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The sound of the jet landing had you sprinting through the corridors and out to the landing pad.  It had been two weeks since you had last seen him and when he had left it had been in the middle of a heated argument.  You had said things you didn’t mean, horrible, terrible things that he might never be able to forgive.  He had thrown insults back but you knew you had cut him deep.  That man was your best friend, meant more to you than anyone you had ever met but he knew exactly how to push your buttons.  You had watched him leave and then spent fourteen long days going from anger to guilt to worry back to a righteous outrage and certainty you had been right before settling on just desperation to see him and make sure he is alright.  

Crashing through the final door you raced towards the tired, dishevelled bunch that were exiting the jet.  His shirt was undone, nearly causing you to stop simply to admire his muscle definition, and as soon as he saw you racing past Nat and Steve he grinned.  Pulling you into his arms, your hands came up and gripped his hair, lips meeting in a passionate greeting that betrayed your true feelings for each other.  Breaking away you pushed him back.  “I’m still mad at you Barnes.” you say weakly.

“No you’re not.” he smirks and pulls you back into his embrace.

So I was recently playing Venetica, which is probably one of my favorite shitty video games.  I mean, it’s not actually horrible, but it’s definitely unpolished as hell and doesn’t exactly feel like a triple A game.  It’s also really weird in some aspects.

Take the lockpicking mechanic, for example.

At one point in the game, you meet these two brothers:

(that’s Scarlett, the  protagonist, on the left, BTW)

You get a mission with these guys where the end result is pissing one or both of them off.  Despite this, they decide to help you by showing you how to pick locks.  It’s basically a mini-game of Simon says, push the levers in the right order, blah blah blah. Fairly standard course of events for an RPG I guess. 

Then later, they both die in an assassination attempt on your life.  Okay, seems pointless, but whatever.

But for some reason, you can’t pick locks without them.  Like me, you may begin to wonder if you’re just using the controls wrong.

But NOPE.  Turns out they’re the only ones who can pick locks.  They weren’t teaching your earlier, they were basically just letting you watch.  And there’s no way to prevent their deaths, so what’s a girl to do?

The answer is that you gain the ability to see ghosts.  And it turns out these particular ghosts (at least one of whom doesn’t like you) just follow you around everywhere showing you what order to push the levers in every single time.  Like there couldn’t possibly be a less convoluted way for you to do it.

I still like you, Venetica, but I think you’re a little crazy.

Tumblr Discourse About The Word Queer Checklist:

  • the word queer is a slur and should never be used by anyone
  • the word queer is not a slur and everyone should be fine with it
  • queer was never used by our elders and is super insulting to them
  • every single one of our elders personally tattooed the word queer on their ass so you BETTER use it
  • *reblogs from someone who identifies as queer and tags their identification “q-slur” rather than just leaving the post alone* look i’m just PROTECTING people from your horrible identity i’m not saying you can’t HAVE it- what do u mean you can literally just get people to blacklist the word “queer” instead???
  • *cis person points at genderqueer person* um, oppressive,
  • all trans people use “queer” it’s a trans thing and Very Important, i know as a Good Cis
  • trans people all hate queer, they would NEVER use it

me, your resident Transsexual Ass Queer, is currently drinking wine and slowly melting into my bed, ftr

really considering putting this blog on password protection for a while. yall seem to forget that this is my PERSONAL blog to archive stims i PERSONALLY like. just because i choose to share it with you doesnt mean your entitled to it? and some of yall are such horrible people lmfao. everyones like “omg just hit 1000 followers i love all of you!!” while im here resenting my followers because yall wont leave me tf alone to enjoy stimming in peace.

i dont want ur discourse! i dont enjoy your discourse! i dont enjoy having hundreds of peoples beady little eyes on me ready to snap at my heels when i do any minor thing they dont personally like! yall will act like im your sassy gay friend while at the same time yelling at me for being too “”“mean”“”. you all rude.

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What I was saying is that the boys might be eating more protein cereal, not necessarily meat however. Also, my boys are part gator monster, so Cupcake is telling me that may be the reason why the boys ate meat or rather protein so quickly. Your boys are definitely different from my boys.

