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I know, hearing he’s a CEO of a billion dollar company immediately makes you think he’s greedy, but he actually DONATED 76000 DOLLARS TO DEMOCRATS. 





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He also supports the affordable health care act.

You know, OBAMACARE?


And people will say, what? He’s still a rich old white guy. How is he any different from, say, Trump? 

Well I say, he’s completely different from trump.

He’s not racist, homophobic, aphobic, OR a terf. 

He’s just a cute bean trying to make his way in the world. He worked HARD for all his money, and works harder than any of his employees. 

And he has three kids, so we know he’s also a super sweet dad.

Plus…he’s super hecking cute. 

Move over markiplier, i think i just found my newest celeb crush. 

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my lurk list for taylor

@taylorswift, hi my love!!! i know it’s hard for you to follow people at this point so i figured i’d at least give you a list of people i care for deeply who don’t have a follow/have never been noticed but are worth being lurked. these are some of my best friends from taylor trash zone and i love them. they all love you so much and i promise they’re fantastic people. 

@kanyeinterruptedme - tati. she’s my best friend and despite her horrid url, she’s incredible. hear me out. her url actually matches her personality, which is one that’s a little bit chaotic and sarcastic, but you know what??? she’s the most loving person i’ve ever met. like ever. the moment i need anything she’s there. not only will she send me paragraph after paragraph of love, but she’ll make me laugh while doing that. she’s the kinda friend everyone needs, to be honest.

@thelasttime - madie. too pure for this world. far, far too pure. i cannot stress enough how p u r e madie is. when people are being mean to others, madie’s the first one to step away with me and decide not to take part. we’ve actually bonded over our desire not to talk down on anyone else. she’s like my little sister and a huge ray of sunshine that i would protect w my life. worth lurking. so pure.

@shesdeads - eliot. eliot and i met when i was having a rough time. this was back before anyone really paid me any attention. he didn’t know me at all and yet he messaged me to make sure i was okay. his intention was pure and incredible and i’ll never forget that first conversation we had, where he told me he wanted to make sure i was okay because there’s too much evil in the world for him not to do what he could when he had the chance. he also makes nice edits and rescues kittens in his free time. an angel??? in the flesh??? more possible than you think, tyler swiffer.

@gothswift - cole. another actual angel. did you know he’s eliot’s human? they’re the absolute cutest together. i support them wholeheartedly. the kind of person who goes to the store to buy you gatorade and soup when you’re sick with no expectations other than to make you feel better. also rescues kittens in his spare time. wears your rep sweater even when it’s so hot outside he’s sweating because he loves you so much. hella talented. great friend. 

@tylrx - jaidyn. actual cinnamon roll. sometimes sad and it breaks my heart because she’s so kind and uplifting to everyone around her. always supportive. even compliments my fake demon voice and calls it impressive instead of telling me to shut up. seriously that supportive. says that your music is what helps her keep going on the hard days and i can attest to such. doesn’t hesitate to check on other people when they’re down so i think she deserves to be checked on by you.

@starring-inyour-baddreams - megan. convinced that you hate her and ignore her on purpose but i’m pretty freaking sure that’s not true and i tell her that often. she’s adorable and funny. willing to put a trash can on her head for your attention and may or may not have already done so. funny. supportive. a fantastic friend who once gave up the 1989 tour (which meant so much to her) in order to be there for her friends. has been with you for almost a decade. so sweet.

@bleachela - peyton. smol cutie. wears junior jewels shirt with the name of all of our friends on it around even when it’s not halloween yet. has a cute smile. here for all of us whenever we need it. so uplifting and cheerful and boldly herself in the midst of all of life’s chaos. one of the purest of the pure. i couldn’t tell you a single bad thing about her. 

@blankspaces - lucy. incredibly giving human. would never brag about this herself but once coughed up tons of money to support cole and eliot save a kitten without hesitation and never even spoke publicly about it bc she didn’t care about recognition. has the most adorable accent on earth and a cute face.

@shakeitoff - aditi. has a unique name that’s fun to say. lives in india. smol 16 year old cinnamon roll. so pure it almost hurts me. sometimes gets sad and doesn’t deserve to feel such a way. one time offered me a ton of a+ urls when tumblr deleted my blog. didn’t even know me at this time, just wanted to make me feel better. hecka giving and a ride or die kind of friend.

Thoughts While Binging Carmilla (Spoiler Warning)

  1. First like bless Canada for all its shows…
  2. That vamp is 2000x better looking than that Twilight guy wow (@ Carmilla)
  3. Same @Laura’s diet of cookies and other junk food
  4. Ohhhh is this where Wynonna got “angel pants” from?
  5. If Danny got together with Laura that would be such a height difference
  6. LaF is such a bean I will protect them
  8. Aww they’re being so cuddly
  9. “Sleeping in your mother’s bed” hmm sleeping or sleeping together in hmm?
  10. Ooph angst train incoming
  11. Well that escalated…quickly… poor Laura she’s trying to make life take back its lemons and life’s just dumping truckfuls onto her.
  12. Wow um… didn’t expect to find JP that attractive too.
  13. Yas Kirsch the only right way to respond to getting friend zoned
  15. Carmilla looks hecka good with her hair in a bun.
  16. *cries over Danny*
  17. I, too, would like to live in a sentient library that gives me cupcakes. Take away the whole apocalypse thing and I’d gladly swap places with Laura.
  18. Whoever writes the captions deserves everything (ex: “Broody gay sigh.”)
  19. I thought Nicole Haught was a useless lesbian but I’ve apparently never met Carmilla Karnestein (when she drops and steps on those glasses)
  20. OOH WELL THAT HOLLSTEIN ESCALATED QUICKLY *falls out of chair laughing at the “technical difficulties” error message
  21. Wait that was such a soft “I love you” now you gotta say it back right now Carm
Advice for playing each Nancy Drew game

