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I'm so with you Irene is perfect 😍

IKR she’s just… she needs SO much more attention

like, first of all, the color scheme makes my artist self cry of joy, she has viscount druitts color scheme but 1000% pulls it off better, and she’s a genuinely good and kind person

like… she’s not just pretty but honestly an overall wonderful character?? like when that georg guy was being creepy she took NO shits and just straight up slapped him

(you go girl)

and also she was the reason we had the PRICELESS moment when Seb wore the unicorn suit. if she wasn’t worried about her performance (she could’ve died and she’s worried about her job! good work ethic) then seb wouldn’t of worn that suit.

and then she arrives and she’s still into her role. plus she’s just gorgeous in this panel. I want ppl to appreciate her more, we need to talk more about Irene!!! plus she’s one of the only arc-specific side characters that hasn’t died so theres that

she just has SO much potential for headcanons/fanfics/writings in general

(oops i kinda went off on this one omfg) 

i know it sucks and hurts right now, but i promise that sad feeling will go away and you’ll feel so empowered one day. I was praying with some friends the other night and one of them said, “even though we are unworthy sinners broken and cracked, God’s light & love shine through those cracks to not only hold us together, but to make us whole. HE makes us whole.” I know you feel broken on the inside, but i need you to remind yourself that those cracks are good. I honestly believe that the people with the most cracks are the most loving bc those cracks are FILLED with God. You’ve been through so much shit in your life and I know in the moment it feels like you are never gonna get better but seriously jiwon, you are filled with God - His light SHINES through you and your heart. You have always been the most compassionate person I know and I know why that is. So remind yourself the reason why too. You don’t need a stupid boy like him - if he can’t see how much love and light you have within, he doesn’t deserve you. God reserved the perfect man for you who will love, cherish, and respect you.
—  grace’s solid words of advice 

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Hey luc, do you ever come across bold racists? if so, how do you deal w/ it? I'm a poc and I recently encountered some racist guy in school who is very vocal about it and he's even proud of it, which is??? I've never had to deal w this kind of thing before and don't know how to cope, like, he will purposely make comments about me and try to sabotage me... he's not been violent, yet, but he's very annoying and I feel unsafe

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Hi, I was hoping to request a matchup please? I’m a short, queer girl with resting-bitch-face™. I’m soft-spoken until you get to know me or I open up. Super sweet, naïve, and very passionate about my video games and my writing/characters. Working on improving my self-esteem + reducing my anxiety/depression. Capricorn/ISFJ personality type. Honestly, I like animals and cats, but they make me a little nervous still, so I’ve been catsitting to help alleviate my anxiety, and am enjoying it! Thanks!

Of course, hun! I hope the reasons fit for the dorks I chose for you! - Admin Avery

For the gal we have

Finley! - You’re passionate about your writing and video games, this girl adores video games and is very encouraging of people’s passions! She won’t be quick to force you into uncomfortable situations, but will try to make it easier to cope with situations if they do become uncomfortable. Nervous of cats? She’ll ask if her being jelly donut might help and transform back as soon as you request it! Quite frankly she’ll adore you and put you above all else, even her Jelly Donut fame!

for the guy we have

Hayes! - This sweetheart knows what it’s like to get nervous, and will give you all the time you need to cope with those things. He’ll try his best to help you through it and be sure to root for you, even if he seems a bit shy when he does. He’ll give compliments on your writing, as a poet himself, and he himself is trying to improve on his own anxiety, and you know what they say! When you work together a goal is more likely to be achieved!

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Strange question butttttttt..... Who do you think is the dominant one of the relationship? Eren or Levi? Just wonderin' *sweatdrop*

hmmm its really hard to label people as the “dominant” and “submissive” person in a relationship. I’ve seen people head-cannon both Levi and Eren to be the more dominant person within fan works, but I honestly cant say that I personally see one as ultimately more dominating. I think part of the reason is because in the snk cannon, the characters are placed in a significantly high stress environment which may cause them to act differently (perhaps more aggressive or “dominating” if you will) than if they were in a more tranquil scene; but at the same time, the characters are complex enough to where, as readers of snk, we are able to speculate how the characters would behave in a domestic relationship and our opinions may range widely based on how we perceive each character’s personality in the cannon. For example, many people think of Levi as a hard-core Badass TM while some others see him as a secret softy who has learned to act tough because of his harsh upbringing, and thats ok! there is no “right” way to look at the characters. Sorry, I know this doesn’t give a clear answer to your question, but this is basically my logic for not having a set opinion on which character is more dominant. I hope this helps for whatever reason you asked!

