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if im being honest, i don’t post a lot of art here, or even on my art blog for that matter, because it never really gets a lot of notes. people tell me all the time how good i am at drawing or how good my art is, but whenever i post anything, it’s not always the same story. i used to hate sharing my drawings with ppl irl, but now it’s the easiest way to feel like i didn’t waste my time.

sure some things get attention here, and i might have one or two with a larger amount of notes. i appreciate every single one of them! but when u see something with, around 400 notes maybe? usually 300 of them are likes. and that’s great, i’m so happy that people like it! but that only tells the artist that they didn’t like it enough to share with anyone.

when you see something that you like, but you’re not so sure bc it isn’t very popular, just keep in mind that every piece of amazing art that someone shares on here starts out with 0 notes. if you’ve never seen the artist before, it might be good to check if they’re the original poster, but other than that. please, if you like it a lot, share it.

thank you so much to all my friends and followers who share my drawings and doodles! and thank you everyone else for liking them as well! i don’t, by any means, want you to stop! just keep this in mind, okay? it’ll put my heart, and a lot of other artists here, at ease.

If it was confirmed that a secret special episode had been filmed and will air in five months, then I would understand that people don’t want to hear a word about queerbaiting, cause it’s reasonable to believe that johnlock might actually happen this time and the plot of s4 will be fixed. Why else there would be a super secret special episode, right.

But we’re talking s5 here, which is… such an uncertain thing, and even if it will happen, it will be long, long time from now. Given Ben and Martin’s attitude and busy schedules, well, I don’t think they will be willing to find time to film together until like 2020. Don’t forget they both are producers now, not just actors. S5 is not about Mofftiss or BBC, it’s not even about the narrative or writing it’s all about Ben and Martin. Yes, both of them even though some people act like Ben doesn’t even matter anymore.

My point is, even if you don’t believe that the show is over yet, that doesn’t mean that people don’t have the right to call it queerbaiting. It might be queerbaiting, and, for the time being I still think that too despite believing that s4 is fake, cause, first of all, the weirdness of s4 has nothing to do with johnlock at all and, unfortunately, neither has the most possible explanation so it’s not given that a potential s4-fix = johnlock canon and second of all, queer people were thrown a few thin bones to keep the hope of canon johnlock alive but if you look at the show, there wasn’t a single kiss between two people of the same gender, Sherlock has been kissed by and kissed only women, they constantly tease the shippers that he is fucking a woman, they made fools out of us and so far it still looks like we made up John’s bisexuality cause there weren’t any overly explicit hints that even the broad casual audience would pick up on, so, all in all, they are giving straights everything they want and expect while us, queer people are supposed to be satisfied with what, subtext, knee gropes and aborted love confessions that are later treated as jokes? 

I love analysing and theorising and I believe that s4 wasn’t just a giant mess of coincidences and utterly terrible writing so I am going to continue read and write meta and stuff but the harsh truth is that, no matter what they will do, they fucked up. Which they could at least partly fix if johnlock was canon, of course, but, like I said, it’s not given they want to and I am afraid that not many people will care in 5 years, which is when the next episode most probably airs.

very vocal people in the backstage experience info group on fb: encouraging people send her hate on twitter so she feels bad, dragging her, “gaga hates her fans now” “she’s a diva and not humble anymore” “why does security matter she said she’d die for her fans in 2009”
me, never complaining about or questioning Gaga’s character in terms of her treatment of fans sitting here with my unforgettable experiences reading all that: how interesting…….

Mod Kaiba here, and now I got a lil update for everyone.

Bullcrap is finally sorted out and I am now able to draw again! I will also be attending college starting Monday, so I will have more computer time to work with but will also be occupied with school junk again as well. However, I will, no matter what, finish up those art prizes before I even begin thinking about commissions or portfolio work because you have all been very patient with me, which I appreciate greatly! Once I’m done with the last few prizes, this blog will be back on it’s bullshit and I’ll get back to making dumb comics again!

Once more, thank you to all those fans that stuck out through all of this and I’ll try my best to tickle that funny bone of yours with good ole shitposts!

