much, and I know he didn’t mean what he said—I didn’t either. I…I want him back but I know he wouldn’t even hear me out if I tried.” You said in one breath, getting a weight off your chest. You stood in confusion when you got a small smile in response.

“Don’t be so sure about that. He’s been here since last night. About an hour after you came he was on my doorstep begging to talk to you. I told him he was welcome to the couch.” Your mom gestured to the Livingroom, where you peeked out to see a sleeping figure spread across the couch. Taking a deep breath you walked out, sitting on the floor in front of where Josh lay sleeping. Your heart broke to see that his eyes showed evidence of crying, and seeing his face holding an expression of distress as he slept. Slowly reaching out and brushing a piece of hair off his face, you fought back tears.

              “Josh?” You whispered, fingers tracing down his cheek and to his shoulder, giving it a soft shake; which caused the sleeping boy in front of you to stir awake.

              “Y/N. I…I’m so sorry. Tyler’s been stressed right out about the chance of nobody liking our album, which has gotten me thinking it’s my fault. I shouldn’t be taking the stress home and taking it out on you. I’m so sorry, you are such a great woman. You could go above and beyond anything I could do; I don’t know what came over me last night.” He paused, throat closing as he found himself choked up. “I was so scared that you were gone for good.” Josh mumbled, causing you to act without thinking and pull your arms tightly around his shoulders, burying your face into his neck. “You don’t actually think I’d cheat on you, do you?” He asked fearfully, receiving a small head shake from you.

“Never. I know you wouldn’t; I know you love me and I love you too. I hate fighting, I hate anger, I just want to have cute tickle fights, and cuddle our way through the night. I want us to find a way where our stress doesn’t drive us apart but pull us closer together.” You found yourself sobbing into his shoulder, feeling his hand rub your back soothingly.

“I knew you were the one from the start. Since I met you I knew you were the one I was going to grow old with; the one who I would share my future with. I may not have a ring now, but I’ll get one. I just want to know that you’re willing to be my wife, even if I don’t have everything to make the engagement official right now.” You heard Josh whisper, holding you out enough to make eye contact with you. “So what do you say, will you accept my proposal Y/N? Even if it isn’t like everything you probably dreamed of?” Your tears of regret turned to tears of love and happiness as you nodded.

“This is everything I dreamed of. Since the day I met you too I wanted to be yours forever.” You whispered, pulling him into a tight hug. “I love you so much,” You whispered into his shoulder.

“I love you too Y/N, my unofficial fiance” Josh laughed slightly, pulling you tighter.

"Why Vriska and (Vriska) both have hella issues", or "Why I Still Like My Sunken Ship"

I was actually about to write this before reading this latest upd8 (7/1/15, for anyone reading this in the future). So let’s start with Not Really Choose Your Character. We bring our focus back to Les8ifins 2.0. (Vriska) starts yammering about horses, the past, and tries to convince Meenah to do stuff. And it is astoundingly clear that Meenah just doesn’t have her heart in it. (Vriska) basically talks over it though. She doesn’t pick up on Meenah’s…general disinterest. This is a major shift from last we saw them, which was literally 13 pages of laughing and tumbling down a hill, followed by making out. What’s different? Its not the impending doom as caused by LE, before that point they were talking about it and Meenah basically asserts that she’s pretty cool with it.

Well, (Vriska) finally catches on when Meenah basically spells it out. She’s bored. She sees their options as “explore the same old dream bubbles” or “sit around in this one”. And not even in the enjoying time with (Vriska) kind of way. They’re just sitting there, with absolutely none of Meenah’s previous energy. (Vriska) gets closer in an obviously affectionate way and she doesn’t react. And she gets to explaining that dreams aren’t interesting. They’re a distraction from getting stuff done.

