this is honestly one of my biggest sketches


A fair number of redraws/redesigns of characters from an old project.  Some overhauls are more drastic than others. (Please full view!)

From L->R on each row: 2008, 2012, 2015

1st Row (Messenger): In my opinion, a pretty significant personality overhaul despite maintaining the same plot/setting purpose and respective baggage that comes with it.  Pretty much only the basic wing elements remained. Wowzas. Also much more attractive. cough

2nd Row (Guardian): Probably the most natural progression of design, I think I conveyed the fighter base much more with this because at some point I learned about muscles.  I guess being a lady now is the biggest change.

Also lol that I guess the two swapped which direction their cloth went XP

3rd Row (Forest Spirit): Oh my god this fucking design, what was I thinking in 2008 and 2012??  Since this one was supposed to be a forest spirit, I extracted and exaggerated an unfamiliar shape from a flower. (You can see the flower in the sketches.)

Final Row is “The Walking God” and is the namesake of a project.  Honestly I just put it in this set because I want to share it but don’t have enough other art from that set to warrant its own post.

EDIT: Since I’ve decided to use this as my Yuri Game Jam premise, I’m retroactively tagging it as such. (Title is also Heavenseed)

mandy23b  asked:

You have done the unthinkable and made me love Raoul. I have never been this way before. I ship E/C till the day I die so Raoul was always the unwanted party. And while I still ship E/C in your comic (which I adore - your art style is from heaven. You must be an angel) I have become a huge Raoul sympathizer with your (and only your) version of Raoul. He is a small child to protect. So just wanted to say I love your work and funny replies! They always brighten my day :) Thank you!

Ahhh!!!! This made my day! Honestly, one of my biggest concerns with the story was if people would totally hate Raoul (esp. since he has his own little arc in the comic, etc..), haha. I’m so glad my scarf-child is being well received! No, tis you who are the angel! Thank you!