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Look at these fucking nerds, you guys. Kenny sent me this just before their concert started and Abe looks really happy. That’s what matters, I guess. But I was still scared shitless about him the entire time. Abe’s home now, and he says his ears feel fucking weird. Yeah, that’s what happens at a concert little man, you feel hella weird after. I’ve never seen him so happy over something, especially since he had that shitty breakup. I’m happy my baby is happy. And Kenny’s pretty alright for taking care of my son. The first thing me and Kyle did was hug the shit outta him, asking how it went and Abe didn’t shut up about it until he passed out watching TV with us. 

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Last night I had a fever so I'm blaming my dream on that. It was about Mika getting his heart pierced out of his chest, like Ferid a few chapters before, but instead of turning into a demon he woke up in his Seraph form, and I have to say, he looked hella good🤷🏽‍♀️, also, he had all these flashbacks to his shitty childhood and it was really painful for him. I'm sorry if I had made you feel awkward by sharing my dream with you, also, I love your blog, is great😪💞

Awkward? You made me feel terrible
Mika baby going through that…
I’d rather get MY heart pierced out

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Honestly I just want a relationship. Like fr I feel hella insecure when all of my friends get attention and shit.

I think when you’re feeling shitty because other people are happy or “#winning”, it’s a sign you need to find happiness by yourself before you even begin to start commitment with someone else.

- Admin Baby

Bad Boy pt 2.

Genre: Smut
Pairing: Showhyuk
Warning: Daddy kink, over stimulation, praise, bondage, degradation, praise. 

Shownu walked over to the bed and smirked down at Minhyuk who was shyly playing with the hems of his oversized sweater. 

“What’s wrong baby, why are you feeling shy all of a sudden, you weren’t like that earlier when you were moaning my name.” Shownu cooed and gripped Minhyuk’s chin gently. 
“I-I’m sorry daddy, I-I was just bored and really missed you, I-I don’t want to be punished, daddy.” The elder chuckled and flipped Minhyuk over so he was laying down with his ass in the air. 

He slowly peeled the shorts and lace black panties. He dragged his hand down his ass earning a small mewl from Minhyuk. Shownu chuckled and leaned down to kiss his cheeks before spreading them. Minhyuk squirmed gently and whined quietly. 
“D-Daddy.” He whimpered out. Shownu spanked his cheek roughly and growled. 

“Did daddy say you could talk?” Minhyuk shook his head. 
“Then don’t talk.” He grumbled before licking a stripe over Minhyuk’s hole. 

The younger moaned loudly and arched his back. Shownu chuckled softly and slowly pushed one finger into Minhyuk not bothering to grab the lube. He whimpered and pushed back against Shownu’s finger signaling the older to add another one. 

Shownu hummed and pushed the next finger into him then began scissoring the male. Minhyuk moaned arching his back and digging his nails into the bed sheets. 

“I’m going to add another baby,” Shownu said before pushing his third finger into Minhyuk’s hole. Minhyuk moaned loudly and threw his head back. 

“F-Fuck daddy.” He mumbled as Shownu worked his fingers in and out of his hole. He curled them a bit moving them around until Minhyuk let out a pained moan. He chuckled softly and pulled Minhyuk’s hair with his free hand so he was looking at him. 

“Should I gag you, baby, your moaning so loudly like a little whore.” Minhyuk’s cheeks burned with embarrassment. Shownu slowly pulled his fingers out of Minhyuk and wiped them on his cheeks before spanking him roughly earning a loud cry. 

“Answer me when I ask you something.” 
“D-Don’t gag me, daddy, I’ll be quiet,” Minhyuk answered in a soft voice. Shownu tutted and gently flipped Minhyuk over. 

“You know the safe word right baby?” Minhyuk nodded. 
“But daddy if you’re gonna gag me, then what am I supposed to do?” Shownu hummed as he got up to grab their toys from a drawer in the bedside drawer. 

