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was it ever established if animal and raizou knew each other from the baseball days??? well here’s a quick scribble of tiny chris and raichi anyways

I was not sober when I stumbled across @artofjellophish‘s commission page, thankfully I did not embarrass myself and here is the result of my drunk rambling. She is such a pleasant person to work with! I am definitely a regular costumer now, I hope she’s prepared to draw over 3289792535 Takumi in the future!

With that being said, who messed up Takumi’s lipstick? 😗💋


Haven’t talked about it yet, but I’m super stoked for the new edition of 40k, and particularly the Primaris Marines. 
I”m going to create an Ultima Founding successor to my Dark Angels army, but I got to thinking that I wanted a Company Master that was more identifiable. So, indulging in my vanity, here’s a highly stylized, self portrait, sent to the printer in time to be back before I get my starter box on the 17th!


Jeffrey Dahmer’s (Basic) Astrological Profile

Sun (main sign) in Gemini (air): Your Sun sign represents your ego - it is who you are to yourself, the things you like, why you like them and the root of your personality. Jeff was a Gemini. Gemini are VERY often stereotyped as being two-faced, but it’s more complicated than that. Many Gemini seem inconsistent because they are an air sign, meaning they tend to process and convert emotional information in a logical (not always practical for feelings, obviously) way. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t emotional, it just means they prefer to express it in a less obvious way than, let’s say, a water sign. Sometimes Gemini say that they feel as if their emotions and thoughts do not always correspond with one another, in part due to other placements, which can create internal conflict. Gemini, depending on how well they express themselves, are also usually either very eloquent or terrible writers and speakers because their planet, Mercury, is the ruler of communication. Gemini have extremely active imaginations and are usually good at joking as a coping mechanism for situations that make them emotionally uncomfortable or anxious.

Key Gemini words for Jeff: Racing thoughts, detached, intelligent, impulsive, clever, savvy liar, charismatic, manipulative, anxiety, nervous energy, logical, charming, witty, persuasive, mean-spirited humor, practical jokes, using humor to disguise/avoid emotion

Example: Jeff was known for his wild antics in high school, and his dark sense of humor followed him throughout his life - from his mocking cerebral palsy gestures in high school, to joking that there was a body in a suitcase after one of his kills, to the flyer he posted for Cannibals Anonymous in prison. His imagination was absolutely key to Jeff’s compulsion - his obsession with realizing his imaginary life ultimately destroyed and ruined his own and 17 other lives.

Gemini also dominates the hands, nervous system, and lungs. Gemini tend to look younger than they actually are.

Example: Jeff was a self-admitted chronic masturbator and really enjoyed smoking cigarettes, so much so that he eventually only agreed to interviews in prison in exchange for cigarettes (and snacks) and he complained that it was difficult to afford them on his prison wages. Jeff’s compulsion to touch and feel things began at a very young age, according to his father, Lionel, beginning with small animal bones as a child, to dissection of roadkill as a teenager, and finally to a full-blown erotic attraction to organs and viscera as an adult. Jeff’s face also seemed to appear different many times in his life, especially with or without his glasses.

Moon in Aries (fire): The moon is where you will find one’s emotional capacity and how they process emotions. Aries in this placement tends to be self-important. They are not lazy, but they are impatient, even demanding, restraint and keeping their temper are not their strongest attributes. They enjoy a challenge.

Example: Jeff was able to keep his job at the chocolate factory for multiple years, despite his extracurricular activities. When on the prowl, he sought out the most attractive guy in the room, showing a bit of a competitive side that isn’t outright, nor is it a negative trait when not amplified. Aries also likes to be in charge and Jeff was not a submissive lover.

Ascendant in Libra (air): Ascendant (often called ‘rising’) is the ‘social mask’ worn around people that do not know us well, it is how others would describe us, how we physically appear to them, and how we express ourselves. Libra rising usually gives off fair hair and light colored eyes. Libras prefer the company of aesthetically pleasing things and people, and are generally passive and agreeable. They dislike arguments and fights, and can be exceptionally good at flirting. When arguing with a Libra, they prefer to diffuse the conflict in a nonviolent way and can talk themselves out of trouble. (most of this describes Jeff, so I won’t give examples).

Key point: Libra is the opposite of Aries - there is conflict for Jeff with the social mask duties of remaining passive and submissive in daily life, with the emotional and internal desire and drive for control and to get what he wants. Gemini makes it easier to separate the two - emotion from logic, but this can create detachment to avoid threatening the ego.

