this is honestly the most beautifully illustrated book


OKAY so I just walked into the sweetest book store in san francisco and I was just casually browsing and I turn the corner and I see THE MOST PERFECT, LOVELY COUPLE (honestly romance novel worthy) E V E R . The girl was sitting on the boys lap, and he was nuzzling his head into her neck looking over her shoulder because they’re reading a beautifully illustrated pop-up book with trees and flowers coming out of it. They were both dressed fashionably, but not in that snobby, try hard kind of way. The boy was dressed in an oversized, soft-looking beige sweater and the girl was wearing a cream colored off the shoulder top and swishy navy skirt. Their hair is brown and windswept and perfectly undone. They looked so cozy and comfortable and at ease with life.

SO at this point it’s been 10 seconds and I look away cause I don’t want to be weird or anything . HOWEVER im melting like honey inside and my heart is doing that thing when it clenches up and just FEELS SO DEEPLY (ya know???!?) because it was such an innocent sight of young love and gave me such a sense of hope for love and adventure for the future.

and tHEN I hear them speaking and they’re talking in FRENCH AND I DIED A LITTLE MORE.

and that is the story of how I now have extremely high expectations for my future boyfriend and I.

The End