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I’m pretty sure he hates me at the moment, Korey whispered. Elliot’s moods had been like a wild rollercoaster that would seemingly never end. He knew it was all part of the transition he was facing, but the commander was having a harder time keeping up than he thought that he would. Of course, he’d never stood so closely by someone as they changed, nor had he loved anyone who had to go through this. 

It won’t last forever, the king assured him, as if he could read the younger vampire’s mind. 

Korey looked down at his hands, his fingers more tightly intertwined than he’d realized before. His nerves along with the concern & guilt he held were getting the best of him. I know, he mumbled. 

If it makes you feel any better, Vincenzo chuckled quietly. You hated me for months.

Yeah well, Korey shot him a pointed look. You didn’t exactly give me a choice either.

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i need you though + jimon

Deep down, Simon always kind of knew this was coming. It was inevitable, almost. It was like this grey cloud hanging over him and Jace, and they both knew it was going to rain eventually. They fought too much, their words often too sharp, too cutting. They wanted to make it work, god did they want to make it work, but in the end, it was like forcing two magnets together. They were always meant to fall apart.

But when it finally happens, when Simon decides that this is the last straw, this is the end, he finds out it’s harder to leave everything behind than he originally thought it would be. He knew Jace in him weren’t good for each other, and that it would eventually only end in screaming in tears, no matter how many times they tried, but that doesn’t mean he never loved Jace. That he doesn’t still love Jace.

“I need you, though,” Jace says, and his hand is reaching out for Simon, but not quite touching him. Like if he touches Simon, that will make it real, that will make Simon leaving inevitable.

“I know,” Simon whispers, placing his hand on Jace’s cheek. Jace’s eyes fall close immediately, and he leans into it, almost like its second nature. Simon’s heart clenches at the gesture, “I need you too,” he adds, and with a last kiss to Jace’s cheek, he turns around.

He doesn’t look back.

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ok i'm way too shy to do this off anon but can i just say that you are so amazingly talented and i absolutely adore your art, plus you seem like an incredibly interesting and sweet person and i'm dumbfounded to hear that you feel like you have no one close to you anymore. i know exactly how it feels to not have anyone to talk to, and to want to be a best friend for someone, and i just wanted to tell you that i (and i bet loads of others) would love to be able to be your friend ^.^

aaaa I … actually started crying reading this.. you are too sweet… ;;_;; I just feel like everyone around me is super close and has friends who love and support each other and I am not one of those people. I guess friendship is harder than I thought?

But thank you for that message! It made me feel so much better. If you ever want to message me off anon feel free to <3



Finally back on tumblr after like a 4 month break (I’m sorry guyssss)! I’ve found the past 6 months since graduating from uni some of the hardest and most testing months ever. I didn’t realise how depressed I would feel leaving uni and I guess it hit me harder than I thought. Don’t get me wrong, I love living at home with my parents, but after 3 years of living away from home with friends I got so used to always having people my own age around and having to be entirely I dependent, that coming home felt like such a backwards step. I never anticipated this. I was also kind of in a relationship with this guy over summer, and we both knew that when summer ended we would have to split up because the distance just wasn’t going to be feasible, and even though I knew it was going to end, it still hit me like a tonne of bricks when it did. I lost a family member just before Christmas unfortunately and I think that coupled with my feelings post-uni and the break up it just sent me further down. I didn’t really feel like doing anything, not even coming on here!

BUT, I’ve decided to be more positive in 2017 and look forwards to everything I’ve got planned, rather than dwelling on the past! So in that sense, I’ve decided to rejoin you lovely lot back on here because I’ve missed you all, and I know that even if I’m having a rubbish day I can always count on you guys to put a smile back on my face! 💜

Listen, I am HERE for Otabek and Yurio forming a deep, solid friendship based on common interests and attitudes.

I am HERE for Otabek being this big ol’ sweetheart beneath that bad boy leather exterior and I am HERE for Yurio being the only one allowed to see that side of him.

I am HERE for Otabek helping Yurio through this rough patch in life where things are changing fast. His body is changing. His brother/mentor Viktor inexplicably QUIT skating (the greatest thing ever) for no good reason. He has crazed fans stalking him. And being the best is a little harder than he thought it would be. But Otabek is a few years older and wiser and just THERE for him (like he feels Viktor no longer is)

I am HERE for when Yurio and Otabek have been friends for a few years, and things start to change again. He thinks he might be tired of this life where skating is not the first thing but the ONLY thing. Yurio thinks he might be in love with his best friend. He suddenly starts to understands why Viktor quit, and that there needs to be more to life than winning.

I am HERE for this beautiful friendship that has all the potential in the world to be life changing and soul quaking.

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aesthetics → yuri on ice characters + quotes

“Don’t stop us now, the moment of truth
We were born to make history
We’ll make it happen, we’ll turn it around
Yes, we were born to make history.”

Memorization Tips

View a video version here!

Aim to understand before you memorize. It’s so much more valuable to know the meaning of the word than to be able to recite a word for word definition out of a textbook.

Try to get the correct information the first time you learn about it, by paying attention and asking questions. It’s hard to remember things, but it’s even harder to overwrite incorrect memories.

Organize the information. There are theories about how many spaces our working memory has, the numbers vary but it’s not very many. If you’ve never heard of working memory, it’s your short term memory and where the information you’re currently handling is stored. For example, let’s say I showed you this random string of numbers. Memorizing it would be pretty hard, because we definitely have less than 16 spaces in our working memory. But as soon as I group them like this, each group is a single “thought” and you only need to remember four things.

Some ways to do this are with numbers and categories. If you can remember that there are 16 numbers in the sequence, it’s much easier to be sure of the numbers than if you have no clue when to stop. You can also group information into categories, so they’re like the four groups of numbers instead of the 16 individual ones.

