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Matsuhanaiwaoi + "please tell me that's not alive " (Or if you don't do ot4) Kyouhaba + fluff

“Please tell me that’s not alive.”

“It probably isn’t? Looks like it’s been there for a while.”

Hanamaki and Oikawa refuse to come out from behind Matsukawa, who stands there dutifully as a shield, amused expression on his face. Iwaizumi shakes his head, and turns back to the thing that started this whole screaming fest in the first place.

“It’s not moving, so it’s probably dead.” He steps closer to the giant bug on the kitchen wall, but then Oikawa and Hanamaki are yelling again. Iwaizumi swings his gaze back at them. “What?!”

“Don’t provoke it!” Hanamaki says, jabbing a finger over Matsukawa’s shoulder. “What if it curses us?”

“It’s dead—”

“What if you piss off its ghost and it calls his army of ghost bug friends to come haunt us forever?” Oikawa wails.

Even Hanamaki gives him a weird stare at that one. Iwaizumi holds up his hands. “You want me to get rid of it, or you want to keep it up as funky decor?”

Oikawa’s face is scrunched up in a very unflattering expression. Matsukawa has his phone out and tongue sticking out a corner of his mouth as he tries to get a picture. “Fine,” Oikawa says. “Just let me leave the ro—Iwa-chan!”

Iwaizumi already has the bug in a cup and is stepping closer to Oikawa, an evil smile on his face. Matsukawa staggers as Hanamaki jumps onto his back, face buried between his shoulder blades. Oikawa is on the floor, arms around one of Matsukawa’s legs as he sobs hysterically. 

They get a noise complaint from the neighbours before the bug is finally thrown out. (For the record, it was dead.)

So like this is an unpopular opinion, but after yesterday, I finally have a sense of what is going on and what I think they are trying to do.

This is about the boys growing and learning (like I said from the very beginning :)))) ). I’m honestly here for it. Looking back…I can actually see myself enjoying this sl if I were to watch it again.

Does there need to be a baby? No, I really don’t think so. So there are def things that could have not been done or been done better. But that’s really moot at this point.

I really think that Robert has been extremely consistent and in character this whole time. I’ve been drawing a lot of parallels between Aaron/Chrissie and Aaron/Rebecca. Are they the same? No, not at all!! Robert is actually very much in love with Aaron, just for Aaron. He is the love of Roberts life. But that doesn’t mean he is just magically going to treat this relationship completely different from every. single. other one he has ever had.

Robert has really made efforts to change, and in a lot of ways he did. I think both Robert and Aaron thought, like us, that Aaron was the complete exception and that Robert would never do to Aaron what he has done to other people. Well, clearly, that’s not the case.

And it would make zero sense if it was, imo. Being with someone you truly love does not all of a sudden change who you are, how you deal with things, or the things that are so deep and ingrained within you. Robert has ended up doing things to Aaron he has done to everyone else, and for the FIRST TIME EVER he is taking a look at that and saying, “why?” And, “I thought I’ve changed, but did I really?”

These are such important questions to ask. I mean, to me, his change for Aaron was rather drastic and I liked it so I never complained. But this makes much more sense to me, and makes it more about Roberts growth as a person than Roberts growth just for Aaron. If that makes sense.

He is having his mistakes and flaws thrown into his face in HD. He isn’t being allowed to just ignore it like before because he actually loves Aaron and really does want to change.

I don’t know, this post is a mess. But I’m really, really enjoying seeing Robert question himself and who he has become. I’m loving seeing his growth and I love seeing that he didn’t become this just completely different character just because he is with Aaron. That just wouldn’t make any damn sense.

