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All The Times You Slept In Bucky's Bed

Summary: In which you’re tired (literally and figuratively) of Bucky waking you up every night with his nightmares so you take matters into your own hands.

Bucky X Reader

Warning: Smut and Fluff

Words: 4,004

A/N: First reader insert fic that I decided to do for @marvelous-fvcks writing challenge. I had prompt 18 “God, I am too tired for this.”- I’m addicted to reader insert fics now. Expect more in the future.


The first time you slept in Bucky’s bed you had gone three days without much sleep. Your bedroom was right next to his so every noise he made woke you up. It just so happened his consistent nightmares caused him to yell and moan in his sleep which in turn woke you up.

You groaned, head pounding as rest was stolen from you and rolled over. Your eyes found the bright red glow of the alarm clock. You allowed for your eyes to adjust before reading the numbers and groaned once more. 2:36am

You sat up, head aching with the motion, limbs protesting as the desire to remain in bed was overwhelming. You stared longly at your pillow contemplating if you should just give in and go back to sleep and deal with Bucky tomorrow when another cry tore through the air.

“Oh for fucks sakes,” you muttered standing up.

You left your room and found yourself in front of Bucky’s doorway. You knocked, three short raps, before opening it.

“Bucky it’s me.”

He didn’t hear you though, oblivious to the world as he thrashed around the bed. His eyes were screwed up tight, his expression the pinnacle of pain. His hands were clutched in his sheets, twist and tearing the fabric with the strength of his grip.

You cautiously walked over to him, aware he was the Winter Soldier and he might lash out in a moment of disarray. You grabbed his shoulders and shook.

“Bucky wake up.” He didn’t seem to hear you, his whimpering echoing in the room.

You shook him harder and spoke louder. “Bucky wake up!”

He gasped his eyes flying open, the gray hues flying wildly around the room until they stopped on your face. It was like he couldn’t see you and was staring through you. His eyes focused and with it came a ripple of confusion followed by the dawn of realization.

“Y/N s-sorry. Did I wake you?” You never heard him speak with such dubiety before, as if he was uncertain of himself. You breathed in heavily, your ire of interrupted sleep fading. This was not the Bucky you saw during the daytime. That Bucky was somebody who carried himself with a sense of pridefulness and attitude.

This Bucky was a broken and scared man. This was the man who had been tortured by Hydra into becoming a shell. An empty shell for them to forge and utilization. Even tho his form was huge; laying in bed coated in perspiration, his eyes wide and afraid, his limbs trembling, he looked like a small and feeble child.

You let out a breath and motioned at him with your hands. “Scoot over.”

“What? Why?”

“I’m getting in bed with you,” You said simply. His eyes widened almost comically and he started sputtering. Definitely not the Bucky you knew during the daytime.
He made no movement though, so you huffed impatiently, eyes traveling to the ceiling as if in a silent appeal, “God, I am too tired for this.

You climbed into his bed and begin nudging him over. Eventually, he got the hint and scooted, allowing you enough room to lay down beside him and throw your arms over his chest.

“What are you-”

You cut him off, shushing him as your fingers found his temple and began a slight massage, “My Ma used to do this for me when I had nightmares. Just relax and go back to sleep.”

It took awhile for his tense body to start to slacken under you and before long his snores are echoing around the room. You let your hands fall and began to stand up from the bed when his body jerked and he let out a sharp hiss. Already the nightmares are starting up once more for him.

You sank back down on the bed and threw your arms around him. In turn, His arms unconsciously came around you too, gripping you tight as if you’re the anchor to the real world that he desperately needed. The whimpering and shivering ceased again and you realized he’s not going to last long unless he’s holding onto something.

Too tired to care you shifted your position to a more comfortable one and closed your eyes. Sleep cane quick and easy to you laying in Bucky’s arms and if you weren’t so exhausted you might have wondered why. But instead, you drifted and slept well into the next day, wrapped up in Bucky’s arms.

The second time you sleep in Bucky’s bed it was the next night. You were up late in your room, filling out paperwork that you had been neglecting for Fury and his nagging was reaching the annoying stage so you sat down in your room at 3pm and kept working well past sunset.

It was nearly midnight when you heard the first strained cry coming from the room next to you. You froze, cocking your head to the side to hear better almost convinced that maybe you just imagined it.

But no; he cried out again and you sighed. You stood, cracking your back in the process, and make your way to his room.

Bucky thrashed around violently this time, a stark contrast from last night. You hesitated, unsure on how exactly to approach him without getting hit or kicked from his flailing limbs. After a few seconds of trying to figure it out, you threw caution to the wind and advanced forward.

“Bucky,” you called out but he didn’t hear. His face contorted in agony and a scream made his way up from his throat; muffled only by his clenched teeth. You stepped forward and called out to him louder this time but just like the night before he didn’t hear you.

