this is his blue steel face


{synopsis} platonic relationship between reader and bucky until bucky decides to help reader relieve some stress

{warnings} male masturbation, a shit load of dirty talk (i might’ve gone overboard), vaginal fingering, tease!bucky, denied orgasm, dom!bucky, very lowkey hate fucking (more on the reader’s side than anything), metal arm kink

{pairing} dom!bucky x fem!reader

{word count} 2045

tags - @arabellaaurorabarnes , @firebendergirl33 , @justonenobody , @harrisbn @madbabie

   It had been two weeks since their little incident, and when Bucky said he wanted to get Y/N riled up, he wasn’t lying. It had been absolute torture for our poor girl; with the looks Bucky gave her when he walked into a room, the sinfully tight shirts he wore during training, the small moments when no one was looking that he would grind up against her, speak lowly in her ear and then leave like nothing had happened. Just this morning he pulled something that nearly made Y/N explode…

   Y/N grumbled as she made her way down the hallway to the elevator; the only thing on her mind being food. She had spent the entire morning cooped up in her room, particularly to avoid making any and all contact with a certain James Barnes (who happened to reside three doors down from her). She thought she had been doing a good job so far, and had actually gone as far as to ask FRIDAY about Bucky’s location throughout her time hiding out, just in case he decided to surprise her. So, as she passed his room, Y/N was quite surprised (and very alarmed) to hear low moans coming from inside. She thought she had made sure that Bucky’s room was clear before she set off on her escapade to retrieve food… guess she was getting lazy.

   Sure, she had recently been in a state of constant hatred towards the man, but she still cared for him. It’s not like they didn’t have history. Therefore, being the gallant little Avenger she is, Y/N quickly darted to Bucky’s door and swung it open. The sight she was greeted with nearly knocked the breath out of her chest.

   Bucky Barnes was not in trouble; oh no, he was far from it. The man in question was sprawled out on his bed, the duvet kicked lazily around his feet, his body bare and his legs spread wide. Bucky’s chest was heaving as he took deep breaths between low moans and throaty groans, his metallic hand gripping the headboard and his human hand pumping his cock at a steady rhythm. Y/N was at a loss for words as her eyes traveled his figure, his skin covered in a light layer of sweat, his abs contracting as waves of pleasure washed over his body. He was like something out of myth; he was a fucking god. Bucky’s head was thrown back as a breathy “oh god” fell from his sinfully plump lips, his eyes scrunched shut and god his neck… how Y/N was alive at that very moment remains a mystery. 

   But before anything else could happen, Y/N closed the door as dramatically as she had opened it, and fell against it as she stared, wide eyed, at the opposite wall of the now eerily quiet hallway, her mind attempting to grasp what had just happened. A sharp breath left her in the form of what sounded like a panic-ridden sigh, and Y/N closed her eyes for a moment, trying to wipe her brain of what she had just seen. But did she want to?

   Bucky, on the other hand, had stopped his movements and was smirking triumphantly to himself. He heard her exasperation through the door, hell, he could feel it radiating off of her. So, just to make matters worse for our poor girl, he opened his mouth and moaned in the most pornographic way he could muster, “Oh, Y/N!”

   He waited for a response, and not less than a second after the words left his mouth, he heard a loud gasp and clumsy footsteps leading away from his room. Bucky threw his head back in silent laughter and grinned deviously to himself. Everything was going to plan…

   That moment was still haunting Y/N. It was most definitely still haunting her as our girl has her hand stuck down her panties, her pointer and middle finger pumping furiously into her wet core. She had been going at it, laying in her bed, for the past 10 minutes and so far she was receiving jack shit. She was just about to give up when a knock came at her door, reviving a flame that had settled in Y/N for the time being. Her voice was sharp and uninviting as she yelled out: “Who the fuck is it?”

   A low chuckle came as an answer, and Y/N was at a loss for words, her cheeks heating up as her mind immediately wandered to the morning incident. “Doll?” the smug bastard called out in an innocent, sing-song voice, “It’s me. Can I come in?”

   Y/N thought to herself for a minute, did she really want him to come in? Maybe he had come there to settle the tension that had been building between them for the previous two weeks… lord knows it was about time… But it was too late for second thoughts because before Y/N could overthink what was about to happen any further, her legs had already carried her to the door and her hand was already on the handle, turning the knob and then opening the door to reveal a very smug looking Bucky. Damn you, subconscious movements. Y/N rolled her eyes at the sight of his infuriatingly happy face, a sharp sigh falling from her mouth. Bucky’s face faltered for a moment and his eyebrows furrowed in a playfully offended way, “Good to see you too, dollface. May I come in?”

   Y/N rolled her eyes again, “Whatever, just don’t fuck anything up.”

   Bucky chuckled but followed her into her room, taking note of the messy bed covers and the lack of pants on the girl in front of him. She had so been touching herself. Bucky took a seat at her desk as Y/N curled up on her bed, an expectant look on her face. “Well? What do you want?” she asked him, an impatient edge in her voice.

   He sat in her chair silently for a few moments, eyeing her over, then he suddenly rose from his seat, and had her pinned to the mattress before she could even blink. His body was hovering over hers, Y/N’s hands trapped above her head, and Bucky’s steel blue eyes boring into her own. His voice was lower than she had every heard it when he spoke next, “I want you to drop the damn attitude. Understand, sweetheart?”

   Y/N understood clearly, and, though a surge of defiance struck her, she calmed it and slowly nodded her head. Bucky smiled and his eyes darted to her lips as he spoke, “Good girl.” Then, his mouth molded with hers and the game began.

   Their kiss was passionate, though their passion rooted from different seeds. Y/N’s was purely animal, raw need surging through her as she bit Bucky’s lip and grinded against his crotch. Bucky’s passion came from the desire to be in control. His was controlled and relaxed, his kisses calculated and thought through, just like everything else in his life. He knew exactly what he was doing, and he was playing off of Y/N’s lust and need. He was playing her like a fiddle, and they both knew it. Eventually, the kiss broke off and Bucky began to trail his lips down, planting kisses on her face and peppering her jaw, his teeth nipping at the taut skin of her neck and collarbone. His mouth didn’t go any farther than that, though, and this frustrated the everloving fuck out of our dear Y/N. So, she voiced her complaint: “Get a move on, you prick. What the hell are doing, huh?”

   Bucky stopped his actions and tsked, his eyes adopting a playful glint as he grinned. “I’m playing with my food, baby. Get used to it, games are my specialty.”

   She gasped, in an almost accusatory way, a fire lighting in her eyes. Y/N struggled momentarily against Bucky’s grasp on her hands, but gave up when she realized he truly was in control of her, and he wasn’t going to give up on his power as easily as she had hoped. Bucky got back to work, sucking marks on her skin and soothing them with his tongue, drawing hisses and gasps and moans from the helpless girl underneath him. He reveled in the power he had, how his mouth alone could create such angelic sounds and make a woman as strong-willed as Y/N squirm and whimper. He was in absolute heaven.

   Not soon after Y/N began to grind her crotch against his, Bucky’s metal arm released it’s grasp on her right hand and began to trail down her front, goose bumps being left in it’s trail. Y/N gasped at the contrast in temperatures, her hot skin mixing deliciously with the coldness of the metal, the prosthetic limb biting her skin playfully. Bucky smirked at the reaction and continued his hands decent until he had reached her pelvic bone. There, he let his pointer finger trace a continuous circle on the spot where her hip bone jutted out, slowly testing the stormy waters that were Y/N’s patience and tolerance. She moaned though, to Bucky’s pleasant surprise, and almost whined out when she pleaded, “Bucky, please…”

   The assassin couldn’t say no to that face. So, his metal limb snuck it’s way underneath the material of Y/N panties and quickly got to work on her pussy. First, he ran his pointer finger up her slit in a smooth path, collecting her wetness along the way. When his trail ended, he used the collected juice to lubricate her throbbing clit, and slowly began to trace circles on the sensitive nub with toe curling pressure. Y/N let out a low moan at the sensation, her now free hand grasping Bucky’s prosthetic arm like if she let go it would disappear. Bucky groaned at the sight, and decided he wanted to add a new factor to the game they were playing. He was going to make her melt with his words.