commissions and stuff

Well… It’s just that in the future it’s possible that I will have to make money somehow so.. Yes probably I will post things about commissions with raised prices because serious reasons.. Honestly I don’t know what to do but I feel so broken right now. I just want to cry and sit in a corner and never return…

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Okay what the hell why doesn't guarded hearts have as many likes as kitten's got his tongue or EVEN MORE?? like?? Guarded Hearts is one of my favorite Hoseok fics of all time and it isn't even finished and I love it and I need people to read it ily:D

haha you’re cute. thank you! ^^ I try not to think about notes or things like that because it will just bum me out, and honestly it will take away the reason I even write (which, i know I was literally JUST ranting a week ago about feedback and stuff but that is due to my life ruining anxiety -_-) but Guarded Hearts has gotten good feedback so I don’t worry about notes. & I really just enjoy writing that AU a lot. Not only because it’s Hobi or because I don’t do fluff that often so it’s fun, but because of personal experiences I’ve had so it’s close to my heart. haha Anyway, what I am trying to say is it’s okay! I appreciate your love for the story regardless of how many notes it gets. <3

Sometimes the customer is wrong for unrelated reasons.

Due to the well of my friends’ “def not an axe murderer” date recommendations drying up, I have turned to that most sacred of modern relationship institutions: online dating. As a very busy person trying to get it in with other very busy people, I prize honestly and directness above all else when it comes to profile creation. I include full body shots in my photos, try to minimize the use of MySpace angles in selfies, and write at the very top of the summary/caption/profile that I am fat. Not “curvy,” not “thick,” not “lots to love”–I’m f*cking fat. I’m not ashamed of it, but I also known that weight is a dealbreaker for lots of people. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time.

About a year ago I met “Evan” via Tinder. We exchanged friendly messages for a few hours one night and agreed to meet up for drinks the following evening. I waited for a full hour past the designated time, and just as I was getting up to leave, the texts started rolling in.

“I can see you sweating from here.” “How long does it take you to roll out of bed every morning?” “Is there an earthquake or are you just getting up for more pretzels?”

Really idiotic, juvenile shit. Four separate numbers, commenting on things like my clothes, which clued me in that the senders were nearby. This went on for 15 minutes before I finally saw Evan, trying to hide in at a corner table and giggling with a group of buddies. I made eye contact, saw that he saw me, and then walked out. The texts kept up until I blocked the numbers a few hours later.

I ran into Evan about 3 weeks later. We got on the same elevator, and he tried really hard at being super interested in the emergency phone instructions. I just confronted him, and he admitted it was just some “game” that him and his friends play. He knew I was fat before agreeing to meet up; they all did, because that’s what they do. Match up with fat women, then either ghost them or “troll” them at the meet-up. It was also kinda obvious he’d never seen any consequences from this bullshit, as he was sweating pretty hard and looked more humiliated than I felt. I just said whatever and walked out, expecting to never see him again.

About a month ago, some local foodie wrote a great review of the restaurant I own, and we’ve been slammed ever since. In the past, I stayed mostly in the kitchen, but I’ve been doing more and more front-of-house stuff lately, and Valentine’s Day I was working a bit of a split between the two.

I saw Evan just as he was pushing in his date’s chair. My name isn’t on the restaurant, and he didn’t see me. I checked the section up at the hostess stand and saw that one of my favorite old-timers, Nan, was going to be his waitress. I went to the bar till, took out $400, put it in her hands, and said, “This is going to be your only table for the rest of the night. You are going to make this the worst date he has ever been on.”

She spilled every single thing she brought out to the table, all over him. I was waiting for him to blow up on Nan, but he bottled it up, obviously trying to make a good impression on his date. She seemed like a perfectly lovely lady; I told Nan to make sure everything was good for her and terrible for Evan.

She poured ice water on his d*ck. She smacked the back of his head with the edge of a tray. Spilled soup on his shirt. Dropped every fork he asked for. I personally oversalted his food, used the shit liquor for his drinks, used flour instead of sugar on his dessert. To be honest, I don’t know why he didn’t just walk out. He must have really wanted to f*ck this woman.

Finally, he cracked. Demanded Nan find the manager and bring her out. I was only too happy to emerge from the kitchen with my chef’s coat and say what, I’m not ashamed to admit, I’d been planning out all night.

“I would have said hi earlier, but I didn’t want the earthquake to disturb your dinner.”

I will savor the look on Evan’s face for the rest of my life.

He was a little too flummoxed to explain, so I pulled a chair up to the table and introduced myself to his date, Amanda. Told her how I met Evan. Showed her some fun old messages. Then I told gave her a voucher for a free meal on her next visit and told Evan to get the f*ck out and never come back.