“If it gets to be too much, I want you to tap three times on the headrest and I’ll stop.” Minhyuk nodded and put his arms over his head already knowing what was going to happen. Shownu grabbed some handcuffs and cuffed the smaller to the headrest. After he did so he grabbed the blindfold and put it over his eyes kissing his forehead gently. 

Shownu gently gagged Minhyuk and reached for the vibrator he had for the younger and turned it on and ran it against Minhyuk’s hardened cock. He let out a muffled moan and bucked his hips. 

Shownu growled and smacked his inner thighs. 
“Keep your hips down.” He growled out earning a whine from Minhyuk. Shownu ignored his whines and pleas and grabbed a cock ring and slowly slipped it onto Minhyuk. He could hear the muffled pleas which made him chuckle and thrust the vibrator into him. 

Minhyuk muffled out a moan and bucked his hips whimpering. Shownu grabbed the nipple clamps he had especially for Minhyuk and clipped them onto the said boy’s nipples.

He looked down at the wrecked looking male and chuckled turning the vibrator on its highest setting. Minhyuk let out a muffled scream and tried to fuck himself down onto the vibrator. 

His cock was leaking with precum, Minhyuk was whining and bucking his hips more than normal which told Shownu he was close to cumming. 

“Don’t you dare cum Minhyuk,” Shownu growled in a firm tone. 

“Sluts don’t get to cum.” He continued and began thrusting the vibrator in and out of him. Minhyuk’s moans began turning into sobs and tears streamed down his face from the pleasure and not being able to cum. 

Shownu chuckled darkly at the wreck Minhyuk became and started kissing and sucking on his neck leaving hickeys all over the creamy skin. He began leaving hickeys onto his stomach as well and pulled away to stare at his masterpiece.

Minhyuk’s thighs were trembling in anticipation, his dick still leaking precum, his body covered with purple hickeys, the tears dripping down his face, and blindfolded and gagged, his boyfriend looked beautiful. 

“Such a good slut,” Shownu mumbled and slowly took off his blindfold and gag. Minhyuk was whimpering helplessly and rutting against the thigh that was currently in between his legs. 

“What does my little slut want? Tell daddy what you want whore.”
“I-I want daddy to fuck my slutty little hole, please, I need your dick daddy.” Minhyuk moaned and bucked his hips, Shownu slapped his quivering thighs and pulled the vibrator out of his hole and looked at it as the whole quenched in a need to be filled up. 

Shownu stripped off his shirt and pants, his dick was visibly straining against his boxers, Minhyuk sat up and pulled at the handcuffs with a pout. “I-I wanna touch.”
“Do needy little whores get to touch?” Shownu asked as he slowly stripped off his boxers his dick springing free from the tight material. Minhyuk whined pathetically and looked at his daddy with begging eyes. 

“Oh look at you, so pathetic, want me to fuck you, baby?” Shownu growled into his ear as he gripped his hair. 

“Y-yes please daddy, f-fuck your slut please, I need you.” That’s all it took for Shownu to snap and thrust his length into Minhyuk’s clenching hole. Minhyuk let out the loudest moan of the night. 

Shownu was slamming into him at an inhuman pace, the cries, and pleas from Minhyuk made Shownu thrust harder and deeper with every new thrust. Minhyuk moaned his back arched and suddenly he regretted masturbating earlier. 

He was close and could feel it, the feeling bubbled furiously in his stomach and he was whimpering loudly. 
“D-Daddy can you take off the cockring! I need to cum!!” Shownu ignored his plea and thrusts harder into Minhyuk, slamming against his prostate continuously. 

Minhyuk moaned out and had a dry orgasm much to his displeasure. He sobbed harder and bucked his hips. 
“D-daddy, need to cum!” Shownu stopped thrusting and slowly pulled out earning a loud whimper from the younger. 

“I’m going to uncuff you, and take your cock ring off, but if you cum before I tell you, I’ll torture you for hours understand?” 

“Y-yes daddy.” Minhyuk whimpered helplessly as Shownu slowly uncuffed him from the bed. Minhyuk let out a sigh of relief as he wrapped his arms around Shownu quickly until the older popped his wrist. 