‘He’s going to hurt himself,’ you thought and stepped up to the edge of his bed. You leaned forward, bracing yourself on one knee and grabbed his shoulder

“Bucky wake up,” you said, your voice louder than normal as you shook him.

Unlike last night he doesn’t wake up gently. This time he sprung forward, grabbed you, and threw you onto the bed; trapping you beneath him. One hand found itself wrapped around your neck squeezing but not too tightly that you couldn’t breathe. The other hand is pinning both of your wrists above your head.

You let out a shaky breath, “Bucky it’s Y/N.”

You were calm on the outside but on the inside, your heart hammered against your rib cage at a mile a minute. Your brain was a tornado of thoughts, mapping out ways for you to get out of this should the need arise.

He stared at you, his eyes glowing in the moonlight. His eyes didn’t register your existence again just like the night before. He’s still trapped in his nightmare and his brain hasn’t caught up with his consciousness yet. Slowly though the dullness around his pupils ceases and awareness trickles forth as reality settles in.

“Y/N?” He questioned, his grip slacked on your neck and wrist.

“Good morning sunshine,” you grinned, hiding the fact that you were unnerved by his aggression. You slipped your hands from under his and cupped them together, rubbing where he held them in an effort to return the feeling to your extremities.

He jumped off of you, almost like a violent flinch. “Oh God Y/N I’m so sorry I-I didn’t mean-”

You cut him off with a wave of your hand and sat up. “Don’t worry about it. You didn’t hurt me.”

He stared at you in disbelief, raking his eyes over your body as if he didn’t trust you and you were hiding some debilitating injury he caused.

You ignored him instead and moved over on the bed to give him enough room to lay down. You patted the bed and grinned at him. He gave you a dubious look and you patted again, firmer this time, encouraging him to join you. Still looking uncertain and a bit confused, he slid under the covers next to you.

You laid down next to him and repeated what you did last night. It took him a little longer than the previous time for your ministrations to relax him and put him to sleep. No doubt he was unnerved by his attack on you.

But soon his frame relaxes and his breath deepens as sleep overcomes him. This time you don’t bother to get out of the bed, instead opting to roll over and fall asleep next to him.

The third time you slept in Bucky’s bed he invited you to.

You raised a delicate eyebrow as he corned you the next night, moving you away from the ears and eyes of everyone else.

His face was flushed a bright red extending down his neck judging by the hue you saw when he pulled at his collar. He wrung his hands together and looked everywhere but you.

“You uh… the past few nights… in my bed,” He tripped over his words, awkwardness filling the every being in his body, which amused you because he reminds you of a pubescent boy attempting to talk to a girl for the first time and not the super soldier trained assassin.

You wondered if he was going to ask you why. Did he think you were in love with him? Was he in love with you and the bed-sharing was sending him mixed signals? Was he not and it was upsetting?

He was still stumbling over his words- God he sounded like Steve- and you were growing impatient wanting him to get to the point.

“Barnes,” you said firmly and he finally stopped long enough to look at you.

“Can you sleep with me again tonight,” he blurted out, his face turning a deeper shade of red, “Because when you’re sleeping next to me for some reason I don’t have any nightmares. It’s just that I swear, I’m not trying to get into your pants. I just feel it would mutually beneficial because neither of us is getting any sleep since my nightmares wake you up and this seems to help. Nothing sexual, I promise. Not that you aren’t attractive enough because you are an incredibly gorgeous-”

“Okay,” you calmly cut off his rambling.

“-Woman… what?” He looked shocked as if he wasn’t expecting that answer.

“Okay,” you repeated.

“Wait, really?”


He breathes out a breath of air and runs his fingers through his hair. “Okay. Alright good. Thank you. For this. I’ll make it up to you somehow. Maybe I can get you some food? What do you like? Pizza? Ice cream? Or would you prefer something more practical like clothes or gun or-”

“Barnes.” You cut him off again.

He chuckles awkwardly, “Right going now.”

He walked past you and joined Steve and Sam at the other side of the room. You followed his every movement, pondering on why you’ve seen a different side of Bucky three times now. This fills your head with unanswered questions.

Maybe he is in love with you. Maybe you just saw him at his most vulnerable and he is not used to that so you tripped him up. Maybe the Bucky you see daily is a mask to hide the fragile mess Hydra left him in. Maybe it’s all of the above or not at all.

You’re burning with questions but the answers don’t matter.

And so that night you crawled into Bucky’s bed before the nightmares have even begun and position yourself next to his body letting sleep wash over you.

It’s been several weeks since you started sleeping in Bucky’s bed, so on the 27th night, you find yourself walking into his room after a mission automatically. Your joints are aching and you’re pretty sure your body is one big massive bruise.

