this is hardly i tutorial i realize but

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My greatest fear as an artist is that I'll eventually stop improving, and that I won't even realize it. Some people say "Just keep on learning and trying new things!", but I've seen artists who constantly do studies/practice, draw unfamiliar things, have saved tons of tutorials, etc.; yet, their art stagnates. I've seen many artists who hardly improve despite consistent drawing. I draw for hours a day, yet I see myself in those people and it scares me. Does anyone feel the same? What can I do?

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This is really random but I love how you wear your eye make up, could you do a tutorial? Pretty please with cherries and love on top?

Sure thing, here’s my Easy 10-Step-Process

Step 1: Be conscious. (This step is important)

Step 2. Take black eyeliner, line your eyes. Keep lining them. Did you line them inside your waterline? Do that. Why have you stopped? Go over that line again, you don’t know what’s going to happen today!

Step 3: With an eye brush, apply eye shadow. Black, usually. Brown will work in a pinch and dark burgundy will give you that “I’m done with life” look. 

Step 4: Keep applying eye shadow, blending up and out towards your brow like it’s the last boat leaving Pompeii. (Too soon?)

Step 5: You should still be applying eye shadow. Did you apply eye shadow under your bottom lashes yet? No? Don’t you want to look like a slightly haunted raccoon? 

Step 6: Apply mascara.

Step 7: Apply a different mascara, because two work better than one in some weird, archaic Universal truth.

Step 8: Ha! You weren’t done with the eyeliner. Smear on some more, you beautiful panda, you. Don’t be afraid if you fuck up, just make the liner bigger. (Hardly anyone will notice… …probably.)

Step 9: You have eye shadow all over your face, don’t you? I could have told you to tape coffee filters under your eyes, but I’m a jerk. Clean yourself up!

Step 10: Complete your look with a generous sprinkling of What-Have-I-Done, courtesy of your face! Don’t worry, it will make that expression once you realize that this whole tutorial was a grievous mistake.

Enjoy! <3

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yes i realize the notes are pretty rusty i did teach myself this from just looking at a couple of online tutorials and i’ve hardly played piano in years. but i hope to improve as i practice more. :) but yeah please let me know your honest opinions/feedback on what you guys think i’d really appreciate it. <3 x ?