this is henrik right

I just keep thinking about Tarjei and Henrik and the intimacy they share in those videos, how comfortable they have to be with each other, because it’s so real, it was Henrik filming, almost like they were alone, and they were so close, it feels so private and personal? These boys are so young and they’re such amazing actors, they really deserve to conquer the world.

headcannons for schneep:

-very VERY short temper. will snap easily if his patients aren’t compliant

-has a collection of medical equipment that he hides away, because its literally fucking torture devices, but he insists that it’s for medicine.

-will grow attached to certain patients and take great care of them. they always have the highest chances of survival under his care. tho it’s iffy

-he doesn’t realize that anti’s gotten to his head. insists that he is the same good doctor. literally thinks he is the good guy

-you cannot tug at his heartstrings. he has a stone heart. not even the ones he is fond of can not convince his mercy if they fall on his bad side suddenly

-often gets into the drugs and is high while operating

-’forgets’ to put his patients under sometimes.

-has Chase tied up in the back room, his guinea pig, where the other patients cannot see. he doesn’t want his patients to worry. Or be aware of what really happens in Schneeplestein’s care.

can you please say this can you please say that he’s not your fucking puppet doll just appreciate that he’s doing a live because he sure as hell just couldn’t go live and try to like. make you happy. instead you make him uncomfortable by asking him how old he is (he answered a gazillion times), if he’s gay (it’s none of your fucking matter), to say this in your language or that in your language like ???? what do you get off of it when he says “hi” in your language like wow you know how it sounds!! it’s your language congratuations!! fuck i dont understand this shit and also like asking him if he wants to be your husband or fuck you or whatever the fuck are you ???? honestly ??? so stupid ??? 

We are so proud of you Tarjei!

I just really need to express how proud I am of Tarjei (I think we all are). This little 17 year old piece of sun just never fails to impress us. We don’t really know much about him, and I love that he is a private person. Most teenage boys at his age would LOVE the opportunity to get praised by tons of girls (and/or boys) and jump right at it. But he doesn’t. He seems so shy in fan videos and like he doesn’t really understand why so many people love and idolise him, and it almost embarrass him sometimes. 

In that interview he did last year, he acts like what he does isn’t a big deal. He seems so ambitious and like he is his own worst critic. I hope the people in his life tells him how proud he should be. He seems like he doesn’t care about fame (and maybe doesn’t really like it), but is just passionated about acting. He is a theatre geek! 

He has now signed with this big swedish agency, who has a lot of amazing Scandinavian actors, and I think we can all agree, that this is a fucking big deal. He is pursuing his dream, and I’m so happy for him. I hope they will guide him in the right direction. And from the short interview Henrik did, we know that Tarjei cares about his own limits and comfort zone and is not afraid to express that, and that is so important. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if he wants to increase his acting skills even more, and decides to attend an acting school, even though he could get big roles based on his popularity alone.  He deserves all the succes in the world, and I can’t wait to see where this will bring him. Go Tarjei!

Oh and btw, how fucking adorable does he look in these agency photos? I mean… come on!


Remember a couple of hours ago… oh yeah I had 9 possible mains in mind, and in the list of course was Even. Because it was in Julie’s mind all along. And it was planned. All was mapped out for him to follow up Sana. Until they had (for some reason….) to stop it all, and just do one last instead. To wrap it up. When Even’s season was already playing in Julie’s mind. For a while, and it became reality when Henrik came in, and the natural connection happened. It was Even. It was Even & Isak.

Monster Inside


(This is an edited compilation of the asks concerning Dr. Schneeplestein returning to Ego Inc. after the Antipocalypse. I’ll have a second part out soon!)

Oliver is at the front desk of Ego Inc. as usual when he hears someone ring the bell to be let in. He doesn’t really look up from his bowl of Lucky Charms when he hits the buzzer to let whoever it is inside. He assumes that it’s another fan bearing a gift, but when Ollie looks up, he sees Dr. Henrik von Schneeplestein stumble inside, blood trailing from his right eye.

The doctor opens his mouth like he’s about to say something and then crumbles into a pile on the floor. Oliver hits the red-alert button before he rushes to the Doctor’s side and rolls him over onto his back. “Schneep? Henrik? Can you hear me?”

But the Doctor doesn’t respond.

Oliver looks him over quickly and feels a lump form in his throat. There are bruises on his neck like someone–Ollie doesn’t have to guess who–took a thin cord and tried to choke him with it. “Don’t worry, Doc. You’re in good hands now.” Oliver checks his pulse. It’s faint, but still there. “You’re so strong. Just keep holding on for me, ok?”

About that time, Dark, Dr. Iplier, and Google Blue come running into the lobby. Dark sees Henrik and stops dead. Dr. Iplier kneels down beside Oliver. “Is he still breathing?”

Oliver nods. “I was able to find a pulse, but he’s really weak.”

Dr. Iplier gives a quick once over of Schneeplestein and almost loses it when he sees the bruises on his neck. “Google, help Oliver get him to my clinic.”

“No,” Dark says suddenly.

Doc bares his teeth at the black and white Ego. “It’s my clinic, Dark. I choose who I treat, not you.”

“Don’t you realize what this is? Who else could’ve gotten the good doctor here? Only Anti.” Dark shakes his head. “Don’t do this, Doc. I don’t care about that bleeding heart of yours. This is Anti’s doing.”

Dr. Iplier knows that what Dark is telling him is true, but he doesn’t care. “He’s my friend. I won’t let him die on my watch.”


Henrik von Schneeplestein awakes in a hospital bed and immediately tries to run for the door. “Jack! I’ve got to…” Dr. Iplier grabs him and pushes him back onto the bed.

“Henrik, look at me. Do you know where you are?” Doc tries to look into the other man’s eyes, but Schneep keeps fighting him with a mad rage.

“My friend! I almost lost him once!” He weakly strikes at Dr. Iplier’s chest, but Doc finally catches his arms, holding him back.

“Schneep, listen to me!” He shakes the other doctor, his scrubs crumpled and torn. He hasn’t had time to check to see what else Anti might’ve done to him. Dr. Iplier can finally see Schneeplestein’s eyes clear of feverish anger, and he sighs in relief. “Henrik?”

“I-I couldn’t save him…” Schneep’s eyes fill with tears. “I tried. I thought I could save him…”

Dr. Iplier releases him slowly. “You did all you could, Schneep. Anti…”

But at the mention of the glitch’s name, Schneeplestein breaks into a panic again. “No, he’s still here! He’s still here!”

Dr. Iplier pins Henrik down by his shoulders. “What are you talking about? Where is Anti?”

Schneeplestein points to his head, and his eyes go wide with crazed excitement. “In here… I̱̝͡n̛͉̳ ̴̺͕̪̺̬̩m͍̹̙e̯̖̩̟̯͈ͅ.”