You’re dead on your feet and all you want to do is sleep. You peel off your clothes, shedding all but your shirt and panties before climbing into his bed.

You don’t even consider the implications of sleeping in your underwear next to a man. But Bucky does and that night he doesn’t sleep his eyes glued to your dips and curves.

Every sigh you make sends a pool of want and need to his lower abdomen. And so he spends the entire night awake fighting an internal battle within himself.

When the first signs of light protrude over the horizon he practically sprints out of bed and spends the rest of the day in the gym working off his frustrations.

The 28th time you sleep in Bucky’s bed he’s getting back at you for what you put him through. You had realized of course when you woke up and saw you weren’t wearing pants. You felt bad for the guy but in your defense, you barely knew how to say your name let alone the implication of sleeping in the bed with a man in nothing but your panties. (And a little part of you wonders why it was so automatic to do that)

Still, that night you make sure to wear appropriate attire but it seems Bucky is not ready to forgive you. He’s dressed in only his boxers and nothing else.

You gulp, eyes roaming all over his body. He smirked when he noticed this before patting the bed next to him. “What’s a matter, doll?”

He’s teasing you and you know it. Your breath shuddered as you carefully climbed in next to him and laid down far enough apart that he can’t touch you but close enough that you feel his body heat.

That didn’t seem to be the end of it tho because he turned onto his side and slung his arm over your body.

His fingers brushed against the exposed skin above your pant line, sending a jolt of electricity dancing across your skin. Your senses burst into overdrive and suddenly you’re aware of Bucky.

How his body molds perfectly to yours. The heat radiating off his skin. His breath on the back of your neck making your hair stand on edge.

Everything in you screamed to take him then and there, but you will your breath to even out and your heart to stop slamming in your chest.

Even still, that night you don’t get any sleep.

The next night you both called a truce and slept in shirts and shorts and as far away from each other as possible. Still, the sexual tension remains and it bleeds out of the bedroom and into daily life.

When you’re on missions, training, or even just relaxing the want and need is thick in the air between you two. So much so that the others have started a betting pool to see how long you’ll last. (You pretended not to notice how they conveniently leave an empty space next to him at the dinner table for you to sit that. Or how they’re all suddenly too busy to go on missions with him and volunteer you to go instead.)

It isn’t until the 76th night of sleeping in Bucky’s bed that anything happens. That night Tony had hosted a gala and after one too many drinks you found yourself dancing with Bucky and neither of you can keep your hands off each other.
By the time you leave the gala the want and need in your lower abdomen has grown so considerably you barely make it to the elevator before you crashed your lips into him.

He gripped your thighs and pulled you up to wrap your legs around his waist. The elevator opened and he carried you to his room not breaking the feverish kiss between you two.

You made it to his room before he slammed you against his door and attacked your neck. Hands are roaming everywhere between you two. One of his slipped passed the slit in your dress and found itself rubbing your underwear making you moan.

“You’re fucking soak,” he growled.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now,” you confessed and rolled your hips against him. He growled again from the stimulation and carried you to the bed.
Both of your clothes are off before you even know what’s going on and he’s trailing a path of kisses from your chin, down your neck, between your breasts, past your navel, and to your thigh.

You gasped feeling his mouth attack the bundle of nerves you desperately wanted him to touch. Your body is like fire, burning with desire. Your hands fly to his hair when he sticks in two digits and curls them.

“God- fuck,” you can’t even find the words to say. The heat grows in your lower abdomen and with a cry you’re falling over the edge.

When you come down you find him kissing you again, whispering praises to you. You wrapped your legs around his waist again and grind against him, the feeling of longing and want throbbing in your lower abdomen.

“Please Bucky,” you whisper to him and with a kiss, he enters you.

It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. It’s like all your senses have been dialed to a thousand. It’s like a supernova exploding in your mind. You’ve had sex before but this is different.

A part of your brain whispers to you wondering why.

But it silences as you feel the heat growing again and you cum with a cry. Bucky follows shortly after, his forehead pressed against yours, his fingers entwined with yours too.

He rolled off and cleaned you off, before settling down next to you. This time you’re both wrapped in each other’s arms and you fall asleep, feeling his lips pressing against the top of your head.

The next morning your brain asks why again while you’re watching him make breakfast (and ignoring the exchanging of money between hands from the rest of the group).

It hits you like a train. You’re in love with him. It’s obvious now that you think about it and you wondered why you never saw it before.

But you keep it to yourself.

Until the 149th night of sleeping in Bucky’s bed. He’s injured on a mission and in the med bay and you refused to leave his side. Instead of going back to his room, you climb into the hospital bed next to him and wrap your arms around him.

