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OT5 2018 Grammy Submissions

Don’t forget, this is just what we’ve seen in terms of SUBMISSIONS. We’ll see on November 28, 2017 what the actual NOMINATIONS look like.


  • Slow Hands (Niall Horan)
  • I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (Zayn)
  • Dusk Till Dawn (Zayn)
  • Strip That Down (Liam Payne)
  • Sign of the Times (Harry Styles)
  • Back to You (Louis Tomlinson)


  • Slow Hands (Niall Horan)
  • Dusk Till Dawn (Zayn)
  • Strip That Down (Liam Payne)
  • Sign of the Times (Harry Styles)
  • Back to You (Louis Tomlinson)


  • Harry Styles (Harry Styles)


  • I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (Zayn/Taylor Swift)
  • Dusk Till Dawn (Zayn/Sia)
  • Strip That Down (Liam Payne/Quavo)
  • Back to You (Louis Tomlinson/Bebe Rexha)


  • Too Much to Ask (Niall Horan)
  • I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (Zayn)
  • Dusk Till Dawn (Zayn)
  • Strip That Down (Liam Payne)
  • Sign of the Times (Harry Styles)
  • Back to You (Louis Tomlinson)


  • I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (Zayn/Taylor Swift)


  • Harry Styles: Behind the Album (Harry Styles)


  • Harry Styles (Harry Styles)


  • Sign of the Times (Harry Styles)


  • Sign of the Times (Harry Styles)


  • Slow Hands (Niall Horan)
  • Two Ghosts (Harry Styles)


  • Get Low (Liam Payne/Zedd)
  • Just Hold On (Louis Tomlinson/Steve Aoki)

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HS lyrics // TS lyrics

“Same lips red, same eyes blue, same white shirt, couple more tattoos” // “I got that red lip, classic thing that you like” “You got that long hair, slicked back, white t-shirt”

“She’s a good girl” // “I got that good girl faith”

“Couldn’t take you home to mother in a skirt that short” // “And a tight little skirt”

“Even my phone misses your call, by the way” // “It takes everything in me not to call you”

“The fridge light washes this room white” // “Dancing ‘round the kitchen in the refrigerator light”

“We’re just two ghosts swimming in a glass half empty” // “It’s half full and I won’t wait here all day”

“Promises are broken like a stitch is” // “Twenty stitches in the hospital room”

Waiting for Wonderful by QuickedWeen (13.5k, M)

The university class where he met Louis was the beginning of the end for Harry. It took all of an hour for him to figure out that he was in love with Louis, and there was no way around it. It was a part of his DNA; he was tall, he had green eyes, and he was in love with Louis Tomlinson. Louis was his soulmate, and they were going to be together. Eventually.

Harry is willing to wait as long as he needs to for his best friend to realise that they’re supposed to be together, but it kills him to watch Louis struggle in his relationship with Mackenzie. All Harry wants to do is be supportive, and sometimes that’s all it takes.

Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, Louis Tomlinson/Original Female Character(s), Niall Horan/Gemma Styles
Characters: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Original Female Character(s), Niall Horan, Gemma Styles, Liam Payne, (mentioned)
Additional Tags: Best Friends, Friends to Lovers, Stag Nights & Bachelor Parties, Bachelorette Party, Strip Tease, Harry dances to Beyonce, Sexuality, adjustment, Non-Graphic Smut, Light Angst, Fluff


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You turn to look at Alexa “my fiance’s in love with another woman” you sigh bringing your cocktail up to your lips for another sip

She giggles “no he is not”

“You can’t deny the truth Alexa”

“Well he’s always loved her” she reasons

“True" you watch him “Why do we do this Alexa?” you look at Harry dancing  “why do we create a monster?”  

She shakes  her head “ I don’t know we must be evil”  she laughs “alcohol is not his friend”

“It sho’ aint” you say in a southern accent

You were both standing watching Harry dance with Stevie Nicks hands wrapped around her waist taught head nuzzled against her shoulder as they danced in circles  

“It is his birthday” she reasons. His 24th birthday, you along with Alexa planned a surprise party

“I know”  you smile at her

She chuckles “he’s really drunk”

“Thank you for that” you scowl at her momentarily before smiling “now i have to go home with a clingy needy giant”

She grins “sorry”

“You just had to give him shots”  

“He’s having fun!” she laughs

You giggle “I know I’m just playing.”

You and Alexa talk cracking jokes about Harry and his dancing skills before he rushes to you stumbling a bit off balance

“Pet!” he holds his boyish grin

“Hi honey” you smile back  

He smiles and turns to Stevie Nicks “I’LL BE RIGHT BACK LUV”  He turns to  face you “she’s  amazing Y/N I think I’m in love with her” he cups his cheek shaking his head in awe

“You don’t say” you smile back at him

“I could marry  tha’ woman!”

You turn to face Alexa and give her a look she erupts in laughter which caused you to laugh

“Wha’?”  he smiles watching you two giggle

You shake your head “nothing don’t keep Stephanie  waiting” you shoo him away

“Oh I’m not trust me!”  he takes another shot before dancing towards “Come on Steph! show me what yeh got!”

“Oh my god!”  you giggle embarrassed

“Let’s hide the liquor” Alexa says picking up the bottle

“Yea we don’t need a blackened out drunk Harry” you agree

“No we don’t because I can’t carry him!”  

“We’ll get Jeff and Mitch to do it”

The party raves on for a few more hours and at some point even Stevie starts grabbing drinks from him

When the next day arrives Harry wakes up groaning his eyes struggling to open you lie beside him looking at him waiting for him to open them. He rubs on them before slowly opening

You smile at him “Good morning!”

“Morning” his voice croaks cracking some of his bones

You cringe you hate when he does that “oooh” you grab the bottle of water on your night stand  “here” you say handing it to him

“Thanks” he rasps he almost drinks the whole bottle before he speaks “creeper watchin me sleep, why re’yeh up so early”

“It’s 10” you say flatly

He groans “still drunk”

You giggle paying him no mind looking at the videos you took of him the previous night

“Wha’ s that?”

“Oh nothing” you sing

He tries sitting up “Oh fuck sake why do I still feel drunk?”

“Do you know how much you drank?” you chuckle

He groans

“But that’s how you know you partied hard when you’re still fucked up the next day”

“Why are yeh not drunk?”

“Who was gonna take care of you? and who was gonna take care of me?”


“Noo is not fair to her I drank just not as much as you did”

He looks at his phone checking for any important  messages. You return your attention to your phone

“Hold me” he says pulling you towards him

“You need a shower” you try pushing him away

“Mhm mhm”  he hums shaking his head burying it deeper into your neck

“Yes you do Harry sweating tequila!”  

He chuckles softly

“It will make you feel better” you rub his head

“Only if yeh take one with me”  


After the shower you migrate to the kitchen.

“Ohhh my gooodddd peettt” Harry groans in agony his head on the island still feeling dizzy

“Drink this” you say handing him his smoothie

“My angel”

“Uh huh”

You stand on the opposite side waiting for the coffee to finish brewing

“What re’yeh watching?” he asks

You turn your phone to show him the video “you proposed to Stephanie last night”

He looks uncomfortable watching it

You laugh at him

“Sorry” he chuckles nervously

You shrug “I’m no Stevie Nicks. Can’t get on her level”

“Don’t need to be” he says flipping through your phone

“Hmm” you hum nonchalantly “Plus I don’t think it’s legal to have two wives”  

“I was really drunk” he says handing you your phone  

You nod agreeing  “You were! You professed well” you think “yea professed loudly to the whole crowd how much you loved her then proceeded to get on one knee I almost didn’t catch a thing.”

He groaned  “ugh”  

You pour your cup of  coffee “You know i almost got worried Stephanie says yes I’m out of the picture!” You giggle “told me you were in love with her”

He chuckles “I was drunk!” he walks up beside you to get a cup

You stand beside him leaning on the counter “You know what they say drunk man words sober man thoughts”

“I wouldn’t leave yeh for Stephanie”

You give him look you’re not falling for that “I don’t believe that”

He laughs

“Can’t fool me Styles. Then you danced all night with her”

He waggles his brows at you“Not jealous re’yeh?”

You refuse to answer that question “ I was just your chauffeur your chaperone. It was like Y/N who? Where? only when i came to check on you, you remembered.”

