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Would anyone here happen to have pictures of the Wonder Woman / Superman kiss statue? Either mini or full size? I'd love to buy it, but trying to find size reference pictures has been surprisingly hard.

Yes. Sure. 

DC Collectibles Superman and Wonder Woman “The Kiss” Statue

  • Based on the art of Jim Lee
  • Sculpted by Tim Bruckner
  • Recreates the kiss between the heroes on the cover of Justice League #12
  • Statue measures approximately 14.3" H

The Mini Kiss Holiday Statue 

  • Captures a romantic moment between The Man of Steel and the Amazon Warrior from Justice League
  • Based on the famous Jim Lee illustration
  • Intricately sculpted miniature version of the best-selling statue, with a holiday twist
  • Measures Approximately 8.75" H

Here are some pics and hopefully you can see the scale of the both. The mini in this last pic as you can see is still pretty outstanding. The full statue obviously its details are slightly better because of its size. The smaller one has mistletoe but those are really the only differences, barring the price of course. Both are beautiful. They are the perfect gift for special occasions or that special someone one or if you just simply desire to collect one of the most gorgeous sculpts of a DC couple. It’s a perfect representation of love and romance of two powerful icons and equals. You might still be able to access them via E-bay and Amazon. I bought the mini ( simply couldn’t afford the bigger one but wanted one bad) and adore it. 

Things I love about the “villain turns good” trope:
  • Ex-villains graduating to “weird uncle” status.
  • Ex-villains and hero(es) turning the events of previous battles into bizarre inside jokes.
  • Ex-villains embracing the power of friendship and love.
  • Ex-villains putting up walls and keeping to themselves until the heroes teach them what it means to trust someone.
  • Ex-villains messing up and being forgiven because redemption is a process, not an endgame.
  • Ex-villains being shy and uncertain about their new place as a hero.
    • Bonus: Ex-villains hiding behind their hero friends during moments of shyness and uncertainty.
  • Ex-villains being tempted back to the dark side only to realize how much their newfound friendships mean to them.
  • Ex-villains pretending to return to the dark side, and using their villain cred to be a mole/saboteur on the heroes’ behalf.
  • Ex-villains taking the same skills and character traits that made them effective villains and using them for good.
    • Ex-villains defeating current villains by being better at those skills and traits than they are.
  • Ex-villains being rejected by almost everyone except the very few willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.
    • Ex-villains being ferociously protective of those few.
  • Ex-villains convincing old allies and friends to follow them to the light side.
  • Ex-villains helping their hero friends through guilt and self-doubt by reminding them that your mistakes don’t make you and it’s never too late to turn things around.
  • Ex-villains receiving unconditional trust and affection from someone small and innocent, and having no idea what they’re supposed to do with that.
  • Ex-villains reuniting with heroic loved ones that they don’t have to fight against anymore.
  • Ex-villains looking around at their new friends and their new home and having to sit down and ride out a sudden wave of powerful emotion because they can’t remember the last time they felt content.

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this was going to be a small project to alleviate stress and art block but i underestimated how much i missed drawing pjo/hoo and especially these three so have a team statue drawing

(i had a ridiculous amount of fun with this rip))

Magi 337 Spoilers

Warning: As usual, please note that my level of Japanese is basic at most, and this is just a translation of text summaries available online, so I cannot guarantee that the following snippets are accurate. In other words, these can be just rumors or misinterpretations, and I might have left some parts out because I didn’t understand them. Feel free to share the link, but please DO NOT REPOST, and don’t forget to support the official releases!!

In which Judar gives his answer.

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“Peck’s film doesn’t waste time recapitulating Baldwin’s legacy and refuses to turn him into the marble statue that so many heroes become when centralised in fawning nonfiction movies. Instead, Peck and Strauss, through fluid, train-of-thought edits, reawaken Baldwin’s entire mindscape, one brimming with ideas and obliquely attuned to a present that is both changed from and familiar to the past. Wherever his brain wanders, our attention invariably follows. Indeed, I Am Not Your Negro excels precisely because it values Baldwin’s genius above all else. His aching, hard-earned wisdom has wavered in and out of the American consciousness in the decades since his death, but Peck’s film places it at the forefront, which is where it has always and unquestionably belonged.” — Matthew Eng

Read more: James Baldwin reclaims the spotlight in Raoul Peck’s magnificent film essay, I Am Not Your Negro

36 Reasons why Phantom Planet is most definitely only Danny’s dream

1) the whole thing starts in space???

2) WHILE in space a FIRE starts in the outside part…. no offense but uh,,, theres no oxygen in outta space? how would it burn? No logic

3)Tucker ended up mayor??????????

