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Hey Pink, do you have any tips on recovering from burnout as soon as possible? I still very much love the character+world and want to complete it as a game but I've found myself working more sluggishly than before and subconsciously dodging work so I want to resolve this as soon as possible. For reference I've been working on this project about almost 2 years mostly by myself with a bit of help, so I'd rather not waste too much time getting back to work.

I think the best solution is to just take a break, work on something else for a while like an art project or hobby that has nothing to do with your game), analyze why you felt so burnt out and see if you could make any part you were dreading easier (whether it’s breaking the process of what you have to do into parts or rewarding yourself after you do it or doing an entirely different approach), and come back 2 to 4 weeks later with a plan.  I feel like giving myself something new or something comforting to work on helps me look at my project with fresh eyes and a renewed spirit (I come back and remember what I liked about working on it!).  

Here’s some articles on creative & video game development burnout that can probably help you better than I can OTL.  Remember: you can’t cheat your way out of burnout.  Your body needs a bit of time to recover from stress.  If you keep pushing yourself, your body and your mind will fight you in various ways that make developing a game even harder - it’s a real problem in the game industry actually.  Once you’re done recovering, make a plan on balancing your developing & not developing time or one that reorganizes your goals or changes your approach to development for the better.

Good luck, don’t force yourself too much & enjoy your unpaid vacation.  c,:

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Maybe a ponytail for yugi? I know that'll make things a little easy and him not look such like a Victorian lad. Also you draw hin so well♡ he's super cute dude in your style. ( kaiba is probably weak af when he see that face.)

Ponytail is even harder, lol. He looks like a hybrid of a hedgehog and a baby Panda. OTL

(Dude, I just draw Yugi like, twice a year and all. He’s a super rare pokemon in my stuff tbh )

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Hi there, how are you doing? Thanks for all the super-adorable Arslan drawings! I love you and your fanart so much<3 I do have a request, could you please draw my no.1 favourite scene from the novel? It's a scene with Narsus and Arslan, all the details are described here in this post 965cchikudasai(.)tumblr(.)com/post/134476291143/ Thanks a lot in advance and I wish you a merry christmas season!<3

Hello! Waa~ I actually wanted to do this scene when I read your post some time ago but I wasn’t sure the kind of setting it was in and if I could make it as good as you imagined. Here’s my attempt anyway:

Even I thought the fact that Narsus of all people would do this is really amazing.

I used a model for this because height and I wanted a full body pose. The model for Arslan (Elam’s) is taller than Narsus (Arslan’s) but the POV makes it look like Arslan is still shorter. I didn’t notice until I finished lining OTL Be gentle with me.

This sort of thing is also present in my culture (minus the kneeling down). Usually done towards someone older. If it’s my family, I’d even kiss their hand. I want to see Narsus kiss Arslan’s hand…

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you too!

a year in fic: 2017

it’s that time of year my friends, where I go back through everything I’ve written and pick my favorite per month. which is easy this year! because I really didn’t write that much. xD I normally count up my words per month, but it’s a little harder to do on my tablet so I’ll just include a year-total at the end. we’ll be skipping September and November, since… I didn’t write anything those months. OTL


total fics this month: 1

i keep on dreaming for me [ ereri. 5.1k. complete ]

Eren looks at the screen of his laptop, where a YouTube video is paused on Levi Ackerman’s 2010 Cup of China FS. It’s set to Chopin’s Les Sylphides, and will end up being the program that wins him his first gold at the Grand Prix Final a month later in the very same rink. Eren sighs, resting his cheek in his hand, eyes traveling the clean lines of Levi’s paused figure in the middle of a combination spin, poised in a flawless Biellmann. How anyone, even Armin, can’t see the pure beauty and artistry when Levi Ackerman skates is beyond him.


total fics this month: 2

a heart of paper cranes [ victuuri. 20.2k. wip ]

In Japan, there is an ancient legend that promises a wish to anyone who folds a thousand paper cranes.

Yuuri has given Victor twenty-three. It seems a shame to stop now.


total fics this month: 9

and once upon a song [ victuuri. 12.4k. wip ]

A popular high school ice hockey star and a shy, academically gifted transfer student discover they share a secret passion for singing. When they end up accidentally auditioning for the lead roles in the school musical, it threatens East High’s rigid social order and sends their peers into an uproar.


total fics this month: 3

duckling [ victuuri. 3.6k. complete ]

The ballet classes are, inevitably, Victor’s idea.


total fics this month: 2

tfw victor nikiforov stars yelling at you in russian [ victuuri. 1.9k. complete ]

Sixteen-year-old Chihoko Sato is at Four Continents almost by accident, so the fact that Victor Nikiforov is headed straight towards her is probably also an accident, right?


total fics this month: 6

with these things i’ll never say [ victuuri. 1.8k. complete ]

Yuuri has been Victor’s PA for well over a year now, but no matter how many times Victor has told him otherwise, he still leaves actual handwritten notes for Victor to find.


total fics this month: 4

we’re after the same rainbows [ victuuri. 16.2k. wip ]

Summer camp is supposed to be sleeping bags under the stars, ghost stories around a campfire, overturned canoes in the lake, hikes that last all day, and friendships that last for a lifetime.

Summer camp is not supposed to be finding your best friend and falling in love with him, but the summer after Yuuri turns 12, that’s what it becomes.


total fics this month: 1

‘cause i know you’re worth it [ victuuri. 2.3k. complete ]

Victor has imagined this moment a million times.

He never imagined it being so very spectacularly terrifying.


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a penny lost is a penny found [ victuuri. 10.8k. complete ]

Yuuri wonders what he must have done that, of all the strangers in all the world, the one walking towards them has to be the beautiful mystery man from their Splash Mountain photo.


total fics this month: 1

hears, stars, and snowflakes [ victuuri. 5.1k. complete]

Victor hasn’t made cookies with his grandmama in a decade, but helping Yuuri in his own Christmas cookie tradition pulls at the same heartstrings.

total number of fics: 30
approx. total word count: 110.1k

So yeah, this is a thing that happened… Idk what to call it… Jimin at the Gym? Pt. 1: 1,841 words, you x Jimin; rated: lame? idek 


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