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ahhh thank you for offering little drawings! if you don't mind could you draw a little ford fluff for me? anything would do, and again thanks for offering these! you don't know how much this blog has helped me get through the last week and you're honestly such a great person ahhh

it’s my pleasure!! and aaa thank you… please enjoy this tiny ford taking a nap

The Sword in the Stone

Rating: Teen

Relationship: Ten x Rose

Summary: The Doctor tells Rose the real story behind the sword in the stone. It’s not quite what she thinks.

Notes: Hello lovely people! This is my response for this week’s @timepetalsprompts drabble prompt ‘stone’. This is utterly silly and ridiculous and serves no purpose at all except to allow me to bask in the silly :) It’s in 5 x 100 word drabbles (or just over, possibly). Hope you enjoy!

Also on A03.

“You’re havin’ me on.”

“Nope.” The Doctor grinned.

Rose stared at the Doctor. “You’re seriously tellin’ me that the Sword in the Stone was real?”

“Yep! Really real!” He nodded emphatically. “But King Arthur didn’t pull it out- that was pure legend. Actually, the sword belonged to the Ancient Tyrethians – a relic of one of their princes and they wanted it back. They took the whole lot back to their planet- stone and all.”

She shook her head in bewilderment. “I don’t….How does a sword…an alien sword… get stuck in a stone in the first place?”

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one of my favourite things about Grimm Eclipse is how it portrays Yang

yeah, there are obviously the puns, but then there are just these little moments where the cheerfulness drops and she makes a quiet observation

like when you get to Mountain Glenn - up until that point, nearly everything Yang has said has been puns to some degree (also sidenote, i just remembered her adorable response to finding relics in the game, “I found a thingy!”)

but then as you’re fighting through the abandoned streets of the ruined town, you just get Yang saying this

“I bet this place used to be nice.”

it’s like, that empathy for what the place could’ve been and what it means - actually i just reminded myself, she was the one who exposited on what happened to Mountain Glenn when Oobleck prompts the group to think about what’s in the south-east quadrant, her tone became pretty sad there too - it encapsulates that there’s more to Yang’s character than just cheerful banter and silly jokes; she’s highly perceptive and compassionate

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Hello! So I'm ordering some prints from Cat Print, and I really like what I got on my last run but I think I'm picking the wrong paper. I did a run of 4x6 on heavy card stock 120lb, and found it too heavy. So I was going to switch to light card stock which is 100lb. But then I noticed that medium letter paper is also 100lb but also so much cheaper? My question is basically if it's the same weight, is the quality the same? I don't wanna over pay for my prints but I also want them to be nice. Thx!

Kiriska: Letter paper is “text stock” and card stock is “cover stock”. The same weight on text and cover stock is significantly different. 100 lb text stock is way thinner and lighter than 100 lb cover stock. Yes, it’s very confusing and silly.

I highly, highly, highly recommend getting Catprint’s sample paper pack. It’s free and you don’t have to do any guessing that way. 

Any time you use a new printer or swap to a different printer, request a sample pack. They’re almost always free and are always worth it!!


Holy sh*t I’m out of shape. 

Galavant | 1.02 Joust Friends


* Proud of yourself, are we?
* Proud of what you have done to our home?
* My home?
* Father always told me about the devastating war between humans and monsters.
* We were forced down here after the humans defeated us. This is our sanctuary.
* But…
* It’s no longer that, is it?
* You’ve murdered everything you can get your little hands on, and everyone else evacuated.
* Father told me to evacuate. He told me to run away with Glamor after you…
* (choked sob)
* You.. Murdered my uncles.
* Murdered my MOTHER.
* She spoke so highly of you, calling you silly pet names she called me when I was a child.
* We could have been siblings, you know? We could have been a family.
* But you just had to ruin that, didn’t you?
* …
* My father is up ahead, waiting for you..
* If you think I’m going to let you go and slaughter him, you’ve got another thing coming.
* I’m going to kill you right now. For what you have done to my family and my home.
* Human.
* There are BAAAA-d things ahead for YOU.

Mistral blocks the way.