Now, even from the start Les8ifins 2.0 rubbed me the wrong way. It took me a bit, but I figured out why. Its an unhealthy relationship for (Vriska), in much the same way that most of her prior relationships were. “But they’re so cute together, and she’s happy!” I agree that yeah, they were kinda adorable for a bit. But that’s part of the problem. Vriska basically tunnel-visioned on “hey look meenah makes me happy meenah meenah meenah meenah meenah meenah meenah meenah”. In order to keep meenah around, then, what does (Vriska) do? She does a complete shift of self. She tries to be what she thinks will keep Meenah around, without ever really understanding who Meenah is. She does a number of superficial changes (that whole makeover), and given that every other time she was interested in someone it failed, in part due to her to “fix” the target of her affection, she instead tries to do the opposite. She goes full-on submissive. Let them take command, waive her own desires, and just bask in the happy. I mean, look at them in the carnival. When (Vriska)’s opinion is requested, she changes her opinion to be in line with Meenah’s. She still maintained some of the Serket Sass in doing it though, which helped to disguise what she’s doing.

Meenah, on the other hand, obviously saw something in (Vriska). What was it? I think it was partly Vriska’s drive. They met as competitors, and ended up working together. They sailed across paradox space on a quest to get shit done. And they did! They were succeeding, up until Aranea did her thing. And that’s where things start falling apart. This is where (Vriska) starts falling apart. She starts doubting herself and her decisions, and ultimately makes the decision to “give up”. This starts their bubble-roaming. And while (Vriska) is happy with this, Meenah never seems terribly into it. She’s still happy to be with (Vriska), but her surroundings never interest her. Rides in the amusement park? Nope. Tattoos? Nope. The only time she seems interested is while watching LE blow up the bubbles, or when she’s talking to Vriska, who she sees as an equal. Where (Vriska) is content, to Meenah its more of a break. And when (Vriska) doesn’t want to move on? That’s when she starts slowly losing interest. (Vriska) has stopped being engaging in ways that matter to her. That’s where (Vriska)’s failure in Les8ifins 2.0 was. She obsessed on the parts she saw as working without trying to actually know and understand her partner. And this ultimately seems to be supported by the end of the upd8.

Upd8 time left us with Vriska bitching out (Vriska). And damn was it harsh. In characteristic fashion, Vriska tears down someone else’s happiness in the guise of trying to improve them. And yknow what? She does have a point. (Vriska) IS being selfish, to an extent. What she does with Meenah is self-serving, an attempt to maintain what she has and likes without even considering what Meenah wants. Now, does that mean Vriska was right to say what she did? Hell no. She went way beyond okay. But lets face it. Its Vriska. One of her many flaws is how absolutely brutal she can be. And she is. The flaw is that she’s falling back on that same failing that (Vriska) was trying to avoid. She IS a narcisist. She loves herself. So seeing what (Vriska) has done makes her want to -fix the person she cares about-. And she does it in the one way she’s always tried: Beating the crap out of them to try and get them to become “stronger”. The problem is that as with her failures in that regard before, she doesn’t explain what the “weakness” is. She says (Vriska) is selfish, but she never explains -why-, just that she isn’t contributing to the “greater good”. She doesn’t call out why (Vriska)’s happiness is flawed, she doesn’t point out what (Vriska) could do better, just that she isn’t doing what she should be. And (Vriska)’s selfishness climbs up again. She speaks for Meenah, claiming what Meenah wants without paying attention to Meenah’s actual desires. And we’re left with Meenah uneasily starting to say something. It seems pretty likely to me that Meenah is going to walk away from (Vriska) here. That she’s going to actually say what she wants. She’s obviously more concerned about (Vriska)’s feelings than Vriska is, but she’s not gonna let herself get dragged from who she is.

Vriska claims that she’s “grown” due to having not gone to fight Jack. I’ve seen at least one post that says she says she didn’t fight him like she made the decision, like it was her wisdom that made her change her mind. That’s not what I see though. She says that “different shit happened”, and then after that point she made better choices. But again, that’s her narcisissm speaking. The thing is, they both grew, but in divergent ways. Vriska DID grow, but part of it was growing harsher. Her time on the meteor reinforced her old methods of tough love on the people around her, refusing to put up with their shit. And on the Meteor, that works, that’s what was needed. They can’t get away from each other, so it forces a change. She’s a jerk, but she fills a needed role. (Vriska) grew in that she saw that she didn’t need to be all-important. She didn’t need to be the one to solve the problem, didn’t need to destroy the bad guy. Most importantly, she didn’t need to be harsh. That lead to her loss of her identity, though, which was so intrisnically tied to her strong view of self that it left her in a very real sense hollow. Filled not by her own sense of self but by others. But what is the source of the divergence? What was the thing which caused that split to occur?