“I never said you could touch.” Shownu purred gently into his ear as he slowly pulled the cockring off of Minhyuk. He let out a satisfied groan and fell against Shownu. 

“Oh baby, don’t go trying to pass out yet, I haven’t cum,” Shownu said and laid down on the bed. Minhyuk looked at him with eyes clouded with lust and bit his lip gently. 

“Ride me, baby.” Minhyuk held himself over Shownu’s cock and eased his way down with a small whimper. 

“So big.” Minhyuk moaned out and found himself slowly bouncing, moaning softly. He began bouncing a bit faster and moaning louder. 

Shownu’s hands gripped Minhyuk’s waist gently as he thrusts up into Minhyuk who was now a moaning mess. Shownu timed his thrusts with Minhyuk’s bounces, hitting deeper than Minhyuk was doing before. 

“Fuck, d-daddy go deeper.” Minhyuk choked out as he bounced, slamming himself down on Shownu’s cock continuously. Shownu obliged as he thrusts into him, hitting deeper so each time he thrust up his head rubbed against Minhyuk’s prostate. 

Minhyuk let out high and whiny moans which were his way of saying he was close to cumming, without actually saying it. With that Shownu flipped the two of them over and began pounding hard into him at a fast pace. 

Minhyuk moaned out shownu’s name loudly before cumming all over the bed sheets. Shownu’s thrusts kept a steady pace, hitting his prostate relentlessly earning sobs from Minhyuk. 

“T-Too much no more daddy please.” Minhyuk sobbed out from the pleasure. 
“Don’t tell me when to stop you slut,” Shownu growled and tugged on his hair.

His thrusts started getting sloppy and slower after a few more minutes as Minhyuk was under him sobbing and moaning helplessly. Shownu groaned and came heavily into his boyfriend. 

He rode out his orgasm and slowly pulled out of him and sighed heavily. Minhyuk let out a whimper and looked up at Shownu with a pout. Shownu chuckled and pecked his lips then wrapped his arms around his waist. 

“You okay love?” Shownu asked as Minhyuk eased himself into Shownu’s chest. 

“M’tired daddy.” He said softly and yawned. Shownu chuckled lightly and kissed his forehead. 
“You did good baby boy, so get some rest alright?” Minhyuk nodded and buried his face in his lover’s chest letting the drowsiness over him. 

Chained Up (M- Jungkook)

*This was screaming sub!Jungkook on the top of its lungs*

Request:  Ooh ooh!! Maybe A smutty one for Jungkook with Vixx’s - Chained Up?? That’s hella kinky 😏😏💜

Word Count: 3,169 words

Warnings: Sex toys, a bit of degradation, swearing, deep fantasies and shitty writing 

“Do you know what you’ve done, baby boy?”

“I teased my mistress on stage too much.”


“I’m s-sorry.”

“Tsk. Who said you could speak, baby?”

“I’m sorry, mistress.” He felt your hand squeeze his thigh with your nails, digging hard enough to leave marks on his skin. Your hands travelled to his neck, enclosing it with your thumbs caressing his cheeks before you pulled his hair.

“Look at the beautiful little Adam’s apple on your pretty throat, Jungkookie.” You sucked on his neck, making sure, he would have to hear the stylist noonas complain but he moaned to feeling of your delicate lips against his skin, just begging to be marked by you.

“You’re so pretty with your skin covered in hickeys, baby.”

“Thank you, mistress.”

“How lovely, your cock is red.”

“M-Mistress.” Your hand touched him, pumping him and he bit his lip. He already had a cock ring on him, preventing him from releasing even if he wanted. You watched his face contort to the pacing and grip of your fingers around him. Your mouth let out a slew of naughty phrases that he would make him only blush.

“Do you want me, Kookie?”

“God yes!”

“Jungkook. What the hell?” He looked around to see his wrists weren’t tied, he was completely naked in front of you and you weren’t punishing him for anything.



“Do you remember three years ago when we went to the petting zoo and the-”

“I’m up, I’m up. What do you want?”

