this is heartbreaking but i really like this scene t t

typical bioware situation: i was 100% sure going to romance Jaal, but then i went to Kadara, and Reyes Vidal happened, and i’m like???! this smooth operator stole my heart, especially after he asked Sara for a dance - it was incredibly sweet, reminded me of the Winter Palace in Dragon Age: Inquisition. but for whatever reason i still decided to pursue my initial goal with Jaal, so i had to go a couple of saves back to reject Reyes in that cave scene, and it was HEARTBREAKING. you see, Jaal is precious, he and Sara are as thick as thieves now, but i can’t stop thinking about damn Reyes (STOP SENDING SARA LETTERS, REYES, YOU ONLY MAKE THINGS WORSE) and i feel like i have made a huge mistake. i really think Ryder and Vidal do have chemistry, and i actually saw the sparks between them, it somehow seemed so…i don’t know, natural? god, it’s like Vakarian/Shepard/Krios love triangle i was struggling with for two Mass Effect games all over again. send help. 

I want Yuuri to cry.

Hold it! Before you get to my throat, I’ll explain why:

The scene in ep 1 where Yuuri cries alone in the toilet really got to me….because I could relate to it so well. The way he behaved like an emotionless robot when he was outside with Celestino, the way he made the fake voice while talking to his mother on the phone, and the most heartbreaking of all was when he cried…

Here are the things which struck me the most :

1) Yuuri’s own mother didn’t realize exactly how upset Yuuri was……this leads me to believe Yuuri never allows himself to cry even in front of his closest family and friends….Sure he whines when teased by others or cries when he gets physically hurt, but actual full blown crying just to let out his feelings? I don’t think he’s ever done that

2)Yuuri was trying to hold back his voice……as far as Yuuri knew, there was no one in the washroom, he could have been louder if he wanted to…but the way he choked back on his voice makes me feel this isn’t the first time he has cried like this….silently, so that no one knows. How many times must he have cried into his pillow? Just to muffle his voice and hide his tears?

Yuuri has subconsciously conditioned himself that crying in front of others is wrong, showing his vulnerability, even when with his own family , is wrong…….and now, even if he wants to cry his heart out to someone…….he won’t…no, he can’t
He just can’t bring himself to do it….

And I’m saying all this as a person who goes through the same thing……I’m starting to open up…..just a bit, enough to trust two friends to not look at me weirdly when I have a silent cry……but to this day I haven’t found someone I can trust myself to simply bawl my heart out to without being judged or being told ‘don’t be such a crybaby’ or ‘don’t cry over something so silly’

So just once….just once, I want Yuuri to cry.

I want him to stop holding up that dam he has built up over these years and just let his emotions out. And it doesn’t have to be over something great like losing a tournament……. it can be something as stupid as falling on the ice exhausted…..when he’s just practising, alone in the Hasetsu castle’s ice rink…

And when the dam does burst, I want Viktor to be there for Yuuri.

I want Yuuri to be able to break past his conditioning and trust Viktor enough to cry as loudly and messy as he wants to.

And I want Viktor to simply plop down on the ice next to Yuuri, give him a shoulder to cry on, to gently run his fingers through his hair and wait for Yuuri to calm down and just tell him,

It’s okay.

For the Love of My Life- Pt 2 (End)

Characters: reader x Bucky?, reader x Steve?, reader x Tony(but not really),     Wanda, Natasha, Sam (mentioned)

Summary: Modern AU. Reader is a young actress in her first big role when a man from her past offers a chance to fix her biggest regrets.

Song Inspiration: Cleopatra by The Lumineers

Warnings: sex mentions, fluff, heartbreak?, bit of angst.

Word Count: 4.6k (yeah, the splitting this to make it shorter thing didn’t work out so well. :D )

A/N: This story gripped me tight and wouldn’t let go from the instant I thought of the opening scene. It took on a life of its own and I’m kinda in love with how it’s turned out? I really hope you like it. Apologies that it took longer to post this part! Work and illness made it really difficult, but here it is! Please let me know what you think!! :)

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Steve paused before speaking, unsure how to proceed. “Y/N…is there any way…could I see you again before I leave?” he blurted the last part before he lost his nerve.

You smiled, “I’d like that.”

