this is headphones music

Blame (Live on James Corden and Original)
Blame (Live on James Corden and Original)

I mixed their performance on James Corden with the original and this is the result.

This is actual living, breathing proof that Bastille are the best live band. Ever.


You know how a lot of pictures show Sonic wearing normal headphones? Well, I found a way to make mostly normally shaped headphones work for him. I was partially inspired by those weird headphones with the cat ears on them.

This would work for all Mobians too! They all have the same ear placement and the shape of the ear doesn’t matter! It goes directly into the base of their ear, just like how our headphones work!

Now they can be comfy and functional. 🎶

Dream and try to achive it. Make this dream true. No matter how far it is. No matter how many obstacles are on the way. If you want it, just do it. With effort and desire you can do everything.

[🎧 Rather Be - Clean Bandit]

you might need t o, plug in your headphones to hear this properly