He deleted his Tinder profile.

Me: I hate people who are loud and annoying

Hoseok: *screams at max volume for legitimately no reason whatsoever*

Me: 😍😍😍😍😍 that’s 👌🏻😍👌🏻 my mans 😍😩😩💦👌🏻👌🏻😩😍💦💦😛 im so 😩😍💦💦 blessedt 😩❤️❤️😍😍❤️👀👀🍆🍆💏💏💏

So, I should be doing work, but I wanted to do some quick Yuri on Ice meta because reasons.  

I know there’s a lot of ideas that Victor has been spending a year wondering why Yuri’s so cold to him after being so friendly at the gala, but I honestly think it would have taken him max 1-2 days of knowing Yuri to know that drunk!Yuri isn’t nearly the same person as the staid, sober Yuri.  Moreover, I think that what’s really telling is the end of ep 2 when Victor goes looking for Yuri.

He checks at Minako’s bar, and per her he doesn’t really hang out there.  Moreover, she provides a new view of Yuri - not brilliant, but has enough time to become competent.  

So he goes to the ice rink.

Here he meets two people who consider himself Yuri’s friends now, but they weren’t his peers, and when he was growing up they were too old to be real friends to him.  They provide a new view of Yuri - competitive (he hates to lose), lonely (practices all the time at the expense of friendships) and even now struggling at connecting to people.

I think pretty early on, Victor realized that the fun loving party animal who pole danced at the gala wasn’t the real Yuri. What’s interesting to me is that I think it’s arguable Victor came to get more of the Yuri he lusted after, but fell in love with the quieter Yuri who was just as lonely as Victor was.

I think he let go of drunk!Yuri pretty early on because we all say things when we’re drunk (We should start a band! Let’s go to Europe! Let’s get a tattoo!) that either we don’t really want or that don’t fit with real life.  

It’s just sweet that while he was initially looking for the party guy, the one who cracked Victor’s ice prince veneer, he found someone who fit him so much better and decided to stick around.



The only video you ever need if someone says to you, “Sherlock and John are just friends, there is no reason to believe otherwise”. These are just clips of the show. I honestly don’t blame people who haven’t noticed these things – I didn’t notice them the first time I watched the series and I am gay. It’s because I didn’t expect to see it, so I unknowingly put my blinders up and consumed the media without a second thought. I saw but I did not observe. However, the moment I realized it on my own, I felt the metaphorical glass shatter and I was overcome with shock. How did I, a gay person, miss this? How?? But now that I’ve seen it, feel it with every fiber of my being, I cannot “un-see” it. It’s like looking at the moon every night and then one day noticing it looks like there’s a face in it. You will see the man in the moon every time you look because you can never go back to that moment when you didn’t know it was there. That’s what BBC Sherlock is to a lot of people when it comes to queer readings. You either see it or you don’t. You’re either open to the idea or you’re not. But once you see it, you will never go back. So regardless of what the BBC, the writers, or strangers online say, this queer reading of Sherlock is felt by viewers around the world and that experience will never be taken from them.

Me seeing the amount of hate Jieun is getting just for “being in the way of the ship”

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Yeah she was a shitty person to Bum, I admit that. But some people are literally wishing death upon her for reasons like fighting back against Sangwoo or wanting to fuck him…like any normal girl would want to with her crush.

I’m not too surprised because for some reason female characters are hated in any story that has an m/m pair, but…really?

honestly i think the reason as to why percy is so hard to place in one hogwarts house is because of the fact that he displays such strong qualities that overlap between the houses. if we look at the qualities that percy possesses compared to the characteristics stated in the sorting hat’s song, he embodies almost all of them. 

foremost, in the gryffindor verse it says that gryffindors are brave at heart, and are daring, have great nerve, and are chivalrous. We have seen throughout many books that he is indeed brave and daring, and he does have nerves of steel at some points (ex, jumping off the st. louis arch and falling with annabeth into tartarus). He also shows great acts of chivalry & this aspect is also seen throughout other parts of his personality

as for the hufflepuff verse, it says that members of the house are just and loyal, as well as being patient and unafraid of toil. clearly, percy displays a lot of loyalty throughout the books, whether it be for annabeth or his mom or for his camp. he is also not afraid of fighting anyone or anything in order to protect those he is loyal to.