Mercury in Gemini (air): Mercury, as stated before, is the planet that rules communication. While Gemini can be rather chatty, not all of them are like this. Jeff’s Mercury being in the same sign as his Sun says that he usually means what he says, as it is directly from his ego. Although he was not a very good writer, Jeff was very cognizant of his wording verbally and chose his words carefully, not to be lacking in or falsifying sensitivity. He is sincere, as his words are deliberate, even if not very deep. Even though Jeff had problems relating to others on an emotional level, he seemed to genuinely want to understand and to be understood after his arrest, and was very good at expressing even his more irrational or surreal ideas in an effective manner.

Venus in Taurus (earth): Venus is how we choose our friends, lovers, and what type of work we might be attracted to based on what we are passionate about. Venus in Taurus is highly self-indulgent, enjoys good food (😯), emotions are concrete and lacking in complexity, opinions are fixed, but they are capable of befriending people that are nothing like themselves, even if the friendships are minimalistic in nature. This placement also has a tendency to prefer being dominant. Taurus are usually homebodies, but because they prefer to host and they enjoy their security. Real estate is a very practical profession for a Taurus, if they choose it.

Mars in Aries (fire): Mars is how we expel energy, how we act, and how we handle conflict. Jeff’s Moon (emotions) and his Mars (energy) both being in Aries means his objective matched his thoughts, and they were just in sync enough to be dangerous. Because he wasn’t especially verbal, it can be assumed (and confirmed) that Jeff spent a great deal of his time, energy, and money thinking about and acting on his crimes. Aries in Mars can create restless energy, which can feed the Mercury placement of the Gemini, a sign keen on imagination, but Aries is a sign of action - adding to the desire to feed impulses to remove the internal tension. Also not a lazy placement, Mars in Aries might be susceptible to biting off more than one intends to chew (bad pun) and poor multitasking can lead to being overwhelmed, rebuilding anxiety, and spiraling out of control. Mars in Aries is aggressive and control-seeking, at its worst.

Elemental key & representation
*Air: logic - III
*Water: emotion - 0
*Fire: energy - II
*Earth: stability - I
- One of the movies Jeff cited as helping him feel powerful and in control, that he enjoyed watching alone and with his victims often, was The Exorcist III. Jeff related himself to an ‘evil’ character with yellow eyes dubbed “The Gemini Killer” in this movie, especially.
- The majority of Jeff’s victims were Sagittarians and Aquarians, both of which are considered ideal romantic partners for Gemini.
- Lionel Dahmer, Jeff’s father, is a Leo.
- Ted Bundy was a Sagittarius, the opposite of Jeff’s sign, Gemini.
- David Berkowitz is another renowned Gemini serial killer.
**OPs lengthy disclaimer: This was written with each of Jeff’s aspects considered in flux with one another, rather than what you would find on an auto-generated natal chart, where each aspect would be separated and not take the others into consideration. I opted out of including any trines/conjunctions/etc or anything that would imply that it was Jeff’s destiny or fate to become the person he did. I do not believe in predictive astrology, and to me, astrology should simply be used as a tool for reflection and developing self-awareness/improvement. The aspects I’ve chosen to highlight leave room open to interpretation - they show our best and worst case potential, our strengths and weaknesses, and internal obstacles that we individually overcome or let destroy us. Even if someone else had Jeff’s exact chart placement for placement does not mean they will become a cannibalistic serial killer. What Jeff did was a choice and this is simply to examine what he could’ve been versus what he was from an astrological perspective** I did not delve into Jeff’s Neptune, Saturn, Uranus, or Pluto signs because they are very nonspecific to individuals (they change less often). If anyone is interested, I can go into his ‘houses’, which goes more into his childhood, career choices that would’ve been ideal, and social perception.

Haikyuu!! Captains Idol!AU HCs

Okay, I have been holding unto this headcanon for a while now, and I decided to let it out just in time for the Captains Week. (Let it be known that I blame Boys24 for all of this. If you don’t know what that is, then spare yourself. If you do, then I know your pain.)

Disclaimer: Most of my references and terms are from K-Pop, since I am better versed in it than I am with J-Pop, so promotions and concepts and stuff are leaning more towards that. Also, I know there’s a plethora of Kpop groups out there, but I only included those/referenced those who I am a die-hard fan and casual fan of, or just basically liked few of their songs so I know of them to an extent, so yeah. THIS POST IS HIGHLY SELF-INDULGENT. You have been warned.

Also my contribution for Captains Week 2016 Day 2: Music

Members and Positions

        Sawamura Daichi – Daichi is Leader of the group because he gives off this aura and feels that just screams responsible, but genial. Daichi is sort of a well-rounded member, able to dance and sing and rap a little, although his position really is vocals; plays the piano and drums; is considered by some fans to be a bias-wrecker. Daichi likes to post heartwarming messages to fans, thanking them for their support. Always gets teased by Tetsurou for being so responsible (which earns the latter a kick in the shin or a punch on the arm).

