this is hilarious.............


Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Winners and Losers

Opening Night Press Interview

the entire siege arrow scene is so fuckign funny in retrospect knowing that percy and vex knew they had feelings for each other by that point because they’re both hilariously unsubtle about it but neither of them think it’s requited

percy: shattering stone, shattering doors, breaking things that should not be broken.
vex: breaking hearts left and right?
percy: if… that is what you’re after.
percy: never forget you’re my favorite and i’m so sorry.

  • Jefferson: We all know I can't spend as much money on ads as my opponent, but I printed out 10,000 "Don't" stickers and 10,000 question mark stickers.
  • Madison: Why don't you just put the "Don't" in front of "Elect Burr"?
  • Jefferson: (looking at a sign that says "Elect Burr? DON'T")
  • Jefferson: Yep, that's a much better idea.
  • Hamilton: Can I have these question mark stickers?
  • Jefferson: Why?
  • Hamilton: (running out of the room) I want to put them on stop signs!
  • Jefferson: Alex, no!