Door Symbolism/Reading The Room: A Look at Klance

After finishing season 3 I, like I’m sure most people, walked away with a lot of new ideas, theories, and takeaways from the show. However, one such thing I didn’t even consider except upon review of the “leave the math to Pidge” scene while working on making gifs is how often the use of doors are in symbolism for Lance and Keith’s relationship. It’s such a prevalent matter that I couldn’t help but make a post to share with y’all some interesting metaphors and character analysis between Lance and Keith’s relationship (romantic or not)


Often when looking at well directed cinematography, the use of the setting/background information to portray character emotions is quite common. This can be scene in instances such as warm colors giving “romantic lighting” and dark colors/rainy weather representing “fear/sadness” in most movies/shows

Voltron does this really well in many scenes, hell just look at the first episodes and take in the emotions you feel when looking at the environment and how the characters probably feel:

In other words, shot compositions is really important in Voltron

Now. Let’s take a look at what shot composition shows us in the dynamics of Lance and Keith’s relationship

This is going to be a long post, so the analysis will be below the cut:

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Apparently an innocent person got doxxed and mistakenly identified as the Charlottesville terrorist.

I think that if we intend on actually holding Nazis accountable to their employers and families (i’m all for that) we also need to be mindful of how fucking dangerous it is to just accept any and all info you can find without a single critical thought. We’ve seen what mob mentality can cause, and the idea that an innocent person could get harmed and killed because of someone regurgitating false info scares me.

This is not a call to not doxx Nazis or to ‘respect their opinions’, but to make efforts to not spread false info that target irrelevant and clueless people, either because someone went off of vague physical characteristics or they were duped by misinformation.

We need to make steps to make sure that doesn’t happen, starting with ‘Don’t use 4Chan as a source’.

4Chan is a haven for Nazis and they were active in spreading disinformation to accuse random and innocent people of being the terrorist, which is how the proffesor got doxxed in the first place.

Even further Channers enjoy impersonating leftists in order to get in between leftists activists and pointing fingers in the wrong direction for people to follow.

We cannot afford to have an innocent persons blood on our hands. We simply can’t. We’re not Nazis. 

And even beyond the human cost of it, the inherent immorality, saddly, the political implications are dark as well. There’s a lot at stake right now. By acting like a mob and uncritically spreading false info you put not only the inadvertent target at great risk of harm, but marginalised activists who will be harrased, attacked, delegitimised and be forced to answer for your clueless actions.

People are chomping at the bits to find a leftist equivalent to Nazism (as a matter of fact they’re doing it RIGHT NOW), don’t give them a reason, because what’s at stake here is trully immense.

Wheter we like it or not, deaths will be politicised, and that’s something we must not allow Nazis to lord over our heads.

By acting like this you put not just someone unrelated at risk of possible death, you put all of us and the very idea of fighting the growth of anti fascism, at risk. There’s more at stake here than you could imagine.

But that on it’s own, is a rather cynical stance that fails to take into consideration the simple inhuamanity of it. The human cost of it must be front and centre for us. Even the mere idea of a person having their life ruined or, God forbid, dying because of this is unforgivable to me. 

An innocent person, someone minding their own bussiness to suddenly be visited by Hellfire is inexcusable. We must not tolerate ‘collateral damage’. We’re better people than that, we MUST NOT let that happen if we’re to act as leftists. This is the most important thing. 

Joseph Christiansen Secret/Cult Ending Manuscript

I went digging through the Level 18 gibberish and sorted out all the dialogue into a manageable manuscript if anyone is interested in reading this secret wild ride. None of the dialogue is labeled so I did my best to interpret who was saying what so any mistakes are my bad. It took a few hours to put together but I felt like some people would like more than just a summary so here is the full text:

MC will be short for Main Character or your player.

** edit 07/26/17: minor text fixes, better formatting, the insertion of more images (courtesy of purpledragon42) , and insert of a working readmore **

Level 18- Joseph Bad Ending or True Ending ( Who knows? )

This appears to take place after MC and Joseph Christiansen engage in sex in the yacht, except you don’t wake up to what you expect. This takes place in Cult_Dungeon1.

(Photo Credits: Game Grumps)

START: You’re A Monster


Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn. What time is it? Must have been asleep for ages. I wonder what will happen now that Mary is gone? What about Joseph’s kids? And how will Amanda feel about all this? That’s what matters… . Well, we all have each other. I guess time will tell, right? Better get up and greet the day.

Am I tied up?! What the hell?! How did I get here? What’s going on?! Joseph? Anybody?