If Izaya had a crush on Shun (4)
  • Shun: Izaya-kun! Are you alright?!
  • Izaya: I’m fine…did that beast hit you, Shun-chan?
  • Shun: I didn’t get hit, Izaya-kun you’re the one who’s hurt! Ah, wait – don’t move!
  • Izaya: It’s fine, it’s fine…this is nothing. See? I can still move.
  • Izaya: *shrugs his shoulders, holding back a wince*
  • Shun: Izaya-kun is strong, but you’re still injured. Hey, don’t worry me like that. Stay still, I’m going to heal you.
  • Izaya: There’s no need for that –
  • Shun: Stay still, Izaya-kun.
  • Izaya: …Yes.
  • -------
  • Hajime: (…Was he holding Shun’s hand?)
  • Hajime: Shizuo, why did you throw that vending machine?
  • Hajime: I have nothing against that, but you could have hurt Shun. And then I would have hurt you.
  • Shizuo: HUH?! …I didn’t hit the girl, I think.
  • Hajime: Girl? …What is that guy doing? Shun!
  • Shizuo: Huh? Hey! It’s dangerous to go near the flea, Hajime!
  • -------
  • Shun: *removes his hands from Izaya, the light fading*
  • Shun: Do you feel better, Izaya-kun?
  • Izaya: Thanks to you, Shun-chan.
  • Izaya: *smiles and takes hold of Shun’s hands*
  • Shun: I-Izaya-kun…?
  • Izaya: Thanks. You really do have a magic touch, hm Shun-chan?
  • Shun: *blushing*
  • Shun: E-Eh…
  • Izaya: If it leads to Shun-chan healing me like this, then I wouldn’t mind getting hit by a vending machine again –
  • Izaya: *ducks to dodge the stop sign*
  • Izaya: Again, I didn’t mean that literally. This time it’s a stop sign huh, Shizu-chan?
  • -------
  • Hajime: Shun!
  • Shun: H-Hajime!?
  • Izaya: *evades Hajime’s punch*
  • Hajime: You…stay away from Shun.
  • Shun: Hajime!
  • Shizuo: What the hell have you been up to, fucking flea?!
  • Izaya: Well, well. Not only is there one beast, now there are two. Can’t a man get a peaceful date with an angel around here?
  • Shizuo: …You fucking flea…not appearing in Ikebukuro for a week AND NOW I FIND YOU BEING ALL LOVEY-DOVEY WITH SOME GIRL – YOU WANT TO DIE, AHHHHHHHHH?!
  • Izaya: Shun-chan is a guy. And even if Shun-chan was a girl, it’s none of your business if I’m lovey-dovey with my girlfriend. What, are you jealous or something, Shizu-chan? Did you think I was with a girl and you were jealous because no woman would go near a monster like you?
  • Shun: Izaya-kun!
  • Shun: *runs to Izaya*
  • Hajime: What are you doing, Shun? Get away from him.
  • Shun: Why, Hajime? Izaya-kun is my friend. What do you have against him? He’s a fan of –
  • Hajime: He’s a bad guy.
  • Shun: …Izaya-kun has been nothing but kind to me.
  • Hajime: …Shun.
  • Shun: Hajime. I don’t know why you don’t like him, but I don’t believe Izaya-kun is a bad guy. …You’re not acting like yourself, Hajime.
  • Hajime:
  • Izaya: The angel has spoken. So if you two could leave us alone on our date –
  • -------
  • Hajime (182cm): You’re short.
  • Izaya (175cm): …Excuse me?
  • Shun (182cm): Eh, I like Izaya-kun’s shortness! I think it’s cute ~
  • Shizuo (185cm): …A taller flea…?
  • -------
  • Hajime: I said you're short.
  • Izaya: I'll have you know I'm above the average height for a Japanese man -
  • Hajime: You're too short for Shun. Shun needs someone who can look at him from the same level.
  • Izaya: I wasn't aware you needed to be tall enough to date someone you like. Also, at least I'm not a prickly porcupine.
  • Haijme: …Prickly porcupine?
  • Izaya: That's right. You're like a porcupine with that spiky hair and those glaring eyes. Is this what girls are into nowadays? I can't see why.
  • Hajime: Shun is the leader of an idol group as well, the rival to mine.
  • Izaya: Oh of course Shun-chan is an exception. Shun-chan is perfect. He's my angel after all.
  • Shizuo: …Perfect? Angel...?
  • Shun: *squealing like a fangirl and not sounding like an angel*
  • Shun: Kyaa porcupine - PORCUPINE HAJIME! HAJIME AS A PRICKLY PORCUPINE IS ADORABLE~!!! Imagine, chibi porcupine Ha~ji~me!
  • Izaya: ...
  • Hajime: *smirks smugly at Izaya*
  • Shun: - I love you Izaya-kun, that's such a wonderful idea!
  • Hajime: ...
  • Izaya: *smirks smugly at Hajime*
  • Shun: I want to see Hajime dress up as a porcupine with his cool glare and his tsun-tsun-tsundere!~Ha~ji~me~
  • Hajime: If it's what you want, Shun.
  • Shun: Eh? Really? Hajime must be in a good mood! Then -
  • Shizuo: You piss me off.
  • Shun: …Eh?
  • Hajime: Shizuo?
  • Izaya: And here we have the second unpredictable man. What's your problem, Shizu-chan? Shun-chan didn't even look at you.
  • Shizuo: Ahhhhhhh?!
  • Hajime: *turns to Izaya*
  • Hajime: I'm not a porcupine. I'm a wolf. Officially. Right, Shun?
  • Shun: *snuggling chibi wolf Hajime to his face happily*
  • Shun: Yes~wolf Hajime~chibi wolf Hajime is my life! But~chibi porcupine Hajime is cute too~
  • Izaya: Looks like you're still a porcupine.
  • Hajime: I'm his life.
  • Izaya: …You realize he's just fanboying, right?
  • -------
  • Shun: Kyaaa chibi wolf Hajime really is adorable!
  • Shizuo: *vein throbbing*
  • Shun: He's too cute his ears are so soft HIS TAIL IS SO FLUFFY KYAAAA I'm so blessed!~
  • Shizuo: *fist clenching*
  • Shizuo: *teeth grinding*
  • Shizuo: …OI, IZAYA!
  • Izaya: *looking annoyed from his conversation with Hajime*
  • Izaya: What?
  • Shizuo: *jabs a finger at Shun, eyebrow twitching*
  • Shizuo: This guy is kyaa-kyaaing like a girl and saying annoying things, he's fucking noisy - ARGHHH I WANT TO HIT HIM HE'S A GUY RIGHT?!
  • Izaya: Huh? What does it matter to you whether Shun-chan is a guy or girl?
  • Shizuo: Hah? If he's a guy then I can shut him up, but if she's a girl, then I'll hold back because I won't hit a woman.
  • Izaya: Oh really? Too bad for you, Shun-chan's a girl.
  • Shun: Eh? Me, a girl?
  • Izaya: Hah? You're the one pissing me off, Shizu-chan. Don't you dare lay a hand on Shun-chan.
  • -------
  • Shun: *watching the scene with amusement in his eyes*
  • Shun: Fufufu. You're funny, bartender-san.
  • Shizuo: AHHH?!
  • Shun: *giggling and smiling mischievously at Shizuo*
  • Shun: Ehehe. If I'm a girl, then you won't hit me? What a gentleman you are.
  • Shun: *smiles playfully and speaks in a feminine voice*
  • Shun: Then, please think of me as a girl because I don't want to be hit~
  • Shizuo: ...You're trying to piss me off AREN'T YOU..?!
  • Shun: Not at all~I just don't want to be hit. Am I too pretty to be a guy for you? If that's the case, please don't hit this pretty face, alright? I'm a young master after all, and there are few in number who can hit me.
  • -------
  • Izaya and Hajime: *share a reluctant glance*
  • Izaya: *readying his knife*
  • Hajime: *clenching his fist*
  • Izaya: …Shizu-chan.
  • Hajime: Shizuo.
  • Shun: That's right. Please don't hit me, alright bartender-san~?
  • Shizuo: *glaring at Shun's pretty face*
  • Shizuo: ...Tch!
  • Shizuo: *stomps away from Shun and slams his fist into the wall*
  • Shun: *looks at the destroyed wall with awe*
  • Shun: Wow~bartender-san, you're really strong!
  • Shizuo: AHHHH?! YOU WANT TO BE HIT?!
  • Shun: *pouts with a playful light in his eyes*
  • Shun: Ehhhh but I'm pretty like a girl so you won't hit me right? Ehehe~
  • -------
  • Izaya: *frowning*
  • Izaya: Stop yelling at Shun-chan. What did he ever to do you?
  • Hajime: For once I agree with him.
  • Shun: That's right, it isn't polite to yell at a stranger, bartender-san.
  • Shizuo: ...Tch!
  • -------
  • Izaya: (This guy really pisses me off)
  • Hajime: (This guy took Shun away from me)
  • -------
  • Hajime: *Glaring at Izaya*
  • Izaya: *Glaring at Shizuo*
  • Shizuo: *Glaring at Shun*
  • Shun: *doesn’t know how to glare*
  • -------
  • Everyone:
  • Shun: …Hey? Since Izaya-kun’s friend and Hajime are here ~Hajime~do you all want to go for lunch together~?
  • Hajime, Shizuo, Izaya: NO.
Cool Ranch Dorito