Think Seungho of MBLAQ… I HC Daichi as that kind of leader and member of the group.

·         Oikawa Tooru – Tooru is the self-proclaimed visual of the group, and acts as a sub-vocal; has omnipresence in social media, mostly on IG, and occasionally Twitter, which makes him the most famous member, and he does in fact have the largest fanbase among the members (a fact which he doesn’t stop reminding Tetsurou about); the aegyo machine and has an extensive knowledge of girl group songs and dance; on occasion have crossed dressed just to prove how good looking he is.

Super Junior’s Heechul (circa 2009-2010) is my reference for Idol!Tooru.

·         Kuroo Tetsurou – Kuroo is the ultimate bias-wrecker of the group; His position really is sub-vocal, but his smooth dancing earned him a spot as lead dancer; plays the guitar and is the one responsible for the acoustic versions of their songs (along with Daichi and Kaname); is the second famous member because he actually responds to tweets and sometimes trolls the fans for laughs (along with Koutarou).

He’s like Infinite’s Woohyun (greasiness) mixed with Block B’s Jaehyo, mixed with BEAST’s Gikwang.

·         Moniwa Kaname – Kaname is the resident flower boy and cinnamon roll, who takes up the role of being the mom and serves as the main vocal of the group. People used to underestimate him, but once they heard his voice, they immediately changed their minds. His fans would usually post edits of him wearing flower crowns; it doesn’t help that he always takes selfies of stuffed toys gifted by fans.

Think Ryeowook of Super Junior.

·         Bokuto Koutarou – Bokuto is the hyperactive main rapper of the group; fans consider him to have a reverse charm because off-cam and during fan meetings, he’s like a child and he’s so boisterous, you wouldn’t think of him as anything serious but on stage and on-cam, he does a 180 and just leaves fans breathless with his rap; the king of fan service (doesn’t hesitate to take off his shirt if fans asked).

He’s like Block B’s Zico (some traits) mixed with Ikon’s Bobby (his voice).

·         Ushijima Wakatoshi – Toshi serves as sub-vocal for the group; is the idol actor among the members, which makes him the leading man in most of their music videos (much to Tooru’s chagrin). Despite his nonchalant façade, he actually is one of the dorkiest members of the group, as he’s prone to posting lengthy posts about things he is interested in, ones he’s seen in advertisements and such (again, to Tooru’s chagrin because it doesn’t make sense to him); is their dark horse when it comes to variety because fans find his non-reaction very funny (AGAIN, much to Tooru’s chagrin).

Think of Big Bang’s TOP mixed with VIXX’s Leo (weird combination tbh)

·         Terushima Yuuji – Yuuji is the maknae of the group; because of his b-boy background he is easily made the main dancer, but he also serves as the second rapper. Fans find it hard to believe that he’s the maknae because he sells the bad boy image so well and Noona fans are wary of him because he is still jailbait (1 more year to go Teru-teru). It doesn’t help their resolve whenever he performs though. As the maknae, he has the ultimate burden of doing aegyo (which he claims he doesn’t have, but inadvertently shows it whenever he says that; Tooru likes to help him in that area though); thinks that Tetsu-hyung is taking too much of Daichi-hyung’s attention.

He’s like B.A.P’s Zelo mixed with Block B’s P.O. mixed with iKon’s B.I (wow that’s a lot of acronym-ed artists)

Concept/s and Songs

·         I haven’t really thought that far to think up of concepts and the details that comes with it, although I kind of see this group lean towards Pop or maybe RnB at first, until they are confident enough to try and tackle more challenging ones. Some songs that I think would fit them would be the likes of One Way’s Magic, Mr. Mr.’s Do You Feel Me, MBLAQ’s Smoky Girl, Infinite’s Last Romeo, SHINee’s View, Super Junior’s It’s You and 2PM’s Comeback When You Hear This Song

·         For kind of light-hearted love songs, and (borderline) cutesy concepts, I HC something along the lines of 2PM’s I Can’t, 2AM’s Love You, Hate You, Big Bang’s Let’s Not Fall in Love, then there’s also B.A.P’s Take You There, VIXX’s G.R.8.Uand Got7’s Just Right.

·         There are also other songs like B.A.P’s 1004 (Angel), and Rain Sound, DALMATIAN’s E.R., iKON’s Apology

·         Sub-unit songs: iKon’s Anthem for the rap line and MBLAQ’s Cry and 2AM’s Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die, for the vocal line.

