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That’s huge! I wanna thank each and everyone of you for following me! I really appreciate all the love! You guys are the best :) I hope to talk/meet more you wonderful people down the road!!. I’m glad we can all fangirl about Sanvers and Supergirl, and here’s to many more! THANK YOU <3 Making Tumblr has been such an amazing experience, I’ve met and talked to so many amazing, wonderful individuals, that I can now call my closest friends and I love them dearly… 

The amazing Ren <3 My Baby 

@danverstrash - I literally can’t do anything without you. You are so special to mee <3 Meeting you was honestly so amazing, we clicked instantly. You’re so hilarious, sweet, caring, and such a down to earth to person, we relate so much, I cant even. We were meant to be. Ren you’ve helped me in so many things, there aren't enough words to thank you :) from editing, to making me icons, to making me laugh on Snopchot ;3 Basically Everything!! Thanking you for making cry over your amazing editing skills, and lovely face. U kill me honeyyyy… you mean a lot to me and I don’t want to imagine my life without you in it.. hahah sanvers yo ;)  I’m trying my best not to make this long, but short and sweet… heyyy two things that you are!! mwahah I’m so mean..sorry <3 LOVE YOU SO MUCH BBY  

Ahhh this lil munchkin Jaida <3 Babee

@jaidatnycgirl2017 - Jaida.. OII. HAHA woo where do I start?! Babe, I’m so glad I got the chance to meet you <3 You’re such a sweet, amazing friend, and I LOVE YOU SO MUCH I- We talk everyday, and I want to thank you for that, keeping me company and just being you. We have such amazing memories together, we’re so special.. the connection we have is unbreakable. You mean so much to me, Funny, smart, cute as hell, and hot hahah girll Ur snaps are the death of me. I will get always get emo over you xD I love watching Supergirl with you and most importantly face timing, seeing that precious face.. why am I cheesy?? Hahah babe thank you for everything. LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH! 



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Me Watching New Trailer: Oh my gosh this looks amazing!!! The animation is so much better and everything looks so clean and wonderful! They really went above and beyond to produce an amazing Sports Festival Arc, which is honestly great because it’s such an important arc to manga, especially for Todoroki and Izuku!

During Trailer: 



Oh my god NO

*can’t contain breathing anymore*

In all seriousness, if I’m excited for anything during this anime season, it’s not only to see Todoroki grow into the dorky kid that he is today in the present day manga, but also to see Ochako and the motivations for her to be where she is today. The Sports Festival is really the time where she truly shows us for the first time how capable she is and how fantastic she is as a fighter. Her fight with Katsuki (which is where the bottom still is from) is one that showed just how clever and amazing she is and she really broke the word fragile with every move she made towards him. Even though she didn’t win, she still showed Katsuki and the audience truly the extent of her skill.

What I’m also loving is how beautiful they made her past sequence as well. In the manga, it was only a few panels that were a bit emotional but did lose that effect it was supposed to have just due to the fact that they were panels. However, here in the anime, it looks like they’re going full out with it. They’re brining out the halo effects and I can only imagine the emotional voices that are going to come out of Ochako’s VA, especially since this is a moment where we do see a shift in Ochako’s normally bubbly demeanor as she explains her motivation for being a hero. 

Overall, I’m not only excited to see my princess in action and kicking major butt but I’m honestly so pumped for the arc just to be animated in general. Everything looks so much better and I’m also super excited to see Todoroki and how they animate his past as well. All of it is just going to make me cry and I feel like they’re really going to be bringing this to life! 

chaptered fic: Somebody Told Me You Loved Me Again (2/?)

title: somebody told me you loved me again

genre: reality/angst/romance

warnings: minor character death, alcohol mentions, sexual scenes, swearing.

description: they fight, dan leaves, and then it’s been three years and they haven’t spoken since. a tragedy forces them to reunite and soon enough those still raw wounds from three years ago are showing again.

a/n: holy shit, the reaction to the first chapter was absolutely amazing, honestly, thank you so much everybody who commented and left kudos, it means the world! never imagined it’d do that well straight away!!!!



remember to leave kudos and comments!! :-)