   “Doll,” he started, his voice gravelly, “do you know what I was thinking about this morning when you caught me touching myself?”

   Y/N’s breath caught in her throat and her voice came out as a whisper, “Y-you heard me?”

   Bucky sunk his middle finger into her core and she gasped, her eyes rolling back in their sockets. He chuckled dryly, “Super soldier, babe. Now, tell me dollface, do you know what I was thinking about?”

   Y/N bit her lip and shook her head. Bucky smirked, this was going to be fun. “I was thinking about how good it would feel to have your mouth wrapped around my cock, your eyes staring up at me innocently, your pretty pink lips going up and down, up and down. God, baby… you have no idea how pretty your moans would sound, muffled around my dick. I would grab your hair in my hands and fuck your mouth so good, darling” -Y/N moaned at that- “going in and out, deeper and deeper and deeper until I cum inside your throat. You would like that, wouldn’t you, baby? I bet you would, you naughty girl.” Bucky’s fingers pumped continuously faster as his words became lower, his mouth inching closer to her ear. The deep gravel of Bucky’s voice raised shivers on Y/N’s skin, and she was in absolute heaven.

   A familiar burning sensation began to spread from Y/N’s lower back to her thighs and stomach, reaching as far as her toes. She began to subconsciously grind on Bucky’s fingers, desperate for her release, and Bucky was almost convinced to give it to her. But he needed her to wait just a little while longer…

   “You know, love, I would adore the sensation of you cumming all over my fingers, but I think I need you to simmer just a little while longer…” and with those devastation words, Bucky slipped his fingers out of Y/N’s pulsating core, and was out of the room before Y/N could even sit up. With a devious smirk, Bucky sauntered down the hallway, sucking on his fingers and laughing silently. His shit-eating grin just grew as he heard an explicit line of swears leave Y/N’s mouth. This was too easy…

Model Behavior

Summary: Jack is getting ready to do a photo shoot for Alicia’s friend.  Bitty comes along to keep him company, when Bitty suddenly becomes the model. Jack’s reaction to the photo is… interesting.  A quick little ficlet which takes place during Jack’s senior year.  Also on AO3

Jack hated photo shoots. Absolutely hated them, but Alicia had a favor called in and he found himself in a position of not being able to say no. And so, begrudgingly, Jack Zimmermann was on his way to Boston for a one-day shoot.

“Like an actual shoot shoot?” Bitty asked wide-eyed as he told him about it over some ginger peach pie the evening before.

“Yeah. It’s for some clothing line. They’re going to dress me up like a puppet and then I have to stand there, and smile like an idiot.”

“I dunno, it sounds so fun to me. I’d love to model!” Bitty said then sighed, “Alas, I am vertically challenged.”

“Euh… do you want to come with me?” Jack asked pushing his pie around the plate with his fork.

“Really? And like watch?!” Bitty practically bounced off his seat.

“I guess so, Bittle. Don’t make me take it back.”

“No! I’ll behave. I promise! It’s going to be so much fun.”


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A Dixon’s Mate

Pairings: Daryl Dixon x Reader

Summary: Y/N is attracted to a certain blue eyed Alpha, but she thinks he doesn’t like her because of how much he avoids her. What she doesn’t know is that Daryl lives to protect that Omega. One night when Daryl doesn’t join everyone for a special dinner in the cellblock, she takes some dinner to share at his watch post, but what she finds will change everything between them.

Warnings: Unprotected sex (be safe when you get naughty), A/B/O Dynamics, knotting sex, a little fluff at the end, wee instance of Daddy kink, etc.

A/N: This took longer than expected for many reasons, but I’ll just leave it at that for now. This isn’t my best work, but I’ve been told it’s good for how rusty I am getting back behind the keyboard after a while. The style of this story is written in @kittenofdoomage‘s A/B/O universe. If you’d like to know more she has a link to the list of rules on her page. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it.

AO3 Link:

Word Count: 2,356

Originally posted by findmeacurebae

The sun was already high above the prison when Y/N stepped out to the yard, loving the Georgia heat despite the humidity. It had been freezing inside the cell block with three straight days of rain, so the warmth of the sun’s rays soaking into her skin was a welcome change. A smile tugged at her lips as she watched the kids run out through the muddy grass, Rick and Hershel checking the crops, while Maggie and Glenn walked hand in hand to the fence to kill off some walkers. She was always so happy to see the sweet beta couple together, feeling the love they have for one another radiating from them every time they even look at each other. Poor Rick always smiled at the sight of them too, wishing he could go back to the days before he lost his omega, Lori. As if it wasn’t bad enough that he had to kill his best friend, Shane, another pig headed alpha pining over his omega. But he had Carl and sweet little Judith to keep him going. He also had his duty as leader of the group to make his days busy, caring for the people taken in after the fall of Woodbury and the Governor slaughtering some of his own people.

An all too familiar feeling pulled Y/N from her thoughts and made shivers run down her spine. Her teeth quickly sunk into her bottom lip to hold back a soft whimper that threatened to escape, loving the heat that spread through her body under the blue eyed gaze of the alpha staring at her from the nearest watch tower. Daryl watched her every chance he got, secretly admiring everything about her. He had been completely entranced with her since the group first found her outside Atlanta. He liked to believe that she had no idea, looking away to avoid meeting her eyes any time she’d look at him.

To Y/N’s dismay, he always kept his distance from her. Whenever she caught him looking, she wondered how it would feel to be close to him or how he would smell. She’d been told that alphas smell wonderful to omegas like her, but she’d never been around an unmated one before, aside from Shane but he acted like Lori was his, even when Rick came back. “Maybe he thinks I’m gross.” She mumbled and kicked a rock from under her foot before walking down the gentle slope to feed the pigs the group had raised.

Daryl kept his gaze locked on her every move, groaning at the sight of her hips swaying with each step. He wanted nothing more than to pull her against his chest and scent her properly, make her his mate. He always made sure she was safe when they were on the road, keeping his distance and watching from afar. It was dangerous enough for her to be an unmated omega in a world of zombies that half rely on the scent of living things to find their next meal, but it was worse when her scent intensified during her heat each month. Securing the prison had been like a God send to protect her. He’d stop outside her cell at night when everyone was a sleep just to check, inhaling deeply to take in her intoxicating scent while he peeked in on her sleeping form. He thought he’d heard her whimper his name in her sleep a few times, but it was too quiet to tell for sure. As much as he wanted to be hers, he never got too close. Daryl thought he wasn’t good enough for her. He thought she deserved better, but couldn’t stand the thought of anyone but him touching Y/N. He shook his head and turned his attention back out to the woods and fields surrounding the perimeter of the prison, fully prepared to stay there long into the night with his thoughts.

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Just chillin’ (Tyler x Reader) fluffy short

Originally posted by jiminy-krispies

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(A/n): this is great tho

Request:  Could you do a Tylerxreader where teamiplier is doing an icebath challenge, and when it’s readers turn something goes wrong with the camera and they need to take a timeout to fix it, but reader is already in the bath like oh well and has no self preservation. So team goes to fix it while she chills (ha) in the bath, and it takes longer than they thought. So when they come back, reader isn’t near death, but definitely has hypothermia, and everyone’s like oh shit get out. Cue Tyler being the hero!

Warnings: none? swearing? fluffy heck?


“Guess who’s turn it is~!”


“I already went-” Mark laughed.


(Y/n) flickered her eyes around the faces closest to her, also letting them pierce the camera’s lens.

“I have balls of steel!” she declared, pulling a funny face. She flexed her arms and channeled a low voice “I will fight this challenge.”

“Please don’t.” commented her knight, offering (Y/n) a kind stare.

The girl threw at him a dopey smile, blowing the tall male a kiss. Tyler ony rolled his blue eyes, and hushed himself from smiling. Instead, he narrowed his gaze at his girlfriend.

