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I wanna share some good news but because I’m just gonna go through everything that happened to me today and it’ll get long I’ll put it under the cut!! (Also if you want to skip to the juicy parts skip to the part where I go “AND NOW THE IMPORTANT THINGS”

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Assumption (Lewis R Request)

“Ello ello ello!” Simon grins when you walk through the door into the sidemen house.
You spent a lot of time here. You weren’t a YouTuber yourself but you always helped them with any merch they had, meetings and basically anything and everything that a YouTuber does need help with. You generally spent a lot of time helping to film their videos and had been best friends with a lot of YouTubers for a while, specifically the sidemen. Simon and you had known each other for years and had become like siblings.
“How are you Mr author?” You laugh, a reference to the recent launch of their book.
“Number one on Amazon!!” He cheers and you grin.
“That’s amazing honestly” You smile and sit down opposite him on the island of the kitchen, “So what do you need help with today?”
“You do realise every time we say you should come round it doesn’t mean you’re meant to help us” He points out, “But actually we’ve got a bunch more books to sign and could do with a bit of help with organisation.
You chuckle, “Yeah sure, just as long as JJ doesn’t spend the whole time trying to sing”
“Its a deal” Simon grins, “Oh and I invited Lewis round as well” He says innocently, taking a sip of his coke.
“Really Minter?” You sigh, “Was that really necessary?”
“Yes it was my lovely!” He replies, “Because I will use everything in my power to prove to you that he bloody likes you back” he jabs your side as you go round to grab a drink from the fridge.
“Alright you keep trying with that then, I’ll spend my power in trying to make sure you keep your big mouth shut” You push his chin.
“Mouth shut about what?” Lewis’ familiar voice speaks up as he enters the house, slipping off his shoes.
“Oh I’m sure you’d love to know” Simon chuckles, “But I’m sworn to secrecy”
“Its nothing serious” You comment to a very confused Lewis.
“I’ll go grab all of the guys” Simon nods and jogs up the stairs but not before slipping a quick wink to you.
“So we’ve become the managers for the day then?” Lewis smiles.
“Yeah I believe so” You reply, “Can’t be that bad.”
“I guess not” He says and it is as though he feels awkward. Like his stomach had become a butterfly cage just like yours and the pink tint in his cheeks wasn’t just because of the heat of the large house. No, don’t think like that. He only saw you as a friend. And now you hadn’t replied. Great.
“Come on guys!” JJ yells when he runs down the stairs, clearly being far too energetic.
“You do realise we have another 750 books to sign today?” Josh follows behind him and JJ stops in his tracks.
He falls to the floor and makes all of you laugh just as soon as you all walk into the large lounge.
“Okay so should I hand them over to you guys and Lewis pack them away?” You suggest, walking over to the stacks of books on the other side of the room.
“You sure you two want to be that far apart?” Simon wiggles his brows and both you and Lewis glare at him
“I’m sure we’ll live” You comment and all of the boys take their places in the room to begin the long process of signing. Of course, they had loved working on the book and couldn’t wait to find out which of their fans received these copies but writing out your autograph that many times did get far too boring.
You play your Spotify playlist loud to fill the room and soon enough they are all singing along.
“This is such a throwback!” Vik laughs as Year 3000 begins to play.
Simon jumps up from his seat and begins dancing wildly with you in the room, reminding you of when the pair of you were teenagers and used to always joke around to make JJ laugh.
All of them sang along loudly but as Simon span you round once again, you noticed an element of hurt in Lewis’ eyes. Disappointed. Defeat.
Brushing it off, you and Simon returned to your places and continued to get on with the task at hand
After a long time of seeing the same page in a book over and over again, you finally reach the last one and all of the boys sigh in relief.
“Good job guys” You chuckle as they all stretch the muscles that had been fixed in the same seat for the whole time.
“Thanks for your help” Tobi nods, “You too Lewis”
“You guys can get back to filming or editing or whatever, we can pack away this stuff and everything” Lewis responds and all of the boys thank him before dispersing into different rooms for the collabs they were doing that day or to edit together.
“So that wasn’t too boring” You comment, lifting a box of books with enough ease to carry it over.
“Yeah, do you need some help with that?” He asks politely
” no I got it, thanks" You smile in return and drop the box at the right place.
You notice that he scuffs his feet on the floor and looks highly awkward and know its time to say something.
“What’s wrong Lewis?” You frown.
“Nothing nothing” He shakes his head, “Honestly”
“You know I’ll find out what it is eventually?” You narrow your eyes and he simply smiles innocently.
“So you and Simon they ay?” He starts and it causes a chuckle to rise from your throat.
“What are you talking about?” You laugh.
“Well you obviously like each other” He shrugs and you can tell it almost hurts him to say the words.
“Yeah like brother and sister Lewis. I think I have better taste than Simon Minter” You joke.
“Hey asshole!” Simon exclaims in faked shock, “You’d be very lucky to get a man like me.”
“Yeah you keep thinking that” You nod and he laughs, jogging off to grab some food from the kitchen.
“So you don’t like him?” Lewis raises his brow and you smile at his stupidity.
“Why would you ever think that?”
“I don’t know, just how you two are together. And when you were talking earlier I thought you were keeping it a secret that you were together or something” He admits and scratches the back of his neck.
“Well if you must know, we were talking about who I actually like” You comment.
“Its you” Simon hisses from behind you and you elbow his stomach.
Lewis looks up in utter shock and you fall in love with his adorable face automatically.
“Is he serious?!” He manages to question.
“Maybe” You chuckle quietly.
“Bye lewis, bye (y/n)!!” Simon calls and turns to go back to his room, “I’ll leave you to become the greatest couple of the century”

