this is hella dumb lmao

anonymous asked:

IM SO CONFUSED WHY IS THIS ANON SO,,,,,,???? THERE ARE SO MANY OTHER INSULTS BESIDES FUCKTARD??????? for example "the underwire of your bra that's come out and poked you"??? like if someone called me that it'd affect me more than fucktard tbh lmao anYWAY the anon's hella dumb lmao if it's going to hide behind a keyboard and send hate thinking its gonna affect you in any way? ilu flo 💌😚 -jaeminnana

uhMMMM TBH IDK I DIDNT EVEN KNOW WHAT A FUCKTARD WAS AT FIRST LMAO and tbh same i don’t insult people often but when I do I go all out lmao jdhjdbdkdnnd lylylylylyly❤️❤️❤️