in the ravenclaw verse it is less obvious that percy shares some similarities to that house (seeing as it talks about having a ready mind, having a lot of wit & will to learn) however, percy does display these qualities throughout both series, as he wants to learn any different things (ex. learning how to defeat kronos, learning how to unite both the greeks and romans, learning how to change the way he perceives the world). also he shows how witty he is through both his sense of humor and how fast his mind works in different situations (mostly fights, etc)

now the slytherin verse talks mostly about finding real friends, and calls slytherins cunning and ambitious. percy obviously cares a lot about finding his real friends (and he finds them in annabeth, grover, the seven (eventually), etc) so that’s a pretty obvious one. however percy is exceptionally cunning, whether it be in battle or just everyday life. correct me if im wrong, but im pretty sure annabeth in the books has said how intelligent percy is (even though he comes off as stubborn or oblivious at times)

in all honestly im not sure what kind of conclusion i was trying to make by writing all of this out, but the one i have come to is that all of these characteristics, although make him hard to classify in one house, show that percy is an exceptionally strong protagonist that exhibits powerful qualities that make him a hero.

Therefore, i am concluding that this whole sorting thing is kind of backwards because percy doesn’t really fit in any of the houses because he has shown that he belongs in all of them

yoi is all about yuri, his professional development, ups and downs, thoughts and feelings etc. obviously. but the thing is that every character in this show has their own backstories. yuri, yurio, minako, phichit, kenjiro, guang-hong, georgi, leo, christophe. their dreams, motives and reasons, they are so bright and different, and i honestly just ADORE every character in this show

but then there is victor, one of the main characters and yuri’s love of his life

the scene where victor watches yuri’s copy of his performance on youtube is the one and only glance into his personal life we got so far, so let’s see what can we get from it

it’s a small and minimalistic apartment which fits victor perfectly. some magazines beside sofa for one or two people, his coat hanging on that strange chair-hanger thing, some kind of cactus that doesn’t need that much time for caring of, no family photos, skating prizes, dog toys, maccachin plushies or whatever would make his home HIS. it looks lonely and empty

he’s the best of the best, has breathtaking visuals and was labeled as the hottest bachelor in the universe. literally everyone has heart eyes on his face and fame, but not HIM, and i think it kinda annoys victor and what if after years of searching he just gave up on trying to find he right person. what if yuri is THAT person. what if victor found not only his inspiration, but his REAL home in yuri

victor has very bright and cheerful personality and i’m not saying that he’s faking it, but i believe there is so much more behind that mask. turning back to the scene is victor’s apartment, his expression is deadly serious and pensive, he sighs as if he made a difficult decision

and we finally get some explanations that doesn’t really explain anything

like he decided to give himself another chance, because he felt something in yuri? 

we do know literally nothing about victor’s past and like 0,5% about what’s going on in his mind, and this makes me more curious about the story of this beautiful, golden hearted and lonely man

me: starscream has the potential to be an awesome character.  he doesnt have to be some second rate meme or an abused second in command. in some canon, he is the ruler of an entire city state. he can be knowledgable in chemical and weaponry sciences, military, and government.  he can be extremely diplomatic, knowing how to deal with other leaders of other city states, as well as other species abroad. he can be an enjoyable character, having a sharp tongue that calls out people on their actions in humorous roasts that have actual reason. he can be a really important figure in the decepticon cause, not only lending expertise to the charismatic worldly but dim-witted megatron, but because he has the influence of seekers, some of the most highly strategic and economically important cybertronians. he can be on equal ground if not above megatron, the only things preventing him from being above being his sarcasm and snobby attitude.  he can be opportunist, playing with megatron for his own gain, or be genuinely invested in megatron’s cause but not in megatron himself.  he is a jet, he can be taller than bucket head megatron, megs could be at his chest, and be smol, starscream using him as a leaning post.

also me: u kno wat wen starscmeme get mad he raise him wings and g1 screech like birb n also he luv skyfire screech al da teim wen hte ppl mak fun of sky or get too clos

There’s this phenomenon on Tumblr where someone will find out some particular cultural fact about a person, and then send them anon questions to see if they’re one of the “good” ones.
For instance:
Someone reveals oneself to be Muslim -> in comes a question asking them if they like gay people.
Someone reveals oneself as a lesbian -> immediate question of whether they’d date a trans woman.
Someone reveals oneself as Catholic -> immediate question on their thoughts on abortion.
The moment you reveal something personal, you get descended upon by people ready to accuse you of Something Awful.
If you see yourself in this behavior, I wanna ask you honestly: what do you gain from this? What assumptions are you making about someone else’s identity? Why is someone’s personal identity suddenly reason for you to interrogate them without any other information indicative of them being “bad”? Are you gaining anything from this other than satisfaction of moral superiority?