“And here we see a front line nurse leaving her husband to serve in World War Two. Nineteen forty- colourized.” joked Ethan, hauling up the camera to meet (Y/n)’s face which looked absolutely devastated. The girl walked slowly backward- away from Tyler and to the tub.

“Remember mE-!” (Y/n) shrieked, dropping a bit of her foot below the water’s surface.

The boys laughed, almost masking (Y/n)’s comment of how the temperature didn’t actually bother her much. Hastily, she submerged herself- propping up her arms lazily on the edges of the bath with her legs crossed.

“I fully expected her to scream.” admitted Mark. Tyler giggled before Ethan spoke up in shamefully confusion.

“Mark, the camera keeps glitching… still. Do you want to switch it to the one in the studio?”

Mark double glanced at the blue haired male and nodded “Yeah. Before we start reading off the questions; that’d be smart”

As the trio pooled around the door, Ethan didn’t forget to ask (Y/n) if she was okay with them leaving for ‘like three seconds’. She said:

“Yeah, I’m totally okay with that- this shit is relaxing.”

The group thought of her as being sarcastic and offering up a joke- they promised the girl they’d be quick and pushed themselves out of the bathroom.

(Y/n) chuckled thickly, looking back ahead of her. The painted wall sent her blank stares.

Alone, she sighed, dipping lower into the liquid. (Y/n) gently shut her eyelids, absorbing the cool caress of the water from around her. She knew she wasn’t joking- this was extremely relaxing. Having idle ice cubes tickle past her clothed and not clothed skin.

The soft noises of a grandfather clock hummed about, showing endless support. Time skipped past her mind in a rush.

They were taking a while.

With blocked vision, (Y/n) couldn’t see how pale her skin was getting. Or how it was beginning to cascade quaint blue on all ends.

They were taking a while.

Looks like she couldn’t feel it.

“Okay- okay, we have the better camera.” finally called Ethan, re entering the restroom; his friends following.

“Wait, (Y/n)- (Y/n)!”

Mellowdramatic whines charmed the walls, conveying certain concern for the girl in the ceramic tub. She opening her eyes to their words.

“Que?” she jokes, lifting her head briefly.

“Get out of the fucking water-!” the shorter brunette demanded dumbly, on the stand of laughing.

“But we have the shit to–” (Y/n) came to her own defence.

Futile, though, her words were. They were physically cut short by a literal chest.

Tyler had wasted little to no time with words- knowing it only to be an effort that would have gone unrecognized. He had, in a more literal sense, swept (Y/n) off her ass.

Plucking her from the cold fluids, all at once she rested easy; cradled in Tyler’s arms. The course of action was quick, and sweet.

“Ty?” (Y/n) inquired, allowing herself to be held. The boy walked, with the girl as his cargo, over away from the bath. They watched when Ethan and Mark spilled giggles, making quick work of setting up the camera.

The broken camera laid somewhere upon the counters.

“Yeah?” responded Tyler, gripping his arms tighter.

“Can’t you give me like a blanket or something? If it’s really this bad.”

“I think this is fine.” Tyler stated.

“I can warm you on my own.”

That phrase did a jolly good job at silencing (Y/n).

“So stop being stupid and let me~” the male laughed. Funnily, he buried his warm face in the bend of (Y/n)’s stomach. At least he knew he was blushing- the sudden heat residing in his cheeks was harnessed to his advantage.

She couldn’t see it, similar to her own colour, but Tyler and herself were contrasting. Blue to red.

The sound of a snapshot rang clear. It was pointed in the couple’s general direction.

“This camera maybe can’t record, but it can take wicked photos!” Ethan cheered.

The girl of blue and man clad with red positioned in the photo bleed playful joy. Perfect hero for a dumb would be travesty.


(A/n): wow look I wrote something

Lying Is The Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off (Sebastian Stan x Reader) Pt. 4

Princess97:  I’ve decided I’m going to be a porn star.

Sebastian let out a small snort as he read the message on his phone. Ever since the picture exchange, the two of you had been texting nonstop. You moved on from the silly chatroom and gave each other your real phone numbers. It was a risky move on his behalf, but being the typical Leo he was, Sebastian liked to live dangerously every once in a while.

SexySeaBass82: Pornhub or Brazzers?

He snickered like a child as he sent the text, grinning like an idiot. He looked back up at the set before him. He had just finished filming an exhausting, yet epic fight scene which he was highly proud of. The dull ache in his muscles let him know ahead of time that he’d be feeling everything tonight.

Princess97: You perv! pornhub is where the mula is.

SexySeaBass82: I think it’s safe to say that I’d be your biggest fan, doll face.

Princess97: You know what I just realized?

Sebastian cackled as he typed his witty reply and hit the send button with lightning speed.

SexySeaBass82: That I’m daddy material? ;)

Princess97: No, that you’re probably older than electricity.

SexySeaBass82: I know you can’t see it, but I’m giving you the middle finger right now. (:

He set his phone down as soon as he saw Anthony and Jeremy making their way over to him. The two men were arguing about which character could take who. Of course, Anthony was convinced Falcon could destroy Hawkeye, but Jeremy was having none of it.

“All I’d have to do is shoot you out of the sky!”

“Not before Red Wing gets his sights on you!”

Sebastian fought the urge to laugh at the two as they stood in front of him. “Seb, tell him the truth before I do.” Anthony reasoned. Jeremy snorted, taking a sip from his water bottle. He’d never say it out loud, but Sebastian was a huge fan of Hawkeye, and when it came down to it, he felt Falcon would take a beating from the archer.

“Nope!” he held up his hands in defense. “I’m not taking any part of this! I’m like Bucky, completely innocent.”

Before any of them could reply, Sebastian’s text tone went off, causing the three men to jump and peer down at his phone. His phone, which was glowing, the text showing the following words:

Princess97: I wonder what else you can give me. ;)

“Oh, damn!” Anthony cackled as he snatched the phone from the chair. “Who is Princess97?”

Sebastian immediately shot up from his seat and wrestled the phone out of the man’s hand. Jeremy bent over, his hands on his knees as he cackled loudly. He would never let this go, Sebastian was sure of it. One sentence, and the entire cast would know of his little flirty texting buddy.

“None of your damn business!” he spat, placing his phone in his pocket.

“Ninety seven doesn’t stand for the actual year, does it?” Anthony teased, elbowing Jeremy as they roared with laughter.

“Hey Seb,” Jeremy chimed in. “What kind of formula do you give her?”

The two men burst into hysterics, catching the eyes of several crew members. Usually, Sebastian would have laughed along, but instead, he felt his face heating up with embarrassment. You weren’t that young. Hell, there’s a lot of people who talk to younger people, so what was the deal? You were of legal age, which was totally fine. Then again, his mom would probably give him a slap if she found out he was flirting with a nineteen year old.

“For your information,” he sassed, sitting back into his seat. “She’s really hot. Get with the winning team, guys.”

“Who’s hot?”

The three men turned around to see a very exhausted Chris in his stealth suit. He scratched the back of his head lazily as he peered between the men curiously.

“Sebastian here’s got himself some jailbait.” Jeremy spoke before taking off towards his trailer before Sebastian could catch him. Chris furrowed his brows as he looked over at his friend. This was absolutely not how he planned this to get out.

“What’s all this talk about jailbait?” he asked as he took the seat beside him. Seb groaned and placed his head in his hands.

“It’s literally all lies,” he told him. “She’s perfectly legal, just a bit younger.”

“How young?” Chris asked, his brow raising in disappointment.

“Nineteen.” Sebastian answered after a long silence.

“Oh thank goodness,” Chris breathed dramatically, placing his hand over his left boob once again. “I thought you meant she was young.”

“She is young.” He admitted. “Fifteen years.”

Chris let out a snort as he pulled out his phone. “Well, Seabass,” he sung as he unlocked his phone.

Make sure you burp her after feeding her, m’kay?” he teased before sprinting off as fast as he could in the same direction Jeremy ran in. 

