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Why I ship Elriel

I’ve gotten some asks for this and I’ll try to answer this here:

After ACOMAF, I’ll admit I was riding the Elucien mate bandwagon, because the idea of them together and mated seemed cute. But that’s all they were: an idea.

I’d hoped Maas would give us some real Elucien interaction to work with in ACOWAR, had hoped for it, but the reality of it was there wasn’t much.

The broken Elain wasn’t something anyone planned for. In most fanfics and headcannons I read, she accepted her immortality and was content finding Lucien and discovering the bond between them.

But what Maas gave us was a broken girl unsure of reality and dreams. A girl unable to let go of the fiancé she left behind. A girl who struggled to be seen compared to her other “stronger” sisters.

I still had hope that Elucien would pull through. I imagined Lucien sneaking into Elain’s room to talk to her (without Nesta knowing) or him watching her as she walked around the house, staying away from her but failing. We got none of that. When Elain finally talks with Lucien, she asks him if he noticed her, Lucien didn’t say he did.

The only interaction of importance between them (imo) was the eye contact they made before Lucien went to find Vassa. That was when they both truly connected. Besides that, there wasn’t much to work with, though Lucien trying to connect with her and help “cure” her was really cute.

Not compared to the Elriel interactions (which included Azriel risking his life to rescue her, Elain saying to him “You came for me”, Elain kissing his cheek as ‘thank you’, and him giving her his weapon that he has never let anyone else touch). Azriel was also the one who watched her enough to realize she was a seer.

More importantly, he was the one to ask about where Elain was when the cauldron took her, and helped everyone to realize that she had been taken. He noticed she was missing when no one else did.

So, while the idea of Elucien is a nice one (imagine Elain making Lucien flower crowns), it isn’t the reality SJ Maas wrote.

The reality is that Azriel quite possibly could be the love Elain needs (even if he isn’t her “mate”) and Elain could be the woman to show Azriel what real love could be like, not 500 years of unrequited love. (Side note: his shadows disappear when she’s around, something that used to only happen when he’s around Mor).

I’ve heard the argument that Elriel will never be as good as Elucien because they aren’t mates, but SJ Maas has said again and again that even if you’re mates, it doesn’t mean you have an Earth-shattering love. The mating bond hasn’t come in for Nessian yet, and there may be a chance that they aren’t mates (tho it’d be nice if they were mates) but people (including me) ship them all the same.

And Elriel could honestly be as great a couple as Nessian or Feysand if everyone would give them a chance.

  • Person A: hey, can you help me find my up sexy?
  • Person B: ... I'm not falling for your jokes anymore.
  • Person A: it's not a joke, come on, I really did loose my up sexy.
  • Person B: *sighs* Maybe,.. *evil smirk* maybe, your up sexy, will show up if, I give you my down sexy.😉
  • Person A: ...what?
  • Person B: May-
  • Person A: Stop!✋ You'll only make it worse. HONESTLY, why do I even try?
Height differences

It seems that we, as a SW fandom, love height differences between our favorite ships. At SWCO there was this super awesome Qui and Obi cosplay. It was so good that I honestly thought we had Liam and Ewan pranking us. Except this Obi was pretty dang tall (6'0-6'2"). While waiting in line for yet another panel I decided to start googling to see what the actual height differences would be.

Qui-Gon: 6'4"
Obi-Wan: 6'0
Anakin: 6'2"
Padme: 5'5"
Luke: 5'8"
Leia: 4'11"
Han: 5'11"
Kylo: 6'2"
Hux: 6'0"
Rey: 5'7"
Finn: 5'10"
Poe: 5'8"

Cassian: 5'10" Jyn: 5'3" Bohdi: 5'8"

So the only really major height difference in the commonly shipped couples is Han/Leia. Most of our favorite couples are within 2" of each other. While we’re all liable to take artistic license here and there it’s still important to have the facts. Happy shipping!