“im dead behind the eyes black turtlenecks are my look i work at a local coffee shop the customers are so pretentious i honestly need to drink 40 oz of fair trade coffee with stevia and hemp milk a day i only work there to put myself through art school even though my parents pay my tuition i have to pay for a lot of cruelty free black turtlenecks and copic markers and organic non-gmo kale from the farmers market and like also are your chakras aligned because i know this girl who does amazing things with amethyst honestly she will change your life anyway you should google salvador dali you’ve probably never heard of him he painted clocks a lot and im super into his work right now and”


2016.10.25 🔷 Beach Walk

Not a super-long walk, and not fast cos the sunset was honestly amazing. The sky was really pretty though the whole walk, and it forced me to stop and take pictures. I only posted a very small % of what I took. The weather is nice and warm during the day, so still comfortable for me, which is a huge plus. :)  Anyway, it was a lovely walk, if not very long or fast, it was good for the soul.  


You guys are AMAZING!! In the first 48 hours this blog has existed, we’ve generated over 200 followers and 666 notes together, had some AMAZING questions roll in, and honestly, my head is reeling.

Thank you all SO SO MUCH for your help in making this blog a success! And keep those questions coming!!


I just finished watching Seventeen’s Star Show 360 and…
I never realized how much I love these 13 boys and how much they make me happy. Like throughout the whole thing, I found myself just smiling and laughing so genuinely (and believe me, I don’t do that often) so for me to be this happy for a group, it’s amazing.
Honestly, I never realized how happy Seventeen makes me, and just goes to show how ironic it is that every time when I’m sad or in a bad mood and I listen to music, Seventeen’s songs always comes on like Adore U, Mansae, Pretty U, Very Nice, Love Letter, Healing, etc., it just comes on automatically even though my songs are on shuffle!!
I had a rough week already even though it’s Tuesday with exams and work and just life in general, but watching them and listening to their songs, it just gets me in a really great mood.
I just wanted to say that even though I only discovered them during their Mansae period, I love Seventeen so so much and I’m proud to call myself a Carat!! I adore them so much (pun intended ewe) and I can’t wait to see how they grow in the future!!

this ms marvel issue was amazing honestly i found it so relatable? being from both america and india and feeling different and out of place in both is hard for me to deal with, but its a shared experience for so many immigrant kids! i feel inspired seeing kamala dealing with so many issues and emotions i relate to, she is so beautiful i love her so much this issue was soo good.

i feel like it was a bit rushed though because of the pages taken for the black widow promo story. what a fucking waste of space! this is literally racism i never want to see natashas fugly face ever again lmao

Nearing 2k followers + Fanfic Friday

This is so amazing! We are honestly in awe. Thank you all so much! We’ve had a lot of great inboxes and we’re just so happy to be in this fandom.