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your responses. As always, please feel free to request!

Imagine you are food shopping with Steve and Bucky and some perv is touching you up, both Steve and Bucky walk up behind the guy and you say “Oh, I don’t believe you met my boys”

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“Stupid, Thor and his stupid metabolism,” you grumbled as you made your way down the snack aisle.

You had just come back from a long mission only to find that Thor had cleaned out the Avengers kitchen while you were gone forcing you to make a midnight run to a 24-hour grocery store nearby. You stopped your cart in front of the Pop Tarts before sighing and grabbing all of the strawberry ones for Thor so he wouldn’t eat your favorite flavor, which you grabbed a couple boxes of as well. As you made your way down the aisle, you could hear heavy footsteps behind you. You figured it was Bucky or Steve, whom you had forced both to come with you, so you kept walking down the aisle. You stopped, again, in front of the cookies and grabbed a couple packages of your favorite as well as a few others. As you were dropping in the last package, a voice interrupted you from behind.

“Hey there, babe. What’s your name?”

“Not interested,” you replied as you pushed your cart forward.

“Like the name,” the man said as he walked alongside you, “It’s very unique.”

“Yeah, well you should listen to it.”

You pushed your cart around to the chip aisle with the man following you.

“My name is Chad.”

You continued along stopping in front of the Doritos.

“So, do you normally come to the grocery store this late at night?”

You turned to him to tell him off, but then you saw your two favorite people behind him.

“Sorry, Chad,” you told him with an insincere smile on your face. His face lit up in response. “I don’t believe you met my boys.”

You pointed to Bucky and Steve standing with their hulking figures looking down at the stranger. Bucky kept the glower on his face, but Steve put on a  false smile and waved at Chad.

“Sorry,” Chad stuttered, “I’ll-I’ll go.” 

He pushed past you to get away from the two super soldiers as quickly as possible. As soon as Chad was far enough away, the three of you burst into laughter.

“Thanks, boys,” you smiled at them.

“No problem, doll,” Bucky told you with a genuine smile.

“So, cool ranch Doritos for the Dorito?” You asked throwing the bag at Steve. He caught it as you and Bucky laughed at his face.

The two of you walked down the aisle as Steve yelled behind you: “What do you mean Dorito?”

She’s not Worth It

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Part II /  Part III / Part IV / Part V / Part VI

Requested: Nope, I just felt like writting it (also I had this idea during Physics class and I wasn’t in the mood to pay attention to the teacher). 

Prompt: Liam is dating Hayden, but Hayden hates (y/n), who happens to be a Witch and Scott’s new half sister. Scott has no idea that (y/n) knows about the supernatural world, until one night, Liam gets out of control. 

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Character: Liam Dunbar 

Word Count: 1.803

Warnings: Bullying, sadness, sassy Brett and angry Liam

Type: I don’t think it has a type… Fluff, I guess? You decide.

Part II ->

(I can’t fucking tag it.) 

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How do you imagine Sakae physically ? Guren's father ? :'3

This is how I headcanon Sakae based on Guren’s description XD (someone with a gentle face and hidden strength who doesn’t resemble him very much). I imagine Guren has his mother’s fiery eyes and wavy hair~

The Promise of Never Saying Goodbye...

This is my first time writing about Darling Pan. After watching the midseason finale, this short story has been plaguing my mind ever since. So I decided to write it since OUAT has returned. FYI, the Darlings never left Storybrooke, and Pan is not…*gags* the father of Rumple. *Sigh* Good thing there’s fanfic to ease the pain. Anyways, I wrote this and it’s not that good or brilliant like the fanfics I read from birdsandmirrorsastrugglingwriter, and calculated2stagger (They are very talented and amazing! Please check them out and read their fics! It’s so awesome!!) This short story is not much, but it’s all I’ve got. Hope you enjoy it!!

When Peter woke up he knew that he was back in his own body, and that it was the work of magic Rumple had committed. He calmly took in his surroundings and then sighed in frustration when noticed that he wasn’t alone in the room.

“Hello, Pan.” Rumple spat his name like there was the taste of dirt in his mouth.