What was it that got (Vriska) to jump in that flaming pit for the treasure after making a grandoise speech, which ultimately was revealed to be Vriska just trying to fake it as she begins to doubt her own judgement? It was John’s appearance and refusal to let her have the Ring of Life, becasue she’s “Dangerous”. Why didn’t she go fight Jack? John clocked her in the face, buying Terezi time to step in non-lethally. And that isn’t terribly surprising, either. If you haven’t guessed, I ship the everliving crap out of Spider8reath. And that’s because of the dynamic the two had while they were talking. Vriska pushed john, she drove him to do better in an attempt to drive the session forward, but without ever directly challenging her John retained his own personal strength. It was never that he was trampled by her, like Tavros was. Rather, he made it into a partnership. And through his being a colossal, unapollogetic goober, she struck a balance. They both retained their sense of self while pushing the other. Vriska never needed to get stronger, she needed to get less self-centered. And damn if John didn’t do that. Rather than just being a pawn, someone to use for her own gain or entertainment, she began to see him as an equal as well. She doesn’t just knock him out on his quest bed, she waits for his decision. And she starts trying to understand him. It stops being “8ooooooooring” to listen to John talk about his thoughts, culture, etc. She starts respecting that they have different cultures without just dismissing it out of hand. She is legit concerned that he would be mad about getting him killed, something that I don’t think ever came across in her stuff with Tavros, and which overpowered her situation with Meenah. And even if John isn’t mad about what she did, he still explains why. Unlike Meenah, who just straight up forgives everything Vriska does, John holds her accountable without just outright trashing her. He tries to understand where she’s coming from, but never goes so far as to say that what she did was acceptable. He tries, but ultimatley maintains that there is something wrong with what she did. And where does it leave Vriska before she dies? She wants to try being less horrible. John gave her a chance to see an alternative, however brief it was. Of everybody Vriska was with, John balanced her out the best. That’s part of why his words on the dreamfleet cut her so much. In calling her “dangerous”, in reaffirming that negative part -without- his previous acceptance, (Vriska)’s self-worth erroded. Similarly, because John clocked her in the face, Vriska reaffirmed that her methods were sound. That even if she screwed up on the detail of fighting Jack, she made John strong, that the troll way got RESULTS. That, coupled with the positive reinforcement of Terezi, meant that she didn’t learn restraint, just how to not jump straight into murder as the first solution. Instead of taking their life, she destroys their spirit.

Ultimately I find it interesting. Both Vriska and (Vriska) are screwed up due to their distance from each other’s personalities. If they could balance each other out, ultimately bringing her back to where she was when she died, around Cascade, she would be a lot healthier overall. But man, without that? (Vriska) is unstable, unable to find value in herself and unable to fix it, instead hiding behind her “happiness” with Meenah. Its almost like even Tavros had a stronger sense of self-worth than (Vriska) does. Vriska on the other hand is back to being her old heinous bitch self, with basically nothing to keep her in check. Terezi keeps the murder at bay, but I feel like so much of her growing beyond the fucked up Alternian values happens in the pre-retcon timeline that she can’t really do more than that. She keeps people alive, but she can’t improve Vriska, at least not in the way she needed.