“What are you doing, the bed would be more comfortable,” he asks.

“I can’t sleep without you there,” you answer.

“Why,” he chuckles.

You hide your face into his neck. “Because I love you, you idiot.”


And then. “Look at me.”

You shake your head.

“Look at me, doll. Please, Y/N,” he pleads.

You hesitate before lifting your head to look at him. Your heart nearly stops at the look of pure happiness and adoration on his face. It takes your breath away.

“You love me?” He whispers, stunned as if he can’t believe it.

You nod your head. “I realized it the night of Tony’s gala.”

“That was so long ago!”

You frown and feel heat creep up to your face. “I… uh didn’t know how to tell you.”

“Y/N, I love you too,” he says. You let out a breath, feeling tears of happiness spring forth before you crush your lips to his. You want to ask him how long and when did he realize but you’re interrupted by Dr. Cho coming into the room and yelling at you for making out with her patient.

It isn’t until the 365th night of sleeping in Bucky’s bed that you finally have your answer.

He wakes you up at midnight kissing your shoulders and nudging you with his nose.

“Wake up doll,” he whispers against your skin.

“Mmm Bucky what time is it,” you yawn.

“It’s midnight.”

“Why are you waking me up at midnight?”

He straddles your back and lays down, engulfing you in warm. “Because I couldn’t wait to wish you a Happy Anniversary.”

This catches you by surprise and causes you to laugh. “Bucky it’s not our Anniversary.”

“Yes it is, wanna know why?”

“Hmm” you ask closing your eyes again.

“Because a year ago today I was woken up from a nightmare by this girl who I thought was an angel at first. She was so beautiful. And then she crawled in bed with me and I was absolutely positive I had died right there and this was heaven. Right then and there was the moment I knew I was I love with you.” He shifts his body and brings his hand up to your face.

“At that moment I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me Y/N L/N?”

Your eyes shoot open and in front of your face in his hand is a ring. Your eyes are wide as if hardly daring to believe. Your brain has ceased to work, too stunned to remember how to breathe.

You pivot your body and sit up, “Oh my god Bucky.”

The tears start to flow from your face as what can only be described as pure joy is bursting through you.

You manage to nod your head and choke out a small “yes” before he’s holding you and kissing you.

The ring is slipped on your finger and suddenly you picked up and spun around both of you shouting in happiness. The draws the attention of everyone else who bursts in through your door.

“What’s with all the noise,” Steve asks.

You can’t even manage the words and Bucky isn’t paying them any attention, looking at you in his arms. Instead of saying it you hold up your hand with the ring on it.

A beat.

“Oh my god Y/N!” It’s Natasha that’s first to react and she’s hugging both of you. The rest of the others follow suit congratulating both of you. Champagne is brought out and you’re all celebrating your engagement.

That night nobody gets any sleep.

The 730th night of sleeping in Bucky’s bed, it becomes your bed too.
The 1,647th night of sleeping in Bucky’s bed is the first night you awake without him there.

Your heart clenches in agony and you sit up, your eyes burning with unshed tears. Your chest is heavy with brokenness and simultaneously you feel hollow and alone.

Your hand finds the spot on the bed where Bucky’s body is supposed to be but it’s empty and cold. He hasn’t been there in a while.

You get out of bed and make your way next door to your old room which you haven’t used in a while. When you open the door your heart stops hammering upon seeing Bucky in the far end of the room.

You moved to him promptly and when you reached him, you put your arms around his chest and laid your head on his back.

His hand came up and cupped yours. “Everything okay doll?”

“Yeah, I just had a nightmare about you,” you muttered against his back.

“What about?”

“I don’t remember now,” you stated, the fear of the nightmare alleviating as you took in Bucky’s scent and warmth and touch.

“What are you doing in here baby,” you ask. He shifts and turns around and kisses your forehead.

“Daydreaming.” He answers.

“About what,” returning one of his kisses. He moves down your chin and neck.

“The future,” he says kneeling in front of you and kissing your swollen belly. “With you and our baby.”

“You’re daydreaming in the nursery when you could be dreaming in bed,” you chuckled. Your hands thread through his hair and he leans into the touch, eyelids fluttering closed.

“Come back to bed baby. We won’t get a full night sleep ever again for the next 18 years. We should relish in it now,” you say and he laughs, following you back to his bedroom.

“I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too.”

Safe and Sound.

Authors Note: Another piece that has been collecting dust in my drafts. Oh well. 

Shawn Master List found HERE

You overhear the front door opening and closing, heavy footsteps walking their way through the house.

Shawn has been spending most nights at the studio, leaving right after putting his little girl to sleep and coming home anywhere between the hours of midnight and seven in the morning when she wakes back up.

