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So I just saw Get Out and this post will have no spoilers but holy shit, does it ever deserve its current perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes.

I’m not going to go on about its racial commentary aspects because I am white as hell and I figure it’s best if I leave that discussion up to POC, but it is just a fantastic horror film and a really well made movie and I highly endorse it.

Some thoughts:

  • I have only ever seen Allison Williams as Peter Pan before and so in my head, for the whole movie, she was Peter Pan
  • The cinematography is so GREAT and claustrophobic and that combined with the fabulous score just puts you so on edge and GAH
  • The preview makes it look like a racial Stepford Wives and it’s SO MUCH WORSE AND MORE DISTURBING, DAMN
  • But honestly though, I was actually the most unnerved during the setup than when things became a straight up horror film because at least then you could tell yourself “well this isn’t actually possible” but before that it’s like the microaggression equivalent of Chinese water torture and it’s so uncomfortable and cringe-worthy and the worst part is hearing shit like “I would have voted for Obama for a third term” or “my man” or “Is [the sex] really better?” and realizing you know people who would say that sort of thing and think they’re not racist at all and then you start to wonder if you’re that obnoxious and it’s almost a relief when things go to hell
  • Except it’s not a relief at all because HOLY SHIT THIS MOVIE
  • also the takeaway for white people here (other than don’t participate in human trafficking and racism) is probably that if you’re like Peter Pan and realizing your community is hella racist, the thing to do about it is not get privately frustrated but not actually stand up for your friends beyond incredulous looks at racist asshats, use your privilege for good, people
  • there is some comedy in this movie, and it’s great because it’s a Jordan Peele film, and it comes in exactly the right spots when you need a bit of levity or you might die of the tension, but it always felt like a proper horror film to me more than a horror comedy
  • the design of the hypnosis sequences are GORGEOUS
  • so there’s some gore in this movie but what you see is pretty much all surgical gore and any gory violence is just implied off screen, you only see blood as a result of violence
  • There’s no sexual violence in this movie, but there is human trafficking so that does imply that sexual violence is happening somewhere
  • There’s also an extended sequence of animal death where you don’t really see much but you hear the most awful pained cries
  • As far as I remember, there aren’t racial slurs or really explicit racist language (like “boy” or “you people” or calling the lead less than human or anything), but there is one scene that is very deliberately and painfully reminiscent of slavery auctions and there’s a lot of fetishizing of black (clothed) bodies by the white characters and casual dehumanization of black lives and at least in my perspective that made it even more uncomfortable and painful because these people probably are totally convinced they’re not at all racists and urgh
  • this movie made me like the TSA
  • like every single line of this movie has significance later, it’s really well-written
  • I know I said I wouldn’t comment on the commentary aspects much, but really, white people should see this movie, it points out a lot of microaggressions and makes you uncomfortable and it should
  • Daniel Kaluuya pretty much carries the movie in a lot of scenes and he’s great, I don’t know what his role in Black Panther is but I can’t wait to see more of him

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Hmmm how about some niall smut? when you guys are in a hotel room for the night with nothing else to do?

The sigh that exited Niall’s mouth was deep and pronounced.

And annoying.

I wasn’t any more thrilled than he was about being stuck in this hotel but there was nothing either of us could do about it.  The fans outside were of the mob kind and they were only increasing in numbers as everyone called their friends to come and join them.  

One Direction was in town and that was definitely a reason to stake out the hotel for the night to see if you could find anyone.

Even if it meant that security nixed any plans for us to leave the hotel at all.  Harry seemed fine with it, retiring to his room to catch up on sleep and…yoga probably.  Liam decided to play around with some music with some of his friends that had shown up to say hello since they lived in town.  And Louis, well no one really knew what happened to him which meant he was definitely getting into trouble somewhere doing something he shouldn’t.

Niall seemed to be the only one supremely irritated by the turn of events. I rolled my eyes as I looked over at him,

“Sighing won’t make this any easier to get through.”

“I feel like I’m goin’ stir crazy in here…”  He mumbled as he thumbed through his phone, “If somethin’ doesn’t happen soon I’m gonna start posting pictures of you on Snapchat.”

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Aretha Franklin (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman - Kennedy Center Honors 2015
Aretha Franklin ITunes Carole King ITunes

You know, I’m usually hard as hell on ReRe because I don’t always think she does her legendary status justice. But after this performance, I take back everything I’ve ever said about her (well, most of it). Because her slayage level in this performance was incredible. Ah-may-zing!!! Let me tell you that when Soror/Auntie/Mother ReRe stepped out there in her fabulous floor-length mink, swished it AND her gown to the left, and sat her sparkly purse on down on that pyana (not piano…pyana), I knew ish was about to get really, really real. And honey chile, Mother did NOT disappoint. Whew!!! I honestly don’t know what my most favorite thing is about this performance - Carole King going into total fangirl mode from the first note and never stopping; President Obama wiping away a tear at the pure electricity of the moment, then trying (and failing) to keep his inner fanboy in check; Usher low key peeping Carole King losing her ish in the balcony above him; Rosie Perez and Gina Rodriguez singing along; or Viola Davis about to fly out of the balcony in pure musical ecstasy once ReRe steps from behind the pyana and takes it up yet another notch. There really isn’t any performer who is the heir apparent to James Brown and his famous cape/cloak drop, but just like the true diva she is, Soror/Auntie/Mother ReRe has incorporated that move into her repertoire and taken it to a whole nutha level. This is the stuff legends are made of. Brava, Aretha. Brava.

And for you Scandal fans - peep Kerry at the end of the video in the audience…