He sighed in relief, “Okay. I’ll be in touch. Good night, Y/N.”

“Good night, Steve,” you echoed as he pulled you into a lingering hug. He smelled amazing, like Old spice aftershave with an undertone of fresh linen. He watched you climb the stairs and step inside before walking away, your heart rate beginning to slow at last.  


You woke up the next morning alone, stretching spread-eagle across the full surface of the bed with a smile on your face. Last night was unexpected and while you still didn’t know what it all meant, you tried not to overthink things. Stepping out of the shower, you saw a few text notifications on your phone.

Bucky’s read:

Hey babe. Up for Ultimate Frisbee in the park and a few burgers?

then clicking over to Steve’s message:

Good morning, Y/N. Are you free this afternoon?

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The Main Problem with the BATB Remake

I think I realized one of the main problems with this Beauty and the Beast remake.

Okay, so here is a small spoiler. At the end, the servants slowly become the objects they were turned into. They stop moving and talking. Now throughout this movie, we learned that Madame de Garderobe and Maestro Cadenza are married. Now Madame hasn’t seen her husband in literal years. She’s so big she can’t really move around the castle. Maestro is downstairs. So towards the end, when everyone is fighting, she joins the fight and she gets to see her husband again.

And then, she turns into a wardrobe right before his eyes.

That was heartbreaking!

And Maestro starts like begging her not to leave him before he becomes a harpsichord. Lumiere watches Plumette become a feather duster, Mrs. Potts becomes a pot before seeing her boy one last time and then Lumiere watches as Cogsworth, his best friend, becomes a clock.

That made me cry! The scene in which CGI characters become lifeless made me bawl but I didn’t feel a thing for when the Beast ‘dies.’ I felt nothing for Belle and Beast’s plight! That’s a huge flaw of this movie. We know these characters but we still have to be invested in their story. I wasn’t invested in Belle’s story and I was slightly invested in Beast’s but not enough to care.

Yet I cared more about a wardrobe and a harpsichord.

There is something really wrong with this movie if I feel more sympathy two side characters than your main leads.

I’m sorry I can’t write a recap for this show (19/03/17), because I just don’t have time to spend hours on it this week. But this performance was so special that it merits some mention.

The whole show felt like an outpouring of love and joy from every single person involved. It really captured, in one performance, why I fell in love this play. It’s having a collective experience with a group of people who love Harry Potter, and it’s watching a cast who understand that love bring the story to life. It’s seeing Harry’s emotional intensity lived out so completely on stage, and watching him and his firey, difficult son figure out that they love each other, and the ways they can express that to one another. It’s seeing two boys who love each other working out their problems together and supporting each other, the pure heartbreak of their separation, and how they would go anywhere and do anything for one another. It’s seeing individual actors do stunning things, and forgetting that you’re watching anything other than the characters themselves.

I love being able to sit in a theatre and just get lost in this incredible world for five hours, and I love how outside of the show all these actors are such wonderful people. It’s a joy to interact with them, and watch them interact with each other. And most of all it’s a privilege to be able to share this play with so many amazing friends, people I’ve never met in person before but it feels like I’ve known for years, who I can flail and meta with; who get it.

It was a genuine honour to be in the theatre for today’s performance, and there was one moment when everything was lit up while the boys saw Hogwarts through the trees, where I just looked around and went wow. This exists, and we get to experience it, this beautiful work of art and passion and love. What a gift.

the lover. the final episode.







god bless you mnet. really. thank you for this. it was the best ending you could ever show to us. thank you very much.

but it’s kinda sad to say goodbye. i will miss my takujae.

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Emotional Gavin breakdown where he just spills everything and he's crying and scared. "I can't- I can't tell you, he'll know, he- he'll hurt you."

oh god the breakdown is outright heartbreaking. It’s clear he’s struggling to tell them, especially after they track him down, especially when they get him alone again. He’s surprised when they find him. Despite him leaving those trails and paths to him, he never really expected them to follow it. Certainly didn’t think they’d care enough to find him. Certainly didn’t expect them to still care again to try and get him out.

But even still he’s struggling, clearly terrified out of his mind. It’s a very pure form of fear, unadulterated and genuine and if that isn’t a fucking slap to the face for them all. To see their Golden Boy, normally so confident and strong, crying and shaking in fear. Not fear of them or fear of his own life, no. Fear for them. For them getting hurt. For them getting killed. Any doubts they had over him not caring for them are completely gone after seeing him in this state.

