this is honestly one of my biggest sketches

Fandom sketches - Gravity Falls I’m still not sure what brought me to Gravity falls. Actually, no, I do know. It was tumblr. I honestly avoided Gravity Falls for the longest time. Like the plague. And it was 1000% because of the art style. I’m not the biggest fan of the Simpsons art style, so I was like “Ew gross I’d watch it if it wasn’t so ugly”. But I still saw gravity falls posts, so I knew the characters and a vague version of the plot. But, one day, I had a weak moment and watched it so I could see what everyone was freaking out about (similar to what I did when I finally watched mlp) and I died. I instantly fell in love with the characters, the story, the art, everything. I love it all. I suppose I should be thanking Gravity Falls through, because it taught me a lesson. I’d shunned this fantastic show simply because I was judgemental of the art style. I realized that there were tons of shows coming up or that were currently airing that had something special, and I was avoiding them because I was being a snob. Since having this realization, I’ve watched Uncle Grandpa, Breadwinners, Harvey Beaks, Teen Titans GO!, Sanjay and Craig, Clarence and a ton of others and you know what? I love all of them!! I love how each show has a unique style and completely different feel to them. It’s amazing! Plus I’ve joined like 15 new fandoms oops. Cartoons are so fascinating, No wonder I decided to dedicate my life to creating them.