He laughs  

You laugh along “And you really turned on your A game when she walked in you were so charming. Turning on your Rico Suave persona” you imitate his accent “ ‘Can I get yeh anything else Stephanie? ’S no problem luv ill cater to yeh, dance with me darlin’ . You know poor old me I got the ring so I guess that’s all i get. Two years to get a proposal Stephanie gets it in 4 hours!” you giggle  “What she got that i aint got?” you tease in a southern accent you say cutting the fruit

He laughs harder “Don’t say that came home wit yeh didn’t i?”

“Yea about that you got in her car” you laugh “It took her lying to you for you to get in our car!”

“‘M sorry poppet” he mumbles against your neck  “’M a sloppy drunk”  as much as he knew you were joking he felt guilty for ignoring you

You giggle moving away “I know”  

“Know I love yeh don’ yeh ”  

“Mmmhm!” you hum

“Not gonna say it back?”  

“Love you too Hazza now  move breakfast time!” you nudge him away

After breakfast you sit on his lap on the couch

“This hangover  sucks!” he groans  

“Yea we tried to stop you from drinking. tried is the key word here”

He chuckles “Damn it is there nothing good that i did last night?”

“It was your birthday you were having fun!”

“Did yeh have fun at least?” he asks  

“Yea” you shrug “Alexa and I have new jokes about you”

He sits there for awhile head resting on the pillow  giving the medicine time to work. When the nausea subsides he doesn’t like that your attention is on the phone and not him.

“Hangovers suck” he says seeking your sympathy

“They do but you’ll get better buddy”  you glance at him

“Just want yeh to hold me”

“Oh!” you lay down so he can get on top

He nuzzled  into I your chest while you wrap your arms around him your phone still occupying your attention

“Pet” he whines against your neck leaving a trail of tender kisses “missed yeh” you can feel his growing bulge on your inner thigh

“Yes sugarlump, didn’t go anywhere” you run your fingers through his hair

He laughs before dragging his nose against your neck smelling your scent  “asked yeh a question”

“What was it?”

“Not jealous of Stephanie re’yeh?”

You bite your lip pausing before you answer  “nope”

He chuckles “lying to me” he speaks against your neck his hands roaming your body pawing at you

“No I had to accept that Stevie and I will be sisters wives”

He laughs tickling your neck

“As long as I’m the first wife! That is my only request! who am I kidding she would be the queen”

He starts sucking on your neck “Yeh’ll be my only wife”  moving his hips against your groin

“Harry” he’s making it harder for you to concentrate on your phone

“Hmmm” he hums biting down on your earlobe

“What are you doing?”

He pulls your thighs further apart wrapping them around his waist relaxing onto your body so you could feel all of him “Yeh know what ‘m doin”  you giggle “never got my birthday present” he’s focused on getting you just as horny as he was

“What a whole party with Stevie Nicks and that’s not enough?”

He shakes his head “mhm mhm” he hums hands snaking down “Take this off” he pulls your shorts and underwear down tossing them aside

You bite your lip “What more could you want?”  

He looks at you his hand snaking down to your throbbing clit rubbing light circles with his thumb “my fiance”

You moan “has a nice ring to it”

He smirks and bends down pulling your bottom lip into his mouth before kissing you, he stops raising  up fingers playing with your folds before pushing one into your slit “Be better when I call yeh my wife” his looking at your facial expressions

Ohhh” Your back arches you start moaning

“Don’ yeh think so Y/N” he bends down to kiss you.  “tell me pet” he raises up again he loves watching pleasure take over your body

You gasp feeling him push another finger in “Yes I love that” your phone is still in your hand replaying a video “Put the phone away poppet ‘s my birthday ‘nd i want all yeh attention” you grip the phone harder feeling your climax “Yeh know i don’t like to share get off the bloody phone!”  Your  hand releases the phone letting it fall to the floor

“Yes daddy”

He growls bending down to kiss you

“The fridge light washes this room white, moon dances over your good side”

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The one where it’s 3am and he thinks you’re beautiful  

She was the only quiet he wanted, content with unspoken words being heard in soft smiles in hair and kisses on foreheads worn like crowns and he’d give anything to capture moments like these in picture frames so he’d be sure he’d never lose them. He was crazy about her. He could tell you exactly what made her smile that day two years ago, even if it was just for a moment. Don’t get me wrong, she was head over heals for him too, she’d memorised the deep lines in his palms that cupped her cheeks perfectly and she knew from first glance that he would know how to hold her.

He wasn’t completely sure what it was that had woken him up but he thinks it was the realisation that her breath was no longer on his neck. So he makes his passed the discarded clothes and Polaroids strung together on walls, looking for her, and when he finds her he swears to this day that he stopped breathing. She was wearing one of his shirts and it was just hanging off her back, her hair in a top knot that kind of looked like a baby had been pulling at it but to him she made it work. Her skin was illuminated but the dull glow of the refrigerator light and her thighs had bruises which made he’s heart ache with pride because she’s wearing proof of his fingertips from the night before.  

The radio is on and it’s playing the song she attached to that drunk guy they met and that party one time because she’s the kind of girl who’d attach songs to people and hate it when they stop being important because the songs still are. She hasn’t noticed he’s there yet, hasn’t seen his fond smile and his eyes that had that glimmer in them that only she could provoke but he figures she’ll notice soon and when she does she’ll lean against the open refrigerator door and she’ll sigh out a ‘hi’ and he won’t say anything because words aren’t needed, he’ll just walk over to her so he can do what he’s wanted to do since finding her in the kitchen 15 minutes ago. He’ll kiss her, almost as soft as her voice, and when they pull apart he’ll rest his forehead on hers and the radio will start to play a slow love song about how the guy finally got the girl, and they’ll dance.

‘All I want for Christmas is booze.’ [H.S]

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A/N: so I had a huge portion of this written for last Christmas but I never actually finished it. Then I found it the other week and I actually still liked the story line of it so I was thinking I’ll finish it this year… but that didn’t go according to plan. Basically I wouldn’t have it in time for Christmas and it was getting really long already so I was thinking I’ll post two parts of this one shot. Anyways, the second part is still gonna be festive etc but I’m afraid it’ll be up after Christmas but I just wanted to post this this year as opposed to not at all cuz idk if I’ll still be writing next year (we’ll see). But that was probs a long winded version of saying here’s a two part Xmas one shot. Hope you enjoy xx

Pairing: Harry & Reader
Word Count: 5.3k approx.
Warning: Swearing

Summary: You’re about to head over to your parents for Christmas until you find the one guy that you despise sitting on a bench by himself.

You detested him - his obnoxious arrogance that drenched and filtered into every room he walked upon; his goddamn smirk that held the sure confidence he bore too much of; his thoughtless, nasty words that departed his lips without consideration of anyone but himself – you detested Harry Styles and everything he stood for.

Though the feeling was mutual.

Harry hated you too – your bitchy-attitude filled with supposed superiority to him, matching your endless sighing and groaning of annoyance at anything he did; your signature response of rolling your eyes too often having had failure to actually respond with a verbal reply to his dim-witted words; your constant rejection of his crude and perverted suggestions that made you want to hurl if you heard him speak them one more time – he hated you too.

The pair of you had been neighbours for nearly a year now, and it was from the very beginning when you were sleeping in your new place that this hate-filled feud began to brew between you and Harry.

It all began with the first night consisting of him throwing a party overrun by blaring house music and rowdy young adults. It kept you awake to the early hours of the morning which wasn’t exactly how you wanted your first night in your brand new home to be spent.

But, not wanting to get off on the wrong foot, you never confronted Harry about that first night initially, hoping that this was just a one off, that not every night was going to be like this.

But you were mistaken.

Once again another noise complaint was brimming your lips. Only this time it was for a reason you’d really rather not interrupt.

The second night was a reckless one as your desperate need for sleep was interrupted repeatedly by the high screams and blissful moans of an unknown girl, the sounds of such ecstasy fighting for the urge of control over the repetitive banging on the wall of what you could only assume to be a bed.

Two consecutive nights of no sleep. Surely it wouldn’t be a regular thing?

You had hoped not but by the third night, just as your head had hit the pillow, your eyes barely closing before the unmistakeable sounds of sex echoed through the seemingly paper thin walls once more.