"Thought you would’ve killed me by now, mate.” He stiffly replied.

“Now why would I do that if I can just enjoy watching you suffer?”

Pan scoffed, “Me? Suffer?” He sat up from the bed, and noticed the dark cuff that wrapped around his wrist. “Oh, I see. You thought you could subdue me? I thought you would have learned to always be a step ahead of your enemy by now, lad.” He smiled evilly.

Even though Rumple saw the look Pan held in his eyes, he smirked anyway.

“Oh, I have learned my lesson all right. After you pulled that Pandora Box trick with me, I had to improvise. You see, I knew you made that special cuff. I knew it wouldn’t work on you, so what I did is that I made a new one you couldn’t get out of.”

Peter Pan’s face fell, and looked at his arm in realization. He pulled the cuff with all his might, but with no success. He tried to wave his hand to attempt any kind of magic, but to no avail. He looked up to see Rumple smiling with satisfaction. It made Pan’s blood boil when he saw his enemy watching him in helplessness.

Henry came out of the library and hugged Regina and Emma. Wendy and her brothers came along with the gang and they were relieved to finally see that Henry was not harmed.

When Henry gave the spell to Regina, everyone panic when she passed out. During this time, Pan ran out of the shop followed by a limping Rumple who was trying to catch him.

"STOP HIM!” He yelled.

Everyone’s attention turned to Pan. Grumpy and Neil quickly tackled him and bind his wrists behind his back. He continued to struggle and struggle and break free from his bonds, but it was bruising the smooth surface of his skin.

“Please don’t hurt him…” A small female voice whimpered among the group.

Pan stilled and immediately looked at the person who spoke in his defense. He had not seen her since that day they arrived in Storybrooke. She was no longer dressed in her sleeping gown, but instead she was wearing white pants with a grey blazer that covered her blue blouse. Her modern day clothes suited her well.

“Bird…" He whispered.

He kept his face calmed, but what he showed in his eyes made her gasped slightly. Because this is the first where Pan was not one step ahead of his enemy, and his eyes showed vulnerability that only Wendy can see.

She took a step towards him, but John immediately held her back. Pan shifted his eyes, and scowled at the man who prevented his bird from coming to him. 

"Let her go.” He dangerously spoke.

“She’s not yours.” John bit back.

“Technically, she is. Wherever my bird is, whether that is in London, Neverland, or even in Storybrooke; she and it will always be mine.”

Wendy shivered at the words Peter spoke of and saw his intense gaze staring at her.

When Regina woke up she immediately explained that she can stop the curse. But in order to do so, everyone that was from the Enchanted Forest needed to stay in the border, and that Henry couldn’t stay with them.

"So he’s going to be all by himself out in the world?” Emma asked worriedly.

“No,” Regina firmly replied. “Since your the savior, you can go with him….along with the Darlings.”

Peter’s head snapped at Regina’s direction.

“What?” Wendy breathlessly whispered.

“Just like Henry, you and your brothers are not from our world. You need to go with him and Emma. It is a place where you all belong. Sadly, once you cross that border line, all of your memories of Storybrooke, The Enchanted Forest, and even Neverland…gone.”

“We won’t remember any of it?” Michael asked.

Regina shook her head. “No, but my gift to all of you is to give you pleasant memories where you all know each other and never be separated.”

It was a relief to them that they would stay together. But the horror of not remembering everyone else brought heartache to each and every one of them.

Peter now saw the consequence of his actions. He was so blinded by his lust for power and magic, he didn’t even see that his enemy was one step ahead of him. And now he had endure to live a life without his Wendy Bird. He knew he had done some pretty horrible things to hurt her, but there were always moments in between where the two teenagers would slightly opened up and let the other in. Peter had always cherished those memories, and he knew Wendy did too. So to even think about the idea of Wendy not remembering who Peter Pan is was unbearable.

“NO!” He roared.

He shoved Grumpy and kneed him in the stomach. He head budded Neal next which left the man slightly dazed. Pan took quick strides in Wendy’s direction, but Hook and Michael held him back while John was still by Wendy’s side. He continued to thrash and fight them off, but after Grumpy and Neal recovered from their injuries, they quickly took Pan to the Sheriff’s department where they can lock him up.

“Don’t worry, Wendy,” John said. “He won’t bother you anymore. You’re free.”

Now that she was free, Wendy tried so hard to remind herself of all the things that Peter has done. But after seeing his attempts to be by her side, it reminded her of the boy she once knew. The boy she fell in love with. Wendy can get over the cruel and heartless Peter Pan, but she could never let go of the boy who she saw just now. The boy who was afraid to lose the one thing he thought he could keep forever. And as much as she wanted to forget his cruelty and sinister being, she wanted to remember the real Peter she knew.

“I need to see him,” Wendy declared.

John looked at her aghast. “Are you mad? No!”

“John, please understand–”

Absolutely not!”

“Please!” her voice grew. “I need to see him!”

John heard the panic in her voice and the desperation in her eyes. He sighed, “Fine, but hurry, the curse is almost upon us.”

When Peter was thrown in jail, he roared and tried shaking the bars to break free. He even tried picking up the bench that sat in the cell next by the wall, and started hitting the bars to break free. The noise echoed throughout the whole building along with Pan’s demand to see Wendy.

Neal, Michael, and Hook looked at the teen with slight pity while Rumple relished in his vulnerability and defeat.

"Are you sure these bars can hold him?” Michael yelled while Peter continued to bang the bars.

“Probably not.” Rumple replied with a smile. “But by the time he breaks out of it, the curse would engulf Storybrooke completely.”

This caused an enraged Peter to hit the bars harder. His mind is searching for any possibilities of getting out of Storybrooke and going back to Neverland with Wendy. His panic continued to grow when he starts to realize that there’s no other way. No open doors to go through. It was all so new to him because Peter Pan always finds a way. But this time there is no other way. Peter hit the cell bars once more then slid down against the wall, breathing heavily.

