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The Husband’s Adversary
  • John Laurens x Reader
  • Hamiltime
  • Part 3 of The Boss’s Daughter

A/N: So, sorry about the excess of John Laurens right now. There will be one more part of this series and then it will be done. I had a draft of this sitting on my computer for a while so I hope you enjoy part three of the Boss’s Daughter!

Word Count: 3,369


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It was Alexander’s fault honestly. He couldn’t keep from boasting. You and John were currently at the Hamilton estate so your two little boys could have a play date. They weren’t old enough to do much playing or interacting but you wanted the boys to be associated with each other. John had your little boy propped up on his lap. You had named him Henry Laurens Jr. You knew John had a tense relationship with his father and you knew that gesture of honor would not go unnoticed.

“So Y/N, did you hear the news?” Alexander asked.

“Possibly.” You answered cautiously. You never knew what Alexander would ever say.

“Washington asked me to be part of his new cabinet.” He said proudly.

“Really? We haven’t been back to my parents home in weeks.” You said happily for him.

“He did?” John asked.


So, you were unsurprised when John spoke up at dinner with your parents. Martha was feeding Henry some food he could actually eat, though he ended up wearing most of it. “So,” John nervously began. “Alexander mentioned that you made him a part of your cabinet.”

“I did.” You father responded evenly. Though you knew that tone. He seemed to be withholding some tidbit of information.

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Travelin Soldier (1940s!Bucky x Reader)

Author’s Note: Hey guys! So between listening to music and reading a book for my English class, I remembered this song by the Dixie Chicks, and I turned it into a little fic by the same name as the song. If you want, you can listen to it while you read to increase emotions. The only thing I tweaked is that I’m applying it to WWII instead of the Vietnam War. Lyrics are bold and italicized. I hope you guys enjoy!

Summary: Just hours before Bucky ships off to Europe, he meets the reader in the cafe she works at and befriends her.

Other Characters: Steve and the Howling Commandoes (mentions)

Warnings: Angst and sadness :(

Word Count: 1,153

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