this is harder then it looks otl

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Maybe a ponytail for yugi? I know that'll make things a little easy and him not look such like a Victorian lad. Also you draw hin so well♡ he's super cute dude in your style. ( kaiba is probably weak af when he see that face.)

Ponytail is even harder, lol. He looks like a hybrid of a hedgehog and a baby Panda. OTL

(Dude, I just draw Yugi like, twice a year and all. He’s a super rare pokemon in my stuff tbh )

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Hi there, how are you doing? Thanks for all the super-adorable Arslan drawings! I love you and your fanart so much<3 I do have a request, could you please draw my no.1 favourite scene from the novel? It's a scene with Narsus and Arslan, all the details are described here in this post 965cchikudasai(.)tumblr(.)com/post/134476291143/ Thanks a lot in advance and I wish you a merry christmas season!<3

Hello! Waa~ I actually wanted to do this scene when I read your post some time ago but I wasn’t sure the kind of setting it was in and if I could make it as good as you imagined. Here’s my attempt anyway:

Even I thought the fact that Narsus of all people would do this is really amazing.

I used a model for this because height and I wanted a full body pose. The model for Arslan (Elam’s) is taller than Narsus (Arslan’s) but the POV makes it look like Arslan is still shorter. I didn’t notice until I finished lining OTL Be gentle with me.

This sort of thing is also present in my culture (minus the kneeling down). Usually done towards someone older. If it’s my family, I’d even kiss their hand. I want to see Narsus kiss Arslan’s hand…

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you too!

So yeah, this is a thing that happened… Idk what to call it… Jimin at the Gym? Pt. 1: 1,841 words, you x Jimin; rated: lame? idek 


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MNET M! Countdown ‘View’ prerecording (SPOILERS!)
150618 - do not delete credits
→ The boys did the “W” for SHINee World with their hands at the end of view!
→ The boys were super playful with one another today!
→ Taemin’s shirt says “Je suis allé au collège kitsunè” I think? It caught my eye
→ At one point when the boys were still hashing out how to do the W sign, Taemin turned his back to us and bent over with his butt facing us

→ Taemin’s shirt was sleeveless and he wore a hat with his fluffed up hair
→ During the rehearsal stage, all of the SHINee members kept fooling around and would imitate each other’s parts.
→ Jonghyun and Taemin imitated Minho’s end part and they both did the round bend to the ground while looking at each other
→ When Jonghyun went up near the stage, Taemin and Minho hugged him from behind
→ Taemin started to do turns and he spun and turned so fast and cooly and then he pretended he got dizzy and laughed
→ Taemin was pointing at a spot on Onew’s back when Onew bent down lol
→ Then the Mnet PD gave SHINee a mission to do during the recording. Minho exclaimed wink but it ended up being making a W at the end.
→ During the recording, Taemin did a cute v sign during his part and shawols spazzed so hard
→ In the end they all did their Ws the way they wanted to do it. Jonghyun made fun of Taemin cause it took him a while to form his W
→ During the rehearsal Minho and Taemin played around a lot and Minho even fake kicked Taemin lol
→ Taemin’s arms are becoming more built now and I’m so happy about that ^_^ I wonder what he is preparing for…
→ Onew’s shirt said God Given, Jonghyun’s shirt said Nebraska, Taemin’s shirt said something in french I think…
→ Something happened when Key was going up on stage but luckily Taemin was there to help Key up
→ During the breaks, the SHINee members kept making weird sounds and would sing parts of View all funny and weird like it’s so amazing to see SHINee transform from sexy to cute to dorky all within two performances
→ Taemin looked on the right side again towards me and my friend and I just died. Of course he was just looking at the camera behind me though
→ SHINee finds it so amusing when we Shawols do the fanchants and sing their parts even though theyre not performing

→ Taemin, Jonghyun and Key arrived first, key bumped his head on the curtain, and laughed hard at himself xD
→ Taemin started doing some random dance and everybody screamed, Jonghyun looked at him like “what are you doing? OTL”
→ During the rehearsal they were so lazy, almost not dancing and moving OTL But 2min played together ㅋㅋㅋ
→ Taemin wore a sleevless shirt! So amazing ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
→ After the rehearsal, Jonghyun and Key went to monitor on the TV face to us and Onew, Minho and Taemin went to the hidden one. The video stop and Taemin came back to join Jongkey and almost bumped into a staff who got really scared ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
→ The video stopped a few times while monitoring and Taemin and Jonghyun made the pose/faces on the screen, soooo funny
→ After Onew jumped, Jonghyun laughed like “what the hell” and as we screamed really loud, Key who was on the side of the stage came to see what was going on and Taemin rushed from the backstage to see as well. Key looked at the circle like “you really did that?!” And Taemin ran like he was going to do the same but just stop in front and wiggle his butt to us OTL
→ During the first recording they used fireworks and Taemin got scared, he moved back a little xD
→ When Taemin came back on stage Key was on the stairs and Taemin pushed him, but he did it harder than he intended to because he had to take his arm to help him not fall too hard and on stage Key asked him why he did that and Taemin just laughed xD
→ When Jonghyun was talking to the foreigners Taemin came and hug him, then Minho came to hug Jonghyun after Taemin ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
→ Oh! They changed the end of View! They were talking about a new pose and while trying to find out we all screamed and showed us the “W” pose so at the end they all did it! Onew did a W with two small heart, so so cuuuute! Key and Taemin almost forgot the change so they started putting their hand down and moved them front to do the W. Jonghyun made fun of Taemin xD
→ They started making joke with the word “shawol” like “showol” (shower), “towol” (tower) and Taemin said “arumdawol” (mix of arumdawo => beautiful and shawol" my heart is melting ㅠㅠㅠ
→ During the song when Taemin come at the front to sing he ended while doing a V peace and then he moved to do the dance face to Jonghyun, he avoided Jonghyun look because he was laughing and Taemin tried to stay serious but at the end he glanced at Jonghyun and laugh ㅋㅋㅋ

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Hey admins! I've already looked through the master list and read a lot of fics there, but I was wondering if there are any new, recent recommendations for dirty talking, top!Jongin oneshots? Kaisoo ofc :D I feel like I've read everything there is to read :(

ooooooooooooooooh. Hahahaha. AH HA HA HA. I wouldn’t know about dirty talking Jongin /laughs nervously. Well you’ve probably read most of what I’m going to rec but these are…my uh favorites? /HIDES


-Admin C


Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger.

4th plate for Computer Graphics class!

We were learning about Typography and we had to put images inside words.

I used really amazing screenies as the images and if you’re familiar with THIS thingy I made some time ago, I decided to make something out of it again. HEEHEE~

Got carried away again tho… But I had fun! I’m trying to work on my fonts. It’s really the hardest thing for me to do. OTL Also, I tried photomanipulating… Sort of? XD

I hope it looks fine~ (。・//ε//・。)

You can check out my other FA plates here

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Whats your favourite picture of baekhyun and kai?^^

omo babies lookie lookie on their first honeymoon :*

“You’re the Xiumin to my Luhan” kind of stares



uhm baekhyun they said hug the pole jongin is not the pole


“hyung please notice me hyung i can blow you harder than that fan”

omo they look so happy and adorable and nuts

jonginnie shy omg idk who tops anymore


gf and bf holding each other’s hands imma cry

kisseu kisseu kaibaek omo cute

uhm what’s my favorite picture right uhm i think i got out of control but i think this one lolol

jk i know it’s edited but idc it happens in real life anyway