“Oh dear, have you given up?” Rumple mocked.

Peter smirked. “I was just getting warmed up. Look at the damage I’ve caused.” He pointed at the bent cell bars. “Only a few blows then I’ll be free.”

“And by the time you break free we’ll be long gone,” Michael reminded.

Peter’s fists clenched. He was quite well aware and all he could think about was Wendy. He needed to see his Bird before it’s too late.

“Where’s Wendy?” Peter’s voice was dangerously low. “I need to see Wendy.”

“That’s not going to happened, mate.” Hook said. “She’s probably already packing up her things, couldn’t wait to get away from you.”

He growled. “You don’t know my Wendy Bird like I do.”

“SHE’S NOT YOURS!” Michael yelled.

Pan was up from the floor in less than a second and grabbed Michael by the collar of his shirt. His eyes showed pure rage, and the only thing that separated the two was the prison bars.

“SHE’S MINE IN EVERY RIGHT!” Pan claimed and shouted back.

“LET HIM GO!" Wendy yelled when she entered the room along with John.

Everyone turned their heads to look at Wendy.

"Wendy, don’t come any closer!” Michael warned.

“It’s okay, Michael. I need to speak with Pan…alone.”

“What? Wendy no.”

“Forget it,” Neal chimed in.

“Please understand–” Wendy spoke but was interrupted by Rumple.

“Dearie, there’s nothing you can do now.”

“I need to speak with him alone NOW!” She yelled with every ounce of her being.

Everyone looked appalled by the her sudden outburst. They’re so used to seeing her so calm on every situation they didn’t think she would take charge of one.

Her eyes shifted to Pan and she saw that he was smirking at her. His eyes shone with admiration, and he was amused at the stunned look that Rumple had on his face.

“Well,” Pan said, letting go of Michael. “You heard the darling.”

“Wendy–” Michael started.

She lifted a finger at him. Though he may look physically older than her, she was still considered the eldest of her siblings.

“Go. Now.”

Everyone reluctantly left the room.

“Yell if you need us,” Neal stiffly said.

“I’ll be alright.” Wendy assured.

After he left, Wendy now stood face to fact with Peter. Both were quiet, staring intensely at one another for a short while. The heavy silence hung in the air, and both of their emotions were pushed to its peak.

“Don’t let them take you away from me.” He growled.

“Peter,” she swallowed. “You heard the Queen. I don’t belong in your world.”

He suddenly gripped her arms and pulled her closer. “You belong with me!”

She sighed and closed her eyes, shielding herself from his intense gaze “You are so possessive.”

“Of course I am, I’m Peter Pan. Everything is mine and you–” he loosen his hold on her and brought his hand to caress her cheek, “–are mine.”

She opened her eyes to look at him. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and dear Wendy tried to see something different in his eyes like she saw earlier. But he covers up his true emotions too well.

A thought came across her mind, and it’s one she’s contemplated about for a really long time. Tears came into her eyes as she faces the reality of what is going to happen between the two.

“I’m just a possession to you.” She whispered.

He smirked, “What else is there?”

Wendy’s breath shook and her eyes gazed downward. “I-I…I don’t think I could ever truly be yours if your heart does not claim me.”

His smirk dropped. “Now what is that supposed to mean, darling bird.”

“I’m not yours…but you are mine,” she put a heart to his chest and looked up to his guarded eyes “You’re mine because…because I love you.”

His breath constricted because his heart was filled with something so unusual and wonderful. It was rare for the mighty Peter Pan to be overwhelmed with such emotion. He was meant to rule, not to love or be loved.

“You love me, bird?”

She swallowed nervously and nodded. She stroked his cheek with her thumb while her other hand was still on his heart. Wendy could feel the beating of his heart on the surface of his finger tips.

“I forgive you despite of all the things you’ve said and done to me. There were times where we were all happy, and I know you’ve felt something for me just as I have for you.”

He huffed. “What makes you think I love you? You’re just a mere pawn to my game. Nothing but a tool to get what I want.”

Wendy stopped stroking his face, and her hands fell to her sides. She felt like she’d been hit in the gut. She also felt like someone has ripped out her heart and gave it a painful squeeze. Even though she knew his real feelings, it hurt her heart to hear those words coming out from his mouth.

“And look where the game is heading now,” Wendy angrily pointed out. “It’s heading towards a dead end; game over.”

“Even if it’s a game over, there will always be a restart darling.” He winked at her.

She sucked in a breath. “Doesn’t it bother you that I will no longer remember you once the curse takes place?”

Wendy thought she saw something flickered in his eyes, but he quickly covered it up.

“Why do you think I’ve been trying to break free out of this cage that keeps me captive? I’m angry that I can’t use magic ever since the Dark One extinguished it.”

She glared at him when he changed the subject instead of answering her question. Wendy needed to hear those three words that’s been trying to break free from his heart, but his pride and selfishness built up walls so thick only something stronger than magic could tear those walls down.

Wendy took a step back, but Pan quickly grabbed both of her wrists as if she would disappear out of thin air by the time they no longer touched.

“Is magic all that matters to you?” she asked with a shaky voice. “Do you not love me?”

He hesitated for a second but replied, “Magic is the only love I need.”

She heard what she needed to hear. She was just hoping to hear something else. With the time that was passing by quickly, Wendy knew the one sensitive subject that she promised not to bring up. She knew it will make Peter upset, but with the situation that they’re in she had to bring it up. But before she could even mention it, she once again looked up into his eyes. She memorized the features of his face knowing that she will never she him again.