4) Danny gave up his powers and was totally stupid? but also how he gave up his powers is totally illogical? I mean the machine half killed him to begin with, so why didn’t it full kill him this time? 

5) I refuse to acknowledge it as canon

6) i mean seriously? fire in space

7) Danny got statues all over the world for being a hero? da fuc

8) Why the skunk hair?

9) Danny knew about Vlad’s robot maddie from an earlier episode so it’s plausable that they’d appear

10) Why would a computer argue with itself???

11) How’d Vlad even get the map? and out in space?

12) When Danny went out int space to fight Vlad (in the very first minutes) why’d they need to open the cabin door thing for him to get out? He’s a ghost?

13)Also? He’s a ghost? He doesn’t need to breath? I’m pretty sure theres and episode where he’s underwater and can breath (or something i could be wrong) but still??? He’s dead?

14) Disastoroid? Really?

15) A blast would have to be freaking MASSIVE to send the ‘disasteroid’ out of orbit from the rings and across the solar system and into earth???

16) with what minimum wage workers deal with a ghost is probably not that big a deal…

17) Why would vlad hire teenagers to do the ghost hunting??? Surely theres more capable adults? Why would Vlad want to deal more with teenagers?

18) Master’s Blasters??????????????

19) I still refuse to acknowledge this as canon

20) Sam’s reaction was kinda really super dumb and not like her at all?

21) Every time Danny tried to best the Masters Blasters he ended up in only his underwhere? That nightmare 101 my friend

22) It is NOT that easy to take down that grass dude ghost man, fuck that

23) The ghost that the Master’s Blasters all took on were ones Danny had extreme trouble, yet the Blasters took them down super easy, which is also nightmare 101, making his self worth crumble

24) Didn’t we just fight that void/dream realm dude Nocturne?? He even appears in Phantom Planet? He’s probably just screwing with Danny

25) Tbh, Sam would’ve been more understanding, same with Jazz, cause like, have you meet those two? Danny was only fourteen, and he was fighting ghosts, not because he overly wanted to, but because he had to as no-one else could, and finally theres someone there who can do it really well, and Danny doesn’t need to anymore? Why shouldn’t he have taken that opportunity to give up his powers?

26) The portal almost didn’t work in the first place? Why the hell would the Fenton’s risk changing it in case it didn’t work again?

27) Seriously? what is up with the skunk hair man?

28) What was with Vlad going ghost like that? He wouldn’t do that? Da fuc

29) Also his plan was shit? Why was his plan so shit? ugh

30) What is a space nomad?

31) How is it that computer Maddie never got around to telling Vlad what the asteroid was made of?

32) What was up with Danny getting his powers back through the many ghostly plasma blasts? It don’t work like that?

33) Why didn’t Danny go to Clock work?

34) Did the guys in white kill Freakshow???


36) If Halfa’s turn human when they go unconcious being a free roaming space nomad isn’t probably the best escape
Get Some

Author: sara_holmes | Word Count: 75k | Rating: NC-17

Summary: Harry is getting rather fed up with everyone treating him differently afterthe war, and catches hold of the one person who doesn’t seem to care about his hero status.

Review: Oh wow this absolutely pulled me in, almost like a Harry Potter sequel but much more personal! It’s such an honest and real story about Harry and Draco and how the way the see each other develops, along with their relationship and their own characters. 

Harry’s frustration at everyone deferential treatment towards him feels almost visceral, and so plausible it almost makes you want to slap him the way Draco does at the beginning. Because we know, as well as Draco knows how very much Harry needs that reminder that he is a normal human being after all, and Harry in return reminds Draco to care about himself again. Harry coming to terms with his life post-war, his feelings towards Draco as well as his sexuality was so gradual, yet so sure - with Draco beside him his acceptance of these things become so easy.

There’s Hogwarts and the Gryffindors and Slytherins and lessons and everything else that lends a sense of this fic picking up from where Deathly Hallows left off *hysterically yells EWE???*. And it really is fantastic, how strong and true the friendship and love between Harry and his friends, as well as Draco and his friends is. 

Content/Warnings: Eighth Year, Secret Relationship, Some Harry/Ginny

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“I’ve been here for thirty minutes questioning my life choices. What have you been doing?”

“You’re not the first person to tell me to grow up. Maybe I just don’t feel like it’s necessary to do what needs to be done.”

“I don’t know why you still walk next to me. I’ve pushed you into five separate puddles already.”

“I wanted to be a hero. I don’t think I’ve yet achieved that status.”

“The way I see it, you don’t have anything to lose.”

“I’ve fallen for you in hundreds of ways.”