You weren’t going to stand for it and you didn’t want this to be a reoccurring thing so why not nip it in the bud early?

You were fuming, angry and exhausted, and you didn’t give a shit that the then unknown appearance of your neighbour would be the tall brown-haired guy with the unfortunate pretty face.

It had caught you off guard at first, having been thumping loudly on his door over and over until you heard distant curses of the disruption. Your words had caught in your throat as you took in the glistening bare chest and broad shoulders of the man before you.

His hair was dishevelled and sticking up in ridiculous places, his light beard tracing along his jowl while his mean but forest green eyes glared at you.

You hated it. You hated how goddamn attractive you found him. And you had almost gasped aloud in awe at the appearance of your then-new-neighbour, but then the whiney voice of a blonde perking up from behind the brown-haired reminded you of the reason you were first there.

And you had been sure to give him a piece of your mind after that.

Irritated, tired and bitter, profanity after profanity had left your lips at an uninterruptable rate leaving barely any room for argument. You had made sure to get your message across at how inconsiderate and selfish he was being towards the other people in the building, and you felt satisfied and smug at the way you handled the situation…that was until the only response you got from the brown-haired was a wordless scoff and the door being slammed in your face.

You were outraged to say the least. How could someone be so rude and have such indecency as to completely ignore the fully rational request of a new neighbour?

That’s when you decided you didn’t like him. Not even knowing his name and not actually holding a conversation with the guy yet, you detested your next door neighbour.

And you made sure he was aware of this. At first you decided to try and get some sort of revenge on the unnamed brown-haired, and for the next two nights you had blasted your music as loud as possible until the floors shook and the walls vibrated with the bass of the melody.

But in turn it ended with you receiving several noise complaints from other residents in the building and a smug-looking Harry that stood resting against his doorway as he watched you get bombarded with annoyed neighbours at yours.

He had known that you were trying to get back at him, and at first it had succeeded as for the first time in a while Harry was trying to sleep in his bed without a random girl in his bed, and due to the bombing noise of your stereo, he couldn’t.

But then Harry took matters into his own hands and caused your plan to back fire as he let loose little gossip complaints to the other residents on the floor, planting a seed in their heads that had them annoyed at you, going against you and taking his side.

For those residents would rarely make any complaints against Harry himself because they were intimidated by him and he had gained some sort of power or control over them. So easily he convinced them to turn against you.

He made it clear to you that this was not a battle you were fit to fight. But you didn’t back down.

From then on the two of you seemed to be holding this endless dual against one another, trying to make the other’s life a living hell.

From raging parties to loud hook-ups; from placing lubricated condoms on your door handle to you adding a petty red sock in his white wash in the laundry room; from immature games of ‘ding dong ditch,’ to him locking you out of your own apartment when you left it open just to bring out the garbage.

It was a never-ending feud and you grew tired of it as soon as it had started. But you were in too deep now- there was no way you could back down after all this, no matter whether Harry always had the upper hand or not.

Any typical person that didn’t get along with their neighbour would surely search urgently for another place to live as soon as possible, not wanting to put up with the other for more than they could. But with you and Harry, well, yes you hated each other, but you were also both as stubborn as the next. There seemed to be another silent contest, the pair of you merely refusing to move with the simple reason to spite and piss off the other.

Immature would be a word that would spring to mind, but the pair of you were too headstrong to care.

But it was different today – today you refused to let any of Harry’s unnecessary snarky comment rile you up, for today was your favourite time of year: Christmas.

Ranging from the irreplaceable holiday cheer spread amongst everyone paired with family fun filled night of happiness and joy to the overall twinkling exclusive atmosphere reserved and brought out only for this one day of the year. It was everything about this holiday that made you love it.

But the same couldn’t be said for everyone.

You quickly straightened the bottom of your velvet dress, and urgently slipped on your overcoat not wanting to keep your sister and her fiancé waiting for longer than necessary out in that winter cold.

You were going to your parents’ house – just like every year – for the annual family gathering and scrumptious turkey dinner. Not wanting to forget the large bundle of Christmas presents you had carefully bought for everyone, you had put them in a couple of gift bags to make it easier for you to carry them, the thought of balancing several presents on top of one another not as inviting. Grabbing the ribbon handles of the gift bags, you finally closed the door to your apartment before quickly – well, as fast as you could in your heels – making your way towards the elevator.

Reaching the lobby, you spotted the familiar couple standing towards the door entrance and you instantly uttered a sorrow-filled apology to your sister and her fiancé, Jeremy, for making them wait - they only gave you an earnest smile before Jeremy offered to carry a couple of your bags, noticing the way you struggled.

The three of you were going to arrive at your parents together, and seeing as you lived relatively close to each other, it also gave you permission to drink tonight since your sister was expecting. It was unplanned and sudden but the couple were excited for the arrival of the baby nonetheless.

Almost instantly, the quiet space was filled with chatter as you hadn’t seen your sister in a short while and there was a lot to get caught up on.

But it was stepping out into the bitter cold of the night that made you revel in the close memory of the crackling fire you sigh for every year. The star-flash of tinsel glittering brightly as the ribbons of flame twirl and spindle, dancing in the hearth of the fire. Those licking blazes that chase away the burglar-black wall shadows merely doing their unified duty of sending tingles through your fingers as they rid them toasty.

Puffing softly into the blueing palms of your hands, you gazed across the magical-looking street before you. With the various sparkling and twinkling lights overhead that slithered down the sides of houses and homes and the extraordinary paramount evergreen tree that was situated right at the entrance of the vast park that stretched in front of your apartment building, frost-spikes hung from the window sill like a Phantom’s glassy fingers as you hummed in content, that familiar and loving pleasure of joy tingling through you at how much you adored such a view and atmosphere.

Beyond the pavement, the world was a moonscape of white, Jack Frost’s fangs having bitten deep into the flesh and blood of the earth the night before and merely leaving it numb-cold and drained. There was no bird song, no grass whisper, no footfall. Jack hated everything living. He seemed to swoop down soundlessly from the casted sky and strangle the world into an imminent silence.

But that unnerving quietness was soon interrupted by the sound of footsteps and harmonious laughter as the three of you walked the peaceful streets. Everyone was tucked comfortably away with their own family, for this holiday was the perfect excuse for that, no need for wondering the ungiving sidewalk.

Everyone was with their families on this beautiful evening, everyone but one. And you came across them just as you passed the acquainted corner café you spent too much time in.

Situated on a frosted wooden bench, his feet resting on the base seat while he sat on the back of the bench, the tall brown-haired you frequently despised sat alone. Between the boy’s fingers was a lit cigarette, the smoke ghosting and snaking from the ashed end. Held at home in his other was a poorly hidden bottle of alcohol – most likely whiskey – the brown paper bag grasped tightly around the neck of the bottle.

A grey threading beanie lay atop his messy matted hair, while a light jacket stretched across his broad shoulders, evidently not doing a good job of keeping him warm – though you were sure his drink would make up for that.

He looked like a ghost, lifeless and grey, with perhaps the only colour being his reddish cheeks and Rudolph-red nose, maybe paired with his bloodshot eyes. His teeth chattered as his lips wrapped comfortably around his cigarette, the ashy-end glowing orange when he inhaled the unforgiving poisons.

He hadn’t noticed your presence yet as Harry only stared at his feet, feeling nothing but hopeless and lonely.

He hated Christmas. The obnoxious cheer everyone was desperate to feel and ‘share’ with each other making him scoff at how fake it appeared, the flickering Christmas lights giving him nothing but a demanding headache when he looked at them and – the worst part being - the over-the-top family festivities that were frantic to create a non-existent feeling of homeliness and affection with the people that were supposed to accept you and love you unconditionally (at least that’s what Harry thought.)

It was a stupid holiday, he thought, one that he dreaded every damn year. But there was no avoiding it, and so he merely drowned in the uncomfortable lonesome quiet with his two favourite accomplices that would ensure he forgot this day the morning after.

But his despairing silence and self-pity was soon to be disrupted by the sound of a familiar but abnormally warm and quiet voice; your voice.

“Harry?” You cooed, timid and hesitant as to what you were doing.