With the look that Wendy is giving him, Pan didn’t realize he loosen his hold on his bird. He was well aware that her hands were now on both sides of his face, and his Bird dared herself to do something they haven’t done in so long.

When Wendy brought her face closer to his, she closed her eyes and sighed at the contact of her lips wit his. Peter’s arms wrapped around her her waist and tried to bring both of their bodies closer together. It was difficult since the bars of the cell was what separated them, but neither one couldn’t care. They were in each other’s arms for the time being and that’s all that mattered.

Peter tighten his hold on her and deepened the kiss. Wendy happily responded and brought one arm around his back while her hand caressed his face. They moved in together in sync, and Pan had the nerve to pull the bottom of her lip before crashing back into their passionate kiss. It has been too long since they’ve last had an intimate moment, and they were both desperate for each other.

Sadly, Wendy quickly pulled away from the kiss and eventually out of his arms. Her back was facing him because she didn’t want him to see the tears that’s was now falling on her face. Wendy closed her mouth with the palm of her hand and did her best to hold her sobs.

Peter immediately felt empty when Wendy suddenly pulled away from the kiss. He couldn’t see her face, but he noticed that she was shaking and that her breaths her short and rapid. The sight of it sort of brought Peter to set aside his pride, and his instinct told him that something horrible was going to happen besides the curse that was about to take place.


She didn’t turn when he called out to her.

“Wendy Bird,” he called out once more using her familiar nickname.

She didn’t want to turn around and face him. Because if she does, then she won’t be able to let him go. Does she want to let him go? She knew it was pointless even if she tried. So Wendy slowly turned and saw his intense gaze. She saw the different shift in his eyes. Some sort of worry or concern was exposed, and it was all she wanted to see but it was meaningless now. She was going to broke her promise.

“Goodbye, Peter…” she said.

His eyes widened and he scowled. “Wendy…don’t even go there. Take it back! You promised me. You promised!

She averted his eyes. “I know, but I had to say it.”

“WENDY!” he yelled at her and his gripped on the bars turned his knuckles white. “You know how that word makes me feel. Don’t you remember? Never say goodbye. Because–”

“Because saying goodbye means going away,” she continued. “And going away means forgetting.”

“Take it back!”

“I can’t take it back, Peter! Because this curse is what sealed everything you feared for! I’m saying goodbye because I’m leaving Storybrooke! I’m going away! And once I cross that border, I will no longer remember you! Do you think I want to forget? I want to remember and keep everything in my heart that has happened between us, but I’m going to forget.”

Dread filled the pit of his stomach and he couldn’t say anything. It is what he felt when Regina said Wendy had to leave. It’s what caused him to lash out.

“They can’t take you away from me. You’re mine.”

She laughed bitterly. “I don’t believe that. I cannot truly be yours until your heart truly claims me. And don’t you see? It’s not them who is taking me away…it’s you Pan.”

“Bird…” he said in a breathless whisper.

“WENDY!” Neal barged in. “You have to go now! The curse is coming. Your brothers are waiting at the border with Emma and Henry along with everyone else.”

Wendy looked back at Pan, and she saw the panic in his eyes. This is it; his bird is leaving and there was nothing he could do about it.

“Wendy,” the warning in his voice set Pan off to its peak.

Wendy shook her head and walked backwards to where Neal stood. Her eyes never left Peter’s.

“Wendy! Not a step further!” his voice grew.

The heartbroken girl shook her head. “I’m sorry I broke our promise, but it’s better to face it than to let it chase you all the time.”

“Bird…” his voice cracked. And if Peter is not mistaken, he felt his that a piece of his heart crack too.

“I love you, Peter Pan.” she sobbed. “Goodbye.”

She immediately ran out of the building with Neal.


Peter desperately yelled for his Bird to come back. He did everything to break out of his cell by banging it with the bench he used earlier. Once the bars broke off, he immediately went out of the sheriff’s department and ran to the border of Storybrooke. The green smoke was catching up behind him quickly, so Peter pushed his feet to run faster.

Once he was near by the border, Peter saw the crowd and there were many people hugging and saying their goodbyes. But Peter was only focused on one and he had to get to her because he needed to tell her.

“WENDY” he shouted at the top of his lungs and continued running.

When everyone saw Pan, he saw that they quickly rushed Wendy into the car along with her brothers, Emma, and Henry. The curse was just a few meters away, and it would engulf Storybrooke in less than a minute.

He furiously passed the crowd, not giving one glance at them, only to be held back by Hook just when he was about to reach the car.


“No can do, mate. It’s for the best.”

When Peter saw the car starting to drive away, he continued his attempts to break free from Hooks grasp, but the pirate was really good with his grip consider that he only had one hand.

Peter’s heart constricted when Wendy, all beautiful with her tear stained face, looked back from the seat of her car. Her palm was pressed to the glass of the bar and she mouthed, “I love you” to him.

“WENDY” he desperately yelled. “I–”

The minute the car already passed the borderline, Peter saw that Wendy had a faded look in her eyes and he knew she already forgotten about Peter Pan.


The car drove further and further away and Pan continued to thrash around. Neal and Charming help Hook to hold Peter down. Everyone was surprised that Peter had tears in his eyes.


“It’s no use, mate. She’s gone.” Hook said.

“I have to tell her that I love her.”

Only Hook, Snow, and Charming looked at the teen with pity and sad eyes. Out of the three, only Hook understood what he was going through because he didn’t get to tell Emma the same thing. And now they’re both gone.

Peter Pan dropped to his knees because the feeling of losing someone was too overwhelming. Now that Peter realizes he loves Wendy, he lost his chance to make her his. She said her goodbye. She has gone away. And she now has forgotten who Peter Pan is.

“What have I done,” Pan said. “I made my Bird flew away from me.”

