this is his redesign and i really like it ok

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Ok Ko redesigns would be nice...or Milo Murphy's Law if you know that show!

heres a few i drew up, id really like for the women to have actual proportions and not everyone be a hourglass, and also stop with the limbs being different sizes, just, make it normal i know its a cartoon but it still looks so uncanny

also ko is mixed cause his mom is nonwhite, he shouldnt be that damn white

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What does Gabes face look like in your cyborg AU when he has his mask down?

Man, Gabe is not Reaper in my AU :D

He looks the same, like some new scars on his face but no reaper-like stuff.

Just handsome Reyes. All of my last Gabes are from the AU

But ok he did some plastic surgery and one of them was to remove one of his scars. Because he looked like an “angry tired old cat”.

And now i realized what u really meant

I think I ll redesign the mask one day


redesigns some old ocs i had. they were pretty bland before (except lyrias, im still fond of his design)

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Oh wow I love how you made Chara's hair look like Dreemurr ears that is a great touch

ok so like im gonna confess something rn about chara’s hair

some years ago i was really into yugioh 5ds. yusei was my fav character and i drew him all the time but i hated drawing his spiky ass ygo protagonist hair so i redesigned it… it’s the adult!chara hair i use now, i just recolored it to brown for chara lmaoooo

and then when i started drawing dreemurr heirs au stuff someone in the tags was like “omg chara’s side tufts look like the boss monster ears!!” and i was just… :0000000

so yeah. chara’s hair looking like dreemurr ears was a happy coincidence :’)