You’re probably just dreaming. Why would there be a… Don’t panic… . a dungeon. An evil dungeon. Why would there be an evil dungeon here? This can’t be real. Maybe I had too much Twilight Rouge. I’m dreaming, or something.


Oh, I guarantee this is real.

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Skyline {VII}

Originally posted by tom-cinnamonroll-holland

Warnings: Language, panic attack

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Word count: 3.1k

A/N: Guys!!!! This is the last part of Skyline.  Like, for real this time.  I’m so sad to see it end, but I’m also so happy that it’s had such success, and I can’t thank you guys enough for that.  You are all so so wonderful, and you have all my love.  As usual, I want to give a shout out to Zoe and Jen for reading my drafts and helping me edit and brainstorm, as well as encouraging me to write.  As for all of you, I hope you’ll forgive me for all the angst that I’ve hit you guys with (remember when Skyline was self-indulgent fluff lmao), and I really hope this makes up for it a bit.  In other news, tonight is the Spidereyhes Sleepover!!!!!!!!  All the info on the sleepover can be found here, as well as info about the livestream, which will start at 7pm PST.  I’ll post the link on here!! Zoe, Jen, and I will be discussing all kinds of things, answering questions, and talking about Skyline, so be sure to drop by!!! Also, if you have any questions about Skyline or anything else that you want answered, send it in!!!! It’s not too late yall.  Again, thank you so much, and I hope you’ve enjoyed Skyline as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

skyline: a mixtape

{part i} {part ii} {part iii} {part iv} {part v}

Sitting up in your bed, you stared at the window, not sure of how to react to seeing Spider-Man’s masked face through the glass.  Throwing back your covers, you quietly walked over to the window, grabbing a hoodie that Peter had lent you as you passed your desk.  Sliding the glass panel up, you climbed out onto the metal fire escape, slipping on and zipping up Peter’s hoodie to protect you from the cold.

The superhero stood where he had first stood, the night he saved your life and blew up Vizzini’s all those months ago.  And there, to his right, were the flower pots that he had tripped over the first time he came back for you.  Those stairs were where you would sit and draw while he watched your fingers fly across the page, amazed at the pictures you created.  Behind him was the railing that you would lean against as you looked at the Queens skyline together.  This fire escape was your entire relationship condensed, the one location where you were allowed to be with each other.  If you used your imagination, you could almost see every single night playing out in front of your eyes.  Spider-Man, with a bendy straw underneath his mask.  Spider-Man, attempting to draw you in the moonlight.  Spider-Man, his hand on your waist and the other in your hair. Spider-Man.

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Guess Who’s Back

Writer - @damndescendants 

Requested - nope. Send in request!

Disclaimer - I do not own any of Descendants’ characters and/or ideas all credit goes to the creator and producers of Disney Descendants

Pairing - Harry Hook x Reader

Summary – (Y/N) is the daughter of Dr. Facilier and is one of the Villain Kids who go to Auradon but when Mal returns to the Isle she goes with Ben, Evie, Carlos, and Jay to get her back when they run into her boyfriend, Harry Hook

Warning(s) - threats, if you squint harm/harassment hinted and mentioned, protective 

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Gendry ignored that. “At least your father raised his bastard, not like mine. I don’t even know my father’s name. Some smelly drunk, I’d wager, like the others my mother dragged home from the alehouse. Whenever she got mad at me, she’d say, ‘If your father was here, he’d beat you bloody.’ That’s all I know of him.” He spat. “Well, if he was here now, might be I’d beat him bloody. But he’s dead, I figure, and your father’s dead too, so what does it matter who he lay with?”

this is gendry. the show making him worship king bob is fucking absurd 

Google Salutes the Birth of Hip Hop with Interactive Doodle

Google is celebrating the 44th anniversary of hip-hop today with an interactive doodle on its homepage. Kool Herc’s party at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx 44 years ago is cited as the crystallization of influences that became known as hip-hop. Google’s keyword team spoke with Kevin Burke, Ryan Germick Perla Campos who are behind the doodle. They also worked with hip-hop legends Fab 5 Freddy who was the first host of Yo! MTV Raps and Def Jam logo creator and visual artist Cey Adams. Check out their story behind the doodle,

Keyword: How did you come up with the idea for this Doodle?