Then they were all consumed by the curse, and the whole town of Storybrooke disappeared.

5SOS Preference #21: Friend Zone
  • Michael Clifford: "Where the fuck is he?" Michael asks angrily while looking around the busy school halls with alert eyes. "Michael, not right now." I implore while grabbing his arm to help relax him. "I'm going to fucking kill that rotten bastard." He mutters under his breath. "Please, Michael. Don't." I say getting in front of him, making him look at me. "He fucking hurt you, (Y/N)!" Michael yells while throwing his hands up in the air and my heart sunk. "He broke your heart heart and now I need to break his fucking nose, damnit." He walks away quickly, searching everywhere for my ex. "Michael!" I yell for him. Then he found him. "You fucking asshole." Michael says before taking a hit at my ex's face. "Michael!" I screech, running to him. Michael gets on top of my ex on the ground and starts swinging his fists, hard. Everyone gathers around to watch. "You fucking cheater. You just couldn't keep your cock in your pants could you?" He yells in his face while staring at him as he groans in pain. His nose is defiantly broken. "You ever touch her, speak to her, or even look at her wrong, I will not hesitate to kill you, you fucking got it?" Michael hisses at the the beaten boy and he nods his head slowly. "Don't even come near her." Michael says before getting up. "C'mon (Y/N)," He says before putting his arm around me. "I'll show you who's faithful around here." Then he walks me and him out of the scene. My hero.
  • Ashton Irwin: "I'm so proud of you." Ashton whispers after I embrace him. He wraps his arms around me and I breathe in his scent. "Thank you for coming over." I say before pulling away from him. "No need to thank me. I'm always glad to come." He says with a warm smile. I give him a small smile. "You alright?" He asks quietly, grabbing my hand. I bite my lip while staring at our hands and shake my head a bit. "It was like he was glad that I broke it off," I say gently. "Like he didn't want to be together anymore." Ashton doesn't speak. "He didn't even fight for me, Ash," I whisper while looking up at him, who's staring at me with kind eyes. "He didn't even protest." He breathes out and then pulls me into a hug. "I'm so sorry, (Y/N)," He says, "You tried to save it and he didn't have a set to do the same." I nod my head, fighting to keep my tears back. "You did the right thing, babe." Ashton whispers to me. "I keep saying that to myself but I just can't believe it." I say, pulling away from him. "Please believe it." Ashton implores gently, putting his hand on my cheek. I look at him whiles he watches his thumb grazes my cheekbone slowly. "I wish I can take the pain away from you." He whispers before looking into my eyes.
  • Luke Hemmings: "Hey, don't cry," Luke whispers to me while wiping my tears with his thumbs. "He doesn't deserve your tears." I sniff as I try to find my breath. "I t-thought he loved me, L-Luke," I say, my voice breaking. "I thought he w-was the one." He frowns and then pulls me towards him and my head meets his chest. He lays us on down on his bed that we're sitting on. Luke holds me as I cry while his chin rests on my head and his hand rubs my back, trying to soothe me down. "What did I-I do to get this?" I ask him before pulling away from him to see him. He looks down at me and shakes his head. "Absolutely nothing," Luke whispers, putting a piece of hair behind my ear. "But I'll tell you one thing though." I sniff and rest the side of my head on his chest. "What's that?" I ask. "He lost the world." Luke says, pressing his lips on my head. I smile a little. "This entire planet needs more you, Luke." I whisper with a little laugh. I feel him smile. "Stop, you're making me blush." He mumbles. "I mean it Luke. You're the sweetest person ever and you're incredibly handsome. Any girl would be lucky to have you." I admit with a blush. "Well any boy would be honored to have you be theirs, (Y/N)." He whispers slowly.
  • Calum Hood: "You really should leave him." Calum suggests quietly, who's sitting next to me on my couch. "Why do you say that?" I ask with a chuckle before putting a handful of popcorn in my mouth. He shrugs and then lets out a shaky sigh. "He's just an asshole who treats you like shit, (Y/N)," He says while getting popcorn from the bowl. "And I don't like that." I watch him throw a popcorn in his mouth. "But I love him." I whisper while looking at my hands. "Yes but does he love you?" He asks and I go silent. Does he? "Babe, no one should treat you like that and it makes me sick that he does. You don't deserve that. You need better." Calum says sincerely while shaking his head. Tears well up in my eyes because I know he's right. "You try doing it, Cal," I croak out before looking up at him. His face softens and he takes my hand. "It''s hard." Then once after one of my tears fall, he pulls me into him and I begin to cry into his chest. He rubs my back gently as I sob, cooing me while doing so. "It sucks, C-Cal." I admit to him in pain. "I know babe. I know." He says gently back. "I-its gonna be so hard." I say as my heart aches more. "It will be but I'll help you get over it," Calum whispers in a pleading voice. "Just please, (Y/N), leave him."
Because Might Shouldn’t Make Right

The thing about Civil War is that they set Tony up to be wrong. The viewer knows there’s no way Bucky Barnes blew up the UN, because it’s Bucky, because Captain America is on his side, and so of course people should go against the tyrannical CIA (who, for some baffling reason, are acting as the enforcement agency for a UN resolution that not only shouldn’t be binding but hasn’t been passed by the US Congress, but that’s another story) to keep Bucky safe. Of course Tony Stark is wrong, because the viewer knows that Bucky Barnes is innocent, and it’s only a matter of time until the story tells us that. And Tony Stark’s side is the side that locks up characters the viewers sees as innocent in a secret underwater jail and—in the case of Wanda Maximoff—tortures them with no trial and no due process.

The problem with that is that Steve Rogers is wrong.