For before you was someone you detested, someone you couldn’t stand, but he seemed so sad, so isolated, it almost hurt you to see him like this, to see him the way you never expected. Harry was always so rowdy and cocky, his obnoxious personality and non-filtered words giving you nothing but feelings of annoyance and irritation.

But now, well, he was the complete opposite. And having grown used to the loud outgoing Harry, this quiet and secluded one concerned you and perhaps unnerved you a little. You wanted to know the reasoning for his given state, and part of you hoped there would maybe be a way for you to change it. Because God knows, for different reasons, you hated this Harry more than you hated the cocky one.

At your voice, the boy’s head shot up to look at you, suddenly aware of his surroundings and of the girl he lived next door to. Giving your sister and her fiancé an apologetic look, you knew you couldn’t just leave Harry like this without knowing why.

“Y/N!” Harry slurred slightly, giving you a crooked smile and a small wave with the bottle of Jack in his hand. He glanced at you before looking at your outfit. You were dressed nicer than usual – your normal attire that Harry would see you in tended to be sweats and a hoodie – and Harry noticed this as you took a careful towards him. Your hair was in a style other than a three-day-old bun and your face held a light layer of makeup that accentuated your gorgeous features. “You look amazing.” Harry breathed absentmindedly as he continued to stare at you, and you couldn’t fight the blush that lit your cheeks flattered at his unexpected compliment. But realising his amateur mistake given the relationship the pair of you had, Harry had to ruin it. “For once.” He added, and your small smile that had begun to play on your lips dropped a little as you realised he was still the rude Harry you had grown accustomed to.

Sure he may be acting all sorry for himself, but that didn’t mean he had completely changed his wicked personality.

You were about to roll your eyes at his snarky comment, tempted to just leave him where he was and not let him ruin your favourite holiday. But then another part of you decided to take a different approach to how you interacted with the boy today, just to see what would happen.

“What are you doing out here alone?” You questioned with concern, quirking an eyebrow as you took another step towards him.

Harry kept his gaze on you, licking his lips before bringing his toxic cigarette back to his chapped chattering mouth. Exhaling the smoke through his nose and mouth simultaneously, he shrugged his shoulders.

“Pre-drinks.” He smirked, lifting up the bottle of whiskey in his hand to bring attention to the beverage. Then, he lifted the bag-covered bottle to his lips and took a large swig of the fiery temptation, not even flinching as he had grown used to the scorching sensation raining down his throat.

You had to fight the urge to roll your eyes once more as Harry made sure to be difficult with you just like he always was. But you took in a breath before, asking calmly, politely.

“Pre-drinks for what?”

“Pre-drinks for what I always do on Christmas, sweetheart.” Harry sneered, his sly use of the pet name sending heated tingles down your spine with the intended hurt he spoke with.

“Harry.” You sighed, getting rather fed up with this little game he was playing with you. But you noticed the way his eyes flickered to the couple standing a short distance behind you, and you thought maybe they were the reason he was being difficult.

So, turning to your sister and her fiancé, you spoke quietly to them. “Would you guys mind if I met you at the car?” You asked, giving them a look that told them to agree without question. And wordlessly the two nod before walking, arm in arm, continuing in the direction the three of you were initially walking towards.

Turning back to face Harry, you gestured to the seat beside him, silently asking permission to sit there and he merely shrugged his broad shoulders as if to say ‘be my guest’, before once more bringing the bottle of alcohol back to meet his lips.

“Aren’t you going to be late for your family dinner, darling?” Harry continued to use pet names with mockery, as he looked at you through the corners of his eyes once you had sat upon the frosty bench. His lips held the sly nasty smirk they always did, radiating confidence and cockiness.

Rolling your eyes at his desire to be annoying, you shot back. “I could ask you the same thing.” And instantly Harry’s malicious smirk dropped as his head turned round to glare at you.

You had unknowingly struck a nerve in him, that was clear. But he only remained quiet, his icy stare shooting to the side of your face as you avoided looking at him.

And the pair of you sat in silence for a short while, an obvious tension laced between the two but no one making a move to address it. You knew it was none of your business and if Harry didn’t want to tell you the reason for his odd behaviour then that was ok. So instead, to somewhat shift the uncomfortable atmosphere that blanketed you, you made a bold move and reached for the bottle of Jack that was now stashed between Harry’s calves.

Harry watched your motives but made no move to snatch the bottle back as you brought the drink to your own lips. Allowing a small sip of the scorching liquid to slink down into your stomach you couldn’t help but wince, not used to such a strong and overpowering drink.

Turning to hand the bottle back, your eyes met Harry’s as you held the drink before him. And being closer to him you swore you saw something glassed over them, something that appeared a lot like betrayal or hurt. Though before you could be sure his gaze was pulled away from you as his hands snatched a hold of the bottle you offered.

Swinging back the bottle, Harry took another two large gulps before placing it back between his feet. His eyebrows were furrowed in thought, or maybe anger, and his elbows rested on his knees as his head hung low.

You were desperate to know what was up with him, clearly it being something of significance for Harry to be feeling such distress. For as long as you had known him, you had never seen him show even a slight resemblance of this character and perhaps that was what most confused you. The idea that maybe it was because he only seemed to be this way now, as in at Christmas time. It must have something to do with that, right?

Pulling you from your curious thoughts, Harry’s repeatedly chattering teeth caught your attention and you noticed how he pulled his jacket tighter to his body. He was freezing. And you mentally shook your head at the little common sense he seemed to have. If he was thinking of sitting outside in the numb-cold with nothing but a jumper and jacket without getting cold then he obviously had another thing coming.

So, opening the gift bag that you had left on the ground beside you, you began to search through it, looking for something in particular. Your actions caught Harry’s attention as he frowned at your abrupt need to hoke in one of the bags you brought with you.

Finally, you pulled out one of the messily wrapped presents, a content smile on your face that you eventually found it, before you pulled at the paper, tearing it off the hidden item. Harry couldn’t see what you were doing, but then you turned back around to him, a thick, fluffy blanket folded in your hands. Unravelling it from its neat presentation, you handed Harry the blanket but he only stared at it with a look of utter confusion, as though it was an outrageous gesture for you to do.

So rolling your eyes, you stood from where you sat before draping the comforter over Harry yourself. And Harry only stared up at you as you did this, a look of complete bafflement and innocence of surprise. You merely gave the boy a warm smile.

“Quit looking at me like that,” you whined, growing rather nervous under his constant stare. “You were shivering, Harry. I don’t know what you were thinking coming out here in only a jacket.” You lightly scolded him, giving him another gentle smile.

And finally Harry seemed to have snapped out of his mesmerizing state, tugging the blanket closer around himself as he gave you a very – very - small grateful grin.

“Uh… thanks, I guess.” Harry mumbled, somewhat sheepish. He was lost more than anything, confused as to the way you were treating him all of a sudden. It was so out of character for you, being nice. And he wondered why you were acting like this all of a sudden, the idea that you were doing it merely to be a kind person seeming absolutely ridiculous.

He hated you. You hated him. You weren’t supposed to be nice to him. It made him uncomfortable if he was honest, yet also incredibly appreciative.

“What are you going to do about the present though?” Harry questioned, still shocked at your selfless gesture as to sacrifice one of the presents you had bought for someone, to instead give to him.

“I’ll give it to my cousin in the gift bag and say I ran out of wrapping paper.” You shrugged as though it wasn’t a big deal. And Harry nodded his head.

Another silence fell over the two of you, but instead it being a more comfortable and less awkward one. This almost civil conversation and gesture seeming to settle the tension that had previously built up. But you couldn’t deny you were still thinking over the cause of the tension – the way he reacted to your innocent question.

Given the place the two of you were at, the logical part of your mind decided to blurt out the question you were desperate to know, breaking through the silence.

“Harry, why are you alone on Christmas?” Your question grew quiet towards the end as you trailed off noticing how Harry seemed to close his eyes in frustration at your inevitable words. “Aren’t you wanting to be with your family?”

God, why couldn’t you ever keep your damn mouth shut?

“It’s none of your damn business why, Y/N.” Harry suddenly growled, his voice growing low, dangerous and filled with venom. As his gaze met yours, you felt your muscles draw paralysed while your breath hitched at the way his eyes were so dark and drenched with a storm of warning. Even through the bloodshot drunken rims, you could see the intimidation they held. “Not everyone has a perfect family like yours; not everyone in a family loves each other.”