Kevin: I’m a huge Hip Hop fan. Growing up outside New Orleans, it was a part of my DNA-performing Hip Hop in my high school band, adding Hip Hop to my college radio station’s rotation, and working on the set of Outkast’s “Ms. Jackson” music video in my first job out of college. Hip Hop has been a constant thread through my life and I wanted to bring my love of it to a Doodle. I developed the concept for interactive turntables, showed it to my manager Ryan (also a fan of Hip Hop), and he lost it. He said, “let’s make it tomorrow!”

OK, so people were into the idea. But Hip Hop is such a big topic. How did you decide what to focus on?

Perla: From the beginning, we were thinking big. I mean, Hip Hop touches so many parts of culture but a lot of people don’t know much about its origins. So, we anchored the Doodle to the birth of Hip Hop, and wanted to celebrate the people who pioneered the movement. We hope to give them the voice and the recognition they deserve, which is what Doodles are all about-shining light on times of history that maybe you didn’t know about. 

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Let’s think about this shall we…

There’s an 11-year old boy who has never known love or affection or anything good really. He’s an outcast in his own home, made to feel like he’s worthless

…but then this great thing happens…he’s a wizard, like what the…? An entire new world is opened to him and he gets to leave this horrible place, there’s a world out there where he’s…a hero? That’s crazy! And he gets to go to school with other wizards, kids just like him…he’s so excited… but he’s so nervous too…he just wants to matter, to someone…

…and he meets this boy - with red hair and dirt on his nose - a boy who just wants to be noticed for once…he wants to be good-looking, like his big brother Bill, and brave like his other big brother Charlie, and clever like his brother Percy, and funny like the twins…he doesn’t think he’s any of those…he’s going to shame the family name and be stuck in Hufflepuff - or worse, Slytherin! How is he going to ever live that down?!?!?! He’d never be able to go back home…! 

…he just wants to matter to someone. Looked to for guidance, like his opinion was important. Like he wasn’t the runt of the litter, that all the good qualities were passed liberally among his siblings, but he got the very least of it….toad? No, he hadn’t seen a toad…hey! He didn’t know that wasn’t a proper spell! Why that little know-it-all….!

…she didn’t mean to embarrass him really but much better tell him now before he embarrasses himself during lessons… Oh, she was so excited…! Magic was real! And there was a school about it, can you imagine…?!?!?! Oh, she was finally going to be accepted…! She was sure no one at Hogwarts were going to call her names like at her old school… She was going to make so many friends here! Friends that looked beyond her big teeth and crazy hair…

…she just wants to matter, to someone. To be seen as more than just a brain, to be valued for who she was. She’s seen the way the other kids would share secrets during recess. She wanted to share her secrets, too…oh, they were here!!!!

Three kids - coming from different worlds and backgrounds - met on a train, going to a magical new place. They didn’t know what lay ahead of them, didn’t know that together, they’d face down the greatest evil that their world had known. They were just kids - babies, to some - who wanted to matter. Bogged down with their own personal insecurities and wanting to just…belong



What they each longed for before they got on that train to Hogwarts - they found in each other. Harry found family in Ron & Hermione, the siblings he didn’t even know he was longing for until he found them. Ron wasn’t just another Weasley…he was Ron. He mattered. For himself. Hermione found a sibling in Harry, the love of her life in Ron. She wasn’t some annoying know-it-all to them - she was…important

How amazing is it…to find two of the most important people in your life…on a wizarding train headed to Scotland…? 

Oh, you and I? Darling, we survived.
—  in another universe, softly, kindly, without question | p.d(via lostcap)