Sebastian sighed, sinking into his seat.

What on earth was he going to do with these idiots?

You were snuggled on your sofa, scrolling through your Tumblr dashboard, when you heard the theme song of one of your favorite TV shows being to play. It was The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. You loved that guy more than anything, he could always cheer you up when you felt down. 

“Good evening folks, our guest tonight is the one and only…Sebastian Stan!” 

Immediately, your ears perked up at the name. That was the actor Sebastian was in love with. Your head cocked to the side as you realized the two men had the same first names. You shrugged, it was probably a coincidence, right? 

“Here’s your tea, Y/N!” your roommate chimed as she handed you a matching mug. You gave her a quick smile before returning your gaze to the TV. 

“So Sebastian,” Stephen said. “I understand you and Anthony Mackie are quite the duo on set.” You found your eyes focused on the actor’s face, taking in his features. You understood why Sebastian was obsessed with this guy. He was freaking gorgeous. And that jawline -man, that looked like it could cut diamonds. And those steel blue eyes! He was a total babe. 

“Yeah, we’ve grown pretty close these past few months. We even gave each other nicknames.” Stan said as he giggled, his face turning a deep red. 

“Oh? Do share these nicknames, Sebastian!” Stephen mused, earning a bunch of cheers from the crowd, mostly from women. 

You took a sip of your tea, your eyes set on the blue eyed man on the screen as he said the following words. 

“Well, he likes to call me Sexy Sea Bass.” 

The tea in your mouth sprayed all over the screen in front of you, even landing on your roommate’s lap as well as yours. She let out a shriek before jumping out of her seat and pointing an accusing finger at you. 

“What the fuck, Y/N?” she exclaimed, her face twisting into a scowl. 

You stared at the screen, your eyes completely wide with distraught as the man repeated the nickname for a second time. 

“Yeah man, I’m telling you,” he laughed along with Stephen.

 “He calls me Sexy Sea Bass!”


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Something amazing happened yesterday (August 13, 2016) at Power Morphicon, and I want to take a moment to appreciate it. (Above photo from RangerBoard.)

The current blue ranger, Yoshi Sudarso, is a huge Power Rangers fan. He auditioned for Power Rangers for years without being cast. When he got the role of the blue ranger in Dino Charge two years ago, he was thrilled and since then he’s been super enthusiastic, passionate and an all-around amazing ranger.

His brother Peter, like him, is a Power Rangers fan, and has also auditioned multiple times to be a ranger. Unlike Yoshi, he was never cast. Anyone who follows Yoshi on social media knows about Yoshi’s brother and knows that they’re close: Yoshi and Peter are constantly hanging out together, working on creative projects together, and supporting each other.

At the end of the Dino Charge panel at Power Morphicon, the cast of Dino Charge was tasked with revealing the upcoming cast of the new season, Ninja Steel. Some members of the Dino Charge cast met a few members the new Ninja Steel cast backstage before their panel, but otherwise they didn’t know anything about the Ninja Steel cast in advance.

The Dino Charge cast members were given envelopes that stated the name and color of their ranger successor. For instance, Brennan Mejia, the current red ranger, announced that Will Shewfelt would be the new red ranger.

The last person to be handed an envelope was Yoshi. He opened it, and to his surprise, he saw his brother Peter’s name written inside.

Yoshi went to the Ninja Steel auditions and was told that Peter didn’t get the part. Yet there in front of his eyes was Peter’s name. Not only that, his brother was going to be the new blue ranger.

Yoshi’s voice broke as he announced that his own brother was going to be his successor. His brother, clad in his new ranger uniform, ran onto the stage. Yoshi knocked over his chair in his haste to greet his brother. As they embraced, Yoshi broke down with a giant grin on his face, clearly thrilled that his brother was getting this opportunity.

(Gif by erniesbrainfreeze)

Yoshi’s friends clearly understood how important and powerful this moment was for him. When Yoshi reacted emotionally to opening his envelope, Brennan Mejia looked over his his shoulder to figure out why, pat him on the back and grinned. At hearing the news, the current pink ranger, Camille Hyde, covered her mouth with her hands, obviously stunned, before placing a supportive hand on Yoshi’s shoulder and starting to cry.

As his brother proudly took to the stage with his new cast, Yoshi collapsed back into his chair in shock. The current green ranger, Michael Taber, crossed the stage to hug him, and Camille, still in tears, joined in the hug. When the hug ended, Yoshi pointed at his brother, beaming with pride.

Peter Sudarso is the new blue ranger and Yoshi couldn’t be happier about it. It was the way Yoshi was surprised with this news and Yoshi’s obvious love for his brother that turned this cast reveal into one of the most touching moments in Power Rangers history.

Little Onion

This isn’t edited/beta-d yet, but thought I’d post it before I sleep, while episode 83 is still fresh in our minds ^_^

Despite the miraculous intervention of Whis, giving birth exhausted Bulma. It had just taken a while to take effect. When the initial excitement of Bra’s birth subsided and everyone had held her and given their congratulations, Bulma tried to stand. Gohan’s quick reflexes caught her when she fell.

“Bulma! Are you okay?” he asked, alarmed.

“Oh, yes. I’m just… light-headed.”

Vegeta instantly told everyone to get lost so that his wife and newborn daughter could rest. 

They all agreed. Even Beerus and Whis didn’t put up a fight. No one was going to begrudge Vegeta their family time before the battle royal tournament.

Bulma lay in their bed, pale and unnervingly thin; Vegeta had grown used to her ballooned belly. 

“Isn’t she beautiful?” Bulma asked tiredly, looking up at him and their daughter whom he held in his arms. Vegeta hadn’t let Bra go since Trunks had offered her up.

“Should I call the doctor?” Vegeta asked, tucking his wife in, trying to school his face into nonchalance to not give away his  concern. 

“I’m fine. Whis said I might feel tired. The shock of no longer being pregnant.”

“…I shouldn’t have told him to talk to you,” Vegeta grouched, the ugly black serpent of guilt roiling in his belly. What if Whis’ magic had harmed his wife or baby? It wasn’t natural what he had done, there could be side effects they weren’t aware of.

Bulma’s hand reached out and touched his forearm, squeezing. “Vegeta, please. That was the easiest birth imaginable. And Bra is healthy. That’s what matters. We should be thanking Whis. He is an angel, I’m sure he knows what he’s doing.”

Vegeta scowled harder and grunted, letting his wife’s words reassure him. He didn’t tell her that he was suspicious of Whis’ motivations. Whis, Beerus, Goku, Gohan…they were keeping something from him. They were too desperate for him to fight, desperate enough to accelerate Bulma’s pregnancy. Something serious was going down beyond a platonic concern for an overdue child. But he didn’t want to concern his wife just yet, not when she was recovering.

“I think I’ll take a nap,” Bulma said, already sounding half asleep. She gave Vegeta a weak smile. “You’ll take care of her, won’t you?”

Vegeta’s arms tightened about the precious bundle in his arms. “With my life,” he promised her.

Bulma smiled, and her eyes fell closed. Trusting him to take care of their new life.

Vegeta lingered, watching Bulma sleep. When he convinced himself that she was indeed just tired and nothing more, he left the room and made his way next door to the nursery.

Trunks and Goten were fussing with room arrangements.

“Out. Now,” Vegeta snapped at them. The two boys nearly tripped over their feet to comply, knowing Vegeta wasn’t to be argued with when he used that sharp tone. “And don’t disturb your mother, she’s sleeping!” he added as they curtailed it out the door.

Vegeta stepped over to the crib, intending to put Bra down to sleep, but hesitated. He looked down at the tiny thing wrapped in sea-foam green, sleeping as soundly as her mother was next door.

He couldn’t find it within himself to put her down. As a Saiyan, even half-Saiyan, he knew she was strong. But she looked so small, and the crib was so big and impersonal. It didn’t feel right.

Vegeta took stock of the room. A large armchair was by the window. He settled down in it and watched the tiny child breathe in and out against his chest.