Written by: irl-odimillican

The 16 types as pokemon characteristics


ISTP:  Strongly defiant

ESTP:  Likes to fight

ISFP:  Hates to lose

ESFP:  Somewhat of a clown

ISTJ:  Very finicky

ESTJ:  Good perseverance

ISFJ:  Likes to Relax

ESFJ:  Good endurance

INFP:  Often lost in thought

ENFP:  Impetuous and silly

INFJ:  Somewhat stubborn

ENFJ:  Strong willed

INTP:  Highly curious

INTJ:  Thoroughly Cunning

ENTJ:  Highly persistent

ENTP:  Mischievous

By Stat: 

(numbered in order I think of them on the list, more so I know when I’m done)

Hit Points:

Loves to eat: 1 ESTP, 2 ISTP

Takes plenty of siestas: 3 ESFP

Nods off a lot: 15 INFP, 16 ISFP

Scatters things often: 4 ENFP, 5 ENTP, 6 INTP

Likes to Relax: 7 INTJ, 8 ENTJ, 9 ESTJ, 10 ISTJ, 11 ENFJ, 12 INFJ, 13 ESFJ, 14 ISFJ


Proud of its power: 1 INTJ, 2 INFJ, 3 INFP, 8 ENFP, 11 ISFJ, 13 ISFP, 16 INTP

Likes to thrash about: 4 ISTP, 15 ENTJ 

A little quick tempered: 6 ESFJ, 9 ESTJ, 12 ISTJ

Likes to fight: 5 ESTP, 10 ENTP

Quick Tempered:  7 ENFJ, 14 ESFP 


Sturdy body: 3 ISTP

Capable of taking hits: 4 ESTP, 9 ESTJ

Highly persistent: 1 INTJ, 2 ENTJ, 8 INFP, 11 ESFP, 12 ISFP, 16 ENFP

Good endurance: 6 INTP, 10 ISTJ

Good perseverance: 5 ENTP, 7 INFJ, 13 ISFJ, 14 ESFJ, 15 ENFJ

Special Attack:

Highly curious: 6 INTP, 13 ESFP

Mischievous: 1 ENTP, 2 ISTP, 3 ENFP, 12 ESTP

Thoroughly Cunning: 4 INTJ, 5 ENTJ, 9 ESTJ, 14 ENFJ, 15 ESFJ

Often lost in thought: 7 INFJ, 8 INFP

Very finicky: 10 ISTJ, 11 ISFP, 16 ISFJ

Special Defense:

Strong willed: 11 INFJ, 12 ENFJ, 13 ISFJ, 15 ESFJ

Somewhat vain: 4 ENTJ, 14 ESFP

Strongly defiant: 1 INFP, 2 ISTP, 3 ISFP

Hates to lose: 5 ENTP, 6 ENFP

Somewhat stubborn: 7 INTJ, 8 ISTJ, 9 ENTJ, 10 ESTJ , 16 INTP


Likes to run: 6 ESTP, 7 ISTP, 8 ENTP

Alert to sounds: 4 ISTJ, 5 INTJ, 11 ENTJ, 12 INFJ, 13 ENFJ, 14 ESTJ, 15 ESFJ, 16 ISFJ

Impetuous and silly: 1 ENFP

Somewhat of a clown: 2 ESFP

Quick to flee: 3 INFP, 9 INTP, 10 ISFP

There are no words to describe how important Sybill Trelawney is to me. Most people see her as an eccentric fraud and leave it at that. I see a woman desperate to impress someone, anyone, just to feel a little bit of validation. Yes, I realize that’s simply a character interpretation. But it’s my interpretation and it’s what makes her special to me. Through RP and fanfiction, I find an outlet for my own problems by writing about her. As someone who struggles with anxiety and depression, relating to her has helped me cope, no matter how silly that sounds. So to a highly underrated character, a strong woman who doesn’t receive the respect she deserves, thank you Sybill for being there for me when I have nothing but my writing to turn to.

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Did you ever get back at Team CRDL for harming Velvet or did she convince you and the guys to leave them alone?

“Oh, we TRIED, but Velvs was having none of it. She was convinced we’d kill them. Isn’t that silly? As if highly trained huntsmen and huntresses would kill humans. Especially since broken bones and damaged nerves teach the lesson much more effectively! But no, she was adamant. Pulled out the sad face and the puppy eyes and the ‘you’ll make me sad’ threats. Worked, too. We had to promise to leave the little shitheads alone…for now.” 

“We have permission to renegotiate if they keep getting on her case.” 

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i may be autistic, but either way i have no common sense, and when i was younger my parents-- especially my father-- used to get disgusted and impatient with me for making silly mistakes, and snap at me. "use your highly evolved brain" is one of his favorite lines. fortunately now that i'm older it happens much less often, but is/was this wrong of them?

I don’t think this is enough to constitute a pattern of child abuse but it absolutely is mean and not the best way for them to handle that situation! making silly mistakes doesn’t mean they should belittle or humiliate you, they should help you figure out strategies to do better in the future. 


I made the Drinking Chocolate recipe you put up and it was AMAZING. Some notes for others interested in it though:

1) It stirs like chocolate milk but don’t worry it drinks thick!