Your eyes widened a little at his words, not expecting him to imply the reason. The way he said them, filled with upset, you swore you felt a lump in your own throw grow at the pain Harry seemed to withhold.

Harry didn’t get along with his family. It had been that way for a while. After moving out at sixteen, he was a troubled teen, mixing with the wrong crowd, fighting with his brothers and causing too much havoc for his school to handle, Harry had been expelled. And not only was his education terminated for that time, the household he lived upon was difficult and broken. His father was a drunk while his mother was a cheat. But his parents still stayed together, only to create a home of arguments, conflict and abuse; given those circumstances, telling his parents he had been kicked out of school didn’t seem very appealing. So Harry left. After a year of sleeping on his friends’ sofas along with working endless shifts at a local pub, Harry finally bought his own shabby apartment when he was seventeen.

And he had maybe returned home on four other occasions to visit his parents and brothers. But it was exactly the same as it was; damaged, corrupt and drenched in violation - it wasn’t a very inviting environment to want to go home to over the holidays. And so Harry didn’t. It had been that way for years now, this fifth year being no different. Instead, Christmas for Harry was a great excuse for him to go out and get drunk while looking for a random girl to fuck; he’d made a somewhat tradition out of it, or at least he liked to think so.

So maybe there was too deep a meaning in Harry’s words to understand, but you could get the idea for now. You realised it was a difficult subject for him and so you let it be.

Yet his words still echoed clear in your ears; they were said with malevolence, with the aim to hurt you and tear you down, that was clear through his malignant tone. And maybe it did hurt you a little at the way he seemed to hint that you were apparently better than everyone. You weren’t, you knew that. But the idea that he thought that that was the way you presented yourself hurt you.

Harry noticed the offended expression on your face as you stared at the ground in upset. He knew he had ruined whatever civilisation there was between the two of you just there, and he expected you to get up from where you sat, wordless and saddened.

So you did.

Straightening your back, you nodded your head in acceptance of how he was reacting. “Ok,” you spoke quietly. “I understand.”

Standing up from your place on the bench, you bent down to pick the gift bag of presents up from the ground before turning round to face Harry one last time. Tucking a piece of hair behind your ear, you stretched your hand out in an offer as Harry gave you a strange look.

“C’mon, you’re coming with me.” You smiled warmly at Harry, tilting your head in the direction of where your sister and her fiancé had left a few minutes prior.

“Huh?” He frowned, confused and lost at what you meant. He had heard what you said, but he didn’t trust what you were saying. The soft words he could take, the selfless gestures he could handle, but doing what you were suggesting? Harry had to draw the line.

“You’re not going to spend this Christmas alone, Harry. You’re going to share it with me.” You grinned up at him, his eyes widening and eyebrows raising in realisation you meant what you were saying.

“W-what…” Harry was at a loss for words. This didn’t make any sense. Why would you suggest such a thing? And to him of all people. “I…” He cleared his throat, straightening himself up and suddenly getting his composure again. “I’d much rather go out and get laid.” Harry spoke, and you rolled your eyes at his pathetic excuse. The both of you knew that that wasn’t true, he was still putting on a front and trying to be difficult.

“So? Change it up a little this year.” You humoured him with his excuse, giving him an encouraging look, before saying more quietly. “C’mon, really. No one should be alone on Christmas. Not even you.” You added, just to add to the usual feisty attitude you always held towards him, to at least make it a little less weird of how kind you were acting towards him.

“I won’t be alone though-“ He tried again.

“Harry!” You groaned in defiance. Would he ever just quit it? “Seriously, this is a once in a lifetime offer from me. I’m not normally this nice to you so take advantage of it or I promise you’ll regret it.” You almost threatened him, but Harry’s eyebrows fell furrowed still.

“But that’s what’s weirding me out. Why are you doing this?” He suddenly asked. He just wanted a reason. Sure you’ve been saying that no one should be by themselves on Christmas, but this is Harry for heaven’s sake. Let’s be real, you despised him with everything you had and he made sure of it. So that’s why he really didn’t understand why you were doing what you were doing.

Letting out a sigh, you shrugged your shoulders at him. “I don’t know. I really don’t know.” You admitted. Chewing on your lip, you knew you had to give him some answer to convince him so maybe you told him the truth, or maybe you told him a lie, whatever it was, you prayed it would suffice.

“To not feel guilty, I suppose. I don’t want to have known that you were having the most miserable-sounding Christmas and then live with the fact that I did nothing to change it.” It sounded convincing, even to you and maybe it was partially honest, for it sounded like something you’d say to him. The only reason you were doing this was out of selfish benefit and to avoid the sure guilt that would shadow you if you did nothing.

“And if it’s weirding you out that much, then I promise that if you come with me then I’ll go right back to hating you tomorrow, ok? Just please, Harry,” You whined, pouting at him. “I’m beginning to look like Rudolph the fucking red nose reindeer standing here, so please just come with me.”

And finally – finally – you seemed to have convinced him. Although still reluctant, he flicked his now burnt out cigarette to the ground and threw the booze by his feet into the bin that sat next to him before finally stepping down from that damn bench. Stuffing his surely-blue hands into the pockets of his jacket, he gave you another small barely-there smile that you appreciated a lot.

No matter what front he held before him, you knew that he was grateful for your generous offer to bring him back to your Christmas with your family.

Maybe he’d be able to experience what a true Christmas day was supposed to be like.

Let me know what you thought and if you want the second part here

PS. If there are any factual mistakes eg. Hair colour, height etc of harry it’s cuz this was initially written as a Luke Hemmings one shot last year and I wanted to change it so sorry for any errors I missed

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i want freshly married harry and the missus at some friends' party, both drunk af, dancing really badly, screaming the lyrics to every song, stumbling over each other, laughing their asses off, clutching their bellies, throwing their heads back, not caring the tiniest bit because they're having the time of their lives surrounded by their friends. nick and alexa trying to get them to take a break, but all they do is count to three and escape their holds because they're actually little kids 😂🙈❤️


Everyone expects them to leave the honeymoon stage when they’ve been dating for just a few weeks… maybe even a couple of months, top. What they don’t expect, at all, is for them to still be living in the honeymoon phase, 2 months after their actual honeymoon, and after their own wedding, to one another, that legally bound them as a married couple. He still looks at her like she’s his entire universe and she still looks at him like he’s the absolute light and soul of her life. 

It’s at the annual Christmas bash, that they attend every year, when they get absolutely blotto. Going back for more and more drinks, seconds after they finish what they had in their hands, and making sure that neither of them had an empty glass in their hands. And despite Nick telling them to calm it down, and despite Alexa trying to warn them that their heads were going to ache in the morning, the both of them don’t care, at all. 

They’re loud and off-key when they sing. They’re grinding, inappropriately, when a specific song beat gets them riled up. They’re snogging on the dance-floor and aren’t afraid to include a little tongue. She’s squeezing his bum and he’s “accidentally” brushing her boobs. So whilst Harry nips to the toilet, Alexa makes a bee-line to keep the missus occupied, making sure that when Harrys’ back, Nick has him in a grip. 

“Mate, le’me go back to m’wife, please. There’s summink funny in their bathroom upstairs n’she’ll fuckin’ love it,” Harry snickers, a dribble of saliva subconsciously making its way from the corner of his mouth, “please, le’me go. Need m’drink, too.”

“No, you don’t. The both of you need to lay off the alcohol tonight. I’m gon’a take the both of yeh home, in a cab, and I’ll get you into the house and then m’coming back here,” Nick explains, as Alexa makes the struggling task of dragging YN over towards the two of them. Already giggling like two school-children when they see one another. “M’not sure how much yeh’ve had tonight, but fuckin’ ‘ell, you’re both pissed.”

“”ey, ‘ey, there’s summink funny in the baf’room upstairs,” Harry cackles in the direction of his wife, “s’not like a poo or anythin’. There’s a paintin’ and it looks like a penis,” he snorts, which only makes her giggles even more. Doubling over Alexa’s arm and laughing to the point where her eyes are watering. “A penis!”

“You’re definitely drunk out of your minds,” Alexa snickers softly, “come on. Lets go and find your coats. Nick’s going to get you in a cab home and get you back safely. God know where you’ll end up by morning.”