That being said, remember Fanfiction Friday is right around the corner! Whatever requests you send in will be filled over the weekend. Don’t be afraid to send in requests early! (We’ve gotten one so far! Super cool!)

Tomorrow, we’re getting a new episode of Yuri on Ice… and speaking of new episodes, have any of you seen the dub? They just premiered the first episode, you should be able to find it by using google. ^_^

If you have seen it, what did you think?

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Ben made a speech about Anna Kendrick at some awards thing and she said that he was dressed like he was auditioning for a 3 episode arc of New Girl im choking youtube(.)com/watch?v=cku7eoi1m5o

Ahhhhh thanks for sharing. That was amazing. I honestly love the Benanna dynamic so much. It’s quirky and fun and they seem to really enjoy teasing each other.

Universes Collide: Part 1

1251 words

In a remote place where the sky meets, a portal opens its mouth wide, and two universes merge inexplicably.

“Rami, who are you wearing tonight?”
“Rami do you see marriage on the cards for you and Natalie?”
“Rami, when will season three of Mr. Robot premier?”

Hundreds of lights flashed left, right and centre, leaving Natalie feeling slightly blinded. It was her first big event with Rami and she was a little nervous but very excited. She felt like a true celebrity as she hung on Rami’s arm, smiling demurely at the paparazzi.

Honestly, she loves the whole experience. The attention, the amazing hair and makeup, the over the top designer dress and most of all, getting to experience it all with Rami. They had gone public with their relationship a few weeks ago and this was all still relatively new to her.

All eyes were on them it seemed as they entered the venue, and were ushered towards the main hall where the event would be held. Just as they were about to go inside, Rami pulled Natalie to the side. He drags her down a hallway, his eyes scanning the walls for something in particular.

“Where are we going?” She whisper-shouts. Rami doesn’t respond, but comes to a sudden halt when he finds what he’s looking for. Two beautiful Cherrywood doors signposted with gold plaques. The detailing on each, a man and a woman.

He turns and smirks at her.
“I’ve always wanted to do this with you.” He takes her by the hand into the women’s room and the door swings shut behind them. He pushes her against the sinks kisses her hard. Natalie understands what’s going on now, and although apprehensive, she can’t help but be on board.

“I hope you realise we’re gonna be late as fuck.” Natalie says as Rami hikes her dress up and gets on his knees.
“Who cares, I’m a star.” He jokes as he pulls her underwear to the side in the bathrooms of the lavish venue they’d been invited to that night for a charity event.

Natalie relents, grinning down at her boyfriend. She prepares herself to be reduced to a quivering mess in a public bathroom where any influential member of society could catch them, when she blacks out.  


“I might just be high as fuck, but can you see that?” Maria drawls, nudging Josh who is seated next to her as they smoke a joint in the snow. He glances up and squints ahead, trying to spot what his best friend is referring to. He can just about make out a small, dark pile of something and surrounding it, trees that are bent slightly outwards.

“Nah I see it.” He states. “Probably just a dead deer or something.”
“Well that’s a weirdly fucking shaped dead deer.” Maria mutters, standing up.
“Where are you going?” Josh says, sobering a little at her sudden movement.
“To go see what it is obviously.”

Josh groans, grabbing at her wrist.
“C’mon, sit down and finish this joint. It’s probably nothing.” Maria ignores the skip in her heart rate and yanks her hand out of his grip, striding towards the object of her curiosity. Josh rolls his eyes, taking one last drag of the joint and tossing it into the snow.

He heaves himself up and wraps his jacket tighter around himself as he follows her. They’re about a foot away from the mysterious thing when they can finally make out what it is. Lying in the snow are the bodies of a man and a woman dressed in damp, expensive looking clothes.

“What the fuck?” Maria murmurs, crouching beside the two and placing two fingers on both their necks where their pulses would be. “They’re alive.” She gasps and begins shaking the woman. “Don’t just stand there like a fucking melon Josh, help!” Josh sighs and squats beside her, shaking the guy. Oddly, he looks a lot like him but older and more mature.