For anyone who’s worried Nicole is gonna be killed off Kat is confirmed to be in every episode this season already. And also remember the showrunner of this show is Emily Andras. The same woman who spoiled her own show to tell us that Waverly and Nicole would survive the first season happy and in love because she “Wanted us to be able to watch a show without anxiety.” The same woman who many many times has said that the bury your gays trope is lazy writing and needs to stop. The same woman who makes sure to develop the queer characters and give them their own storylines and treat them equally to the straight characters. The same woman who has said herself that she won’t work on shows without queer representation because she thinks it’s that important. The same woman who is aware of almost every queer holiday or awareness day and always talks about it. And talks about queer rights all the time. The same woman who was on a panel for GLAAD for lesbian and bisexual representation in media. The same woman who is not only aware of the bury your gays trope but is also aware of other tropes such as the predatory lesbian trope and tries her hardest to avoid it. The same woman who at every panel she does for Wynonna Earp talks about how important queer rep is. The same woman who during the scandal with YouTube when they were censoring queer media asked to speak to YouTube directly to talk about why they had blocked Wayhaught clips on YouTube. We’re in good hands you guys. Emily knows what she’s doing. She knows how to write three dimensional full rounded queer characters. And the thing about full rounded characters? They need to make mistakes. Now, we may not always like those mistakes. We may not always agree with the storyline that goes along with those mistakes. I’ve actually never watched a show in my entire life where there wasn’t at least one storyline I didn’t like. But guys. Nicole being killed off? I can basically guarantee that’s never going to happen because this is Emily Andras and she knows what she’s doing and she completely understands the importance of queer rep and knows how damaging the bury your gays trope is. Now this cheating storyline? I’ll admit I’m not a huge fan of it. But I understand that some storylines I’m not going to like. And I think it honestly it really matters where they take it from here. And I think they’ll handle it well. And if you’re ever worried think of all those things above and remember who’s running this show. And remember this quote Emily said at Clexacon about Wayhaught “You have to believe that even when they’re fighting. They’re fighting for each other”


Writer - @damndescendants

Requested - nope. Send in request! All types relating to Descendants are allowed!

Disclaimer - I do not own any of Descendants’ characters and/or ideas all credit goes to the creator and producers of Disney Descendants

Pairing - Harry Hook x Reader

Summary – Harry Hook’s girlfriend, (Y/N) is kidnapped by someone on the Isle and Harry isn’t too pleased with it

Warning(s) - kidnapping, violence, swearing, fluff at the end

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In One Piece

Alex pinched the bridge of his nose before hissing through gritted teeth, “You told me to come home t’yeh, an’ while I’m out there nearly dyin’, you’re here playin’ house with some bloke?”


Alex returns home from Dunkirk to some very unpleasant and unsettling news.

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Come Back to Me (Part Nine)

Fandom: Marvel
Ship: Peter Parker x Reader
Requested: Yes
Genre: Angsty-ish, Fluffy-ish
Warnings: Swearing

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight Part Ten

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Peter had been ignoring you. You didn’t know what you did, or what reason he had, but he wouldn’t speak to you. He wouldn’t even look at you. It had been almost a week without your best friend by your side, and honestly? You hadn’t ever been so lonely.

You tried to speak to him multiple times throughout each day—in the hallways, in class, at lunch, but he would only look down at his feet and pretend you weren’t there. A sharp pain would resonate in your chest each time, missing your best friend.

And it was a bit of a hysterical situation to you, because you had just been thinking of telling him how you really felt about him. But maybe Ned was wrong, considering this was the treatment you were getting for no reason. Maybe Peter never liked you.

And that other world would never truly be this one.

But being fed up, and wanting to deny the thoughts in your head, you stormed your way to his apartment at a time you knew he would be home. You kept your eye out more carefully this time, nerves on edge this past week that you didn’t have Peter on the phone to calm you down. You rushed up all the stairs in his apartment building, majorly out of breath as you knocked harshly on his door.

“Coming!” You heard May yell, and you attempted to gain your breath back before she answered. The door swung open and you were greeted with the sight of Peter’s aunt wearing an apron with bits of flour sprinted on it. “Hey, (Y/N)!”

“Hi, May,” you smiled back, and you felt bad when you saw her outfit. “Oh, sorry, am I interrupting you?”

“No, not at all!” She exclaimed and opened the door wider for you to come in. 

“Is Peter here?” You asked as you walked through the door, and you found yourself looking around at the apartment for him.

“No, he isn’t,” May said slowly, and you knew she noticed your shoulders sag as soon as she spoke. “Is everything alright between you two?” She asked as she closed the door behind her, and she motioned for you to sit at the kitchen table with her.

You sighed as the both of you sat down across from each other, your shoulders slouching even more. “I don’t even know.”

She waited patiently for you to finish. “He just- he won’t talk to me. And I don’t know what I did. He pretends like I don’t even exist. I just- I need to know.”

You looked down at the kitchen table, fiddling with your fingers. You knew it was odd to be saying this to Peter’s aunt, of all people, but you had always been close with May. 

After a few moments of silence, you looked up from the table to see May staring at you inquisitively. “You like him, don’t you?” She finally said, and your eyes fell back to the table.

You let out a self-deprecating laugh, not even bothering to deny it anymore. “Is it that obvious?” You asked. You could feel your cheeks growing redder.