“A ditch, most likely,” Grimmy points out. 

The both of them too caught up to not realise the cunning smirks and looks that Harry and the missus were sharing. Harry’s three fingers shooting up, before he dropped one, then another, catching Nick off-guard as he tore from his hold. A victorious cackle coming from him when his wife sided up under his arm.

“Not goin’ home yet, buddy.”

“I’m going to call us a cab and get you home. 15 minutes, okay?”

“Hmm, you can go then. We’re stayin’,” Harry slurs, tightening his hold on his wife as she lead them back to the dance-floor, leaving Nick and Alexa in amused annoyance…

… but it wasn’t long… about 5 minutes… before the both of them were stretched over an unoccupied leather sofa, his body stretched over hers, mouths gaped open and snoring heavily, completely oblivious to the heavy thump of the beating music filling the room. xx

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Could you please write an imagine or a drable with Harry in which the reader is a fan of him and after taking a picture with him destiny keep bringing to meet again?

Hope you like it, love. x


Work has always been exciting to you. Maybe it was because you were surrounded by one old loving lady who treated you like a daughter and 6 other people who 3 of them were your age while the 3 other treated you like a sister, or maybe it was the scenarios you made of every customer who came in to order coffee. Some looked in a hurry, some looked sleepy, some looked giddy and every other emotion known to human kind.

But you certainly would have never guessed that you would meet your idol and celebrity crush.

It was a normal Tuesday morning. It was only you, 60 years old Fiona who owned the shop and Joe who was in the kitchen in the coffee place. You were standing behind the counter, humming the soft tunes of Meet Me In The Hallway to yourself, watching your fingers as they drummed soundlessly on the surface.

The twinkle of the rustic bell above the door bell signaled that someone entered the shop. You were too busy focusing on your drumming to notice the costumer standing before you before someone clearing their throat startled you, making you look up in alert.

And boy were you in alert.

There, before you, stood the man of your dreams, your idol and celebrity crush, Harry Styles. His eyes captivated you, you cursing at how the pictures didn’t do him justice.

Harry chuckled as you stood dumbfounded, your jaw dropped and your eyes wide. “Fan?”

You only swallowed, nodding reluctantly. “We can take a picture after I order? Would you like that?” Harry suggested politely as he stared into your own eyes before his eyes glanced at your lips for a moment before they moved back to your eyes.

You, once again, only nodded. “Can I have a vanilla latte with caramel cream, please?” He asked in his deep voice, a smile on his face.

You cleared your throat, your fingers pressing against the buttons. “That will be 3 dollars and 15 cents.” Harry handed you the money, your brows furrowing as he handed you a 50 dollar bill.

You were searching for change when Harry shook his head, “Keep the change. Tip for being adorable.” He chuckled.

You were almost sure that you were going to collapse any given moment. “Oh, thanks.” You managed to get out, biting your lip to contain your big smile.

You sneakily glanced at him while you made his latte as he stood waiting, on his phone. He was in a blue short sleeved shirt and plain black straight legged lamys that he now wore. His infamous brown Chelsea boots peaking out.

“There you go.” You announced, giving him his order to which he took from you with a polite “Thank you”

“So, uh, the photo?” You stuttered out embarrassingly, tucking your hair behind your ear nervously.

Harry chuckled, “Yes, I remember.”

You called for John, giving him your phone as you walked from behind the counter, standing beside Harry. You almost fell to your knees when he wrapped his arm around your shoulder, your body close to his as you both smiled for the camera.

“Does it look good?” He asked before taking a sip from his drink.

“I’m sure it does. Thank you so much.” You grinned.

“Thank you, sweetheart.” Harry grinned back, giving you a quick hug, “Have a nice day!” Was what he said before he walked out of the door.

That was a month ago. Now, you were walking with your best friend, trying out different dresses for the wedding you had coming up 2 weeks from now.

“I feel like I won’t find it tonight.” You groaned, leaving the fifth store of the night.

“Relax, I’m sure you will. There are a lot of other shops, Y/N.” Your best friend chuckled before pointing at a shop, “Here, let’s see this one.” And with that she ran off.

You groaned, dragging your tired legs behind her before you felt yourself hit someone’s chest, making you stumble backwards before frowning, looking at the person.

“Very sorry, I wasn’t watch- hey!” Harry grinned as he looked down at you.

You gasped before grinning. “The girl from the coffee shop!” He exclaimed.

“In the flesh.” You said with a smile.

“I went back there a week ago and you weren’t there?” Harry asked, scratching the back of his neck.

Your heart warmed at that. “Oh, I’m taking more frequent days off since I’m helping with my cousin’s wedding.”

Harry nodded understandingly. “Congratulations.”


“For the wedding.” Harry chuckled.

“Oh! Uh, yeah. Thanks.” You smiled nervously at him before looking at the ground.

“Well, I better get going before people start noticing me too much. Bump into you later?” He smirked.

“Yeah, bump into you later.” You chuckled and waved at him as he left. You then ran off with a grin on your face to where your best friend were, ready to squeal out the news for her.

Now, 2 weeks later, you were leading the line of bridesmaids down the aisle as you walked gracefully in your beautiful dress, smiling warmly at the guests.

Someone waving their hand caught you, having to take a double take at the person — Harry. Your jaw dropped in shock as he giggled, pointing towards the camera in front of you, making you shut your mouth and stand on the side once you reached the designated place for the bridesmaids.

What was he doing here? In a beige suit with a light blue shirt underneath and a happy grin as he looked at you and waved. You giggled, blushing as you looked at the ground.

Once the ceremony began and your cousin, the bride, had walked down the aisle, making you look at her and her now-husband with dreamy eyes as they said their vows and “I do"s, everyone was escorted to the reception.

“Hey! Coffee shop girl!” You heard, making you grin as you turned, finding Harry struggling to get through the crowd of people, mumbling a few “Excuse me, please"s as he squeezed between them before finally standing in front of you. "That’s your cousin?”

“Yeah. Cousin of the bride. What about you?” You grinned, looking up at him. Despite wearing heels, Harry was still too tall for you.

“The groom is my friend.” Harry replied, the grin not leaving his face. “You know, I never caught your name despite destiny’s attempts in getting us to see each other.”

You giggled as you blushed, Harry taking a step closer. “Y/N.”

“Y/N. Well, Y/N, I’m Harry.” He offered you his hand.

“Hello, Harry. I’m Y/N. What would you like to order?” You joked.

“I’d like to order a dance from the coffee shop girl, do you think she’ll mind?”

“No,” You smiled, “She certainly won’t mind.”

Harry held his arm out for you, his dimpled smile making him look adorable. You hooked your arm with his as you both began not only a fun night, but a fun ride together.

“It was an angel, I really saw an angel”

requested // yes

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AN // I’m so sorry this took so long, it’s been a weird week.

TW // smut, profanity

It was an angel, I really saw an angel

The most beautiful things are found where you least expect them. He found her sat on the pavement outside a liquor store in a skirt short enough to make even an atheist mother clutch a cross but she had eyes that could make flowers grow from places in you that you thought were long dead. Walking over and sitting next to her was almost instinct, like she was an old friend or a lost child, but talking to her until sunrise? Well that was just because her voice was like violins and it made him forget about time. She’s not left his side since you know, like he needs her with him constantly just to be sure she’s real. She’s his saving grace, she’s an earthbound angel and she doesn’t know it. She doesn’t believe in angels. But he does. He believes in her. Demons are so shy around her, other men stutter when she looks them in the eye and he can’t believe she’s his. 

He catches himself staring at her a lot but he can’t help it, watching her do anything makes him feel like he can do everything, and he can’t help but mirror her smile when she catches him too because I swear when that girl smiles so does the entire goddamn universe and her laugh could make him forgive her for thing she hasn’t even done yet. She would never confess, in her fine world, that she really preferred chaos but he knew and he thinks that’s why she’s with him. He’s sure she’s an angel and he doesn’t plan on letting her go because God has a whole choir and Harry only has her.