Yall imagine Lance slowly realizing that Matt is taking over his place. At first it was with Shiro and Pidge, he over heard them say “wow you might just be out next sharp shooter with that aim you got there.” At first he ignores it and thinks that they both just missed Matt and know that he’s the team’s sharpshooter. Right? Then it was Keith he knew that him and Keith didn’t have the best of relationships but he hoped that Keith at least counted him as a close friend because he was practically family to Lance. He noticed during they invited Matt to a practice training simulation. He heard Keith talking with Matt while they were taking a break. “Wow your really good, you’re even better than Lance and he’s been a paladin for quite sometime. If you guys had a fight you’d probably win!” He knew that Keith didn’t mean that but it still hurt him, he knew that he wasn’t the best when it came to hand to hand combat he was better when it was long-distance. That was the day Lance realized that maybe he should also work hard and become better hand to hand combat. Then it was Allura and Coran, they quickly took a liking to the green paladins brother and often watched him interact they were becoming very secretive and we’re always looking at Lance with judgemental and sorry eyes and he had no idea why until one night. He was up late like always his insomnia preventing him to sleep so he figured he might as well practice on his hand to hand combat skills. On the way there he usually stops at the kitchen to get a water bottle or at least what they thought was a water bottle. He stopped when he heard and oran speaking in hushed voices in the kitchen he was about to leave them to their own private business until he heard them mention his name. “ -Lance. We don’t know what will happen. We don’t even know how the blue lion will react! Coran they have the most powerful bond out of the whole team. Quiznak! We know that if Matt joins the team then that means that we can-” He stopped listening after that he quickly left tears were forming but he quickly wiped them away because he knew that crying solves nothing. He went to the training deck and worked out his worries,sadness, and his anger. He didn’t stop until Hunk stopped the sequence. “Hey Lance go take a shower and go get some sleep alright. I don’t know how long you’ve been in here but go take a rest.” “your right hunk thanks for being here for m-” “-also i just wanna practice with matt he’s so cool he’s teaching me how to get better at hand to hand combat and were going to cook together! Isn’t that so exciting Lance wow i’m so excited-” By that time Lance had already ran off reality hitting him hard and that was when lance realised that he was no longer the 7th wheel. That was when he realised that he wasn’t even apart of this wheel anymore he had fallen off bored of the ship and no one had let go of the wheel to come get him. Lance had become more closed off and was always in his room unless it was for training or bonding exercises. He was waiting counting the days and it finally came he thought he could do this but knew deep inside him that he wasn’t prepared at all for this. It was right after dinner when Allura approached him. At first he was surprised because these couple of days he was the one who started intereactactions with the others but the surprises quickly faded and he realized that today was the day he’s thrown off the team. He was surprised that it last them this long to kick him off the team. Allura looked very uncomfortable so he decided he would be the first one to start this conversation “What did you want to tell me?” “This isn’t easy to say but i have to do what’s best for the team” “I trust you Allura. Do what you gotta do after all you’re the one who started this adventure i guess you can also be the one to finish ot am i right?” he laughed weakly. He saw a look of shock come from Allura and the gazes of everyone on him. “Matt will be the new blue paladin. He is good at piloting, is resources and knows how to shoot and fight. He will be a great asset to Voltron. While you were..” “..just a fill in until someone better comes along yeah i understand.After all i’m just a seventh wheel or now an eighth wheel since we have Matt.” He smiled at her masking his pain and feelings just like always. He looked at her again and said “ so when do I leave?” “She looked at him in surprise clearly not expecting him to be this calm. “I umm what?” She told him clearly dumbfounded. “I noticed that you we were getting closer to our galaxy and was getting ready because I knew this was going to happy so I was honestly just waiting for you guys to tell me. If I’m honest I’ve been knowing for quite some time.” “I umm we- yes indeed we will get there in 4 hours of your human time” “Okay then if no one minds I would like to spend my last couple of hours with blue please that’s the only wish I have.” “Yes please do as you wish with your last ricks here on the ship” They all watched him go a heavy feeling in there heart and with tears in there eyes. “Allura when we talked we didn’t mean this quick what happens to slow but steady!?” Whisper-shouted pudge “In times like this it’s best to rip the bandaid young paladins.” Said Coran in his authority voice. “Should we check up on him? Or do we just let him go?” “I agree with hunk what can we do as the leader we can’t let his last hours be like this can we?” “I have been so busy I don’t even know how he’s been I don’t even know if he’s eaten I’d been to caught up- oh no what if hates me I can’t can I please talk to him.” “I’m sorry hunk but this goes for all of us we should respect lances wishes but we can watch him from the cameras?” They all fled to the front of the castle where they all could watch the cameras. There they saw Lance walking to his room and then coming out with a suitcase and a green ribbon. From there they saw him walk to the hangers and expected the worse.