·         They would also not hesitate to cover girl group songs (especially Oikawa), and make acoustic versions of it (courtesy of Tetsurou)

Yeah…that isn’t well thought of.

Other stuff

·         Their fanbase are generally supportive of the boys, and older fans are welcoming and are ready to introduce the boys to whoever they think is interested. And while they have their own biases that chose them, all of the members have special places in their hearts.

·         Fandom is generally a happy one because even when the boys are not promoting, they try to update their fans as much as possible, like they upload videos of self-cameras (whether through their official Youtube channel or through their personal social media accounts), covers, and other shenanigans, which just basically means that fans have always something to look forward to.

·         Just don’t get the fans started about the ships, because dear Lord this group HAS a lot of them.

PS: Would you like to suggest a group name? 

“Can I help you?“  Kuroo asked, peeking around the edge of the shelf to where a boy was planted, maybe five inches to the right of where he’d began twenty minutes ago, when Kuroo had first spotted him wandering.

The boy startled, phone slipping from between his fingers and onto the floor.  He hastily ducked to pick it back up before spinning and facing Kuroo with a red face partially concealed by his hair—an outdated dye job that Kuroo struggled not to find pretty endearing.

"Uh,” he began.  "I don’t–“

"You’ve sort of been inching towards the sexuality section for, like, twenty minutes, I think.”  Kuroo pointed to his name tag.  "I can help you find what you’re looking for, if you want.  You can be in and out in twenty seconds.  I promise.“

The boy shifted on his feet, awkwardly glancing at the shelves around them, as if trying to avoid Kuroo’s gaze.  "Okay,” he said after a moment.  "Do you, uh…“  He took a breath.  "Do you have any books on asexuality?”

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hey here have a shitty comic i drew at 4 am for highly self indulgent reasons

p1. morgana: ah! lady ann 
p2. ann: hmm?      
ann: WHAT? you can talk? a cat?      
morgana: h-hey!!
p3. akira: hey ann…      
ann: mm?      
morgana: PLEASE!! be more gentle!
p4. akira: could you please stop manhandling my cat?        
ann: oh oops        
ryuji: fierce snickering 

I don’t know why I just was in the mood for stupid Bane and Jango feels. No need to explain this I guess. Just a small idea I had for the comic I haven’t gotten back to.
The message isn’t in real time btw and Jango and Bane maybe got into it, so Jangos the one who roughed up his partner.
Tried to emulate that holo communicator look with not much good results LOL!


pisces sun with an aquarius moon : rainbow telepathy into mystic waters, a midnight bathe in the water bearer’s bucket, the dreamer of ideas and utopia, the godly humanitarian

virgo sun with a libra moon: something cool and cleansing, the refined intellect, idealistic perfectionist, self conscious and socially intuitive, emotionally distant

aries sun with a leo moon: explosive and radiant, self expressive and creative, imaginative and novel, playful and dignified. the lion has his battle sword raised for the welfare of his young

aquarius sun with a scorpio moon: alice is blowing puffs of sorceress smoke, the wonderland is puzzling and complex, the focus is intense and brutal, highly intelligent and likely self isolating

taurus sun with a cancer moon: indulgent and security conscious, maternal and creative, comforting and reflective. intensely rich inner life he frequently withdraws into, the formation of a sanctuary

capricorn sun with a virgo moon: meticulous and efficient, intelligent and service oriented, is self reflective and focused on self improvement. a mastermind on top of the mental mountain

gemini sun with an aries moon: two excitable inner children that never settle, a highly alert and active mind, acutely responsive and playful, comedic and outspoken


There’s a soft rumbling outside.

Kenma sits up immediately, dropping his PSP on the bed beside him, and listens.  Dappled sunlight barely filters in through his curtains, and he can’t recall what time of day it must be, can’t even remember if it’s the same day as when he’d last went downstairs for some food, but could it be…?  That rumbling is different than the thunder that’s been echoing around Kenma’s room for a while now, and it makes Kenma’s heartbeat quicken, because it sounds eerily similar to the motorbike Kuroo’d gotten before he left for college.

The rumbling comes to a stop, directly outside of Kenma’s house.

Kenma’s eyes widen.  He throws the covers off of his body, swinging his legs off the bed, and makes a mad dash to his bedroom door, flinging the the door open.  And then he’s running.

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Quite Contrary

Here’s a little highly self-indulgent preview/excerpt from Working Title: eeEEeeeeEE BISMUTH or: I was writing a Bismuth fic and half the Pearletariat decided to drop by. As you do.

About 1000 words that aren’t too polished but work pretty well on their own.

“Oh, hey. New recruit? Here for your first weapon?”

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