As a semi-related addendum, compare how our Callie and Doomed Callie were with each other to how Vriska and (Vriska) were. Its an interesting parallel. Both Doomed!Callie and Vriska assert the lack of importance of Callie and (Vriska). But where Vriska is harsh, unwilling to accept the role (Vriska) played, and cruel beyond reason, Doomed!Callie crushes Callie unintentionally. She asserts that Callie is unimportant and irrelevant in a cold manner, a back-handed insult which comes from Callie getting the chance to reap the rewards that Doomed!Callie won’t get to. Doomed!Callie holds less malice, but the actual content of her words is almost worse. Vriska, for all of her overstepping her bounds, still at least opens up the idea that (Vriska) could have been different, that there was something, and in theory could still be something if she would stop “being a loser”. Doomed!Callie treats Callie as if she’s fated to irrelevance, that she is already done, something which could disappear and from that point on not have any impact on the universe. Not trying to excuse the outright abuse Vriska heaped on, just that she doesn’t write (Vriska) off on such an absolute level. Cruelty with intent to cause growth, which still inexcusable, still feels less crushing imo than the flat, definitive “you are done and have nothing left to do. Go.” that Callie got. Idunno. Much as I hate Vriska’s actions I guess I don’t think it makes her irredeemable.

Bucky Barnes: Shut Up And Say I Love You

Originally posted by clutterbucky

Title: Shut Up And Say I Love You

Prompt: Hey! I’d like to request a 40s Bucky x reader, where Bucky has just left for the war, and the reader is actually working under Agent Carter to create SHIELD. He doesn’t know about it, and her work only happens when he’s not around. Then, she’s deployed to Italy, where she’s also in charge of Bucky’s training group (if that makes sense). They meet there, shocked by seeing each other, and they try to keep it a secret, like her making him say something just so she can pull him aside and kiss. <3

Characters: Bucky Barnes

Warnings: none

Word Count: 1517

Notes: I hope you are all having a lovely day!

“Hey doll?”  Bucky turned from his place standing over the stove, halting his stirring of the pasta in front of him, “why don’t you ever talk about your work?”

You looked up from your spot in the book you were reading, sitting up in your seat on the couch.  “What do you mean?  I’ve told you about the people at work loads of times.”

“But you never talk about what you do.”

“Lots of paperwork lately, but I used to do tons of field work.”

“Like what?”  He turned back to the pot of pasta, stirring it carefully over the hot stove.  It was his turn to make dinner in your small apartment; you had cooked the two nights before.

You sighed.  In all honesty, you didn’t like it when the two of you discussed work.  You hated the fact that you had to lie to him about what you did for a job, especially since he was as curious as he was.  Fortunately, he usually knew when to stop bugging you about it, which was one of the many things you loved about him; he was extremely understanding.

“Can we please talk about something else.  I just,”  You placed your book down on the coffee table exasperatedly, pinching the bridge of your nose.  “I’m sorry, I just had a long day and I’d rather not talk about it.”

His face softened as he saw how tired you really were, and he nodded quickly.  “Of course doll.  I’m sorry to push you.”

You rolled off of the couch and walked over to him, wrapping your arms tightly around his torso.  “Thank you Buck,”  You nuzzled your head into his warm back, the smell of italian food wafting in the air.  “You know I love you, right?”

He turned his head and leaned down to plant a soft kiss on your nose.  His warm, breathy words felt like a symphony in your ears as he replied, “I love you too.”


When he left for the war, it wasn’t a pretty sight- you weren’t a pretty sight.  You tried to hold your tears back as he waved at you from the train, causing your eyes to turn bright red.  You kept on sniffling, even after the train left the station, holding in loud sobs; you were so worried for your innocent Bucky.  The Bucky that woke up at the crack of dawn to make you pancakes in bed; the Bucky that took you out to the carnival every month to win you a new toy; the Bucky that kept you warm on even the coldest of nights.  This man was too pure for this world, and you were afraid of what the army might do to him.

Lord knows how much you had changed after going through basic training alone, and you shivered at the thought of the old days.  The only nice memories you had were when you spent time with your instructor, Peggy Carter.  She was a lovely woman that you had grown to care a great deal about since you joined the army, and the two of you became closer as you became made your way into the ranks of the SSR.  You eventually became a part of the Project Rebirth team, working alongside Peggy and a man named Howard Stark.  