“Did we do anything last night?”

“Besides showering together and you cuddling up to me, nothing really.”


“Yes, Kookie, nothing. Now can we sleep, please?”

“Of course, yeah.” He really couldn’t go back to bed, his wet dream leaving him with a growing need and throbbing boner. He knew you hated when he touched himself without your permission, he wished you wouldn’t touch yourself either but he couldn’t sleep with a boner. He bit his lip; slowly pumping himself like you would in the beginning before you picked up the pace. He imagined your pink tongue around his shaft, licking around his girth and his tip tickling the back of your throat. How your nimble fingers pumped him while your sucked him and your stunning hands playing with his balls while he had a dry orgasm. He felt his cum spilling into the tissue, the sticky fluid still ending up on his hands and he cleaned himself up. He joined you back in bed, spooning you once again before sleeping again.

“Kookie!” He grunted before opening his eyes, seeing your body sitting on his. Your ass was just brushing against him, his damn morning wood obvious to you and you had a playful look on your face.


“That’s not my name, baby boy.”

“Sorry, mistress.” You slide your body back down to his bulge, pawning him through his boxers and humming sweetly. You licked him through his boxers before playing with the waistband and slipping his boxers down. His cock was as rouge as his dream depicted and you smirked, knowing that he could touch himself the same way you touched him. You were the only one that could make him shamelessly whimper, moan continuously, the only one whose name that will escape his lips with a breathy gasp.

“You’re so hard this morning, baby. Can you tell me why?”

“It’s because of you, mistress.”

“What were you thinking?”

“Your lips around my cock, denying me orgasm after orgasm until there are tears in the corner of my eyes. Your hands pumping profusely and moans coming out of my shameful lips. I want you to ruin me, mistress.”

“Always so honest.”

“S-Shit.” Your tongue licked upwards, giving his shaft a quick lick and he shivered to the feeling.

“Good boys get what they want.” You pumped him slowly, the technique you had will always be better, than whatever his years of masturbation had told him. You sucked on the head slowly, his precum leaking into your tongue and you swallowed him.

“M-Mistress.” You bobbed your head as he gripped the sheets and you never wavered in your pacing, nearly having his whole cock inside your mouth and he moaned as your tongue licked around his girth.

“Mistress, it feel so good.”

“Where do you want to cum, baby?”

“Your chest.” You stripped off your shirt, revealing your bra and he stood up with you moving onto the floor kneeling in front of you. You pumped him until he released on your chest, his seed straining your bra and landing in between your cleavage.

“How messy.” You slipped your bra off, tossing it into the laundry hamper and slipping your shirt back on. He could see your black panties through your white shirt and you slipped them off.



“You have no underwear on..”

“Jungkook, I told you not to save it yet. Only save it when I put a cock ring on you, okay?”


“When’s the gala?”


“Maybe I should wear that new dress I bought? Oh, I have to get my hair done too. And baby, don’t you have practice?”

“They want us to save up out energy for the performance tonight.”

“You guys are performing with a mystery group, right?”

“I don’t even know who, babe.”

“Are you sure, I mean how would you practice without them?”

“The choreography is made in a specific way where you could practice without the other group plus they’re coming back from a tour too. They couldn’t fit time for us anyways.”

“Then, I’ll look forward to it.” He smiled at you and you went to go do the laundry. He followed you, sitting on the dryer while you loaded the machine and he peeked through your shirt.

“Jeon Jungkook.”

“Yes, babe?”

“Quit staring at my chest, you perv.”

“I’m not staring, I’m glancing.

“If you keep glancing, I won’t think about hitting you, I would be hitting you.”

“Mistress, why are you so hard on me?” He hopped off the dryer, standing in front of you and wrapping his arms around your waist. He pulled you closer, noticing your eyes avoiding his own and this was one of the brief moments when he had control over you. When you slipped into his dominant streak and let him control you, he usually took this chance to have you writhing under his touch and screaming his name but he only kissed you longingly.

Your lips craved beyond just his lips, the way your hand slipped down to his crotch, playing with his boxers again before you slipped them off him.