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i think most of the happy moments in dday are flashbacks? like they were a happy couple being all cutesy with each other (im only slightly jealous, i swear!) but dae started flirting around with the other girl. they break up and she loses her desire to film anything (the fishtank scene) and he realized he screwed up. notice he's in the area with the giant heart while he's lying on his back but it's gloomy and dark looking without her. the music video is bright and happy bc they're together again

Maybe! I wouldn’t rule anything out. I can totally see that being it. :)

Honestly though, here’s what I think, having seen the video a few times…

I like to see it as a story of Daesung recovering from the heartbreak of a bad breakup with the help of the girl we see throughout most of the video. Along the way the focus is mostly on her; it isn’t until the end that we understand it was really about him. It’s a gradual process. The heart needs time to heal. For most of the video they’re just friends because it’s all Daesung can handle. He isn’t ready to love again, not yet.

Meanwhile, we see the girl pining for him, hoping that one day he’ll recognize her for what she is: exactly what he needs. She is there for him through it all with patience and kindness– and let’s not forget that camcorder, archiving the early stages of their non-relationship in grainy images. They spend time together doing all kinds of couple-y things, all without actually being a couple. Daesung doesn’t realize how his time with her mends his fractured heart. Or he does, but doesn’t acknowledge it. And all the while, the girl wonders how long she can keep this up, this facade of just friendship. It may be helping him, but it’s hurting her. Doubt creeps in and she wonders, Is it worth it? Is he worth it?

When we see Daesung lying there on the floor, seemingly lost in thought, he’s reliving the memory of that traumatic breakup with his past girlfriend (it’s not the same girl). The last time he opened up his heart to another… and it had been damaged beyond repair.

…Or so he thought. He picks himself up off the floor and runs out the door. He’s decided that it’s time– time for him to try again, time to revisit those feelings he had pushed down and locked away to avoid being hurt by them a second time. He’d be a fool to let this opportunity pass him by, this person who brings light and warmth and vitality back into his life, things he feared he’d lost forever.

A melody he thought he’d forgotten comes rushing back to him, as dazzling as if he was hearing it for the first time. He remembers how to love. He finds the girl waiting for him as she always has and embraces her– and with her, the determination that he doesn’t have to hurt or hesitate anymore. The time for “them” has come. The countdown is complete. Today and every day ahead of them is a new day. It’s D-Day.

Lyrics from the song include:

I won’t hesitate anymore because I have you (this line is seen at video’s end)
You have repainted everything
My life begins now
Today is D-Day!

Just my two cents~ You all know I love words, but in truth my absolute favorite stories are those told without.

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2 & 7 for hbb please ?

First scene put down: The scene where they pull up to the bar, talk about the con, and then Yuri poses in front of the juke box. That was the first thing I put down. 

Title: the title comes from the Psychedelic Furs song “Heart Break Beat” all the chapter titles are Psychedelic Furs singles. I really love their music, and I think it kind of goes with the feel of the fic pretty well. See!? 

 I’m a heartbreak beat
Yeah, all night long
And nobody don’t dance on the edge of the dark
We’ve got the radio on
And it feels like love
But it don’t mean a lot
And it feels like love
And it’s all that we’ve got

Plus my brain was like, “this song talks about breaking, you break at pool, go with it. go with it!” 

Now, this is more than just foreshadowing scene for me. *I mean ofc lmfao at them getting along, I know but* it’s really fucking heartbreaking. I mean notice how creepy self-assured Tarkin is when he says “Besides, I needn’t worry about my career. I’ve fallen into favor with the Chancellor. He shall support me.” It’s all business and nothing else to be expected. And that’s fine. However, what Anakin says next is what shatters my heart completely “Oh, I happen to know the Chancellor quite well myself.” Look at his face in the second one. He’s not some creepy asshole who wants favors from anyone; he’s like a kid who’s been asked who’s your dad’s favorite child? You or your siblings and he’s like jumping happily and say I’m his favorite and do not get me started on the prideful look in the third one I just CAN’T EVEN!!!! He’s proud to be Palpy’s favorite and I just asdfghjkl!!!! He loved the old basterd TOO MUCH and we all know what happens in the end. ;-;