Lance had a feeling they were probably watching him to make sure he didn’t break down but was quickly reminded that no one has been paying attention to him these two weeks. He walked to his room got his suitcase filled with memories and a green ribbon or the sleeve to his favorite green jacket. He walked to the hanger where blue was. These past week she has been a peaceful humming sound for when he cries which is most nights. “Hey girl” his voice cracking as he goes to sit down in front of her with his head resting against her mouth. Oh god it hasn’t even been a minute and he’s already about to break down. “I need you to listen okay, I’m leaving I’ve finally been kicked off the team so you know what that means” he says while whipping the tears off his checks. The blue lion humming soft but with a hint of anger still listening. “I’m sorry I’m okay just let me calm down.” She hummed softly as he took a deep breath. “Since I’ve been kicked off that means I have to leave you and wait before you do anything please listen to me. I know we just met but I love you you’ve been there with me through many battles mentally and physically and your always calming me down when I get to worked up and I don’t know if I mean a lot to you but I hope I do because right your all I have. I want you to treat Matt good okay because he’s been through a lot and he’s better than me. I’m returning to earth which means you won’t be inside my head which means you won’t be able to feel me anymore so please don’t panic okay. Here’s a piece of my favorite jacket for my favorite girl.” As he got up to tie his jacket that was he realized that blue was whimpering he was so caught up on not crying that he didn’t realize that blue herself had started crying. He dropped to his knees and hugged her as he broke down. Blue telling him to fly away with her but he knew he couldn’t, he knew the consequence and broke down even more. After a couple of minutes he backed up and sat down in front of her agin ready to speack again. Blue was still unstable and was making sounds that sounded if she was crying that broaght the other lions closer to them. They all knew how powerful Lance and blues relationship was and even felt sorrow for Lance leaving. “ h-hey g-girl don’t cry come on if you cry I’ll c-cry m-m-more p-please b-blue” He waited for her as more tears spilled to his checks but he felt more calmed down now. Only when her cries turned into whimpers is when he continued. “Hey I have to do what’s best for voltron and if this is the best then I have to leave okay I love you blue and please cooperate with the other lions when it comes to forming voltron okay and please cooperate with Matt. I’m leaving now because it’s been 3 hours and a half okay and I don’t want to face anyone else. As you know I hate goodbyes but I always know who to say goodbye to when the time comes for one.”
The other paladins abd alteans watched from the “living room” of the castle full out crying trying to overcome the power to go and hug the blue paladin. The paladins all feel guilty and angry about the situation and can feel their lions grief but deep down inside they know this is for the best. Pidge was was tugged deep into a hug with hunk when they both saw Lance cry. Hunk had only seen Lance cry this hard when his abuelita died but this, this he decided was the worst feeling.


-edit; hey I just wanted to say that I was inspired by @langsty-mc-langstface post that was called seventh wheel-
28 Days of OTP

Day 8: Bertholdt x Reiner

I honestly love this couple to death because its adorable. I love how awkward Bertholdt can be and Reiner being the powerhouse. (what is he, mitochondria?) 

But their dynamic as characters makes me ship them so hard :)

Shows I watch and my opinions on ships:

( Shadowhunters, Arrow, The Flash, Girl Meets World (rip), Riverdale, and The Fosters )


Arrow; olicity is the cutest thing in the world and I totally ship them. But honestly for a long time I shipped Felicity and Ray. Like I love Ray and he’s such a sweetheart so I was like hey why not. They were pretty cute. Lyla and John are also really cute but for the longest time I hated Lyla because she was a bitch when she was working with Amanda Waller (rip), but now she’s okay. ROY AND THEA OTP OTP OTP OTP LIKE DON’T EVEN TRY ME. IM ONLY ON SEASON 4 SO DON’T SPOIL ANYTHING DJFDU

The Flash; WESTALLEN 200000% hottest ship out there. Such a power couple. BUT MY OTP IS CAITLIN AND JULIAN LIKE THEY NEED A FUCKING SHIP NAME. Also Wally and Jesse are the cutest ship of all time like goals goals goals.