“They were dirty.” You said with a wink and he covered his crotch.

“It’s not like I haven’t seen it before, Kookie. No need to be shy.” He still rushed upstairs after you patted his butt, precum leaking into his hands and sighed. He was simply turned on by the gentle touch of your lips and the way your hand palmed over him again. His body reacted to every one of your touches, making him moan, groan, shiver, shudder, bending down to your every whim.

He slipped on a fresh pair, the scent of cinnamon sugar filled the air, his nose tracking down the scent, and it led to you. You were placing cinnamon rolls into the oven and had just shut the oven door, him taking the chance to sneak behind you.


“Kookie, you scared the crap out of me.” He held you in his arm again, his chin resting on your head and you bummed as you two swayed.

He kissed your ear and you placed your hands on the arm that was around your shoulders when there was a knock on the door.

“Come fucking on.”

“Kookie.” You giggled as he walked over to open the door, glaring at the people before realizing it was his hyungs.

“Woah, he’s glaring at us.”

“Did we interrupt something, Kookie?”

“Yes, I was going to spend some time with my lovely girlfriend.”

“She’s our friend too, Jungkook.”

“But does it have to be today?”

“Jungkook, who is it?”

“Y/N.” You were wearing tights and underwear now, thank god he knew how Taehyung’s eyes would rake all over your body when he thought that Jungkook wasn’t looking. The problem was he was always looking; you were too beautiful to go unnoticed. The sole reason why you weren’t allowed to come to the practices was that you were his distraction even if you aren’t doing it voluntarily.

His mind would just wonder to you, he would end up taking longer breaks trying to take care of you or he would try to show off or he would miss steps because he was too busy staring at you.

“Earth to Jungkook.”

“I got this.” You pinched his nipples, making him snap his head at you and tickle you to the death.

“I-I’m sorry..oh my g -god.. Kookie.. Stop!”

“Leave your fetishes in the bedroom.”

“We’re trying to eat here.”

“Jimin, when did you get those snacks?”

“You were too busy feeling each other up to notice.”

“He was tickling me.”

“I don’t judge.” You throw a pillow at Jimin, making him have a straight face and you hide behind Jungkook.

“Why me?”

“Just hand her over.”



“It was just a pillow, Jimin.”

“It’s more than just a pillow, it’s my pride.”

“What pride, Jiminie?”

“Yah!” The other boys laughed as Jimin turned to Taehyung, leaving you be and you two took over the loveseat. He was resting his head in your lap, your hair brushing through his hair while his fingers drew little pictures on your knees.

The other boys came over to have a movie marathon since Namjoon, who is adamant that it wasn’t him but regardless of the string proof that it was, broke the tv in the dorms.

“I think we should watch Marvel movies, especially the ones with Iron Man.”

“That’s an unhealthy obsession.”

“Jin oppa, what about you and Mario?”

“She got you there, hyung.”

“You’re cold, Y/N.”

“I’m sorry, oppa.” You blew him a kiss to Jungkook’s discomfort and he caught it, playfully swooning. You giggled and he looked up at you, wanting you to pay attention to him.

“I guess we’re having a Marvel marathon.” You smiled and glanced down at him, him turning his hair away from your face but still rested his head in your lap.

He watched the screen, trying to forget the hand that was gently stroking his head, your hand on his ear down his neck and rubbing his shoulder.

“Are you mad at me?”

“It’s just a little joke; you know these lips are for you and only you.”

“Hm, baby, look at me.”

“Oh shit.”

“Namjoon, language.”

“Shit, sorry.”

“You’re putting double in the swear jar when we get home.”

“You have a swear jar?”

“You won’t believe how full it gets. I have to empty every week and when Namjoon breaks something, it fills faster than light.”

“I don’t appreciate the exaggeration, hyung.”

“Then don’t swear, Namjoon. You and Yoongi are on par with each other.”

“My swearing caliber is much higher than this kid’s.”

“Not something to be proud of, Yoongi.”


“It’s already 3, we got to go.”

