this is hella awk

I told myself that I would stop yelling but do they ACTUALLY EXPECT ME TO BELIEVE that Mary made two different DVD’s, one where she’s all serious and like ‘I am probably dead as you’re watching this. Sherlock, you need to save John Watson. Save him. Put yourself through hell. Fucking die for all I care’ and the other where she’s like 'hi guys!!!!! In this vlog I just want to say, because I somehow know that everything went ok as I’m a fucking omnipresent force or something idk, I love my Baker Street boys!!!!!! Btw it doesn’t matter who you really are and I hope you find this DVD before the other one because that would be HELLA AWKS lmao peace out bitches xoxoxoxoxox’

kingwhocared  asked:

⊕ ( since she'd rather bone stannus uh? :') )

send me ⊕ for a pro and con list about our characters sleeping together || ACCEPTING


  • you’ve got the hot dad thing going on
  • you didn’t step over my cousin’s corpses 
  • you’re not a tyrell, targ, lannister or your bro 
  • i doubt you have any stds
  • i know you’re probably not good in bed but i’m amazing enough or the two of us
  • you’re much hotter than robert


  • i don’t think you’d enjoy it 
  • i don’t think you’re interested 
  • you probably think i’m a little annoying
  • it would be hella awk

ok ok but this is what i want next season:

i want cas to touch dean to figure out who he loves - i dont care why he does it i just want him to fucking do it

and like. he just gets these wide eyes. and flies away. 

destiel is confirmed as canon because we all know what just happened 

and then i want some super hella awks conversation where cas tries to talk to dean about it and i dont even care what happens from there lol pls