Girl Meets World (rip); You see, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do this show, but lucaya will forever be one of my favorite ships of all time so I had to. Like does anyone even ship rucas?? THE ONLY REASON RILEY EVEN HAS LUCAS IS BECAUSE MAYA PUSHED HIM AWAY AFTER HE WAS GOING TO FUCKING CHOOSE HER. AND WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS JOSHAYA CRAP LIKE WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?1?1?1

Riverdale; VERONICA AND ARCHIE ARE THE HOTTEST PEOPLE ON THE PLANET SO IF YOU PUT THEM TOGETHER IT WOULD MAKE SUCH A FUCKING POWER COUPLE. Don’t kill me but I don’t really ship bughead.. I feel like it literally came out of no where. Like where is the build up?? The thing with riverdale is that they have like 0 build up to their relationships. Except for Valerie and Archie, they had a build up, but like yeah they hinted that Jughead liked Betty, BUT WHERE THE FUCK DID IT EVER HINT THAT BETTY MIGHT LIKE JUGHEAD? SHES TOO STUCK ON ARCHIE AND I BET 2 MILLION DOLLARS THAT SHE’S NOT OVER HIM AND IF HE ASKED HER OUT SHE WOULD SAY YES.


If you reached the end you are a champ because you just read a good page of me ranting :))

what i ship and why

• klance - it was the first pairing that made sense to me while i watched the show. its really gay and cute and as long as i stayed on the friendly side, i never got into discourse. it and shklance are the only ships i read fics for.

• kallura - i know this ship is pretty looked down upon, but just now i started shipping it. i think it could be v cute and soft? like if allura teases him all the time and keith goes all embarrassed and red. i honestly dont see why people hate it so much?? maybe ill make fanart in the future!

•  allurance ( platonic!!! ) - while i dont think allura and lance would make a v good couple, i do see them acting very family-like. i really hope to see allura warming up to him and being an older sister figure. i think she could really help him through his insecurities and tell him why he’s so great!

• allura&hunk ( i dont know the ship name ) - idk why but i think theyd just be v soft? and cute?? like theyd have cheesy little dinners together and they would try each other’s foods from earth and altea.

•  shklance - its nice and cute i guess?? theres a lot of nice fics and stuff, one of my favorites being that one where keith and shiro are vampires and lance needs money and a roommate.

• lance&some random alien - i dont care if its a guy, girl, or a non-binary pal, i just want him to have a precious long-distance relationship while kicking space ass.

• shallura - i dont even know. its kinda cute??? maybe id prefer it v lowkey.

• shatt - i dont know much about it, but i imagine matt and shiro trying to fight over who the queer power couple is with keith and lance.

Originally posted by spectralspecter

Ok, why is everyone getting so upset about what Dom said about Malec?

What’s so wrong with him saying Malec doesn’t know everything about each other? Because they don’t and they couldn’t. It’s only been about two months for them and there’s no way they could learn everything about each other in that span of time. Does that mean that they don’t love each other? Of course not. But as they learn more things about each other, that love that they have for one another will only continue to grow and deepen. We saw that happen in 2x15. And I think that’s what Dom was trying to say in that interview. I really don’t think he meant anything he said to be disrespectful, or petty because his ship isn’t popular, because if we’re being honest I don’t even think he really ships Clace.

Dom loves Malec, just like the rest of the cast and I guess it’s just hard for me to believe that he said what he said because he wanted to bash Malec’s relationship.

ok honestly if you ship bughead, in a way i really don’t care. i understand that there are plenty of people who watch riverdale who have never read any of the archie comics and may even be getting introduced to these characters for the very first time, so to them, the only jughead they have ever known is the one they see having a crush on a girl. there are also some people who have only read the old ones and may remember reading a couple where jughead showed interest in a girl (for once) and see no harm in riverdale jughead kissing betty. i get that, and i’m not gonna go on a fucking witch hunt on some truly innocent bughead shippers who are actually genuinely not bad people. 

but do not. do NOT fucking come on to aro/ace people’s posts or really just people who know and are outspoken about the fact that jughead IS canonically aro/ace as confirmed by the new comics and try to tell them that jughead isn’t aro/ace. 

don’t you people fucking get it? he is literally all. we. have. and he’s an excellent well-known character, the only one that i personally have seen actually having the word “asexual” CANONICALLY applied to him and being heavily coded as aro. isn’t it clear to see why it hurts to have riverdale portray him otherwise and erase that?? 

so yeah, most of us are going to fucking despise bughead. i think it’s obvious at this point why, but look- i’m not going to try to stop you from shipping it or anything. it’s been done, the writers have done their damage. if you want to ship it, ship it. whatever.

but just know that in the comics, OUR jughead is aro/ace, and it is my belief that he should be in the show too, but he’s not. so comics jughead is what we are left with, so don’t try to fucking tell me he’s not aro/ace because he fucking is. you can have your riverdale jughead/bughead. i’ll be over here with the only jughead that SHOULD exist. 