He’s her favourite sin, the only one who could get her on her knees with her wrists tied behind her back and her swollen cunt making unseemly suggestions. She’s his good girl and oh how he loves to ruin her, the image of tears and mascara running down her cheeks as she begs him to fuck her is constantly on repeat in his mind like his favourite movie scene. Touching her feels like euphoria. The arch in her back could cause a holy catastrophe and the only thing reassuring the devil of her angel stance in moments where she’s writhing is the chant of God and Harry’s name falling from her pretty lips.  He never knows what he’s saying when he’s moaning into her mouth. Is it her name? Is it gospel? He’s not entirely sure what the difference is but he is sure that the only heaven he wants to be in is her. He always has love dripping from him in everything he does with her, like when he kisses her wrists before he pins them above her head. The ecstasy they feel with one another is hedonistic and it’s nights like these, when she lays exhausted and filled with him on his chest, that he sings her to sleep just so she’ll dream about slow dancing with him. She’s an angel, his only angel.

Frat Boy - Harry Styles One Shot

Request #49: “I’m really drunk, please help me.”

The bass was rocking through the speakers, wracking your body with vibrations and making it harder for you not to spill the alcohol in your hand, which, frankly, was already a difficult task thanks to the people bumping into you and slicking you with their sweat.  Not that you’d necessarily needed the alcohol in the first place.  In fact, you’d hardly touched it.  You were much, much too amused at the sight in front of you.

The tall fit guy with tanned skin and tattoos for days stood atop the makeshift DJ stage that looked dangerously close to collapsing by the amount of people packed on and surrounding him, aggressively jumping to the beat.  You couldn’t help but giggle as your infamous classmate Harry drunkenly pumped his fist alongside his frat brothers and picked the next song, but as smashed as he was (or should be by the amount he’d been drinking that night) his hands spun the records with incredible precision and skill, clearly at ease with the DJ job the frat had given him.  And why wouldn’t he be?  From what you’ve heard about him and the little you’d seen yourself, he was the perfect confident person to manage the energy of the party - that is, unless someone angered him.  His eyes suddenly met yours from above the crowd, and for a moment you thought they were just blankly looking in your direction, but the way a chill swept through you despite the humidity of the room made you wonder…

Even the chills weren’t sufficient evidence though, and you would’ve continued to doubt yourself if he hadn’t grabbed the microphone from his frat brother (Liam was it?) who was currently freestyling.

“Y/N s’hheerre!!!!!!” he slurred into the mic, voice riddled with elated surprise.  He leaned a little too far from saying your name and had to fall on a pretty girl wearing what could only be called underwear in order to break his fall.  You didn’t miss the way his hand went to her little waist to steady himself and the smirk on his face when he took in her clothing, or rather, lack of.  It was a known fact Harry got around, and for those of the girls he hadn’t gotten with yet, the other half were waiting in the wings and hoping they’d get their chance.  It was stupid that he could practically have any girl he wanted, but it wasn’t entirely without cause.  He was one of the most attractive guys at your school, cocky and confident, a dash of arrogance, but incredibly charismatic.  For all these reasons and more you couldn’t be justified in feeling surprised at his flirtatious behavior, let alone hurt, so you ignored the little jab of irrational jealousy that prickled your skin.

You hardly knew Harry, only had one class with him and when you’d missed a day for being “sick” (though really you’d just slept in), Harry had offered to give you the notes.  A little uncharacteristic as you thought he never paid attention in class, but you weren’t in a position to complain.  When he said to come by the frat to pick them up, you hadn’t thought there would be…well…this.

The moment you’d walked up the front yard and successfully side-stepped projectile vomit (but just barely) before running into a shirtless guy and girl connected by gaping mouths, you knew there had to have been some kind of miscommunication.  You weren’t sure if Harry had simply forgotten the huge rager his frat was hosting before inviting you to collect the notes or if that was his sly way at an invitation.  If it was, you’d clearly missed the memo.  You almost turned around and decided to come back to the frat house in the morning - your pajama shorts and old band t-shirt weren’t exactly party material, and honestly, how did you expect to find him in an overcrowded house?  But after coming so far you figured - why the hell not.  You’d already walked all the way across campus to get here and you hadn’t gotten all that cardio in for nothing.

You were really on a roll tonight.

And apparently so was Harry.

You saw him lean down and move his hand up the girl’s waist so it was wrapped around her shoulder.  He leant down to whisper something in her ear, causing her to blush with lips parted in a soundless laugh.  This time you couldn’t help but feel a little annoyed.  There was a disgusting amount of sweat slathered on you that, mind you, had not come from you and now another shower was in order even though you just took one 2 hours ago.  And it was probably midnight now and you had an 8 AM the next morning.  And he hadn’t warned you about a party.  And he’d seen you and knew you were waiting for him.  That meant he knew you were watching him flirt with some girl.  He probably got some sick power trip from it.

You didn’t mind waiting when you were watching him on stage alone, a little voice murmured.

You wanted to strangle that little voice.  You definitely could not afford to even think about Harry that way.  No, not him.

Definitely not him.

Although he was a soccer jock and major partier, he had this other…more boyish side to him you’d only seen a glimpse of in class when you’d share short conversations.  You hadn’t expected to see that from the reputation he’s garnered, in all honestly you thought he’d be some quick-tempered self-absorbed frat boy in every sense of the word, but the Harry you’d seen was really interesting and engaging.  That boyish side to him was charming and disarming all the same.  It made you wonder how many other people, other girls, he’d shown that same side too.

Maybe that’s what reeled them in.

Definitely not the chiseled jaw and dark hair and piercing green eyes and athletic Greek God bod.  No, not that.

Definitely not that.

You turned away from the sight in front of you, not being able to stand seeing Harry work his charm on another while you waited along the sidelines.  For a reason you weren’t ready to admit, you raised your cup and took another sip of the cheap alcohol, wincing as it burned down your throat.  This was utter crap, and soon you felt its unwelcome warmth settle in your stomach.  Sweat droplets were beading down your back and you felt your hair stick to the back of your neck.  Everything was too hot.  How was everybody not dying of a heatstroke in here??

“S’cuse me, pardon me.”  You heard a deep British accent shout above the music.   

You turned around to see Harry stalking through the crowd, powerfully pushing through the grinding hormone-crazed students, his eyes already focused on you.  He didn’t smile or give much recognition when you met his gaze except for a slight smirk, his curls had been dampened a bit from sweat and probably strangers’ alcohol, but his eyes were still glowing.  Those are intoxicating enough, you thought.  He didn’t stop moving until he was right in front of you, his arms immediately engulfing you in a massive hug.  You froze at the unfamiliar gesture, body immediately going rigid as your face was pressed against his chest and you tried to ignore the fact that despite being sweaty, this stupid beautiful man still managed to smell good, a waft of his expensive cologne making you want to stay squeezed in his arms all night.

“Thought you weren’t comin’” he rumbled, and with an ear pressed to his side, you felt the vibrations in his chest.  His limbs were heavy and hot, his entire body like a giant heater, and if you were in another frame of mind (and a much cooler situation) perhaps you would’ve noticed how his body melted into yours and savored the way all your grooves were pressed snugly together.  But you weren’t.  You were in a sweaty hormone-induced sauna.  And right now you thought this might just be the end of you.

“Can’t…breathe…” you managed to whisper.

“Sorry,” he slurred.  His arms reluctantly loosened around you and his eyes grew wide once they met your own.  You weren’t quite sure why.

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Teacher Benefits (Harry Styles Au)

Pairing: English Teacher!Harry x Science (Y/N)

Word: 1.5k

Summary: Harry is fond on his coworker (Y/N)

“Okay class, you will be having a quiz on this information next class so please ask questions!” She tried to urge her science class into studying for their next quiz. “Ms (Y/L/N), what do you think of that new english teacher Mr. Styles?” One of your students asked suggestively. “Well, if you should know. He seems like a really nice guy; I don’t talk to him though.” She admitted. “Awww, well that’s a bummer because he seems quite fond of you.” A student shouted. This surprised you, “he does?” Harry looked like the type to like your blonde coworker, Ana. Which is why the news about Harry being fond of you surprised you.

“Mr. Styles, we told her. You owe us 10 bucks now.” You overheard your students say around the corner. “Wait, why would you guys do that? I could lose my job. Teachers aren’t supposed to date one another, ” He stressed to the kids. “Oh, we are really sorry. It’s just that you two are our favorite teachers and we totally ship you.” They both apologized to him. “It’s okay ladies, just please don’t try that again. I love teaching you guys and I’m sure Ms. (Y/L/N) does too,” preaching to the two teenage girls. “Okay, okay. We are sorry. We won’t do it again.” They both said defensively.