Haikyuu!! Valentine's Day HCs
  • <p> <b>KageHina:</b> Hinata tries and fails to make an aesthetically pleasing chocolate for Kageyama. He's in tears as he gives it to Kageyama because it looks so strange, but Kageyama honestly only cares about how amazing the chocolate tastes. Hinata kisses Kageyama using the excuse that he wanted to taste his own chocolate.<p/><b>AsaNoya:</b> Nishinoya takes Asahi to a dinner date, wearing a sophisticated suit. He keeps trying to act cute in front of Asahi to make him all flustered, and believe me, it works. Little kids in the restaurant start to ask them what sort of relationship they have, and Asahi pulls out a cute ring saying, "He's my beautiful husband!" Nishinoya almost short-circuits.<p/><b>DaiSuga:</b> Suga makes chocolates for everybody in the team, but he has a special one just for Daichi. He keeps telling Daichi terrible puns "I'll be your Suga cube" and Daichi just sighs at him. Suga purposefully leaves chocolate on his cheek so that Daichi can kiss him. Mama is very crafty.<p/><b>TsukkiYama:</b> They go shopping together and Yamaguchi won't stop with the public displays of affection. Tsukishima is embarrassed at first, but he eventually goes along with it. Yamaguchi takes Tsukishima to the CD shop where they pick out albums and headphones for each other, before they exchange chocolates. Yamaguchi won't stop telling Tsukishima how cool he is, which leads to a very red-faced Tsukki.<p/><b>IwaOi:</b> Neither of them knew where to go so Oikawa just invites himself to Iwaizumi's place. Oikawa's chocolates look so perfect that Iwaizumi suspects that he bought them and didn't make them by hand, which leads to Oikawa pouting at him. Iwaizumi tells him he's trying way too hard to be cute, but kisses him anyway.<p/><b>YakuLev:</b> Lev drags Yaku to the amusement park and points to height limits just to piss him off. He tries not to go on too many scary rides, but he doesn't try hard enough and he ends up giving Yaku a piggyback. Lev takes Yaku to his house and feeds him his mother's warm Borscht and his handmade chocolates. His kisses tasted like beetroot because of this.<p/><b>UkaTake:</b> Ukai brings Takeda to watch a romantic movie, except that it wasn't really a romantic movie. At all. In fact, was Tarzan because there was a mistake with the tickets. Takeda still enjoys the movie, though. Takeda gives Ukai the ear piercing accessory he wanted and they go to a chocolate café to eat.<p/><b>HanaMatsu:</b> Matsukawa gives Hanamaki shop-bought profiteroles, because he attempted to make some at home and his mother banned him from the kitchen for the next three months after that. They both have a movie marathon at Matsukawa's house while snacking on the profiteroles, and have a dance-off to Disney songs.<p/><b>BokuAka:</b> Akaashi has been dropping hints that he wants to go on a date with Bokuto, but he completely forgets about the fact that it's Valentine's Day until Akaashi reminds him casually. Bokuto starts to panic because he feels like it's his job to make Akaashi happy, and literally every place they can think of is fully booked. They settle on taking a walk through nature while talking about how much they love each other.<p/><b>KuroKen:</b> Kuroo has everything planned out to perfection. They start off the day by riding a hot-air balloon, which was surprisingly well-liked by Kenma. They go on a small shopping spree and before Kenma gets tired, Kuroo takes him home and the two chill out at each other's houses for the rest of the day. Lots of affectionate bodily contact and hugs, mostly initiated by Kuroo.<p/></p>

I honestly feel so bad for anyone who joins TAZ after this episode knowing about this twist

It is so, so, SO IMPORTANT to not know this twist, it’s like a freaking gut punch narratively speaking and it’s too incredible to miss and I know some people are going to miss it and that makes me sad

anonymous asked:

You are the most amazing person I ever met and I love being apart of The Crew. I look forward to whenever you bring new content cause it's always the best and I know your book is gonna be just as or even more amazing than what you already do. It's honestly an honor to get to see you grow in your career because you are truly a talented and beautiful person inside and out.

I’m a person who prides themselves on having the right words. But right now I don’t have any. I’m not sure what the perfect thing to say is, or even the best. So i’ll just say thank you. 