“Bra,” he said, trying out the name again on his tongue. With her blue hair and eyes, and pale skin, so much like her mother already, Vegeta knew it to be an appropriate name. Still, he was a little saddened that he couldn’t bequeath her a name from her Saiyan ancestry. He had lost that privilege with Trunks, and now again with his daughter for not voicing his desires sooner.

“Echalotte,” he whispered to himself. He had been so proud of that name. Echalotte was a warrior princess of Saiyan legend, proud, strong, and unusually smart for a Saiyan, even by elite standards. Vegeta had no doubts that a daughter of his and Bulma’s could live up to such a name.

Bra’s tiny eyelids fluttered open at the sound of her father’s voice. Blue, blue eyes latched onto his face, as unsettling and piercing as her mother’s gaze. Vegeta steeled himself, ready for the tears that would come, just as they had when he had shown his face to baby Trunks.

But there were no tears. Bra only smiled.

Vegeta felt shot through the heart. He knew the sensation too well. 

Her smile was more radiant than the sun, and it broke right through him, melting away his reservations of his capability of being a good father. He would be damned if he didn’t do everything in his power to protect her. He had let Trunks and Bulma down in the past. He didn’t intend on repeating those mistakes.

“Do you like that name?” He asked her. “Echalotte?”

Bra made a happy, gurgling noise. Her little feet kicked restlessly inside her tight wrappings.

Vegeta shifted her and laid her in his lap. Gently, he untucked her blanket until she was free, and his heart skipped a beat when he saw what she had been hiding. A tiny tail.

A true Saiyan.

It was a silly sentimentality, one he thought he had given up long ago. He knew now that a Saiyan’s true power went beyond that of a tail and the great Oozaru transformation. And no doubt she would need to lose it before the next full moon. But the sight of the fifth appendage rocked him as much as her mere existence did, and brought about such feelings of nostalgia that Vegeta felt ill equipped to handle them. He reached out and tentatively touched her tail. On instinct, it curled about his hand.

In the privacy of the room, just the two of them, Vegeta smiled softly down at his daughter.

“Let me tell you about about Echalotte,” Vegeta told her as he counted her fingers and toes. “She was beautiful and fierce. A lot like your mother, actually…”

Bra listened and struggled to grab onto her father’s calloused fingers as he regaled her with stories of her heritage.

Vegeta decided then that, when it was just the two of them, he would call Bra by her Saiyan name. It would be their little secret.

Echalotte. His little onion.


Inspired by episode 83 of DBSuper.

Can we please make Echalotte a thing? Please? Like it’s her middle name? Or it’s her real name but everyone calls her Bulla/Bra as a nickname? Echalotte is so perfect for our little onion. I don’t want it to die away.


Requests: “Hello :) May I send you a Bucky request where you were his first love after his Winter Soldier time and now lived with him in Bucharest. Then he gets manipulated again and doesn’t recognize you anymore. Sometime later you get hurt during an attack really bad and when Bucky sees you laying bleeding and unconscious on the Asphalt, it clicks in his head and he gets back to “normal” again. He stays then at your bedside, caring for you & promising to become a better Person for you :) <3 Thank you :)” (Credits to gif owners!)

“Do you want to talk about it?” Natasha took her seat next to the girl who seemed so distant. So far away from everybody else. She was literally choking on heartbreak and betrayal. It was all that surrounded Y/N’s aura. Natasha ran her hand softly down the girl’s arm and tried to comfort her as best as she could. But the attempts didn’t seem like they made the slightest difference.

She was innocent. Anybody on the team could see that. Confusion laced her features as well as a raw emotion in her voice when she finally spoke. But that was rare, especially in the two days she was taken in by The Avengers. Natasha was trying her best to become Y/N’s friend but there was no effort on the girl’s part. Her problem? Falling in love with Barnes. Another problem? Y/N didn’t even know what was happening.

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Secret Admirer

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 2,317

Request: by anon! ‘Hello, may I request a oneshot where your boyfriend Bucky finds out somebody has been sending you love letters and gifts and confronts them? Angsty, jealous!Bucky, fluff, and all the good stuff c:’

A/N: Anon, I hope you like this one! I quite like how it turned out! thank you for the request and feedback is as always greatly appreciated! <3

“Bucky!” you squealed in excitement and jumped up to hug him. He smiled brightly at your reaction and hugged back, walking the both of you into your apartment.

“I can’t believe you’re here” you mumbled into his neck, trying to hold him closer as you snuggled into him. He chuckled, lifting you up and you wrapped your legs around his torso. He easily walked around with you and sat down on the couch. Pulling back, you took his face in your hands and pressed a kiss to his lips.

“Ugh I missed you so much” you kept pecking his lips and he smiled against yours, bringing his metal hand to the back of your head to hold you steady as he deepened the kiss. You followed his lead without hesitation. Bucky’s hands roamed your waist and he pulled your shirt over your head. The split second you had to part made you realize you had completely forgotten what you had been doing before Bucky had shown up at your apartment door.

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gellbellshead  asked:

"Person A is walking down the hallway at school/work and Person B walks up behind them and pulls on their bag to get their attention. Person A flips out into self defense mode and this is really awkward because I’ve pinned you against the wall with my elbow in your throat and our faces are inches from each others and we are ~just friends~ but holy fuck do you look hot when you’re mad and you just pinned me against a wall and there is a lot of possible sexual tension here lord help."

Up Close and Personal 

here you go my love! I hope this is kinda what you wanted! I’ve left it open at the end so if anyone’s interested I may continue. 

Enjoy xx


It was Monday morning and Betty Cooper was running late. Her converse squeaked slightly as she rushed down the hallway, her hands hastily pinning a stray hair back into place as the curls of her pony tail bounced with the hurried movements.

“Shit, shit, shit!” she mumbled as she noted the lack of students in the halls, checking her watch and letting out a groan with the realisation that homeroom had already begun.

Her hands clenched into fists, her nails grazing the skin of her palms she willed the pressure in her chest to dissipate. Her breathing was shallow and her stomach was in knots as her anxiety spiked.

Locker first. No home room first. But you’re already late. Wait which is closer.

Her eyes darted around the hallway, when suddenly they landed on a dark figure turning the corner up ahead. She strained her gaze before her green orbs widened with realisation. She knew that dark figure. It was the beanie that gave him away, the same grey knitted cap he had worn ever since they met as children.

Suddenly the anxiety left her body, the impending panic attack halting as shock took its place. Her feet fused to the ground as her limbs seized with surprise.

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Prodigies Part 1 (Jon Kent x Reader: Damian Wayne x Reader)

Anon: “Can I request reader as the new wonder gal and forming a team with damian and jon kent”

Schninner: Whew! And done! Sorry this took a while squad, I’ve just been so busy with work and school, but I promise there will be more stories this weekend! And who know! I might even finish up requests! Anyways, I hope you like this anon, I really enjoyed writing it! OH! I was also thinking about making this an ongoing series, where The Wonder Gal (you as the reader) just is having these missions with the boys, and I’m up for any suggestions on what they should do next! Thanks squirtles!

(Reader is a Girl)

Key: [H/L] Hair Length [H/T] Hair Type [H/C] Hair Color

Warnings: … None?

Word Count: 725


Part 1 * Part 2

“But mom!” You groaned, your head rolled back on your shoulders so you could look your Amazonian mother in the eyes. “I don’t want to go!”

Your mother bent over, adjusting the small, tiara on your head that matched hers. “Why not? I thought you wanted to meet new people, try new things?” She brushed a stray strand of your [H/C] hair out of your [E/C] eyes.

You narrowed your eyes, crossing your arms you crossed your arms over your white sleeveless uniform shirt with a golden W across the chest, your bottom lip sticking out in a pout.

“Yes, new people, as in, not them!”

Your mother gently chided you, sternly patting your cheek, before standing up once more, “You are an Amazon [F/N], Amazons don’t pout. It makes us look weak.”

“Besides, “Your mother continued, adjusting the sheathed sword at her side, before walking into the entrance of the bat cave, “all great teams require a woman to keep the men in check.”

