this is hetalia

What was in the bag? Please use your imagination haha.

Finally we are done with the moving! The new apartment is kind of creepy though. We still need to clean up the old apartment… ugh…



A Baking Show With England and Canada

So, I was watching the great British baking show, as ya do. And how funny would it be if England and Canada had a baking show? 

France and England is too easy. Canada would act nice the whole time white being super frustrated with England. And England would think he was doing really well because Canada kept fixing mistakes behind his back, and he would be arrogant about it. 

England: Time to take the cakes out of the oven. 

*Shows montage of Canada secretly fixing all of England’s mistakes*

England: Oh! It turned out so well. Never had a doubt.

*Slow zoom on a smoldering Canada in the background.* 

Canada: yup. 


@humourtalia ‘s Birds Nest Ball

AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH after 3 days straight of nonstop drawing im finally finished ;-;

no words can describe how much i loved the birds nest ball event that humourtalia hosted on their blog! that was so cool and just so much fun and i was really left scratching my head over which bird was which QvQ

i had to tone down the masks bc i wanted the countries’ faces to show now that they’ve been revealed,, but i hope you like it!! 

anonymous asked:

What do the Nordics smell like?

Denmark: Cologne.  He tends to wear a lot of cologne.  Something strong, but not cheap.

Norway: He usually smells pretty natural, just like soap and deodorant.  But sometimes, he smells of smoke.

Iceland: The ocean.  Sea salt, mist, and just the slightest fishy smell.  Nothing too stinky, it’s just from the sea and feeding his bird.

Finland: He smells like sweets!  Baking bread, cookies, cake.  He smells yummy!

Sweden: Woodsy.  Fir trees or sandalwood. A smell of the deep forest.


It’s been a while.

I felt like I needed to make a post just confirming that I’m alive and to clear up a few things, mostly the reasons why I left and why I don’t know if I’m coming back.

1. I was dragged moved my belongings from Hetalia hell to Yuri!!! On Ice hell.

Don’t get me wrong, I tried to stay in this fandom but YOI quickly took over my life and I kind of lost interest because of my new obsession.

2. My art has improved A LOT recently.

Seriously. When I started this ask blog last October, this is what my art looked like:

And this is the kind of stuff I’m doing now:

I tried drawing some stuff for an ask the other day and I was like “hOLY SHIT HOW DID I DRAW LIKE THIS????”

Also, a lot of other things have happened since I started this ask blog, mostly to do with final exams taking up a lot of my time, but as well as that I’ve started longer illustration and animation projects and I’m also in a relationship now so this blog has kind of been pushed down to the bottom of my list of priorities.

So anyway, I’m not entirely sure what to do with this blog now, I just wanted some sort of closure, you know? Maybe I’ll be back one day, I’m not sure yet. But for now it would be great for you to follow my art blog @alexadooodle because there I post drawings that I actually spend time on (despite most of them being shitty sketches drawn at midnight).

- Alex