“Oh, okay - I was just worried because we’re both vegetarians. I don’t eat meat at all, and Taffy only eats it very rarely, but we’d be willing to change what we bring with us on adventures if it means the babies can eat.”

“It’s good to know the supplies we have are okay! But I think, eh, we might not be going on as many adventures with these two, though! At least for a while! But that’s okay, because… well, I didn’t want to leave them there all alone! … In that horrible place… ”

@ierohero and i totally get what you mean with the “they’re supposed to be liberal” thing like you hear these people in class speaking up about how horrible history has been, or fuck, how horrible the world is NOW and then they get out of class and it’s just fuckng 24/7 trans jokes i really fucking hate cis people

Bedtime Story (RWBY Snippet)

Once upon a time, there was an evil princess. And I mean evil. Like super, duper, mega evil. She was so evil that she used to go around eating everyone’s cookies. I know. It’s horrible. Only a total monster would do that. But the princess was so evil that she didn’t care whose cookies she ate. She just had to eat all of them. She was like an evil cookie-eating tyrant.

Anyway, the evil princess, who stole cookies because of how evil she was, met a kind, young huntress, who was the most wonderful person in the world. In fact, she was so wonderful that all the baker’s would give her free cookies, and the monsters would just surrender and turn good rather than fight her. Alas, little did the huntress know that her cookies were about to be eaten by the evil princess, who in an act of supreme dastardliness and malevolence -

X     X     X

Weiss bonked Ruby over the head. “Ruby, could you stop?”

Ruby rubbed her head and scowled. “I don’t know, Weiss, can I?” She looked down at the bed where their daughter, Luna, was watching them with wide eyes. “Our daughter has to be warned about your cookie-stealing ways, Weiss. Today, it’s my cookies. Tomorrow it could be hers.”

“I ate one cookie, Ruby. You’d already eaten the rest of the pack.”

“Sometimes, one cookie can be the difference between victory and defeat.”

Weiss sighed and looked at Luna. “Luna, your mommy is crazy. Don’t listen to her.”

Ruby nudged Weiss out of the way. “Luna, your mom is evil. Never let her know that you have cookies.”

X     X     X

The next day, Weiss ambled into the living room to find Luna munching on some cookies. The little girl took one look at her, grabbed the rest of her cookies, and ran out of the room screaming.


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can you explain why is this thing harry said is such a horrible thing? i mean he messed up and he should've been more careful with his words but i don't really get why is such a big deal

You acknowledge in your message that he messed up. For me and the vast majority of others, it’s unhelpful to just let that slide because he’s cute and hugs a lot of kids. When does it end? They’re accountable to us and they need to be constructively criticised when they make mistakes or else we might as well just let them do whatever the hell they want. This is not just him saying something silly, it’s saying something really deeply offensive. And it’s not the first time. Over the past year he has said some really stupid and damaging things and they all feed in to the same narrative. His comments that not getting help for mental illness is a weakness and that he had to get involved in the HIV campaign because he’s straight and that’s what they campaign “needs” were stupid and offensive. I chose to believe that they were just poorly worded. But add these comments in and what you have is a picture of a man who thinks that he is some sort of saviour who is doing things for people because they don’t know better and they would get nowhere without him. That’s not ok. 

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PREACH IT. They'll never be satisfied. Technically western fans but you know what I mean lol

Yeah the people that hate touka just want her dead so kaneki can hook up with their fave. Its not really about touka being a horrible person or a bad character.

They’re free to dislike her for whatever reason they want but most of the reasons they give are bullshit. Most of their arguments can either be used against their own ship (which makes them hypocrites)or are just plain sexist.