“Father, this is preposterous.” Damian hissed to Bruce, hearing the nearing footsteps of wonder woman and his new teammate.  “Kent and I do well on our own.”

“Yes, that’s right, in fact you do so well That Superman and I have had to interfere several times in the past.”

Damian clicked his tongue making an irritated clicking noise. “They were simple mistakes; anyone could have made them.”

‘which is exactly why this is happening.” Bruce replied calmly, “trust me, this’ll be good for the both of you.”

Damian clicked his tongue once more and briskly walked over to where Jon stood, he halted next to the younger boy and crossed his arms. “He’s not budging on the matter; did you manage to get your father to see it our way?”

No response from the boy of steel, his young face was twisted into a look of deep thought, his piercing blue eyes pointing toward the entrance to which their new team mate would inevitably make her appearance. Damian looked to his friend, waving a hand in front of Jon’s Face, he shouted, “Kent?”

Unfazed by Damian’s outburst, Jon kept His eyes trained on the doorway, “I wonder if she’s nice…?”

Damian groaned, “Not You too Kent!”

“Ahh, I see the pace hasn’t changed at all!” A commanding, yet warm voice boomed throughout the bat cave.

“Hello to you too Diana, “Bruce replied as Wonder woman walked over to him with a young girl following close behind, shaking his hand with hers while giving him a friendly clap on the back, then turned to Clark to do the same. The girl stood close to the Amazon, a smile on your face, but Damian could tell that you wanted to be here as much as he did.

“This is my daughter, [F/N] [L/N], or Wonder Gal.” Diana told Bruce and Clark, motioning for the girl.

“Nice to meet you! It’s a real honor!” You beamed as she shook their hands.

Bruce gave Diana a quizzical look, “[L/N]?”

“Her fathers.” She replied simply, with no intention of giving any more information.

“noted.” He replied, before turning to Damian and Jon.

Jon was at his father’s side in a flash, while Damian took all the sweet time he needed.

Jon was the first to be introduced, his eyes sparkling with excitement as he thrusted his hand forward for you to shake. Pumping your hand up and down he chirped, “Hi! I’m Jon Kent! But you might know me better as super boy!”

A tense smile pressed at your lips as you politely responded with a “Nice to meet you Jon.”

Damian on the other hand remained silent, with his arms crossed across his chest and his eyes narrowed. He observed you, your [H/L] [H/T] [H/C] hair and [E/C] eyes that seemed to pierce his very soul, and especially your height. You had at least a good 4 inches on him, meaning that he was still the shortest team member.

His scowl deepened as t=he thought of this, causing Bruce to give him a gentle, yet commanding nudge. Damian reluctantly extended his hand and shook your hand. “Damian Wayne, Robin.” He quickly dropped your hand, and crossed them once more across his chest, which earned him another nudge from Bruce.

He sighed and rolled eyes at his father, “Welcome to the team.”

Unexpected coachsurfing

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader 
Word Count: 2.5k+
Warning: Language, fluff, smut 

Summary: You travel to New York but you screw your airbnb booking, so you have two choices. The first one is spending the whole night on the streets alone. The second one is accepting the kind, utterly handsome stranger’s offer and stay at his place…

A/N: Hey Guys! It is my very first story in English, I hope you will enjoy it! Any comments are highly appreciated! Thanks for reading it!
Huge thanks to @littlemissavenger and @painfullythickimagines for helping me with this story!

Originally posted by stuckybarnesrogers

I was standing in front of the door with a shocked expression on my face, amazed at how I’d screwed this up. How I’d managed to mix up the dates? I looked down to my phone, to check my AirBnb account once again. My booking was there… Only the date was wrong; It started from tomorrow. I covered my face with my palms and walked out to the street. Alright, so I’m here, in New York at 6:30pm and I need to find a place to sleep very quick! I was lucky I found some wifi, so I could check couch surfing websites for something cheap.

It was an hour ago that I sat down on the bench in front of the McDonald’s but except for my growing hunger nothing has changed.

‘I just give up!’ I sighed and covered my face in my palms. ‘I’m gonna sleep under a bridge.’ I jumped up from the bench pulling my backpack with me to find a suitable bridge to sleep under. I was scared… I was really scared and angry at myself. I was all alone in city I have never been to before, with only a backpack and a dying battery. 34%… Awesome. I slip it into my pocket and thread my fingers into my hair.

‘Are you lost? Do you need help?’ A stranger is standing next to me, looking down at me curiously.

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anonymous asked:

How about a drabble of Cor and baby Prompto? <3 Bonus for fluff!

Ya’ll asked for fluff, right? And I did say the first thing I’d write was Papa!Cor and Baby!Prompto teehee! <33

Tagging the usual suspects: @blindbae, @cupnoodle-queen, @nifwrites, @itshaejinju, @rubyphilomela, @alicemoonwonderland, @hypaalicious, @the-lucian-archives, @neko-otaku13, @lupanaoflaminar, @xnoctits, @insomniascure, @insomniacapples, @asendioncosplay, @stunninglyignis​, @dirtyffxvconfession (cos baby Prompto <3) and @ridingchocobros (again, baby Prompto!!!)


Baby Blues (Papa!Cor and Baby!Prompto SFW)

Cor Leonis had always thought himself a run-of-the-mill type of soldier. At twenty-six years of age, Cor had already gathered a whopping eleven years of experience out on the battle field- but he always felt like there was so much more left to learn. He didn’t know it all, and he was never going to know it all. And so, he challenged himself constantly to breach new situations and expose himself to new, enlightening, and even plain strange situations.

Battle-narrowed steel blue eyes met wide, innocent violet blue orbs- part of a small, chubby freckled face attached to a tiny squirming body that was swaddled in a generic blue and white nursing blanket. Soft tufts of blond hair peeked out of the blankets, and the baby in Cor’s arms cooed up at him as the stern looking soldier made his way towards the large double doors that would lead him to his king’s Throne Room.

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Anonymous said:I really liked the Nessian “Are you jealous” but can you do one with Cassian being the jealous one and having no chill? :))

Plus: Can you please write Nessian like nesta starts dating this guy for a while cus she thinks cassian and mor are a thing and cassian just gets so jealous at some point- I love your writing so much it’s so amazing!!!

{slightly NSFW}

Nesta had been sitting with the same fae male for twenty minutes and thirty-four seconds.

Not that Cassian was counting. 

He downed another shot of green liquor, something he would regret in the morning, but it was what needed to be done. He felt a tap on his shoulder and he risked a glance away from Nesta’s booth. His eyes met those of a female. Smiling blandly, he sent her away. He needed to make sure Nesta didn’t leave with the prick. He was interrupted by someone sidling up to him.

“You’re gonna die a lonely man if you keep watching her like that,” Azriel said, clapping him on the back.

“I’ll die a lonely man or I’ll die with her. I don’t want anybody else,” Cassian stated. It was the truth. 

“Ah,” Az remarked. “I see we’ve entered the sappy drunk stage.” Cassian rolled his eyes and shrugged Az’s hand off his shoulder. He readied himself to walk over. “You’re not going over there, right?” Az looked at him with concern. Cassian downed another shot. 

“I say it’s time for the ‘taking action’ stage of drunkenness, wouldn’t you?” He grinned at Azriel, but he didn’t feel it reach his eyes. As he began walking away, he could hear Az chuckling behind him.

“Good luck with that!” he called after Cassian.

Though his gait was slightly wobbly from the liquor burning it’s way through his body, Cassian attempted to stroll casually over to the booth housing Nesta and her company. With a grunt, he slid in beside Nesta and felt her stiffen. The conversation between her and loverboy halted. Cassian smirked.

“What do you want.” Nesta’s ice blue eyes didn’t meet his and he was annoyed to feel disappointment course through his veins.

“Can’t I meet your new friend?” A cheeky grin spread across his face as he turned to the male. The male smiled awkwardly. Good.