You had been working with the team for a few months before you met Bucky, and he had moved in with you a little over a year later.  You were glad that you weren’t deployed within those days, because not only would you have to explain to Bucky that his best girl was putting herself in danger, but you would have to leave him too.

However, after Bucky was deployed, you decided that you would spend more time at work.  Since your job mostly consisted of guarding the scientists and strategizing, you were kept busy for the most part.  But, as you continued to work all of your hours, you realized that it still wasn’t enough; you wanted to contribute more.  The apartment that you and Bucky once shared was too empty without him and you wanted to spend as little time there as possible.

When you originally approached Colonel Phillips about helping Peggy train new troops, he laughed at the thought of another girl working on the site.  You were quick to put him in his place to say the very least.  

Within two weeks of Bucky leaving you were moving to the barracks of the New Jersey base, readying yourself to prep the incoming men for war.  You and Peggy shared a tent, which helped with your growing sense of loneliness.  Having a friend to talk to in the night definitely helped with that problem, and you spent quite a bit of your time talking Peggy’s ear off about Bucky.

It was a few more weeks later when Peggy came to you, informing you about the incoming trainees that the two of you would be prepping.  There was a glint of mischief in her eyes as she informed you, but you figured that she was just looking forward to putting more cocky men in their places.  Oh, how wrong you were.

“Y/n, it’s time to meet our new guests.”  Peggy smirked at you as she finished twisting her hair up into an elegant bun.

“Oh, I can’t wait,”  You joked; sometimes the men that first arrived in training were horribly misogynistic, believing that a woman’s place was in the kitchen.  You hated them with a passion.  The only good part about breaking in the new recruits was that you were the ones to show them that women were not just dainty little creatures.  The satisfaction from showing men that you were as tough as you were was worth it, in the end.

“Shall we?”  You pulled back the tent’s flap for Peggy and she walked under it with grace.

You went to walk at her side, tilting your head with curiosity as she spoke, “You know, there are some men coming from Brooklyn today.  I wonder if you will know any of them.”

“Who knows.”  You gave her a wistful smile, your mind drifting back to your favorite Brooklyn boy.  The pair of you continued to chat as you walked to the entrance of the camp before watching trucks roll through the front gates.  Men soon started to file out one by one; you didn’t know any of them.

“I guess no one I know from home enlisted,”  You turned to Peggy, not sure whether to feel happy or sad that there was not even one familiar face.

“Hey loverboy, come on!”  One of the last men filed out of the truck, looking behind him back into the truck.

“I’m coming, I’m coming.”  You could recognize that voice anywhere.  Before you even had time to think about what this meant, a tall brunette walked out of the truck and into the lineup.  Before you even had time to think about what this meant, your tall brunette walked out of the truck and into the lineup.

“Bucky?”  You stood frozen in your place, unblinking, too afraid that this was just a daydream.

However, your fears were quickly put to rest as he turned towards the sound of your voice, surprise etched on his face.  “Doll?”

And then you were running.  Your feet thudded against the ground quickly until you were about a foot in front of him.  “Bucky!”  You jumped up and into his arms, and he nearly had to scramble to catch you.  “You’re here!”

His strong arms held you tighter than you would have thought possible; he was just as afraid as you were that this wasn’t real.  His doubts were soon dismissed as you burrowed your head into his neck, just glad to be close to him.  

“Y/n, is it really you?”  You nodded, your hair scratching against your face as you did so.  He dropped you back onto your feet, holding you out by your shoulders to look you over.  “How are you here?”

You smiled sheepishly, kicking the dirt in front of your feet.  You did not want to have this conversation in front of all these curious people, feeling their stares boring into your back.   “Well, about that,”  You mumbled looking down, “I may or may not have been working for the army the entire time.”

You really wished that he didn’t hear you, but as his eyes widened you knew he had.  His back stiffened at the thought of you in the battlefield and he mentally prepared himself for the conversation to come.  “Y/n, why didn’t you tell me?  You know how I feel about-”

This was bullshit.  He wasn’t going to talk you out of anything; nothing that could come out of his lips would change your mind.  ‘Speaking of lips’, you thought to yourself.  You quickly smashed your lips onto his, threading your fingers into his hair.  