I find it so stupid that the hate Kabby gets 90% of the time is because they’re “old”. What a bullshit reason to hate a ship and constantly harass the fans that ship it with “your ship is ugly”, “your ship is weird”, “they’re old”, etc among other uncalled for reasons I’ve seen. Many shows have ships that are in their 40s and 50s and they are handled with respect just like Kabby is being handled, but apparently this is the only fandom that cannot stand to look at a couple because of their age. Come on, it’s even disrespectful to the actors. In my opinion it is the most mature relationship and it was perfectly built, so I honestly don’t want to see anymore of those bullshit reasons that I mentioned on the tag. Leave the tag for their fans so they can rejoice at every moment the couple share, not to tell them they’re wrong for liking them. I’m out.

superfans of tsoa who think that the whole iliad is patrochilles-centred make me wanna rip my eyes out.
like dude.
we are talking about a masterpiece composed centuries ago, dealing with the major themes of all history, born in Greece which is the motherland of philosophy and all the modern way of thinking, governing and living
I tell you, I’ve been studying ancient greek and Greek literature for years. I am definitely not gonna deny the relationship between achilles and patroclus (it even has a name in Greek, it’s called pederasty and it’s not the only one), I ship them very much, but really, there’s a lot more than catches the eye in that book.
honestly talking, if you wanna fangirl over some gay couples, that’s alright. but please, don’t take the fucking iliad as a fanfiction written for teenagers.

Emergency Commissions

Hey Guys! I honestly hate to ask this but I ran out of dog food and money to purchase more. I can probably get a small bag for like $10 but I’ve only got $2. My dog is on medication that she needs to have food in her stomach when she takes them so I need it asap

So I’m taking a couple fish plushie commissions tonight, with a promise of 5 days to ship. 

I’ve only done betta fish so far, but if you want something different, don’t be afraid to ask!! 

Here’s what they look like:

Because these are an emergency, they’re $10 + Shipping! I’m in the USA, so domestic shipping is $3. You can find more information for this item on my Etsy

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Thank you for looking at this! If you can’t commission me or donate, please share this post, I would appreciate it!

anonymous asked:

why no zenyatta x orisa? they would be cute together

look buddy idk if ur being sarcastic but heres my thoughts on it

i’v been worried about blizzard making a female omnic character for a long time, mostly because i know that people would immediately ship her with zen. and it just, really goes against everything i see him as character-wise, and I just. cannot possibly see him as straight. Maybe thats because I’m super fuckin gay and i relate to him in some ways. or maybe its because honestly a lot of times when people ship a non-cannon m/w couple to me they always make the male character seem like. gross and hyper sexual and creepy? like i can’t be the only one who has noticed that happen. and Honestly? when it comes down to it if i didn’t ship him with genji as much as i do i would see him as celibate, which i think is the most plausible option regarding any relationships i see him in.And of course he can be in relationship with genji and still be celibate, i enjoy both and also i enjoy shipping them as plutonic, but i digress.  i guess what I’m saying is that i really don’t want him to get swept up into a typical hetero relationship dynamic, even if the potential ship didn’t follow that dynamic (and y'all know what type of dynamic I’m talking about), it would still probably happen. Also, it would be so forced!! to ship him with like any potential female omnic because like unless theres this suddenly developing backstory where they knew each other in the past its so groundless, like “were gonna throw these two together because they’re both robots and also its gotta be straight” like its so fuckin typical man!!! I’m tired of it!! Like i guess, he’s my favorite character from Anything rn , and don’t get me wrong i absolutely adore orisa!!! but i really hate to see zen mischaracterized and i feel like shoving him into a het relationship would be totally out of character for him. (much like another certain heterosexual relationship blizzard has been pushing on us as of late HM)

edit: also she’s one entire month old i don’t think she’s ready for a relationship yet. 