He does his best to balance things, finding it incredibly hard to record his new album when he has a little family at home.

He enters the bedroom, dropping his coat to the end of the bed before ultimately falling into the comfort of the covers, exhaling an apathetic sigh as his head finally catches his pillow.

“Hey,” you lean over, encompassing your hands through his hair, the ends beginning to curl since he has neglected to get a haircut.

“Mm, hey, I love you.” He mumbles melodiously, his eyes gleaming at you while you continue to play with his hair, your fingers seeming to put him at ease.

He sighs heavily, something weighing on his mind heavily—and it isn’t just the exhaustion speaking.
“Wanna tell me about?” You offer, knowing him well enough to know that he’s bottling something up.

“Just tell me you love me and that even if this album flops, you’ll still want to be married to me.” He breathes out lamentably, showing off his pouty pink lips.

You give him a reassuring smile, leaning closer and kissing him benevolently, “I love you and I’ll stay married to you no matter what, what’s the matter?” You request, your fingers still tangling themselves between the smooth strands of his curls.

He stays withdrawn for a moment, just blinking at you before opening his mouth to speak, “Y/N, I don’t know if I’m ready to produce another album.” He whispers unostentatiously as if there are other people in the room, “I don’t think I have it in me to force myself into this mess again, I just got back from tour, I’m not as young as I was.” He informs you before moving to wrap his arms around you, fitting your body flawlessly with his. “I just— I’m in a rut, I have three more songs to add to the album and I don’t like any of them.”

“Why don’t you go up to the cabin for a weekend or two?” You propose, appreciating the warmness and scent of his body as it circles around you and puts you at ease with the heavy rain falling outside. “And before you say anything, I’ll be fine here by myself.” You utter into him as his fingers begin to now stumble their way through your hair, relaxing you even further into him. 

Keep reading


So Tyler @theghostwthemost and I have been talking about how Luke must have always wanted to travel and how becoming friends with Layton enabled him to do just that. And then I thought I remembered that Luke had actually mentioned his desire to travel in Last Specter in a dialogue blurb in his bedroom. I looked it up, and sure enough! 

It’s so sweet that Luke was able to live out his dream of seeing the world, and with his best friend, no less!

Got7 Reaction: Their Reaction To Their S/O Wanting A Threesome With Another Member

Hello I was wondering if you can do a reaction of either Hip Hop Unit (Seventeen) or Got7 to you wanting to have a threesome with them and one of their members 


“If that’s what you want jagi,” Youngjae sighs, nestling his face further into your neck, his arms circling around your hips, pulling you closer to him.

“No, Youngjae, only if you want it, I don’t want you to do it just because I asked.” You bring a hand up, ruffling his dark locks. “So, I’m going to ask you again…Youngjae would it be okay if we invited one of your members to join us in the bedroom?” Youngjae lifted his head, his lips next to your ear.

“I do not mind if we invite a member of my group to join us in the bedroom, and no not because you asked but because I think it’d be hot for you to dominate me and for the member invited to dominate you.” His voice is low and it sends shivers down your spine. “What? Did that make mommy happy? Would my mommy like to be dominated while dominating me?” You begin to chew on your bottom lip, thinking of the scenario.

“I mean, it has to be someone that’s a dom,” You and Youngjae sit in silence for a few, the television playing in the background, you both were thinking of a candidate.


“Jaebum oppa,” You both say at the same time before dissolving into giggles. “Jaebum oppa it is.”


Bambam is kinkier than Jackson…do not fight me on this! You bring up the idea; Bambam takes a foot and turns it into a mile.

“You’re not serious are you?” Bambam asked, his eyes popping out of his skull. “I’ve been thinking about this, about who, about how I’ve put a lot of thought into this.” You watched as he grew excited, his face slowly splitting into a horrifyingly wide grin,

“Slow your horses, child, all I said was I was considering it.” Bambam slowly nodded, “But I’m curious to know, who did you have in mind?”

“My best friend of course! Before we got together, me and him used to talk about tag team-” His eyes met yours and he shut his mouth, wincing as he realized he could’ve chosen better words. “I mean, Yugyeom and I used to think about how you would be in bed…respectfully of course.” He coughed clearing his throat, and you shake your head, lowly chuckling.

“I’m going to kill you first and then I’m going to kill Yugyeom.” Bambam furrows his brows…

“After you sleep with us right?” You hit his shoulder, rolling your eyes.

“Why are you like this? You and your little shit best friend!” Bambam sticks his tongue out at you, and you hit him in the back of his head. “I didn’t stutter…you little shit.”


“No!” Yugyeom pouts, stubbornly crossing his arms. You should’ve guessed getting him to agree to let someone else touch you wouldn’t be as easy as just asking.