“I’m staying with Y/N.”


“She can do my makeup and hair, I trust her.”

“If noona gets mad again, I’m not saving your butt like last time.”


“Yeah, yeah just don’t have fun and forget the gala.”

“We’re not like that.” You both said and they laughed at you two. You both stuck your tongues at them and pulled down your bottom eyelid.

“Later, kids.”

“Use protection.”


“We don’t need little Kookies running around.”


“Harsh, our maknae is no fun.” They left and he shut the door behind them. He pulled you along with him, taking you to the bathroom and showering with you.

“You have such good hair, baby.”


“I love it, especially when I’m pulling it. So beautiful.”


“Come on, we have to get ready.” He let you pull him along, telling him to put on his suit before you worked on his face. You did his makeup first, carefully doing his hair after so it wouldn’t mess up.

“Kookie, sit still.”

“It’s taking too long.”

“Unless you want to lose an eye, you’ll sit still.” You hissed and he did as you said, letting you finish him up before you got dressed yourself. You still kicked him out of the room as you had something to hide and came out when you were done.

Your dress was the colour of champagne, the colour was beautifully complimenting your skin and he liked the little slit your dress had. You hadn’t done much with your hair and he couldn’t tell if you had heavy makeup but he still thought you were gorgeous nonetheless.


“Let’s go.”

The gala was full with other celebrities of every kind, actors, singers, models, tv stars, everyone. You were clenching onto his arm and he squeezed your hand to get you to look at him.

“I’m here for you, Y/N.”

“Thank you.”

He found the table that you were going to be seated with the boys and they greeted you all.

“On time too, you two kept your heads to yours then. Well at least not now.”

“We’re just holding hands, she’s not going to get pregnant from that.”

“Calm down, Kookie. They’re just joking.” The event started, people talking about the new exhibit which is why this gala exists. You knew he was still upset and you rubbed his shoulder. He relaxed under your touch, his clouded anger clearing out and he went to go get you something to drink.

“Jungkook oppa?”


“We did hosting together, Sae Ron.”

“Right, I remember. That script was very cringey.”

“That is true, oppa.”

“You got invited too?”

“I’m glad, and I’m happy you’re here too, oppa.”


“I like you, oppa.”

“Sae Ron, I have a girlfriend.”

“And she would appreciate if you would be so kind to excuse us, little girl.” You pulled away Jungkok and he knew he was going to get it. He could tell by the way you clenched your fists over your dress, avoiding his gaze and pulling him out the car when you were home.

“You wanted me to punish you, right? Prepare for it. Strip.” He did so, teasing you a little even though you were angry and took off everything. You slid on a cock ring earlier, making sure he would save it until you got home. You handcuffed him and sat him on the bed.

“You’re hard, baby boy. Was it because of that little girl?”

“No, mistress.”

“You know I don’t like it when you lie, Jungkook.”

“I know, mistress.”

“Then, tell me the truth. It’s because of her, isn’t it?”

“Y-Yes, mistress.”

“How dare you, Jungkook? She’s too young for you and you were forgetting something very important. You belong to me.” You hissed in his ear and he nodded, feeling you pull him up.

“Bend over with your hands pressed against the wall.” He felt the cold leather of the whip you used, biting his lip to the sensation of pleasure that came from every flick of the whip and he moaned to the feeling.

“You like that, baby boy?”

“Yes, mistress.” You used your bare hands, your hands having some strength in them when you slapped his already sensitive ass and pulled him back.

You pushed him back on the bed, letting him watch you undress yourself and he squirmed in his handcuffs.

“If you were a good boy, you would get to touch. Now all you get to do is eat my pussy.” You said in his ear, pushing him off the bed and lying down with your legs open for him, his mouth dry just looking at the sight of your wet pussy in front of him.

“What are you doing, staring at it? I said, eat me out slave.” You only called him that when he wasn’t listening, degrading him and he began licking slowly. When he picked up the pace, your hands flew to his hair and messed it up in the process. He didn’t care, having the pleasure of tasting you was all he needed and he only wanted you.