“Not to him, I’m sure,” she laughed lightly, and you could feel her eyes still on you. “My nephew is an oblivious one when it comes to that stuff.”

You gave a small laugh in response, but said no words other than, “Do you know why he’s ignoring me?”

You looked up to see her shake her head, and you frowned. “No, I don’t. But I’m sure it has something to do with his feelings for you.”

You immediately perked up at her words, shoulders now stood stiffly straight. “Feelings for me?”

“Come on, honey. You’re telling me you haven’t noticed the way Peter looks at you?” May said, and you stared at her blankly in response.

It couldn’t be. 

“He’s completely smitten for you. And you should tell him you feel the same.”

“But he’s ignoring m-”

“Probably because he thinks you don’t like him back!” You could see her getting excited, and you felt the feeling stir up inside of you as well. “Tell him, (Y/N),” she said, resting her hand over yours. “It’ll be worth the risk.”

You nodded, a small smile forming on your face. “Thank you, May.”

You decided to wait until the next day at school to talk to him. You were determined to tell him, to track him down and make him talk to you. To make him look at you.

You had to wait until the lunch bell rang to go search for him since the two of you didn’t share any classes together in the morning, and when it rang, you sprinted out of the classroom and towards the gym where you knew Peter had class.

Before you arrived there, practically running through the halls with hundreds of other kids in the hallway with you, another bell rang. You almost didn’t flinch, and neither did anyone else, thinking it was the second lunch bell.

But then it became louder and harsher, and you realized it wasn’t a bell—it was an alarm. 

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me, you thought.

You crashed through the gym doors, seeing nothing but an empty gym. You needed to hurry. You needed to find him. The halls were now chaos, everyone panicking as the realization an alarm was going off set in. 

“This is a lockdown. I repeat, this is a lockdown. Everyone please make their way to the nearest classroom immediately. We are not in immediate threat, but there is an Avengers crisis just miles from our school. I repeat, this is a lockdown.”

Everyone continued to panic, scrambling for the classroom doors. 

You, on the other hand, frantically looked around for Peter. He had to be around here somewhere. You tried to think. If it was an Avengers matter, then he would most definitely be called by Mr. Stark to help. All you had to hear was the signal he had showed you whenever he would need him. You listened and listened, but nothing could be heard over the blaring alarm and the screams of worried teenagers.

The hallways were quickly clearing as students ran into classrooms, but they still seemed crowded. It was now that you felt the panic set in yourself. You needed to tell him. You needed to find him. If he was about to go risk his life for something big enough that the Avengers needed him, then you needed to find him.

You would’t let him risk his life after not speaking to him for a week, without you even knowing why.

You looked around frantically, ignoring the shoves and yells of everyone at you being in their way. You looked in every direction, strained to hear the signal his watch would give off. And then you saw him.

He was running toward the back doors of the school, his backpack hanging loosely off his shoulder and his sweatshirt already beginning to be yanked off. You didn’t hesitate before racing after him.

You thought you could hear a few teachers screaming at the two of you to turn around, but you didn’t listen. And, of course, neither did Peter. He crashed through the doors, and you were a few seconds behind him. He made his way to the back alley behind the school. You followed him there, too. 

He finally stopped, dropping his backpack to the ground and pulling his sweatshirt over his head. His shoes somehow made their way off of his feet, and his pants were pulled down. You didn’t look away, not caring.

“Peter!” You yelled, finally stopping and trying to catch your breath. “What do you think you’re doing?”

He didn’t answer, now shoving his legs into his Spiderman suit that he grabbed from his backpack. It was now up to his chest when you yelled again, walking closer to him.

“What do you think you’re do-”

“Go away, (Y/N)! Go find Ned to protect you instead,” he yelled in return, the whole suit now on except for his mask. You thought you saw a hint of jealousy on his face before the mask covered it. 

“What are you talking about?” You asked, confused. You saw him begin to turn around, but you yelled to stop him. “Don’t you dare go anywhere!”

“I need to go help-”

“You need to explain yourself first!” You screamed louder than you ever have, angry that he was brushing you off so blatantly. “What are you talking about? What about Ned?”

“You obviously like him, (Y/N)!” Peter was screaming now, too, and although you couldn’t see through his mask, you were sure his expression was angry.