“Come on Gyeomie, please, for noona?” He shook his head, uncrossing their arms to loosely wrap them around your waist. “Gyeomie, you’re not being fair, noona did it for you,” He thinks back to the night, a small smile gracing his lips,

“Yeah but you were in cahoots with that girl, plus it was your idea!” You wrapped your arms around his neck, resting your forehead against his, “I just don’t like the thought of someone else touching you, especially not one of my members.” He shook his head, leaning forward to quickly press your lips against his. “I love you noona, but I don’t think I’ll be able to watch someone touch my noona, please my noona,” His eyes darken, and he lets out a low growl.

“Okay, fine,” You kiss his nose, swinging a leg over his lap. “But you own me.” You pointed a stern finger at him and he nods,

“As long as I don’t have to share you.”

Lewis Redman Imagine- Pregnant

Request/Summary: Hello love x Could you possibly write an imagine you’re pregnant and the boys somehow find out but Lewis doesn’t know yet? So you are talking to the boys about it but then Lewis overhears it? I’m sorry if this is confusing xx

A/N: Thank you for requesting i really enjoyed writing this!

After a night of dancing and drinks, your boyfriend, Lewis, and you had crashed at your friend’s house. Your friends that are half of the Sidemen.

You had woken up to an empty bed as Lewis had left a note saying he went for a jog to clear his headache. Flicking your eyes around the spare bedroom, you felt the pounding headache that was upon you. You reluctantly left the warmth of the bed and made your way over to the bathroom. You leaned over the sink splashing cold water onto your face, trying to wake up and dull the pain.

Suddenly you felt sick, like you were going to throw up. You quickly manoeuvred to the toilet, lifting the lid up and empting your stomach involuntarily. After the sick settled, you caught your breath and leaned back against the wall. You stared up at the ceiling for a moment before panicking. At first you thought, I’m just sick because I’m hungover, but then you thought about how you had been sick a few times in the morning the last month. “Oh no” You whispered to yourself.

Standing up you quickly bolted out of the bathroom, out the bedroom and out of the house altogether. You quickly hopped in your car and headed to the nearest pharmacy. Anxiety ran through your body as only one thought stuck in your mind: I need a pregnancy test.

You arrived back at the house passing all the boys as they stood and watched you. “Y/n?” Josh called out as you ignored him and ran up the stairs. You made your way into the spare bedroom, into the bathroom and once again leaned over the sink. You quickly read the instructions on the box and sat down on the toilet. Anticipation and nerves controlling your body at this point.

Your alarm bounced of the crisp white walls surrounding you. The tune echoing through your ears. You were currently sat on the cold tiles of the bathroom floor. You hesitantly stood up and made your way to the sink. You turned off the alarm that indicated the test was finished and looked over towards the test. Your vision blurred as your shaky hands reached to pick up the test.

Suddenly the bathroom door opened to find a worried Josh. “Y’N?” He whispered. “Josh” You frantically answered hiding the test behind your back. “Are you okay? You ignored everyone before?” Josh sweetly asked as he stepped into the bathroom. “I’m fine,” You lied, “Just a bit hungover that’s all, sorry”

“Are you sure?” Josh cautiously pushed. You froze, your eyes locking with his before they fell to the edge of the sink where the box of the pregnancy test laid. Josh’s eyes followed yours before looking back at you, with a shocked expression. “Oh” was all he could say.

“I haven’t looked yet” You spat out revealing the test to him, your hand still covering the results. “Y/n it’s okay” Josh reassured you. “You’ll be fine.” You slowly untwisted your fingers to reveal the answer to the question you didn’t even want to ask. Josh’s eyes followed yours as you both looked at the test. ‘Pregnant’

You were now sat on the counter in the kitchen with your closest friends around you, all of you knee deep in a conversation. Josh, Simon, Vik, Freya and yourself were all discussing your news. “How do I tell him?” You asked with a small smile on your face. Your friends had reassured you that Lewis would be fine with the news and most of your previous nerves had settled. “Oh you should film it,” Simon answered causing a few people to laugh. “What? Shoves a camera in his face, oh by the way I’m pregnant?” You joked back, not taking his suggestion seriously.

“You’re pregnant?” All heads turned to an unknown voice that had just entered the kitchen. There stood a shocked and confused Lewis holding two cups of coffee. You locked eyes with him nervous, not being able to read his expression. You slowly walked over towards him. “You’re pregnant?” Lewis asked you softer, a smile reaching his lips. “I’m pregnant” You stated your lips matching his in a grin.

“I love you,” Lewis said before pulling you into a loving kiss and a hug. “I love you too,” You said. All your nerves were now gone as Lewis couldn’t have been happier for you. “Also I bought coffee” Lewis said earning you to giggle.