I will be the first person to admit—to argue—that the Accords are set up in the most bafflingly stupid and incomprehensible way possible. It only counts “The Avengers”, an amorphous group with no clear membership list, in a world where there are dozens if not hundreds of powered people (and Tony Stark) running around playing varying degrees of vigilante. Does the Accords count Daisy? Matt Murdock? Jessica Jones? Does it count Hawkeye, who retired? Scott Lang? Spiderman?

And holding people without charge is obviously wrong, though even that is a false association with Tony Stark because there’s no actual indication that Tony supports it, and a number of indications that he doesn’t. It’s the law he’s operating on the side of, and the CIA (again, bafflingly) is the law, but he has no control over the punishment. Even if he did, though, that’s not the point.

Because the idea—the idea makes sense. Accountability. Someone other than a few white American men, one (or two, depending on if you count Rhodey) black American man, and a couple of women deciding who should be saved and who they should risk being obliterated.

But, people cry, it’s Captain America. Captain America, the always-good, the always-right, the hero. Captain America, the man who risks killing a huge number of people to hide a man who used to be an assassin who is suspected of a devastating act of terrorism from the authorities simply because he knew the man seventy-odd years earlier.

Captain America, who leads a group of people who could level a city without trying and who have free reign to do so, without a chain of command, without answering to anybody, without any real way to punish them for war crimes or crimes against humanity.

This is a group of people with no membership criteria beyond being strong. Clint Barton is brought into the field at most hours after recovering from magical brainwashing that made him work for the enemy, simply because Captain America said it was all right. Wanda Maximoff doesn’t necessarily have complete control over her powers, and has little obvious training outside of what she got from Nazis, who she used to work for. Tony Stark is an alcoholic. Superpowered serial killers or torturers or people who commit war crimes could be part of the Avengers and nobody could stop them if they got past Steve Roger’s judgment of who is a good person.

More than that, though, more than the fact that half the Avengers wouldn’t necessarily be qualified to fight by metrics made by any reasonable set of people, is the fact that they invade countries and level cities and nobody holds them accountable.

The probably is that the film turns an overarching problem personal, and twists the incentives. The question is one of accountability, but they turn it into one of circumventing due process and holding American citizens without charge in secret prisons. We as the audience are made to want Bucky to escape because we know he will never be free otherwise, and so we want Captain America to succeed. We want him and his people to escape accountability because we do not see it as true or fair. Of course Bucky Barnes shouldn’t be held for his crimes, even the ones he committed, because he is reformed. Captain America says he is.

But again, who is Steve Rogers to decide these things? Who is Steve Rogers to circumvent the legal system of the United States or anywhere else simply because he doesn’t want his friend to sit in jail? Why should friends in high places–or at least friends in strong ones–get Bucky Barnes a get out of jail free card?

Captain America is not arguing based on the ideas of what America should be like. Captain America is arguing based on the ideas of what America is, or what it was. He is arguing for the ability to decide who should face justice solely on how much he likes that person, and more than that, he is arguing for a powerful group of people–led by himself–to be able to make potentially-devastating unilateral decisions based on a Might is Right moral high ground and, in some cases, an unverified argument of oppression of wherever they’re invading, and that nobody should be allowed to overrule his decision.

He is the United States invading Iraq. And we all know how well that went.

anonymous asked:

Can I have an imagine where you and Gilinsky are married, but you're fighting one night after some pictures that have shown up of him and another girl on Twitter and the fighting is so bad that you guys wake up you're 4 year old daughter and she ask why you guys are fighting and If you don't love each other and after that you guys make up

External image

“What the hell is this.” I said pointing to my phone and looking at a clueless Jack.

“What.” He looked up from where he was sitting.

I stood up from where I was sitting, anger boiled up from inside me. I had been talking about this picture of Jack kissing one of his fans. I practically shoved the phone in his face.

“Oh, no. It’s not what you think Y/N.” He said shaking his head.

“Then what the hell is it Jack! Huh, please explain!” I was yelling at this point.

“S-she was a- His words stuttered. 

"She was just a fan. Nothing more, it wasn’t even a real kiss.” He said.

I started walking away from him. I grabbed a glass picture frame and threw it, watching it shatter as it hit the wall, “I honestly can’t believe you! Four years Jack! Four, and I can actually say I’ve been faithful to you and honest!” My voice was raised.

“You know what fuck you, get over it. I don’t get why you don’t understand. SHE’S A FAN!” He started yelling.

“Whatever, I’m leaving."I heard little footsteps coming from down the stairs and I quickly shifted around.

Our daughter had woken up. She rubbed her eyes, as if she had been crying. “Why are you guy fighting, don’t you love each other?” She asked.

"Of course we do sweetheart, it’s just sometimes we get mad at each other but it will all be okay.”

“Mommy, are you leaving?” She said walking over to me, I leaned down to where I was face to face with her.

“No, I’m staying right here.” I smiled at her, tucking a loose strand behind her ear.

I stood back up and looked at Jack, “I’m sorry.” He looked at the floor. “I don’t know why I did it.” He said.

“I understand she was a fan, I get it, you’re just showing your appreciation, but you didn’t have to kiss her.” I told him.

“I know, It won’t happen again, baby. I love you.” He walked over to me and kissed me.

External image

“I love you, and know I’m sorry.” He starred into my eyes.

“I love you too.” I smiled.

“Eww.” I heard our daughter say and we both laughed.

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he pinned me down to the floor and sat on top of me and yelled "don't worry i'm not gonna kill you this will only hurt a little!!!" to my face and i want to run away from this house azra but i'm not sure how

get out. come here, come here to me. go anywhere. somewhere safe and warm and nurturing. go back to your mum. someday it will go too far and it will be his fault and he’ll still blame you. that’s scary. in his twisted head, that’s what love looks like but it’s not. please go, I’ll pray so hard for you.