“I saw you guys walk out of that supply closet together! Go ahead, go date him for all I care! I’ll stay out of your way,” he went to turn around again, but you leapt forward and grabbed his shoulder. You turned him around, staring at him.

“I don’t like Ned, you dumbass!” You yelled, throwing your arms out in exasperation. 

“Yeah, okay, sure-”

“Stop!” You pointed at his face. “Take that mask off.”

“No, I’m leaving,” you yanked him forward when he went to turn another time. The two of you seemed to be getting closer and closer to each other. 

“Take. Off. The mask.”

You let go of his arm so he could slip it from his face. His eyebrows were furrowed, and it was no surprise to see. You saw a small yellowing bruise on his jawline, and you grew angrier, knowing he could have come to you with his injuries if he weren’t being so petty.

“Why have you been ignoring me?” You asked, and in seconds a loud explosion sounded from far away. You could see that Peter itched to swing away, to swing closer towards where the damage was happening. But you wouldn’t let him.

“Just answer the question, Peter!”

“Because I love you!” He shouted, silencing you and your yells. The stunned expression on his face told you that he wasn’t planning on speaking those words aloud. 

And you weren’t expecting him to either. All argumentative words you were about to say left your mind, and the only thing that had been stuck there for what felt like forever could finally be released. 

“I love you, Peter,” you said it softly, but the meaning was the loudest it could have ever been.

His eyebrows were still furrowed, but you saw a smile twitch at the end of his lips. “You? You love me?”

The disbelief in his voice made a smile bloom on your face, and a small laugh left your mouth. “Yes, Peter. I love you. Not Ned, not anyone else. I love you.”

It was his turn to laugh, his eyebrows now high on his forehead as he suddenly wrapped his arms around your waist, lifting you up and spinning you around. He laughed in your ear, and it was the most beautiful sound you had ever heard. Well, second to the sound of him then murmuring ‘I love you’, quietly for only you to hear.

The two of you kept your arms wrapped tightly around each other as he set you down lightly, and you pulled back enough to be able to see the happiness in his eyes. You were sure he could see it in yours, too.

“I’ve got to go,” he whispered, and you nodded. 

“Okay,” you whispered in return, but didn’t unwrap your arms from around his neck. He didn’t let go either. 

“I really have to go,” he said, a small ounce of desperation in his voice. He didn’t want to let go, you knew that. You kept your arms around his neck but took a step back, now only holding them there loosely. He did the same.

“Okay,” you whispered, now scared to let go of him completely in fear something bad would happen to him. “Okay,” you whispered again. You wouldn’t let go. You didn’t think you could.

“I’ll be fine, (Y/N),” he said, giving you a small smile. But you could see the anxiety in his eyes, and you could feel the way his hands fidgeted around your waist.

“Yeah, you will,” you said, giving him a smile as well. “Just,” you were back to whispering now, and although you had taken a step back from him, you leaned your forehead against his. You saw him close his eyes just as you did. “Come back to me.”

He let out a shaky breath of air. “I will,” he said, and he leaned back again. “I promise.” 

This time he completely let go of you as he opened his eyes, and you let go as you opened yours. He rested his hands on your face lightly, barely there, and he pressed a kiss to your forehead.

It was your turn to let out a shaky breath. 

He took another step back, knowing the both of you would be tempted to reach out to each other again. He slipped his mask back over his face, and he aimed his arm upwards after doing so, shooting a web to the top of the school. 

“I love you,” he said, although it was muffled through the mask. And then he shot upwards, and out of your vision.

“I love you,” you said in return, sniffling, but it was lost to the wind.

You stayed outside in the alleyway until you knew the lockdown would be over. You wanted to be outside to see if any of the damage from the city spread towards the school.

You waited for Peter there. He promised he would be back. You waited.

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When the war in Narnia ended, they honored the veterans. They honored those who fought for what they believed in. They were celebrated. They were war heroes. And for every single day, Lucy despised it. They honored those who had been better killers, or those who avoided the killing all together. People on the streets thanked them. Offered their gratitude. Said that without them no one would be alive. And Lucy met them. And she thanked them too. Because she knew they had fought for something she believed in. The fight wasn’t won by her brothers alone. Nor all the lieutenants. It was the citizens. The people of Narnia who had won. But in war no one wins. Everyone loses. The question is only about who lost more. Every day she met with widows. With kids that had lost both of their parents. With single fathers who had no idea how to raise their kids, and single mothers who knew as little as the single fathers. She met with grandmothers who were the sole survivors of their families. She felt the grief. and grieved with them. When the second Spring in Narnia rolled around she declared for anyone that would like to hear it.