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congrats on 3k omg!!!!!!! can i get a br for this blog :> and a hc for eddie owo ily

Headcanon: Eddie runs to his bed when he turns off his bedroom light and jumps on it to avoid any hands grabbing at his legs he’s so cute

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Hey!! I’m Jinx, I’m 22, PST, I’m a caps lock queen and talk a lot so beware of that if we plot!! This is some long ass stuff below but I hope it’s enjoyable to read! If you’d like to plot, I’m open to anything and just like this!! I’ve never played this character before so I’m still getting everything sorted out so please bear with me!! I’m be playing Miriam Schwarz, daughter of the PM of Canada.

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Chaac nsfw headcanons

For anon

-Doesn’t really care about who he doing it with just as long as both of them are satisfied

-His chest is his sweet spot. He loves it when his lovers teases his nips

-Sex in the showers are his thing edit:LOVES sex in the rain

-Is very vocal in bed. Will tell you if he likes what your doing

-His favorite position is holding his partner up and fucking them while he was standing, prefers anal.

-Surprisingly he’s not much for dirty talking, He’ll try and end up giggling like an idiot.

Can give oral, like leaving kisses and hickys on his partner.

Uses melting chocolate in the bedroom whether he licking it off his partner or they’re licking off of him.

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Sub Romeo headcanons! Once the thought came to me it wouldn't leave me alone cause like... Romeo seems like such a bold romantic and everybody thinks that he'll take the lead with his SO in every way cause he wants to take care of them, but really he just wants to be taken care of in the bedroom. He loves it when you edge him and his whimpers are literal music. But he's also so good at doing as he's told that by the end of the night you're both like Romeo and Juliet: dead (asleep lol) -🌱

Damn but I agree!! ~🐳

Balancing Power

Originally posted by yehae

A/N: Mild swearing. Also, two things: this is the first time I’ve written a smut like this so I’m sorry if this is off and, anon, I hope you agree that Heechul is a kinky dude because that’s how I wrote him.
Word Count: 3.3K

    The corset that molds to your torso like a sleek second skin makes you more aware of your quickened breathing. Pins that hold your hair in a neat bun on the top of your head remind you to keep your posture straight and lady-like. Tulle prickles the back of your thighs where it pokes through the short silk slip as you shift from one heel-clad foot to another outside the door. His bedroom door.

           You want to make him proud, to please him, but your normal confidence is hiding back under your bed. This is your first time doing something like this and you don’t want to mess it up. He would be very disappointed.

           Before you can chicken out, you knock. Your quick taps mimic the rabbit’s nervous heartbeat in your chest.

           It triples when his voice comes through the door. “Come in.”

           The room is almost unchanged since you last entered it. White bookshelves of various heights, lacking cluttering knickknacks, line all the walls except for the one with a wide window, its blinds drawn. A large bed with a navy comforter and fluffed ice blue pillows dominates the single empty corner, mirroring the lighter blue walls. The only new addition is in the center of the room: a high-backed chair made of butter smooth black leather that faces away from you.

           Without letting you see his face, he says, “You may begin.”

           Remembering the appropriate response, you murmur, “Yes, sir.” You do not meet his eyes even though you feel them instantly glued to you when you move into view.

           The work isn’t hard or attention-demanding, but you draw each movement out, giving him time to appreciate every inch of you.

Barely a speck of dust blights the many DVD cases and framed photographs of him and other famous colleagues. He outshines each of them. Deliberately placed on the shelves are many trophies, some broadcasting their importance with ornate gold curves while others rely on simplicity for their dignity. Pride warms your chest as your feather duster glides over them. He has accomplished so much before you even met him and you can only foresee more greatness coming his way.

           You unconsciously pout when you get to one of the taller bookcases. Even in your heels, you have to stretch to reach the top shelves and your contents. Your skirt rides up past the bottom of your barely-there silk panties. You shiver. Not from the chill of the air conditioner, but from the increased heat of his stare on your exposed skin.

           “My footstool needs dusting as well,” he says suddenly.

           “Yes, sir.”

           Keeping your eyes on the cream-colored carpet, you turn around, kneel, and lean over more than necessary to give him an unencumbered view of your lace-framed cleavage, pushed up by the corset to look even more generous. The muffled drag of his feet sliding back and his shadow that falls over you tells you he enjoys the view.

           You risk a quick glance forward and freeze. The lumpiest, ugliest pair of decrepit gray socks you’ve ever seen in your life are on his feet. Half curious, half dismayed, you look up fully and burst out laughing, falling on your butt in the process.

           “Come on, babe,” Heechul whines, throwing himself back into the chair. “You’re ruining the mood.”

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His eyes followed the second hand of the clock.

One. Two. Three. Four. Five.

How it moved passed the 10 second mark and then 20.