“This is Jasper,” Nesta said, steel in her voice. “Jasper, this is our resident idiot.” Cassian could tell Jasper was a polite prick when a hand was raised in a handshake. Cass made sure to pump his hand extra forcefully, just for the sake of it. Call it a pissing contest.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Commander,” Jasper said, with reverence in his voice. Cassian smirked again. 

“And I you, the great Jasper.”

“Well, now that you’ve met, would you please leave us?” Nesta requested, still not turning to look at him. He was half-tempted to grasp her chin and force her to meet his eyes, if only to see the fire within them. “Jasper was about to ask me something.” 

“Well, that’s not a problem! Ask away, Jas.” Cassian gestured his encouragement. Let’s see where this goes.

“Must you shorten everyone’s name?” He could feel nesta roll her eyes and it only fueled his cockiness.

“Yes, I must. Now Jaspie, what were you going to ask this fine female?” He grinned in the males direction, and saw him gulp.

“Um, well, I was simply wondering if Miss Archeron would like to accompany me to the theater tomorrow evening?” Jasper’s eyes quickly darted between Cassian and Nesta. Cassian held back a laugh. Nesta? On a date? But his humor ended abruptly with Nesta’s response:

“I would love to. And please, call me Nesta.”

Cassian’s mouth hung agape. Was this Jasper a damned daementi?

“Would like to walk me home, Jasper?” Nesta asked. A goofy grin spread across the fae’s face. What an idiot, Cassian thought. But a smaller part of him knew that the same grin would appear on his face if she ever asked him the same question.

“Of course,” Jasper replied.

“Excuse us,” Nesta said to Cassian, and finally, finally, her eyes met his. He relished her icy gaze, however brief and annoyed it was. Just to keep her gaze on him, Cassian didn’t budge. Nesta huffed. He grinned.

Jasper led her out through his side of the booth and they left the club. Cassian felt his face return back to his frown from before. He knew he probably looked like a pouting Illyrian baby, but, quite frankly, he didn’t give a fuck.

Nesta and this Jasper had been going out on dates almost every night for the past two weeks. And Cassian seemed to be the only one who had a problem with it.

“Get over it, Cass,” Feyre jabbed him one night as she, him, Mor, and Rhys were playing cards.

“Seriously, why can’t you just let her be happy? At least she’s not fighting with us every moment of everyday like before,” Mor said while inspecting her cards. “By the way, do you have any two’s?”

“Go fish,” he replied. “And I liked her fights. She’s too complacent now.”

“Just be patient, Cass,” Rhysand said, his assumed wisdom apparent in his voice. Cassian rolled his eyes as Feyre looked to Rhys while they shared some telepathic-mating-bond-lovey communication. Cassian looked at Mor to find her miming vomiting.

“Do you have any sixes?” Cassian asked Rhys. He was still staring deeply into his mate’s eyes. Cassian coughed. Loudly.

“What?” Rhys tore his eyes from Feyre and glared at Cassian. 

“Do. You. Have. Any sixes?” Cassian smiled sweetly. Mor laughed as Rhys shook his head. Cassian looked to Morrigan and rolled his eyes with a smile. Suddenly, Nesta walked in. She looked between Mor and Cassian, huffed, and walked through the living room where they sat 

“How was dinner, Nessie?” Cassian called to her.

“Don’t call me that,” was her only response as she walked up the stairs to her room. 

“Maybe if you stop fucking with her like that you’ll be able to f–” Cassian cut Mor off with a wave of his hand.

“Whatever.” But he couldn’t stop himself as he looked up the stairs to her room. And damn him if he couldn’t help the longing that he knew was written across his face. So he turned back to the card deck and drew one. Queen of Hearts.

The following Friday, Cassian was late meeting the gang at Rita’s He’d been disgustingly sweaty after heading back from the Illyrian camps and he’d needed to change, but for some reason his hair was not cooperating. He finally just decided to tie it back in a bun.

Nesta was just exiting her room when he entered the hallway. Both surprised, they both jumped. He caught her breath hitch as she looked his hair. He felt his own heart skip a beat when he took in her gorgeous figure in the closely-cut dress she was wearing. 



They both spoke at the same time. Cassian cracked a smile and he could spot the whisper of one on her own lips. 

“You first,” he grinned.

“Are you heading out to Rita’s?” she asked. He nodded, and realized the group was probably wondering what was taking him so long. They could wait.

“How about you? Going to meet Jas?” Her eyes narrowed by stayed alight with humor.

“Yes. We’re going out to dinner then dancing.” She looked away from him to brush some imaginary lint off of her dress.

“Sounds like fun night.” He tried, and failed, to keep the sarcasm out of his voice.

“Should be better than going to the bar with some drunk bat, that’s for sure.” Her fire had returned.

“I’m sure a sloppy drunk Illyrian knows how to move better than than some prim and proper fae male.”

“Jasper can move just fine,” she spat at him. He grinned.

“Oh can he?” Cassian lifted a brow and began stalking toward her.

“Yes,” she said, steeling herself and standing straighter. But she didn’t turn away.

“He knows how to move his hips?”

“His tongue, too,” she snipped.

“I’m not sure you know how a tongue should be properly used.” He was getting closer to her. He could feel her heat.

“And you do?” He knew she was trying to scoff, but her voice hinted desire. He smiled slowly at her.

He leaned down to her, letting his breath brush against the shell of her ear. “Indeed I do.”

“Prove it.”

He smirked and proceeded to lick the column of her neck, back up to her ear, nipping the lobe to finish. He felt her shudder and smiled. 

“I think you can do better than that,” she breathed. Then she took him by surprise by raking her fingers through his hair and bringing his mouth to hers. He ran his tongue over her lips and she granted it entry. Their tongues fought with as much fire as they did, swirling and intertwining. He slid his hands over her perfect curves and settled on her ass, digging his fingers into her covered flesh and pressing her closer to him. She groaned at the friction and he felt pride sweep through him. He slowly began to back her up against the doorframe of her room. Once her back was against the wall, she pressed closer to him and writhed a bit. He groaned into her mouth and she took the opportunity to sink her teeth into his bottom lip. He opened his eyes to her blazing and boring into his. That’s it. He scooped her up and wrapped her legs around his waist. He ground into her a bit, relishing the quiet moan that escaped her lips.

He slowly began carrying her back into her room, not separating their lips, and proceeded to lay her down on the bed. He reached down to take off his tunic. 

“Wait,” she stopped him. “Rita’s?” 

“They can miss me for a night. Jasper?” 

“I’ll send him a note in the morning.” He grinned and took his shirt off. She sat up and began unbuttoning her own clothing as quickly as she could. After he slipped off his shoes and began to help her. 

“Gods how many fucking buttons does this have?!” She laughed and he revelled in the glorious sound. He quickly pressed a kiss to her bare back. Finally, after what seemed like ages, he slipped the dress from her frame, delightfully realizing she was almost completely bare underneath, aside form a pair of barely their lace panties. He growled softly in anger when he realized who they were originally worn for. Nesta took his face in her hands.

“These are meant for you. Only for you.” She then took the tie out of his hair and slowly swept his hair back. He leaned into her touch and his growl softened to a slight purr. She pressed her lips to his, standing on her tip toes, and gently pulled him back toward the bed. They both slowly sank down and moved against each other. At some point Cassian’s pants came off. At another point, so did Nesta’s underthings.

They didn’t get out of the bed til the next afternoon.

FINALLy this is posted. also i added in some go fish action for @a-throneoffeels lol. hope the anons like this!!!!!!!!!!

don’t fear the reaper

Summary: Legends tell of a valiant warrior, blessed by the divine, betrayed by the leader he fought so hard to serve, locked into an eternal half-life. Called goblin, this man lives forever, watching the years pass him by, until his fated other half can release him.

(It’s funny, Nico thinks. They say legends are always a little true.)

General Nico di Angelo is killed at noontime, under a sky as blue as his lover’s eyes.