“Today we honor those we have lost. Those who have family left that grieve every single day. We honor those who gave the highest price for all others freedom. We honor the fallen. We honor their family. For the memory of those lost will never be forgotten.”

Narnia celebrated that day ever since.

“Darkiplier VS Antisepticeye” is Mark’s Effort to Take Back Control From Dark: A Theory

(Disclaimer: I know nothing about any of Jack’s egos, so this is entirely about Mark’s. Disclaimer 2, Electric Boogaloo: I had my Frosted Mini Wheats like two hours late today, and that threw off my groove, so I’m sorry if I’m less eloquent than usual. Disclaimer III- This Time, It’s Personal: The only reason this isn’t under a read more is because someone told me to do that last time, but they weren’t very nice about it, so now I’m being petty. I’m sorry for being the worst. I still love you guys, though.)

In my last theory, we discussed the possibility that Dark is trying to take back control through more subtle means this time, and that he has a plan that we didn’t get to see during Markiplier TV. He’s been slowly giving hints of his existence in videos, teasing just enough to get people talking. He hasn’t revealed himself outright in any videos since Markiplier TV; he hasn’t denied being in them, either. 

Remember this interaction between @markiplier and @hufflepufftrax?

Mark quickly dispels rumors about Darkiplier when they’re not true. Why, then, would he not clear the air during the chaos of World’s Quietest Let’s Play 4, or any other video that has stirred up the community a great deal more than this photo ever did? The logical train of thought, then, is that these really were Dark appearances and we are supposed to know it. So, if Dark has been going about this so carefully all along, why would he reveal himself by sharing the spotlight in a comedy sketch? The short answer is that he wouldn’t. The reality is… say it with me now… it’s just Mark impersonating Dark!

Yeah, I know, no shock there. You’ve been hearing that since the video dropped. I talked about it when answering an ask, which I’m screenshotting and dropping below for your convenience, because I’m just a nice gal like that.

So now we have to ask, why would Mark do this? If Dark really is starting to take back control, this would be a dangerous time to pull a stunt like this, wouldn’t it? Well, it makes sense when you consider the fact that Mark has all but run out of options. 

Every time Dark is hinted at, the community goes wild. It doesn’t matter how subtle the hint may be- if the lights in the background of a video are red and blue, someone will point it out. Someone will draw him. Someone will get excited. And then, over time, everyone will get excited. 

Even if Mark tried to warn us, it only fueled the fire. Reaching out for help, trying to tell us that Dark is here– it is exactly what Dark wants. So Mark now has to try a different tactic. The only way that Dark can lose at this point is if he loses his allure to the viewers, and the only way to do that is to use his own method against him: Dark is pretending to be Mark, and now Mark is pretending to be Dark in order to discredit him. More specifically, he’s trying to get Dark out of the way, impersonate him, and make a fool out of him. That sounds… familiar, doesn’t it? Have we heard that somewhere before?

What if I change up the tense a little and word it a bit more like this?

“Pushed aside. Replaced. Mocked.”

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That rings a few more bells, doesn’t it?

When we put all of these things together, a picture starts to form: Mark kept Dark at bay for years by making him a joke, but then he made the mistake of letting down his guard. Letting him back in. Now, Mark is fighting back using the only method that he has ever known to work. Why wouldn’t it this time? Making silly edits, taking over Mark’s twitter with edgy, emo poetry… it was enough to dissuade the community last time. So what could make it fail now? How could humor no longer be sufficient to drive Dark away?

The key difference this time is that Dark is not simply a wisp of a presence like he was years ago. He can’t be laughed off anymore. He is here. He is real. He is powerful. He does not like to be mocked, and this action from Mark will most definitely have consequences.

And the blame for that, really, falls on all of us. As Mark said all those years ago, we made Dark real.  Back then, he had to resort to humor to keep Dark at bay, because none of us would listen to him when he warned us. Now, history’s repeating itself,  but the outcome isn’t so sure this time. We learned nothing in the process. Now Dark has become too strong, because we, the viewers, keep letting him back in. Mark tries to tell us that Dark is here and we are thrilled about it.

So, really, the question isn’t, “Why would Mark do this?”

The question is, 

Why didn’t we listen?