Secrets Can Kill: the villain isn’t even introduced as a character until the game is 98% done so basically 98% of the game is spent trying to trigger the introduction of the villain

Stay Tuned For Danger: the only person you can trust is Ralph

Message in a Haunted Mansion: if you’re a conservative Christian you can actually get through this game without the seance just don’t talk to Abby anytime at night

Treasure in the Royal Tower: YOUR ROOM NUMBER IS 205

The Final Scene: Sgt. Ramsey does literally nothing helpful in the slightest

Secret of the Scarlet Hand: Enjoy Henrik while you can

Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake: it’s got the most blatant reference to alcohol in an ND game so make sure to get Nancy hecka turnt

The Haunted Carousel: just do whatever Miles tells you to do

Danger on Deception Island: just do whatever Hilda tells you to do

Secret of Shadow Ranch: the ominous warning about the “storms” from Aunt Bet and Uncle Ed is 100% irrelevant.

Curse of Blackmoor Manor: there is no way to avoid Ethel so you’re pretty much screwed no matter what

Secret of the Old Clock: pretty obv from this game that Nancy is the 1% so have fun RPing as that while playing this game

Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon: an octopus tentacle is apparently not a “hand from the deep”


Creature of Kapu Cave: if you think frass sorting is boring and once you’re done you’ll get to enjoy the actual game suckstosuck because the whole game is frass sorting and once you finish frass sorting you’re done with the game

White Wolf of Icicle Creek: there is no getting around cooking sorry

Legend of the Crystal Skull: if you think collecting eyeballs is boring and once you’re done you’ll get to enjoy the actual game suckstosuck because the whole game is collecting eyeballs and once you finish collecting eyeballs you’re done with the game

Phantom of Venice: literally everyone in this game is/has been involved in something illegal

Haunting of Castle Malloy: keep in mind that in this game jetpacks are a real thing that work 100% safely

Ransom of the Seven Ships: you know those instructions you get at the beginning of the game that say all you need to do is find El Toro’s treasure and you’ll get Bess back? they’re completely accurate.

Warnings at Waverly Academy: despite the game revolving around a “black cat” there are no actual cats

Trail of the Twister: get an engineering degree before a forensics degree since that’ll help you solve the mystery better

Secrets Can Kill: REMASTERED!: you can just trial and error hitting the right buttons in order to open up the box under the chair in the library

Shadow at the Waters Edge: go away and get a snack anytime Takae is talking

The Captive Curse: don’t expect an explanation for the curse that’s lasted hundreds of years bc you’ll only get one for some minor crimes lasted a couple of years

Alibi in Ashes: imagine Detective Ryan being played by BJ Novak and your experience will go up by 350%

Tomb of the Lost Queen: don’t ask me i for advice i don’t remember anything about this game 

The Deadly Device: Herinteractive doesn’t create 3d models of whole characters just do some crappy “video call” thing at the beginning of the game.

Ghost of Thornton Hall: Literally everyone in this game is literally high

The Silent Spy: if you’re an Si be prepared to cry your eyes out

The Shattered Medallion: there is no mystery. there is no plot. and you’ll still be disappointed in the explanation at endgame.

Labyrinth of Lies: do whatever you want decorating the pot it does not matter


I’m always excited about new lgbt movies coming out but this one I’m especially excited for because this movie is fucking QUALITYYYY. There are plenty of films and pieces of media out there for the lgbt community that are incredibly good and definitely better than this movie; but it’s still so thrilling to know that this was a movie on POSTERS in the THEATERS. Just when you begin to wonder if this world is ever going to start moving in a positive direction, it’s comforting to see a film made for the gays that is also meant for the world to see. Like we’re included or something.. lolz okay ANYWAYS. 8/10 this was such a cute movie!! It’s about two girls in high school, Sasha and Anne, who meet and then fall hecka in like with each other. But it’s filmed in such a cool way.. in that there are no resolutions, no promises of a relationship that leads into college and then to infinity and beyond. Spoiler Alert: this is not exactly the “Show Me Love” happy ending you may or may not be looking for. It’s one beautiful snippet of time when two young lasses are realizing who they are. I totally recommend it though.. I had to watch it a second time today it rly shook the 12-year-old heartstrings within me.

maaan, i just had some hecka old rp partner (like literally back from 2009 w t f) message me on fb bc they were a butthole at some point and i deleted them and now i’m feeling all kinds of emotions about rp partners and friends that i have and just??????

da fuq man. i always lose so many amazing friends and partners because we lose muse or just drift out of contact. like i’m so annoying and i will wear this like a badge of honor because i will pester you with love until the end of time but i kinda waddle away if i feel like i legit might be bothering you/i don’t receive messages back, yanno? 

I GUESS THIS IS MOSTLY TO SAY…. idc if we don’t have anything in common anymore, COME AT MEEE. i love all of you. i wanna keep you. hit me up for contacts outside of tumblr??? i literally love all my buds until the end of time okay. and it doesn’t matter how long it’s been since the last time we talked, i will jump on you like a puppy. just lmk, oKAY?