“Oh, Jungkook.” You moaned his ears, making his cock twitch at the sound of his name. Your moans were a strings of melody that can only be played in a bedroom and he would be glad to hear it all night.

“Suck on my clit-shit fuck just like that.” He kept going, you grinding your hips against his face while he tasted your orgasm.

“Lick it clean.” He did so, his tongue picking up the juices from your orgasm and he sat up. You kissed him, tasting yourself in the process and you stealthily reached for his cock.


“It’s red, do you want to come, baby bun.”

“Mistress, please.”

“You don’t deserve it. Flirting with that little girl, she’s not even old enough to give consent. Pervert.”

“I didn’t think about her like that.”

“Then what did you think about?” You pumped him while he struggled to find an answer and he accidentally groaned your name. You glared at him for a moment but returned to pumping him.


“What did you think about?”

“How cute she was.”


“Don’t I look better, baby? Keep your eyes on me.” Neither of you broke eye contact, staring at each othe for days and groaned again. You swallowed him, bobbing your heads again and feeling the hot metal around his cock beginning to burn.

“Nobody’s going to blow you like me.” You dogged your nail into his thigh and he groaned, not in pain but blissfully.

“Nobody knows your body best than I do.” You pulled away from his cock and pushed him onto the bed again. You slipped on a condom and quickly sunk your hips down on him.

“Oh, fuck, mistress.”

“Shit, Kookie. You’re so big.” You bounced your hips, his hand unable to touch your sinful hips that rolled, grinned and bounced on him. You moaned out his name, liking the feeling of his cock filling up inside and he wanted to move his hips but he could tell you weren’t in the giving mood.

“Do you want me to make you cum?” He nodded, not trusting his own voice and you rode him until you reached your second orgasm and tighten around him.

“M-Mistress.” You slipped the condom off him along with the cock ring and kept pumping him until he came all over his chest.

“You’re all dirty.” You unlocked his handcuffs, setting him a towel to wipe the semen of his stomach and  you kissed his cheek after. He looked at you, snuggled up to him with an angelic smile on your face and he found himself smiling. 

He was whipped and he loved it.

~Admin Blake

A conversation with my mother about Exo:

okay first let me say I’m really shitty about explaining things in general so if this doesn’t make sense please forgive me.

So as you know the Exo Ko Ko Bop mv dropped today, which it’s hella good obviously. I told my mother that their mv dropped today because she knows how excited I’ve been when each of the separate teasers were released. So I decided to show the mv to her (btw I didn’t play the music for her because she’s not into the music I’m into or the way she calls it “music now of days”) as we were watching the mv my mother was flabbergasted by baekhyuns hair. That she asked me if it was his real hair and I told her no that it was hair extensions. My mom is a part of that age we’re mullets we’re in and she said that in her opinion “the mullet kind of suits him, but it’s not a true mullet”. So we continued on and then it came to the part we’re d.o and xiumin were kind of “high or drugged”. My mother shouted 4:20 when she saw it and then asked me why I loved dudes that are doing drugs in front of a camera. So we finally got to the end of the mv without any real funny commentary from my lovely Hispanic mother. I asked her what she thought the whole mv was about. When I asked her that she responded with “I’m guessing it’s about these boys trying to save that fairy princess with the pink or purple hair? But like the mullet guy is their to do whatever he was doing? Then that guy with the dreads was trying to seduce the fairy princess with his abs. Then at the end everyone was chill and decided to stop smoking weed?”

Honestly I don’t know which is more funny the fact my mother thought up a whole new concept or the way my mother was legit yelling in Spanish at the computer that Exo was “not old enough to be doing drugs and they will ruin their pretty faces so many people love”

This was just a brief story I’m not good at writing so forgive me because Spanish is my first language so this was kind of hard to explain.