The unconscious pair begin to stir.
“Hey! Wakey wakey!” Maria yells, slapping the woman across the face. She sits bolt upright, glaring at Maria.
“Who the fuck are you and why the hell did you slap me?” The guy sits up moments later, rubbing his head.
“Natalie? Are you alright? Where are we?” He asks, his tone raspy.
“No idea, this girl slapped me awake and we’re in some kind of winter wonderland.”
“We were in Beverly Hills last I remembered…”

Josh and Maria look at each other with raised eyebrows.
“I want what they’re on.” Josh jokes and Maria snorts. They straighten up and the two look up at them.
“Who are you and where are we?” Rami asks, helping Natalie up.

“I’m the Mad Hatter and that’s the Queen of Hearts. You’re in Wonderland.” Josh explains dramatically. Maria rolls her eyes, but she’s smiling at the lame joke all the same.
“You’re in Blackwood Pines. I’m Maria and this is Josh, who happens to look a fucking lot like you.” She corrects him.

“And where is Blackwood Pines exactly?” Natalie interjects, sounding just as worried as Rami to be in the care of these two clearly high teenagers.
“Alberta.” Maria says simply and Rami’s eyes widen.
“Alberta… Canada?” He asserts.

Natalie and Rami stare at each other in shock.
“I’d be worried if you weren’t surprised to be honest. You’re not exactly dressed for the weather.” Maria remarks, earning an incredulous look from the obviously out of depth couple.
“We’re we drugged? Did you drug us? Are you fans?” Natalie babbled in shock.

“Fans?” Josh snorts. “Who even are you two?”
“Have you been living under a rock?” Natalie spits, bristling at the indirect insult to her boyfriend’s success. “Mr. Robot?”
“What like, ‘domo arigato Mr. Roboto, domo’?” Maria sniggers, doing the robot dance much to Josh’s amusement.

“No, like the TV show?” Rami tries, hoping to get some kind of recognition so they’d feel more inclined to help them out.
“No fucking idea man.” Josh shakes his head.

Rami and Natalie sigh simultaneously in defeat.
“Can you at least get us somewhere with WiFi?” Natalie attempts, hoping the two mildly annoying kids will be able to help somehow.
“Sure. We can go back to the cabin.” Josh agrees, walking off in the direction they’d come from.

As he led the way, Maria took the liberty of making small talk with the two.
“So what are your names? And why are you in the snow dressed like you’re about to go to a Gatsby party?”
“I’m Rami and this is my girlfriend Natalie. We were at a charity event and then… I don’t really know what happened but we woke up here.” Rami explains as they trudge through the snow.

“Must have been a wild ass charity event for you to end up in Canada.”
“I don’t think it was like that…” Natalie interrupted. “Something must have happened to us.”
“Yeah, you got high as fuck and decided to go on a spontaneous trip to Alberta.” Josh contributed from the front of the group.

“Ignore him.” Maria waved him off. “Once we get back to the cabin we’ll give you blankets and clothes and shit and you can use the phone.”
“Thank you so much.” Rami smiled.
“And sorry for slapping you awake.” Maria grinned sheepishly at Natalie.
“I think I’ll be able to forgive you once I’m warm again.” She jokes in response.

“Home sweet home.” Josh announces, gesturing wildly at the cabin.

Rant time!

This girl is my love and my life! If you don’t like her that’s fine but don’t post shit like a fucking 2 year old coward! I’m 21 and I’m not going to stand for pathetic little bitches who feel like their lives are so shit they need to post shit about people online! You fucking disgust me!

I love her with all my heart, she is amazing, and smart, and beautiful and honestly the light of my life! She has done amazing things for me and pulled me out of a really bad place! She’s the most amazing person I’ve met and I can confidently say I love her with all my heart!

If you don’t like it get of my tumblr ! K, thanks!🖕🏼

Rant over!

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I think you're one of the best people I've met and I'm so glad we could be friends. You're art is amazing and it inspires me, honestly.

Thank you so much! I dunno how I missed this earlier! You’re so sweet!

pokemon go is so wild to me like…. pokemon is real. people are behaving as if pokemon is real. “I’m out of pokeballs so i gotta walk to the nearest pokestop to get more” “oh wait for me i have some lures we can use” like what. augmented reality has become reality. the future is now