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Horrible concept: a Moana sequel. One centered around voyaging and finding new islands each with its own unique inhabitants. New places, new mythical creatures, amazing music numbers, stellar animation. The movie ends, and the after credit scene plays. Tamatoa is still stranded on his back


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the Lapis and Jasper relationship was an incredibly horrible metaphor for abusive/toxic relationships, since crewniverse had no fucking clue about who was the abuser. Sure, Jasper forced the fusion, but then Lapis forces them to stay underwater, and then they shift unconsitently between the role of victim/abuser. it's a case of messy writing. But since the cute, dainty gem can do no wrong and the big butches are mean...

i feel like because there wasn’t a lot of communication among the writers, that led to the story being pulled every which way because of conflicting ideas with how it was to be portrayed. i would believe lapis was the victim if she didn’t have literally all the control over the situation, and the fact that she had no reason to even do that to jasper-even if she were SUPPOSEDLY trying to help steven-just makes her seem like the real abuser. 

jasper was beaten down for months, and even had lines that spoke to abuse victims, but it’s never really clear on how they want us to see it. if we’re supposed to see jasper as the abuser, they really should have communicated and done a better job of making it clear-cut. it just ended up muddled.

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can i just say thank you so much for accurately depicting gabriel and jack and for making people realize that gabe is a very talented and caring character. i mean he makes costumes and hes always just tryna help!!! im sick and tired of people making gabe abusive and jack some saint, when in truth jack is a very complex and closed off character. also thank you for speaking out against pedophilia and incest, because the fandom tries to defend it all the time when its horrible fictional or not.

Thank you very much, there’s a lot of bad in this fandom in particular and people have to be vocal about it! Fandom should be a space for everyone to enjoy the characters and have fun, not for nasty abuse to be glorified and racist tropes to be celebrated.

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benzedrine/sandman hc: benzedrine is really mean and rude to everyone like u said except he starts softening up towards sandman just a lil until eventually he's super sweet towards him in private (like the anon's singing hc) and sandman is the only one he truly cares about and sandman is like "how did i make this happen im horrible"

omg! cute headcanon. i imagine benz isn’t very vocal about his emotions either and has this fear of being judged so he turns it into pettiness and the like

Ok I just finished Power Rangers (2017) and I don’t think Allistics quite understand how important it was to see Billy (the blue ranger) portrayed the way he was. 

In media, there’s generally only one kind of canon autistic. And by canon I mean “The source material uses terminology that references autism or outright states said character is autistic”, and Billy straight up said “I’m on the spectrum” which is how many of us say “I’m autistic” without actually saying it’s Autism Spectrum Disorder. He also said “No it’s a diagnosis” when he missed Jason’s (the red ranger) joke. 

So we only get one (1) kind of autistic in media. What kind is that? Well look no further than Sherlock “I’m a high functioning sociopath” Holmes of BBC’s Sherlock. That is usually what we get. A genuinely horribly written person who treats his peers like trash because he believes he’s smarter than them, and is given ~mystical Autism powers~ [read: he’s really good at logic and things] because of the fact that he is Autistic. 

We generally get the white boy who likes trains, is good at math, and treats people badly (if an adult) or is a “problem child” if a minor. 

Billy is a black autistic teenager. Now I’m white, I should say that straight up, but it is super important that we see black autistic characters. Why? Because people of color are massively under diagnosed with autism. The reasons for that vary, it could be resources (getting diagnosis is expensive), but a lot of it does have to do with racism in the field of psychology. It’s important for young black autistics to be able to see people like Billy on TV. To be able to think “That’s me. I could be a power ranger to.” 

Not once was Billy shown to be a “problem child” at all. He was a Soft Boy. He has special interests, trouble communicating and picking up on social cues. A few times there I thought he was going to cry from the stress of everything and when the bully at the start of the movie broke his pencils I felt what he did because I was in his situation once upon a time. He was distressed and if it wasn’t for Jason stepping in I have no doubt that the bully would have pushed him to tears. 

Billy was the reason everything took off. He found the coins. He was able to map out where the crystal was. He was the first to morph!!

He wasn’t this egotistical jackass who treats coworkers like they’re disposable silverware, he was a real person. He was a real autistic person. 

And seeing someone like him, being himself and was unapologetic about it! And when he did face shit for being autistic, both times the bully got fucked up. It even went the extra step of making the bully a running gag for getting hurt and tbh I don’t give a shit about a bully’s feelings I’m glad it was a running gag. 

Billy is so important, and I need people to understand we need more people like him in media at large.