“Just shut up and say I love you, alright?”  You said after breaking apart from him, looking into his steel blue eyes.

“I love you.”

three little words

A super late birthday fic for the sweet and adorable @mrsashketchum​. She had sent this prompt in forever ago, and I finally wrote it for her bday!! You’re such a good hearted person whose art and tags make me smile so I hope this does the same ♥♥♥

Rain lightly tapped against the window pane. The lights of the city danced against the pale walls as they flooded the apartment in an assortment of colors with each passing advertisement. Muffled sounds from the TV mixed with the voices of his neighbors on either side of him; a strong scent of green apple body wash filled his nostrils. Soul nestled in closer to the girl his arms were lazily draped around, her freshly wet hair mingling with his own. It was pleasant and serene. A perfect rendition of all the things he loved the most in his life.  

These were the nights he lived for – craved them more than anything. The nights when Maka came back from a grueling day at work, took an hour long bath, and cuddled up with him to rest it off. Eventually their silence would  disperse into casual conversation. She’d tell him about the drama her co-workers bickered about; he’d tell her about the song at the forefront of his mind but refused to spill out on paper. Their routine for these particular nights were repetitive sometimes, but they were familiar.

They gave him a sense of comfort. A reason to get up in the morning.

She gave him a reason to get up in the morning.

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Finally, my first contribution to the Transcendence AU.

Based off off my personal experience is this fic, that I hope you will enjoy.

Don’t know what else to put here, so here goes.

She was desperate, she admitted.

Summoning a demon was not a good idea.

If her parents ever found out, they would be really angry.

Assuming of course that Alcor would be reasonable and wouldn’t kill her just because he felt like it.

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this wound will last a lifetime

hi this is my contribution for jilytober! (i’m @deadlilypotter//@lilypxtter) i’m super flattered to be included with so many amazing writers so i hope my writing is alright in comparison :P i honestly tried to make this happy but failed spectacularly so here you go, a sad if they lived au… happy (?) jilytober!

There is a sort of grief that is almost worse than that which comes with loss. It is called betrayal.

Betrayal sticks in the back of James’ mouth and stops him from screaming when Remus comes to the door on Halloween. It tastes like hard liqueur and mouldy food and he has to gulp the bile back down his throat because whoever would have thought that Peter Pettigrew, Wormtail, his brother, could have committed such a crime?

He is disbelieving, at first. But James recognises the ashen look on Remus’ face, and the way that his hands are shaking as Lily passes him a cup of tea shows that he cannot be lying. Peter has betrayed them, but worse than that – Sirius has gone after him.

When the truth settles in, deep in his bones, James sets his jaw. He refuses to lose two brothers in one night, so he stands, seizing his wand.

Remus stops him. “He’s gone,” he says, voice raspy and shell-shocked, and for a horrible moment they think he means Sirius. “Padfoot went to Peter’s. You-Know-Who was there, and Peter…they’re saying he stepped in front of Sirius. To save him. And then the curse rebounded off Sirius – the Killing Curse – and…”

“And You-Know-Who?” Lily demands, only just making sense of what Remus is saying.

“He’s gone,” Remus repeats, “He’s gone and Peter’s gone but Sirius is alive.”


But Lily and James are not allowed to leave the house. Not yet. Remus’ details might have sounded certain, but no one is sure what exactly has happened to the Dark Lord. Peter’s body was found in his flat, but Voldemort’s was nowhere in sight.

Remus flits between the Potter’s and the Order’s headquarters for the rest of the night, trying to pass on any semblance of solid information he can gather. James and Lily try in vain to put Harry to bed, but even he – bless him – even their little boy can tell that something is amiss.

“Uncle Moony?” He inquires as Remus is about to leave for the second time, “Wha’s wrong?”

“Everything’s going to be alright, Harry,” they reassure him.