I have no allegiances to any one ship since I love almost all of them. 
Also: when your bf only has stupid human shirts but you have to wear them anyway because your clothes are in the wash. Which honestly I really hope they are, Hiei wears the same outfit every day? Just throw them for a couple spin cycles, dude.

top 10 naruto pairings

hey! in an effort to get to know some of my mutuals better/i am truly curious about this–i wanna know your guys’ top 10 naruto pairings! these are mine :) please please tag me if you do this :)))

PS the ordering of these becomes irrelevant after the 1st two, it’s mostly in the order in which they come to mind.

1. Sasuke + Naruto

In case it wasn’t apparent lol. The love they have is so deep and so genuine and they canonically love each other more than anyone else and their dynamic is endlessly fascinating and can be adapted to all settings. Sasuke literally cannot help how much he loves Naruto which is a marked departure from the way he treats every other character in the series (including Sakura, unfortunately). The whole damn show is about their relationship. There’s no way you can convince me otherwise.

2. Sakura + Naruto

The other most real ship involving Naruto (sorry, Hinata, Naruto had no idea who you were for the longest time, and I fail to understand how you two communicate? Since Nart needs everything spelled out for him and Hinata is basically incapable of speech?) Their relationship is so pure and beautiful and actually WELL DEVELOPED which is so rare for Naruto. And unlike Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura are able to entirely consistently treat each other with love, respect, and affection (okay, not always respect on Sakura’s side, but… Never not love). This ship is actually probably healthier and more adorable that SNS, but I still personally find the SNS dynamic a lil more interesting.

3. Ino + Kiba.

Um… So hot??? Kiba’s sexuality is deeply undercut by Kishimoto, as far as I’m concerned. Kiba’s a lot like Nart except way easier to take places, and probably doesn’t need everything spelled out to him. He’s a funny chiller who’s also pretty compassionate and knows how to make girls feel comfortable, and Ino is sooo about a guy who she can have on her arm at all times. Idk if I imagine this relationship lasting forever, but they definitely both had fun and it was a mutually respectful break-up (probably).

4. Ino + Sai

I had reservations about this one at first, but now I’m super into it. Ino is a kind, thoughtful, flirtacious, outgoing lady who is drawn to sensitivity, and is really good and fostering personal growth in other people, while Sai strives for personal growth, so they compliment each other perfectly in a way that makes me so, so happy. They seem like the only functional Boruto couple, tbh. TemaShika is also a great couple, but Tema became whack with the writing…. Hitting your kid in cartoons was funny in like the 50s, maybe.

5. Orochimaru + Kabuto

This is the most evil ship of all time! and it makes so much sense! I don’t even know how much sex I think they have? But their relationship is super twisted. Kabuto is obviously the world’s biggest masochist, while Orochimaru is a complete sadist (who honestly might have some kind of masochistic streak? Get back to me on that). I always thought Kabuto had way more potential as a ninja than he ever fulfilled, and I think part of the reason he never did is because he enjoys subjugation in general, so much so that he is only as good a fighter as absolutely necessary to his survival. Plus, he’s preoccupied with picking people apart and cataloguing them. Orochimaru makes him incredibly jealous all the time, which he lowkey lives for. They both also love to mentally, emotionally, and physically dissect people, so there’s some kind of… Harmony there, I guess.

6. Ino + Sakura

So cute! Like I said before, Ino is such a wonderful character because she is so good at facilitating the growth of others (my beautiful flower girl… *tears up*). And she so helped Sakura become the badass lady she is (Sakura should have become Hokage, tbh… She’s way better at paperwork than Nart and seems more politically inclined). The only reason I didn’t think of this pairing earlier is bc I honestly wish we saw more of Sakura loving on Ino than we do. But I’m gonna blame that on Kishimoto not realizing bonds between women can and often does surpass middle school crushes…

7. Kiba + Hinata

I like this pairing bc Kiba and Hinata seem like they have an actual relationship where they communicate cohesively, which is totally lacking in Hinata/Naruto, because, once again, Naruto needs everything spelled out for him, it’s one of his main traits that unless people do explain everything to him thoroughly, he’s lost. Kiba, on the other hand, seems much more emotionally intuitive, and would probably ask Hinata the *right* questions to get her talking and make her feel at ease :) and I can easily see them happily snuggling on the couch together. That being said, I think a little bit more of me just loves the Team 8 dynamic and mostly wants to see them chilling as besties.

