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NaLu Week 2015 Day 2: Gratitude

An old photograph revealed one of Lucy’s insecurities and Natsu assures her that she’s still beautiful no matter what.

A/N: This one has been sitting on my drafts for a long time. I think I exhausted myself from writing for Day 1′s prompt that I couldn’t write what I really wanted for Day 2′s prompt yesterday. So I just tweaked this one to fit the prompt. It’s not perfect, but it’s something. :) 

On a rare day-off from the guild, Lucy decided that it was the perfect opportunity to do some cleaning in the house. Their children were out on a one-day mission and her husband got a day-off as well.

The living room, kitchen and bathroom were sparkling clean by afternoon. The only room left uncleaned was the master’s bedroom.

Now, she really wouldn’t call it messy. After all, she can’t sleep in a chaotic room (unlike her husband before they got married). It just needs a little tweaking, maybe throw out some stuff that can be let go.

She was going through their shelves and cabinets when she found an old photo album. It was from their younger years, from the time she and Natsu were not a couple yet. She settle on the bed as she looked at its contents. One particular picture caught her eye as she explored the album. She removed it from the placeholder and looked closer.

The old photograph felt a little rough to Lucy’s touch. It was a picture of her with Natsu during their training in the beach in preparation for their first Grand Magic Games.

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