There are so many moments in my life where I don’t believe in myself, for one reason or another. I don’t have any words at all or pictures to share, and I get frustrated. But then I look over my shoulder and notice, quite suddenly, that I never took a step back, I didn’t so much as stumble. Because when I get lonely or frustrated I find that I have people behind me, every time. I am very very lucky to have that. So thank you <3 It means more to me than I can say, but I will keep trying to find the right words to express what this kind of support feels like

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and please know i always stand behind all of you too <3

anonymous asked:

hey so what are your thoughts on intj x intj romantic relationships? I am an intj and I dated another intj briefly, and it didn't work out communication wise but we were amazing platonic friends.

Honestly, I think that MBTI is only marginally more relevant to the success of a relationship than zodiac signs. It’s about healthy communication and shared worldviews, not type compatibility.

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@Nova What you rather be Full Mewman or Full Human?

Nova; honestly I’m happy as is. I mean my parents are amazing people and i’m deeply honored and proud to be their daughter. My dad and my grandparents raised me and protected me and my mom worked so hard to marry my dad and basically tell everyone who doubted them to suck it. It’s kinda hard not to be super proud of that you know? of both heritages. because humans rules. haha 

Welp, this didn’t really turn out how I liked and I kinda gave up on coloring…

But hey, I finished!

And just in time to celebrate 100 followers~! Thank you all so so much! It’s been so fun to share my love for Hunter X Hunter with everyone, and I am honestly even more excited for what the future has in store!

You all are honestly amazing! And I’ve received such amazing compliments and feedback on so many things and I’ve talked to all kinds of people since becoming a part of the HxH fandom! So thank you all~! From the bottom of my heart! <3

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Honestly? I love you. You are amazing and I have no idea how you manage to write so much so well. All of your fanfics are great. Reverse? Great. A Snake in the Grass, a Wolf at the Door? Literally my favorite, #1 fanfic of all time. The queen fanfic. The ruler. The cream on top of a sweet slice of fandom hell.

Oh geez you are so sweet. Thank you so much!  💕

You ever meet someone who completely changes your life and your way of thinking and your goal just becomes wanting to spend your life with them and watching them grow into the beautiful person you know they will be?

She’s one of the most amazing and beautiful souls I’ve ever met honestly and she’s into cars and tekken 🔑😭

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i've been following this collective for years and i just wanted to say thank you to everyone here (especially stefan @teamcaptains) for their contributions because this place has honestly grown so much and it's really amazing, it's inspired me so much as a writer and reader and i love it a whole lot.

Thanks so much for sticking around, I’m really happy! Nosebleed Club has undergone a lot of changes (from exclusive collective to open collective to a writer reference point), and I’m so grateful for everyone who helped make this into what it is today. The future is full of possibilities!

I just hit 200 followers yesterday and to celebrate this small milestone, I made a small follow forever which features my crappy editing skills for the banner lmao.

Anyway, since there’s not a ton, I’ll write a small thing about each one.

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don’t get me wrong, i am DYING for an f(x) comeback but I am so glad that they have pauses to breath in between their comebacks. 

and really, i am ready to kick lee soo man’s fucking ass for wasting his girls like this. f(x), to me, is a very promosing group and honestly they can pull off any concept. their vocals are amazing, the visuals are on top and their talents are endless. 


i would never want f(x) to be as busy as exo. i would never want f(x) to have  a comeback after comeback, a concert after concert, a show after show. i love them, and that’s exactly the reason why i wouldn’t want them to have a comeback every half year. 

because of the regular pauses between their comebacks, the girls have time to do stuff they really want to do. amber is able to compose and visit her family in california. she can model for nike (which, is in fact very important to have a masculine woman as model because heck, not everyone fits the average women sports look nor wants to). luna has time to make videos for luna’s alphabet, which she enjoys very much, you can just notice that from her expressions. krystal is able to do more modelling and some acting too. victoria is freaking HUGE in china and she would’ve never been able to achieve so much if f(x) was so active

even though i hate to say it, f(x) is an older group. sooner or later they’re going to disband. and when they do, it’s good to have something as a plan b. amber’s composing, krystal’s and victoria’s acting, krystal’s and victoria’s modelling. when they’re not part of f(x) anymore, they’ll have to find their own way in the industry. i’m glad they’re able to find out what they really want to do. right now they can do what they like to do. and yes, im sure they also love to perform and have a comeback, but that doesn’t take away that they’re now being able to explore their other interests

the few hints the girls have given us tells us that they’re dying for a comeback too and i agree that 1,5 years in between a comeback is way too long for an active girl group. but i would never want them to have a comeback more than twice a year.