8. Neji + Hinata

Yo, I dig this pairing. Once again, they seem like they actually have cohesive communication and are actually attracted to each other, compared to all the one-sided crushes we see throughout the show that are milked for laughs. It made me so sad when they had to fight :/// but that’s because Neji is having stoic-ness pressed into him by his elders, and I think he later shows compassion for Hinata and recognition of his mistakes. It’s an interesting dynamic of the spectrum of bouncing between politics and humanity, and we all know Neji ultimately chooses humanity. Hinata is able to comprehend and love the darkest parts of people (I think she’s lowkey attracted to darkness, actually), so I’m actually pretty into this couple, probably more than Kiba and Hinata even.

9. Karin + Suigetsu

I love their dynamic!!! It’s so hilarious and cute, Sui is a sassy boy and Karin is hotblooded. Between the two of them, there’s never a dull moment! Plus, I think they both share a sadomasochistic streak (mostly sado), which is fun. I don’t like Karin and Sasuke because i think Karin is way more real about who she is, whereas Sasuke is kind of in denial about how cruel he can be because he’s self-righteous? And Karin just encourages it in a way that sort of allows him to put off dealing with any of his problems, whereas Naruto actually forces Sas to come to terms with it. Also, I fuckin love Suigetsu. He’s such a cute little shark boy with great style and him and Karin look dope together, like they’re actually gonna fuck shit up. They don’t give a fuckkkk.

10. Temari + Shikamaru

Except in my head they go on dope missions togethers/Shika is probably a stay at home dad while Temari is some kind of ambassador between the Sand and the Leaf, and she doesn’t hit her kid.

11. Rock Lee + eternal happiness

Bonus ship! And I will say on this one, if you don’t agree, I don’t get you.

Other pairings I like: InoNaru, GaaNaru. Gaara is also a beautiful flower and also a still, deep lake at the same time. I’m down for Naru/Ino because they’re both positive wonderful ppl. I love Kushina and Minato! And Ino’s parents. Idk.

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Truth is sad but here’s what I think the list looks like for our Ark favorites.

Clarke Griffin - saved
Bellamy Blake - saved
(These are canon)

Abby Griffin - saved
Jackson - saved
(2/3 maybe doctors on ship they’ll be on the list)

Monty Green - saved
Raven Reyes - saved
(Mechanic upgraded genius and the engineer who grew up in farm station have skills putting them on the saved list)

Thelonious Jaha - possibly saved (he’s an engineer and thought of bringing the ark to the ground which now makes more sense on how he knew it could work since he is an engineer. I say possibly because the people are still iffy on him but he has the skill set).

Now it gets hard

Octavia Blake - cut (she didn’t get an education on the ark and well the only real task she completes is being an assassin. Not needed with only 100 people)

Jasper Jordan - cut (this I believe is based only on his not wanting to live sadly. I don’t think they’ll think he’ll want to try and help. Honestly if Jasper wanted to fight I think he could be on the list for his skills in chemistry)

Nathan Miller - cut
Bryan - cut
Harper Macintyre - cut
(All three of these are guards. And on a ship on 100 people they aren’t going to keep more than a couple guards)

Dad Miller - ???/saved
Marcus Kane - saved
(In my mind these will be the two main guards on the saved list. One is head guard and other has high influence. I put ??? next to millers dad tho because let’s be real he’s not going without Nathan so I’m not sure if Clarke bothered putting him down)

John Murphy - cut

What do you guys think???

I’ll tag some people who write meta but everyone feel free to add your opinions! @abazethe100 @rosymamacita @bellamyblakesprotectionsquad2k17

anonymous asked:

I would just like to say that I am a skeptic. It's what I do. I try to blow holes in every theory because I want to know exactly what I'm dealing with before I get involved. That being said, I believe there are truly some sort of underlying feelings between Jikook. I don't think they're dating, I feel like they haven't even really acknowledged it but I think they know the tension that is surrounding them isn't totally friendly. And for ME to ship something, is a big deal because I am a SKEPTIC!

Same with me!! I’ve said this so many times, but I’ll say it again. Jikook is the only couple of real-life people that I actively ship and think could have a possibility of being real. Like they are just so ????  And they make me contemplate the simplest of things just because they act to suspicious and like a couple, there’s just this romantic air that surrounds them???? Idk honestly. But I agree with you so much. 

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