It happens like this, like divine retribution for the guilt he keeps pressed between his fingers. He returns from the war triumphant and blood-stained, followed by a legion of adoring soldiers and whispers of divinity, of spirits, of death. His name has spread across the continent, passed between enemy lips, like a promise. A warning.

If the fates abandon you, and you meet the man with clothes as black as midnight and a sword red as blood, turn back, turn back.

You will not survive him.

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where's my love || dylan o'brien (part one)

word count: 4152

warnings: angst

prompt: none

author’s note: hey everyone! this is the first part of a series that i have decided to start! i’m really excited to write this. special thank you to hayley @sarcasticallystilinski, for reading through this and giving it a huge support! other than that, i hope you all really like this! love you all! 


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Scary Movie (One Shot)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 1313
Warnings: Fluff, mentions of scary images

Summary: You are part of the Avengers. You have a night off and the team decides to watch a scary movie.

A/N: So I just watched The Conjuring 2 and I wish I had a Bucky to protect me :(

It was Saturday, the first night that the team has had off in a while. There were no missions, nobody was under attack; it was just a regular night for the group of people that made up The Avengers to have some fun. Sam was usually in charge of the planning. He would make arrangements for the group to go out or sometimes, with Tony’s help, he would bring the party to the compound. Tonight everyone decided to stay in. The last few days had been rough and no one complained about sleeping in this morning, even Steve. Everyone was shocked, he’s usually up at 5am training hard but not today. No, he slept late, until 6:30am. That’s late for him at least.

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anonymous asked:

CP 14 Days of Love #3: Unintentional Confessions

Day #3 of @softkent‘s Valentine’s Day Fic-A-Thon

“Excuse me?”

It only took Jack’s brain about three tenths of a second longer than his mouth to wake up and by that time his mouth had already gone ahead and started talking without the brain which meant that three tenths of a second later Jack quite viscerally realized that he had made a Mistake.

Bitty had been looking at a catalog in bed next to Jack on a very rare lazy Sunday morning when Jack had woken up, turned over, and opened up his big, dumb mouth. Specifically, Bitty had been looking at a women’s catalog, not terribly unusual as Bitty did in fact have a mother and cousins and female friends whom he did buy presents for throughout the year.

This particular morning, Bitty was looking for a particularly kickass and sexy yet tasteful pair of heels or possibly boots for Lardo to wear to a gallery opening for a friend whom she knows through business that she does not in fact privately like but must publicly support and profess a friend. Footwear for the opening was the last piece that needed to be nailed down, the two having already put together the perfect outfit that says “I hate you and everything you stand for and I will do so while looking fabulous and playing the perfect friend so you’d better get your sucked lemon face ready because you’ll be wearing it all night to go with your own far less fabulous outfit” earlier in the week. 

 It just so happens however that the footwear in this catalog starts where the lingerie ends. Which is what Jack saw. Which is when he opened his big, dumb mouth. Which is when his relationship flashed before his eyes and his world ended. Because he didn’t just open his big, dumb mouth, he opened it and sleepily said, “Wow, you would look incredibly sexy in that, you should absolutely buy the rose one.”

Bitty processed the words and froze. “Excuse me?”

Dead silence. 

What was Jack supposed to say? He had just, out of nowhere, suggested his very male boyfriend purchase the gorgeous, expensive, satin bustier and panty set with flowerettes lining the neckline that sat on the glossy page in front of them. And he’d specified the preferred color no less. Rose, if you please. Jesus this was a disaster. 

There was literally no way for this conversation to go that he wouldn’t joyfully give up to let enraged hippos chew on his entrails. Jack could actually feel the blood rushing from his face.

“Uuuuuhh…..” was his highly intelligent response so far.

“Darlin’, what exactly are you lookin’ at on this page?”

“I don't…” he sighs “…there’s no way for me to avoid having this conversation is there.”

“No, not really.”

Jack’s shoulders wilted. “Alright.” Jack squares his shoulders up with the blue line, blows out a controlled breath, and prepares to take his shot. “I was looking at that bustier and panty set. The one with the good steel boning and the rosette border.” Jack not only gestures toward the catalog but taps the page to indicate his choice. “And that deep dusky rose color would look good with your skin, would add a glow and a warmth. Like strawberries and cream.” Jack mentions his reasoning on the topic of color ruefully at best.

Wheels have been slowly turning in Bitty’s head.

“So you’d like to see me in this one.” It wasn’t a question though it did sound mighty doubtful with a dash of incredulity that this wasn’t some kind of prank.

Jack resolutely kept his eyes on the wall across from the foot of their bed.

Bitty studies Jack’s face, nods once to himself as if having come to a conclusion, and relaxes back into the pillows.

“I wonder if they have any heels that would match…”

decembercamiecherries  asked:

I don't know if you're still doing the "Travel Drabbles" buuuuut if you are, would you be interested in writing a drabble with the prompts of 'killugon' and 'royalty'? I really love royalty aus haha ^^ If not just ignore this whole thing! (you're really great and an incredible writer by the way and every time you post anything it makes my day okay bye)

[shows up with prompt fill two weeks late] so uh, hallo, anyone want cookies? dc, this prompt was excellent. fun fact: I had the last two lines done basically since this hit my inbox, I just had to figure out how I’d get there. killugon, royalty au, 600 words

It takes almost a week for anyone from the Zoldyck castle to finally track Killua down after he’s kidnapped. Not like it matters really: even if he hadn’t been able to take care of his attackers—which he was, he’s a prince not a weakling—traveling mercenary and accidental freer of princes Gon Freecss has been more than capable. Once he’d cut Killua’s bindings and put a small dagger into his hands, the two of them had cut a swath through the bandit camp. The following week has been…

For Gon, it’s probably been an irregular but otherwise acceptable week of mercenary work—although he hasn’t gotten paid at all, and the gold offered by the Zoldyck butlers is turned down with an awkward laugh. He’s certainly taken Killua being the heir to a small but almost hilariously affluent kingdom with barely a blink.

But for Killua, it has been everything. Because for the first time, someone didn’t give a shit about who he was supposed to be, and only cared about him.

“Will I see you again?” Gon asks, expression tight with unspoken nerves. The idea of never seeing Gon again is utterly inconceivable. The realization that Killua doesn’t want to live in a world without his new friend hits him like a felled tree. It’s been a week. How has Gon turned his world on its head in a week. What would it be like with a month? A year?

“Of course, idiot.” Gotoh, Canary, and Amane are all glaring at him as though channeling Queen Kikyo and Prince Illumi all at once, but he doesn’t care.

Gon doesn’t look like he’s ready to let Killua go. “Then, take this as a promise!” he says, and holds out the same dagger that he’d shoved into Killua’s hands almost a week ago. The worn leather sheath is incongruous with the blue steel of the blade. It had been Gon’s father’s, once, and now it’s Gon’s—from Killua’s experience, he uses it more to slice meat and clean his nails than as any sort of memorabilia.

“Will you take it?” Gon asks again.

Killua grins. “It’s a promise,” he says, and tucks Gon’s dagger—his dagger into his belt.

Gon closes his hand over Killua’s, hot as a brand, and Killua’s heart flops over. He can’t stop smiling, though, not in the face of Gon’s grin. And then he’s gone, back into the forest, and Killua can breathe again.

Gotoh’s glare deepens. “Do you know how furious your brother will be,” he says.

Killua shrugs. “You found me, right? And Gon found me first. So there’s no harm done.” Not if he can convince Gon to visit at the palace soon. Maybe he’ll come for Killua’s birthday? Or a feast day? Or maybe Killua can make something up…

“My prince,” Canary says in a tone that might as well be saying you complete idiot. “You are aware the Freecss family is from Whale Island?”

“Of course. Gon told me all about it. He even invited me to visit his aunt—which I’m going to, first chance I get.” He dares them to challenge this, one of the sparingly few things Killua’s ever wanted for himself.

Gotoh’s expression falls into bemused frustration, making Amane and Canary both cough back laughter. He says, “Then you must also know that for the people on Whale Island, willingly accepting a personal dagger is equivalent to accepting an engagement for marriage?”

Killua chokes.