After, (Y/N)’s last class ended; she was preparing for the next day, she heard a gentle knock on the door. “Come on in!” She yelled loud enough for her visitor to hear. “Hi, Ms. (Y/L/N). I just would like to apologize for our students’ behavior. It was really unprofessional on my part; it won’t happen again.” He said reassuring her.

“Please, call me (Y/N) and you don’t have to apologize. Sometimes teenage girls like to meddle in our business.” (Y/N) tried to lighten the subject. “Are you sure? I mean I could get them detention or something.” Harry rambled on and on. “It’s fine, no need to go through all the stress.” Laughing at how nervous he was. Harry had finally relaxed when (Y/N) told him that it was okay several times, “I know that we can’t date within the workplace but maybe we can get coffee or something? Maybe lunch, since we have the same time off? We can be friends with teacher benefits.” They both laughed at the that idea, but (Y/N) had agreed to it. What’s the harm of two teachers hanging out outside of school and getting lunch and coffee? She thought. 

“Good morning, Ms (Y/L/N).” Harry had passed by you and a couple of your students; the two that were the reason for yours and Harry’s friendship.

“Oh my god, Ms. (Y/L/N)! Are you and Mr. Styles a thing? Because it totally looks like it.” The girls were trying to get the scoop of Harry and (Y/N)’s relationship so they could gossip to the whole female population at the school. “Nothing is going on ladies, please stop asking about my life.” It sounding harsher than she really meant, but it had done the job and it shut the two girls up.

But if only their students knew how close they really were; after the two had their encounter they had lunch with each other everyday for months, even hung out after school. When Harry was up late grading, (Y/N) would be the one to bring him a nice home cooked meal and some coffee and maybe a little dessert. “(Y/N), you really didn’t have to go out of your way to do this.” Opening the door to his flat; she pushed past him and set everything down on his kitchen table. “You shouldn’t work so hard without eating, H. So a home cooked meal should do the job.” She said matter of factly. “Ya know, (Y/N). I would think you’re in love with me, from all this food.” He joked with her. “Haha, yeah. Well good news is I don’t like you; just holding things against you whenever I need supplies for the classroom. Remember, just teacher benefits Harry.”  

They had always felt the need to remind each other whenever they got mushy. Harry and (Y/N) both liked each other; hell even their coworkers could see how fond they for each other, but then both stubborn it wasn’t going to get far.

“Harry, you should ask Ms. (Y/L/N) to chaperone with you for the school dance considering you’ll be leaving soon.” Harry’s eyes grew wide at one of his big mouthed coworker, he gave them a glare suggesting for them to shut up. “And where exactly is Harry going?” She hissed, more to Harry. “You didn’t hear? Our buddy, Mr. Styles has a big job offer at one of those prestigious universities.” Their coworker kept on spilling more and more of Harry’s secret; Harry having to dig himself into a bigger hole.

“So what do ya say, (Y/N)? You’re going to go to the dance with my buddy, Styles?” Jim asked for Harry, slinging his arm around his shoulder. “I’m sure he’ll clean up nicely” As much as (Y/N) wanted to leave and say no; she knew she couldn’t do that. Harry actually wasn’t obligated to tell her anything, he wasn’t even her boyfriend. There was no need for him to tell her anything; she had no right to be upset. 

“Sure, Harry. Pick me up at 7.” She was trying to seem happy by forcing a genuine smile for Harry. He deserved this job opportunity; he worked hard and she knew it. She was just upset for her own selfish reasons.  

“Woah, you look so uh nice.” Harry’s eyes grew wide and his mouth hung, his eyes traveled her whole body. “I got you this,” handing (Y/N) a corsage. He was really nervous for someone that wasn’t going to actually be apart of it. Harry felt like he was back in highschool; less acne but still sweaty and clammy. “Thank you so much H, but you do know that we are chaperoning the dance? Not being apart of it.” She giggled at how sweet the gesture was, even when she was mad at Harry he still managed to be kind and selfless.

The pair made their way to the car; an awkward silence was presented throughout the car. “(Y/N), I hope you know I really wanted to tell you as soon as I found out but I wasn’t sure if I was going to take it because I didn’t want to leave you.” He admitted to you. “You better take this job or I am going to kick your butt. Remember Harry, just teacher benefits.” (Y/N) had to remind him again but Harry was tired of this. He was a grown man; a man that would wear his heart on his sleeve. He knew his feelings for (Y/N); he wanted her. 

“C’mon, let’s go on in before our students think we’re making out in my car.” Harry ran to her side of the car just to open for her, “you didn’t have to do all that. I’m capable of opening my own doors.” Harry rolled his eyes at her, but he loved how independent of a woman she was. (Y/N) was extremely admirable in his eyes. He saw everything she does as the greatest gift. 

Harry and (Y/N) were walking around the whole entirety of the decorated gym; just to make sure students weren’t dancing inappropriately or just spiking the punch. They were enjoying the time they were spending with each other; both dancing to songs that were from around their time.

A slow song had finally played, the students all groaned and they all began to leave the dance floor. “May I have this dance?” Harry asked her in a posh accent and bowing a bit. “Yes, you may.” She tried speaking in a British accent but it was a failed attempt.

They were swaying to the music; whispering things into each other’s ears.

“(Y/N), where do you think this relationship would go?” He wasn’t trying seem desperate, but he wanted her. These past couple of months have been the greatest; she always came over when he needed some help with grading or just a little pep talk. “I’m not sure, Harry. What do you want us to be? Best friends?” She said jokingly; (Y/N) was wondering what was up with him, he never seemed to talk about their feelings.

“Do you see us… together?” She was stunned; sure she liked Harry but she never thought her feelings would be reciprocated. “Well, if i’m going to be completely honest with you.. I do. I would love us to be together, I really do. The job just won’t let us.” (Y/N) had to remind him; which seemed like the 100th time.

“I’m glad, you see us together because in all honesty (Y/N) I am in love with you.” 


a/n: hi guys!!! hope u enjoyed this one :) love u all and please send in some requests.

you on harry’s camera roll

here’s harry on your camera roll if ya wanna read

- you sleeping on the couch, scrunched up in a little ball

- you with the roses harry got you

- tons of notes you left him with dad jokes on them

- you crying happy tears when you listened to self titled for the first time

- you trying on a gucci dress that harry bought you for the first time

- you and anne playing chess

- a video of you dancing to woman while doing laundry

- you pouting when harry didn’t let you listen to the album before it came out

- a picture of the ring he plans on getting when he’s ready to propose

- you showing harry a one direction meme

- your hickey stained neck

- you wrapping birthday presents for gemma

- you and louis at harry’s birthday party

- you on the phone while looking annoyed at the camera

- a sneaky video of you reacting to the memes harry texted you

- a video of him poking your butt while you lay on the couch

- “harry stop it”

- “it’s so fun though”

- “i’d rather you squeeze it than poke it”


- a picture of you, gemma and anne at lunch

- a blurry picture of you two kissing

- a video of you screaming the lyrics to “i would” by one direction

- you with james corden after carpool karaoke

- you driving with the ocean behind you

- another sneaky vid of u playing sweet creature on harry’s guitar

- you laughing hysterically to a dumb joke harry made

- you petting a cat in a cat cafe

Imagine going to the wedding with Harry and after a few too many fruity cocktails,he’s proper buzzing.He caught the bouquet and he’s prancing back to you,asking you to dance with him.He’s always cuddlier and touchier while drunk,so you dance and he’s much more affectionate towards you,kissing you,touching the small of your back.Your hands mess with his hair a bit more and you’re a giggling mess.You dance to a few songs and then you take a walk to take some air.You end up somewhere with a beautiful view of the sea and Harry is behind you,hugging you and peppering kisses to your jawline and neck and you do the same.I love you’s are shared and you’re happy and content.

Here it is. The gif to end all gifs. If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching the video of where this dance comes from here it is. Harry smanging is the thing I didn’t know I needed. But even if you don’t like the video, then just enjoy that Harry could possibly be dancing like this. Let’s make Harry smang. All my love and affection to the next fan who meets him and makes him to do this dance.