Also, I just realized something that made me so sad and mildly (if not entirely) pissed off. Obi-Wan was there to hear this conversation and this one kind of parallels the one he will have with Anakin in ROTS. *deep breath* In the movie he will say this “Your friendship with Chancellor Palpatine seems to have paid off.” Now from this quote it’d seem that Obi-Wan doesn’t know Anakin as well as he should. He was his guardian, he’s the one who watched over him since he was nine years old and now you’re fucking telling me that he didn’t NOTICE Anakin’s childish attitude when it comes to the Chancellor!!! Was this man ALWAYS this blind? :( I mean that fucking quote always bothered me. It’s not what a fucking friend would say. It’s what some sleazeball who only saw you once would say. So, yeah, I’m not okay.

I would like to point out something heartbreaking that I noticed.

Tybalt Leftpaw is almost always hunched over in cut scenes. He appears to always be trying to make himself small. I also noticed that it was really hard to get a cut scene screenshot where he didn’t look kind of sad.

It isn’t until his final talk with the player (at least that I’ve noticed) that he’s upright and tall through the entire thing. His last act was gaining self-confidence and saving everyone.


Rewatching Diamond no Ace » 02. Partner

“Don’t you want to test your abilities? True, Seidou’s not a normal high school. Almost everyone there probably batted fourth and was the ace at their junior high. You’re gonna go to a place like that by yourself. I’d be scared, too. But if you don’t follow your heart, you’re gonna regret it forever. If you fail, just come back home. Even if that happens, we won’t let anyone laugh at you.”

let me in, hold me close. – parivan au.

a/n: hello it’s 12 pm and I have a few things I need to post on here but this is probably the one I’m most excited about. I wrote this during an exam, and I hope this doesn’t flop like what my grade will be!!

ALSO, I’m really sorry if my fics tend to be stereotypical, and I’m sorry for the poorly written grammar. Anyways, enjoy.

Summary: Cassie’s going through her first heartbreak and Ben is there to pick up the pieces. Cue the feels.

Ben Parish doesn’t need to pick up the phone to know who is is behind it. He doesn’t even need to think who, because the second he hears the familiar ring from his backpack, he’s already out of the door.

He has been preparing for this day to happen – ever since his best friend told him she got asked out, ever since his best friend started to come to him two weeks after being told off during her date, ever since he realized that he was in love with her during the fifth grade and that she will probably never like him back the way he wants her. He was okay with that. He was perfectly fine with being the ‘best friend who’s always there when she needs him’.

He isn’t prepared to see the sight of her crying, though. He has seen her cry thousands of times but he will never get used to the sight. He doesn’t understand why anyone would make someone as sweet as her cry – he doesn’t understand why someone would be cruel enough to make the most beautiful girl and the kindest girl on earth cry. His best friend deserves the world, but the world doesn’t deserve her.

His heart breaks seeing her curl up inside her blanket, her shoulders shaking every few seconds. Her eyes are dull when she notices him standing in front of her room. She makes an effort to smile at him, but she’s too sad to smile so it comes out like a cringe. “Hey,” he says softly.”Can I come in?”

She nods her head, “Sure,” she croaks out. “You know you’re always welcome.” He smiles at her, making his way towards her bed. She scoots to give him room to sit so he does.

They don’t say anything. It’s quiet inside the room as Cassie scoots closer back to him, still not saying anything when she starts to ean her head against his shoulder. “You were right,” she breaks the silence. He doesn’t say anything but he knows she’s referring to the countless times he had said that Cassie and ‘Him’ aren’t going to last (“because he’s a jerk, Cassie.”)

“Nobody’s right,” he replies instead, wrapping an arm around her fragile figure to keep her closer. She shuffles closer desparately for his familiar warmth that she likes so much.There was something about her best friend that is so calming and comforting.

They sit there in silence again, listening to each other’s heartbeats. The silence will never be awkward between them – instead it’s comfortable, just enjoying each other’s company.

“Can I punch him?”

Cassie laughs, her voice cracking in the end. “No,” she answers.

“Well, screw that, I’ll still do it.”