2) The original article mentioned drinking it out of shot glasses. This seemed silly because I thought it was thin but I highly recommend you drink it this way as you can easily give yourself a stomachache otherwise!


why is a picture of two princesses kissing considered more overtly sexual than a picture of a prince and a princess kissing? why is it considered more “adult” to ship Disney princesses together in romantic relationships, when it’s standard in the movies for the female characters to immediately get together with the dudes? (kiss them, marry them, etc)

relationships between two women are always stigmatized and highly sexualized. It may seem silly or weird, but the reason people make Disney femslash is because we didn’t grow up with sweet, cute role models of female/female relationships growing up. They weren’t in any of our cartoons. we didn’t get that representation. 


Mika deals with this at daily 

Erm…I have an art block okay? I had to make something to get myself busy wiht something silly and stupid lolretord. I was highly inspired by this:

This needs to become a meme please.

Created originally by  sketchedatrocities

check that out because that artist makes the most funniest Steven Universe art and comics ever. Just go now and like all of their art.

some thoughts as we approach 4/13/2016

last year i remember drawing some art for 4/13/2015 and thinking, “this is going to be it. this is going to be the last 4/13. i know it in my heart, it has to be” but here we are, almost a year later and it still hasn’t ended yet

with every 4/13 that has passed since 2012, i have been overcome with joy when it turns out the comic wont be ending on 4/13 of this specific year! and part of me would be literally so okay with pauses because it prolonged the wait for the ending of the comic and i still had time to revel with a fandom that was, at one point, a very large part of tumblr fandom culture (cringe) and my life as an adolescent. i had more time to spend with these characters who were so special, so real, so unique and so so important to me

as i write this post i feel almost a little silly talking about homestuck so highly in 2016, but i think that even though ive drifted and homestuck is not quite what it used to be, i think homestuck fans like myself, especially those who started reading between 2009 and 2012, can all admit that remembering homestuck will always be hard when you observe just how much of the fandom has moved on. i literally cannot describe how much homestuck influenced me in my writing, my art as a cartoonist, my sense of humor, and my way of thinking. nothing like homestuck has ever existed before. and being a part of something like homestuck was like nothing i had ever experienced before. i understand why people make fun of homestuck, don’t get me wrong. but there is no denying that homestuck is different and it is worth praise regardless of its flaws

this was a fandom that was so active, so productive, so compassionate and intelligent and colorful and talented. and sure, there were some really cringe worthy moments scattered here and there (i.e., spitting in buckets in public spaces and cosplaying gamzee in a grocery store. both of which i did not partake in, but were seen as perfectly fine in that day and age) but it was just so much fun, i swear to god i had more fun with this group of people than in any other fandom and it has affected the person i am today and i am so proud of that. even as i enter my 20′s and would rather forget my experiences of my 17-year old self, being with homestuck is an experience i will never, ever forget. its something that made me truly happy, inspired, confused, passionate and more often than not, angry. but that was just normal and it was so. fucking. fun. it was carefree and it was fun and if i could bottle up that feeling and keep it for as long as i live i would do it in a heartbeat because it reminds me of a time where my problems seemed much less prominent and things were so much simpler

i can distinctly remember the day i started reading it and i was so nervous and curious and overwhelmed because i knew that the comic was well over 5,000 pages when i got to it but the fandom drew me in like nothing else. there was just something about them that seemed so disconnected from all the other fandoms, like some kind of fun secret club you had to be initiated into by reading through over 5,000 and it seemed pointless and impossible to me at first but damn it i could pinpoint the fucking moment when i realized, “holy crap, this is actually really fucking interesting” (which was definitely after act 1 lol)

and oh my god, going to my very first convention as a full-blown homestuck (which coincided, actually) was kind of indescribable. i didn’t know how to sew so i settled for a closet cosplay but, like, as if that mattered. and like, there were at least 250 people in the corner of the second floor of the baltimore convention center for the friday shoot. i was with my best friend and i can remember we would just fawn over every cosplayer we saw and then we started to sing with one of the writers for the music team and it was like a dream, being with all those people who were feeling the same feeling, this feeling of belonging and togetherness. it was honestly a moment that made me feel like i had found something truly fucking special and i never wanted it to end, not ever.

im beginning to lose my train of thought but….hopefully there are other people who understand what im feeling right now. and ive been telling myself that i can handle what andrew throws at us on 4/13 but as the date comes closer i cant shake this feeling in my gut that it’s 100% going to blow me away and make me cry and yearn for days when the “end of homestuck” was nothing more than an enigma

Eat “clean” if you want to, but saying that there are foods that you can and cannot eat because of some made up scale of food ethics is silly. It’s also highly disordered thinking.