So I was smashing around ideas for Iron bulls’ partner and baby mama, Dani’s been listening to my shitty ideas all day :D

Imagining an ex-tamassran lady, hella patient, but will take none of your shit (looking at you Bull) but loves her kids dearly. Not a clue on her name yet. The little horn spikes are drilled into the horns and are removable (I imagine Bull bought them for her because ‘you look like a dragon and thats hella hot k’) 

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You guys are SUPER DUPER LUCKY cause the new baby was a girl otherwise if it were a boy it would have been 1000% family guy, shame shame

Thank fucking Christ. I don’t want my family to be compared to family guy. That’s fucking insulting and wrong, WRONG. Not like our new baby would be a shitty talking infant anyway. We’ll raise our baby girl to be hella awesome and cool.

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How do you make those insta & text au's?? btw love your blog babydoll 💗

Good lord, this is going to be so long. Tell me if it worked or not! I’d love to see your creations. And thank you baby

If you have questions, feel free to message/ask me.

Text AU’s

1) If you have iMessage, just make sure it’s on, text yourself to your number/e-mail.

2) Text yourself the conversation you want to, but you’ll get the message twice. One from you, and the other one is from ‘the other’ (in this case, you again.)

3) Delete the little text cloud you want to delete by holding it for a couple of seconds, then click ‘Delete’.


  • 1) Download Picsart and Phonto.

(Picsart is for changing the main picture. Phonto is for changing the text.)

  • 2) Save the picture you want on the fake insta-post and screenshot a picture you want from your boy’s insta-page. 

You can not screenshot a post that has no caption. That way you won’t be able to replace the original caption because there is no caption.

But, you need to think about the length of your caption. For example: you want to make a long ass caption, then take an actual long ass caption! And the same goes for short ones.

The size of the picture is also important. For example: if you have a square picture, make sure that the picture of the screenshot is also square! Or it won’t look to your liking.

  • 3) Open Picsart, then use the screenshot you took to edit.
  • 4) When you’re in the editing ‘page’, click ‘Add Photo’ and add the picture you saved before.
  • 5) The shapes should match, but if it’s not, go to the cropping icon, which is the third icon on the upper streak, and crop it however your picture is cropped so it matches.
  • 6) If the your pictures have the same dimension now, you need to cover up the original picture with yours

Click on your picture and drag one of the corners out to make it bigger. If you want it to be smaller, then drag it in. Continue that process until you are satisfied with the amount of coverage.

  • 7) So what you should have right now is an insta-post of your boy, with your picture, but still the same original caption. Alright, save the picture (third icon on the upper streak) and open Phonto.
  • 8) Click on the camera icon below and open the screenshot you made in Picsart.
  • 9) Then, click on the photo itself and then press ‘Add Text’. Add whatever you had planned and then click ‘Font’.

I usually go for ‘Helvetica’. Then press ‘Done’ and then click on size. I go for either a 0.33/0.34, pick which one you like best, both look good. But don’t go too big/small, it’ll look off. I find that 0.33/0.34 look the most real.

When you’re done with the size, click ‘Style’. And here’s the part where you think ‘The color’s just black, right.” YOU’RE WRONG. But that’s okay. I like to use the darkest grey instead of black. Turns out to look a little more real. The color is right next to black.

Then, click on ‘Background’. Press the white all the way to the left. This way it covers up the original caption.

  • 10) When you’re done with making the caption, click ‘Done’ and you’re back to the picture again, but with a new font and a white background behind your text.

Click ‘Move’ and cover up the entire original caption.


  • 10.1) If you want to cover up a long caption, you need to make it line by line.

For example: the original caption has three rows, then you also have to separate your tex in three rows.

Let’s take Skate’s latest post:

(his username) Dropping a new music video “usually”
on when I get to 70k
subscribers. Tell a friend to tell a friend. LINK in BIO

And if you want to change that to something fucking cheesy:

(his username) Shout out to my baby for always being
right by my side. Couldn’t have done this without
you, babe. Love you always and thank you for it all


Then save the picture and you done! But usually the quality is hella bad and being the perfectionist I am, I need to have it good quality.

Don’t waste time if you don’t mind that the quality is a little shitty. BUT IF YOU DO. Just screenshot the picture and crop it lol.