Cassie looks up, her eyes shining lightly. “I know you will,” she whispers, rolling her eyes fondly at him. He grins at her, pushing her head back onto his houlder. She giggles, her shoulders shaking like before but for a completely different reason. “I liked him Ben.”

“I know you did,” Ben nods his head – trying to ignore the aching feeling inside his chest. “But you don’t need him.” You already have me, he adds silently in his head.

“I don’t,” Cassie confirms. “It still hurts though.”

“I know,” he says. He goes quiet, waiting for Cassie to say something else. “There are a bunch of jerks in this world, Cassie, trust me on this. You don’t need people like that. You don’t deserve someone like that.”

“I know,” Cassie copies him. “Thank god I have you.”

His heart flutters at the compliment. He gets them a lot but his heart never fails to burst hearing them come out of her mouth. He doesn’t respond because he knows his mouth will fail him so instead he grabs her hand and intertwines them together. She lets him like always (it’s not even awkward). “Why did he break up with you?” he asks carefully, not wanting to ruin the moment between them.

“It’s not important,” she tells him, but Ben knows better.

“I know you’re lying,” He watches her eyes divert towards something else – a clear point that she is lying. “Cassie, you can tell me anything.”

Cassie shakes her head, pushing her head harder to his shoulder, not wanting to look at his eyes. “Seriously, it’s silly.”

“I’m honestly all right with that.”

“You’re never going to give up are you?” she doesn’t even need to lift her head to know that he’s nodding. She smiles up at him, then. “Okay, fine. I’ll tell you.”

He grins at her.

“He thinks I like you.”

His grin disappears as quick as it had appeared. “What? Why on earth would he think that?”

Cassie shrugs, “I don’t know. He told me that I speak too highly of you sometimes and then he said something about us being too close to each other and stuff. He also said something about me not letting him inside my room but I already zoned out. I was too angry to listen honestly. I mean, we’re best friends right? Why is that so hard for him to understand that I will always need you?”

His heart really needs to stop beating this loud. “What… did you say after? You did deny it right?”

Cassie doesn’t answer.

“Cass-“ the tension inside the room is too strong to be ignored.

Cassie doesn’t budge.

“Cassie. Tell me.”

“No,” she blurts out. “I didn’t.”

Ben’s taken aback. “Why the hell didn’t you?” He’s pretty sure he isn’t even breathing right now waiting for Cassie to answer.

“Because I like you, okay?” she shouts at him suddenly, and he jumps for a moment before realizing what the blonde girl just said. “I always have, Ben.. I was the one who broke things off but I knew that was such a dumb move because I know you’ll never like and see me –“

He cuts her off, grabbing her face with both his hands, slamming their faces together, taking her lips into his. Kissing her as passionate as he can – letting all the feelings he had kept back for these past 6 years of his life. She kisses him back just as passionate, if not slightly messy but that’s alright because Ben doesn’t care. He’s only thinking of Cassie. Cassie. Cassie. Cassie, and nothing else matters at that time.

They don’t pull away – he doesn’t want to let of her just yet, not when everything he has been dreaming about is becoming a reality now. She giggles when he pulls away to blow raspberries on her cheek. He’s so hooked. “I love you,” he knows how strong the word is but he knows it’s true when he whispers the word onto her skin. “I love you, I love you, I love you.” He always has.

“Ben,” she giggles. “I love you too. God, we’re already becoming the annoying couple.”

Ben grins – if it’s supposed to be tiring grinning all day, he doesn’t feel it. “You know what?”


“I’m gonna thank your ex boyfriend. I’m not killing him.”


Ben grins again – he just can’t stop dammit, it’s hard to stop when you’ve got the girl you want so badly in front of you, smiling at you like you’re the only thing that matters in the world. “Well, yeah. If he hadn’t act so jerky, you wouldn’t break things off with him, and I wouldn’t have been able to do this.”

And then he kisses her again and everything blurs.