But they’re lying, just a little bit. They doesn’t know that it’s going to be okay – they can only hope.

James puts an arm around Lily as they wait, tired, broken. He thinks about Peter and a lump rises in his throat at the memory of the short boy that he’d befriended in their first year, the one with fluffy blond hair that has recently become unkempt, his wide smile turning into a sort of nervous grimace since they’d left school.

He should have known. He should have guessed that this would happen, that someone would turn against them. James has to wonder if this is his fault…had he paid more attention to Peter alone, maybe his dead body wouldn’t be lying Merlin knows where right now?

As if reading his mind, Lily cups his face in her hands. “Breathe,” she whispers, her face mere inches from his. He hadn’t even realised that his breath had caught, that he is finding it hard to remove the pressure, the squeezing, in his chest. “Breathe,” she repeats, “This is not your fault. Do you hear me? You’re going to be fine, James. I promise.”

He eats up her lie with a greedy, desperate fervour. They wait.


After what seems like a million years wrapped up into one, still, terrible moment, Sirius arrives. Harry has finally fallen asleep, and lies secure in between his parents on the sofa. There is a loud pop as Sirius Apparates in that breaks the heavy silence.

James and Lily start at the sound, drawing their wands and pointing at the intruder in one swift movement. James relaxes when he sees Sirius, goes forward, but Lily stands firm and asks him a host of security questions. Once Sirius has answered every one accurately, they rush to him whilst Harry begins to wake up at the commotion.

“Padfoo?” Harry says blearily, as his parents take in the sight of their best friend.

James wants to tell him that he looks terrible, he really, honestly does, but he stops himself. There is blood on Sirius’s cheekbone, coming from a badly sealed cut. With a sort of sick fascination, James realises that this must have been where the curse rebounded from. His eyes are red and swollen, his hands shaking as he stands, bent, in the middle of the room.

Together, James and Lily embrace him. It’s been over two weeks since they last had communication, and already there has been a change in his stature, in the way that his cheeks are sunken, and his eyes have deep, dark circles beneath them, like clouds before a storm.

“Peter,” he croaks into James’ shoulder, “He –“

“I know,” James says. He can’t tell Sirius that it’s going to be okay, because that isn’t fair, not when Sirius has been through so much in just one night. James cannot lie to him too.

Then, the little footsteps on the carpet sound, and Harry pulls on the leg of Sirius’ jeans. “Padfoo?” he says, his small voice high with worry, “Okay?”

James’ heart shatters.

Sirius leans down to pick up his godson, hands gripping him tight as if afraid of losing him, “Yeah,” he says gruffly, “It will be.”


There is a biting cold that cuts into James’ skin as they sit in the park nearest to the home of Peter Pettigrew just a few days later. He is holding Lily’s hand and she is holding Harry’s, a united front opposite the coffin. Sirius is speaking now, about the brother that had eventually saved him, how he’d sacrificed himself in the end.

“He did break his promise,” Sirius’ speech rings out across the park, in spite of the small congregation. He is brutally honest, refreshingly so. Peter Pettigrew was not a hero, but he was not a bad person either. “But he was one of us. Peter saved us all in the end. He was –“

The dark-haired man cannot finish, but James understands more than anyone else present. He was a Marauder, a friend, a brother.

We loved him.

They watch as the closed coffin is lowered down and swallowed by the earth. A few icy tears stream from James’ eyes, but he stands resolute. He grieves for Peter, of course he does. But betrayal weighs down in his mind every time he thinks of what might have happened to Lily and Harry. He has never felt less like himself than he does in this moment, split between bitter anger and terrible despair. It is here that he knows the truth – it will never be okay.

Eventually, the sun begins to descend and they make their way back home. In the night, once Harry is in bed and Lily’s breathing has started to deepen, he realises that this is it: the end of the war.

Maybe it won’t be okay – James will never recover from having a family member stab him in the back. He will be permanently on guard, always insecure, ever-paranoid.

But he will be alive, and with a living, loving, half-whole family. They will not be alright, but he will try to be, and that will be enough.