60. And another minute had passed just like that. But he didn’t even register it, because his thoughts were elsewhere. His mind was projecting back to this night, where he had snuck into his parents’ bedroom. Had leaned down to kiss his sleeping mother’s cheek and whisper a soft “Goodbye”. Had placed a hand written letter on the nightstand, before tip toeing back to his room and grabbing the backpack, which he had packed a few hours earlier.

Nothing much was in it. Just some necessities, that he would need. Important documents. Passport. Clothes. Money. And a few things he held fond memories of.

Like a picture of his family from simpler times. Where they all looked happy and smiled into the camera. Before everything had turned to ruins. Before his father had lost his job. Before he had fallen down into a spiral, that he had never managed to get out of. Even with professional help.


“…” No answer.


A gentle hand was placed onto his shoulder. The sudden touch made Tooru snap out of his thoughts and he slowly turned his head to look up into familiar, tender looking eyes.


Said boy crouched down beside him and let his hand brush down Tooru’s arm to gently grip his boyfriend’s hand, noting how fragile it looked in his hold. He felt the uncertainty that was running through Tooru’s mind right now. He reassuringly rubbed his thumb over the younger’s knuckles with a caring smile on his lips.

“Come, love. It’s time to board the train.”

Tooru’s eyes flickered up to the departure board, where he saw that their train would indeed be leaving in about 15 minutes. So he nodded and let himself be pulled up into a standing position.

He was just about to grab his backpack from the floor, when a tanned hand beat him to it, picked it up and slung it over Hajime’s shoulder.

“You don’t have to…” Tooru started in a quiet voice, but was quickly cut of by his boyfriend’s voice.

“I know you barely slept last night. Regardless you even went to bed.” Hajime lifted their joined hands to place a soft kiss onto Tooru’s knuckles. “You’re tired. And you shouldn’t overexert yourself.”

Hajime’s care brought a small smile to Tooru’s lips and he leaned closer to bury himself against his boyfriend’s warm, sturdy body. “You’re too good to me, Hajime.” He whispered, feeling how an arm wrapped around his waist.

“Nothing is too good for you.” Said boy whispered while pressing a kiss to Tooru’s temple. “Come now. Or the train will leave without us.”

For a split second Tooru hesitated and didn’t follow Hajime’s first few steps towards the gate. He looked back towards the exit, somehow expecting his parents and brother to stand there and wave him off. But there was no one. It was just him and Hajime.

And that what it would be like from now on.

Just them. And no one else.

Taking a last, deep breath he finally followed Hajime.

Also! Quick note: I’ve had this happen a few times from a number of people, but Claude does not have a “smoke room” like the canon spy would. He has his bedroom and that has a mini-bar in it, but no separate room. Basically anything you might think is Canon for spy, throw it out the window. Claude’s a whole other monster. 


But even if I did so, all this solitude became a tiresome after living with my brother and his son for years. Watching TV, cooking, painting, all became the same pattern. I used to have this same pattern before moving here, but my nephew somehow broke it when I came to this town.

And to be honest, I did miss Mento more than my own brother, yet he’ll eventually grow up and he would need his own bedroom.

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the first time Dorian slept in the Inquisitors bed he jolted awake. Dear crept into him, remembering how his secret was discovered and worried it would happen then again, but it never came. All there was was silence and the snores of the other person laying beside him. Suddenly feeling arms wrap around his waist did he come out of his daze. Gazing at his clingy Amatus snuggling against his side, Dorian finally slept peacefully with another beside him whom he truly loved.

Aaaa yes! Omg, then there’s that bit about his dad practically kidnapping him from a lover’s bedroom! How often does he wake up in a cold sweat after that? But he isn’t in Tevinter anymore. And he’s with the Inquisitor, someone who truly cares for him, and he’s never felt safer in his entire life than he does with the Inquisitor’s arms around him. Sure, there will be dangers, but they’re watching out for each other. They don’t have to do this alone anymore.

What the Emojis are Like in Bed


Gene would be super sweet and gentle, making sure he doesn’t hurt you. He’d be slow at first, but work his way up to a faster pace, leaving you a moaning mess. 


KINKY AF. Hi-5 is a mad man in bed. When you guys are going at it, make sure a safe word is involved, because he will not hesitate to pound you into oblivion.


Jailbreak would be real smug, making sure she takes care of you before herself. She loves watching you squirm while she goes to work on you. 


She would be very dominate, making you her slave in the process. Chains and leashes are always involved. She also loves making you with bruises on your ass, claiming you as her own. 


Poop has the stongest thrust out of all of them- this is both a blessing and a curse. Also, to no surprise, he like anal. A lot. 

Did I miss anyone? Leave a like and I can add more characters in a part 2!