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"I hate who I am when I'm with you, and I can't live like this for the rest of my life." That was such a GIGANTIC, huge red flag. It wasn't romantic, it's something a man in an extremely unhealthy relationship would say. And what I hate about their relationship is that when they argue, Robert always has this condescending tone (you're gonna mess up/you're gonna sabotage this/this won't work if you don't trust me). They sound like ultimatums and I dunno, it makes me go yikess

That line hurts my heart. It was so heartbreaking. Those scenes… so many people were so happy about them for what they mean for Robron as a couple and really, personally, I never saw them as “good” for Robron as a couple. They showed exactly what was wrong with the pairing; the fact that no matter how much it might’ve “changed,” Aaron still feels like (and is) in an abusive relationship. The show really bothers me because a lot of the time it tries to send the message that they’re good and belong together and happy together. But then there are those (usually incredibly written) scenes that show that they’re not? That it’s so unhealthy and abusive and trapping. In the past, I always kind of dismissed them because they’d be on about them sticking together and belonging together, but now I have to wonder if they’re actually going for the alternative? If sprinkling those little moments in are just little hints at what they’re really planning; if they’re really going to follow through at some point with how unhealthy and damaging the relationship is to Aaron most of the time. I never thought they’d actually go through with it because of how popular the pairing is, but given that they quite obviously don’t care at all about the popularity and keeping fans happy (which they’ve never had any obligation to; it’s just upsetting that they manipulated everything so much), I do wonder if they’re actually going to go through with it and I quote honestly hope they will?

I’m just gonna leave it here

An Ichiruki Ghost Headcanon, where Ichigo is painting in an art class sometime during those 17 months and Rukia is behind him, watching. She’s talking to him, how he’s no better than her at it. And how he dared to insult her drawings. And she acts all normal and angry, but when she remembers that…he can’t see or hear or feel her…she becomes really sad. But she continues watching and at one point she claps her hand to her mouth. Ichigo has painted the closed doors of senkaimon. She reaches her trembling hand to touch his shoulder. But his arms moves to proceed painting. He’s adding rain all over. Rukia balls her hand into a fist. She steps a little closer to him and whispers into his ear, even though she knows he won’t hear her, “I’m gonna bring your powers back. I promise, Ichigo”

And his friends are just like….all having heartbreaking boners from this scene. 

The violence against women in GoT

This week I’ve read a lot of text posts around here talking about the violence against women that we have to constantly see in GoT. This is getting very tiring, really. We are exhausted of seeing those scenes. Some people argue that “we also see those things in the books!” but that’s not completely true:

  • Ros didn’t exist in the books, so she wasn’t brutally murdered.
  • Cersei wasn’t raped by Jaime, it was consensual sex (I can’t imagine Jaime raping a woman, to be honest).
  • Meera wasn’t captured and nearly raped in the books.
  • Sansa wasn’t raped in the books. Yes, it’s true that it happens to another character, Jeyne Poole, and it’s so hard and heartbreaking to read about it. But Sansa is a main character with her own storyline, why would D&D respect a secondary character’s storyline if they haven’t respected more important ones? They could have perfectly avoided it, just like it seems they did with Aegon, Arianne and Lady Stoneheart’s plots. Sansa is a main character that we have known since she was a girl and she has suffered way too much: her father was beheaded in front of her, she was abused by Joffrey, they made her marry a man that she didn’t love, she lost her mother and her brother in the Red Wedding… Damn! Was it really necessary making Ramsey rape her?

But we shouldn’t forget about other things related to this violence against women that seems to be taking place in GoT. I’m talking about Arianne’s storyline. This part of the story shows us perfectly how Dorne works: women can inherit and rule! Instead of adding this amazing character they preferred making Trystane the only heir to Sunspear (I’m not even sure if in the tv show Sunspear exists, tbh). They also preferred making him older and creating a stupid and pathetic teenage romance between two stereotyped characters. Maybe the idea that a woman could inherit was too fantastical and unbelievable for this tv show in which we see dragons and white walkers. Well, we all have seen how incredibly low level the Dorne scenes have been. D&D, if you had followed the books this plot wouldn’t have been so disastrous and pathetic.

Thanks for reading and sorry for my English!

(This amazing post inspired me, go read it because everything is so well explained!)

Why can’t I just lose?

The scene where the Doctor wanted to just give up was really haunting me so here, have a picture. It was probably one of the most heartbreaking moments of the show (well, for me anyway), because the Doctor never gives up and it really hurt to see him like that. But he didn’t give up at the end and beat the wall, so all’s good (probably, I hope he’ll slap some Time Lord arses for what they’ve done.)