The way we recall things from our memory is using cues. Sometimes they’ll be test questions, sometimes someone might say something that reminds you of something else. The best way to make it easy for you to remember something when asked is to have a lot of cues connected to it. You can connect the information to an actual example. The best connections you can make are ones that make the information interesting or connected to your life.

Get an impression of the material from as many senses as possible. For example, you could read your notes out loud. Then you’d be getting the information through sight, hearing, and even feeling your mouth moving.

Active studying is more valuable than passive studying. If you just read over your notes or textbook, you’re only reinforcing that you recognize the information, not that you can actually recall it when you have a blank test paper in front of you. Some active studying techniques include practice tests and flash cards.

Take breaks between study sessions. It’s generally better to study for 15 minutes a day over a span of a week than for two hours on one day.

Sleeping is also very helpful to strengthen your memory.

It also helps to walk while you study.

Write instead of typing. Unless you can’t get all of the essential information down fast enough when writing.

Use mnemonic devices. For example, you can use HOMES to remember the names of the Great Lakes.

Make up a rhyme or song. I did this in sixth grade for a project and I still remember the song, and I still remember a bunch of random facts about plate boundaries.

The hospital wrote off my Chest Port! @w@ 

Chemo is going well! I’m tired. Very tired. Huehuehueue. But I’m pushing through and still going to school and work – a body in motion and all that. And commissions. Still working on those! 

I hope to have some art up this week! 

Yuuri skating 'Stay Close to Me' was him “winning” a dance-off between him and Viktor

A theory! I might be thinking too much into this, but anyways, here are my two cents regarding the 10th episode.

So during the banquet, Yuuri declares that if he wins the dance-off with Viktor, Viktor is becoming his coach, right? But alas, he’s hella drunk, so Viktor *probably* doesn’t take the challenge seriously (and we do not know who won in the end), and just goes with it for fun.

Now let’s get back to the end of ep.1: While watching Yuuri’s cover of his FS-program, Viktor remembers what Yuuri said to him during the banquet. Because, in a far-streched kinda way, Viktor might see Yuuri’s performance as his part of a dance-off with Viktor, about who’s able to skate ‘Stay Close to Me’ in a way that “pulls on the heartstrings”, who’s able to really feel and get the message of the song through to the audience. (It was kinda hard for me to put this thought well into words, but I tried my best!!)

So, in this case, in Viktor’s eyes, Yuuri won this dance-off, by far. Not only do we get an implication from Minako that this coreography would be better if performed by a man more naive than Viktor (and I personally think Viktor feels that way too), but there is also Viktors remark about why he decided to coach Yuuri: Because he (Katsudon) skates as if he was creating music with his body. There was a mention in a post about Yuuri skating to ‘Stay Close to Me’ without any music playing (I can’t find it at the moment, but I will link it in once I stumble upon it), so Viktor might have actually meant what he said by that. Also: Yuuri was able to skate Viktor’s FS program with so many emotions and with such dignity, that the message of ‘Stay Close to Me’ got through *only* by the choreography itself, and there (probably) wasn’t even any music playing. And that was when Viktor realized just how much potential there is in Yuuri. And that Yuuri TOTALLY won this unofficial, fictional dance-off between them. So he did what Yuuri asked of him in case of Yuuri winning their dance-off: He went and became Yuuri’s coach!

Anyways, this got longer than expected, but this is what caught my thoughts after ep.10. What do you guys think?

TL;DR Viktor took Yuuri’s cover of ‘Stay Close to Me’ as a dance-off challenge, felt that Yuuri has won, and hence flew to Japan to be his coach (banquet-Yuuri’s ask).

  • ’ I believe if you were dead the world would be a better place. ’
  • ’ You are not my knight in shining whatever. ’
  • ’ I’m not sure we’re worth fighting for. ’
  • ’ I’m gonna eat candy in the dark and pretend I’m home alone. ’
  • ’ Sometimes it’s actually painful to be around you. ’
  • ’ They say if you talk out loud while you look for something, you find it faster. ’
  • ’ This is your love day. ’
  • ’ I’d lose that crazed smile before you start cramping. ’
  • ’ It’s harder to love someone than walk away from them. ’
  • ’ No, I choose me. ’
  • ’ We’re adults, we’re going to fight. ’
  • ’ Everyone said I was ready. You said I would be okay, so I thought I should just do it and get it over with. But I wasn’t ready for…to be… ’
  • ’ I met a puppy once that was half German Shepherd, half teacup Chihuahua. And all I could think was…how did you happen? ’
  • ’ You should go. Cause I’m about to nut punch you. ’
  • ’ Found it. It’s so old, it’s not even in the computer. ’
  • ’ I wasn’t sure what you’d be in the mood for, so I kind of got everything. Champagne, tequila, pinot noir — pick your poison. ’
  • ’ You are not a person who makes promises he doesn’t keep. ’
  • ‘ I only dance it out when something bad’s happened. ’
  • ‘ People aren’t always who you think they are. You learn to see through it. You learn fast. ’
  • ‘ You’re a surgeon, we make mistakes. We need to be forgiven. ’
  • ‘ You don’t teach by shoving someone else’s face in the dirt. That’s just being mean. And small. ’
  • ‘ Did he say anything to you before you killed him? Can you tell me what his last words were. ’
  • ‘ I’m happy and I never thought I would be again. But I am, and that’s all I need. ’
  • ‘ Aw sweetie, this is about me, this isn’t about you. ’
  • ‘ THIS is what feminism looks like, sir. ’
  • ‘ I think you’ll be a good dad. Your babies will be so foul-mouthed and dirty and cute. ’
  • ‘ I am qualified to tell you how to survive. ’
  • ‘ My husband is dead. Yeah, I’m gonna play that card. ’
  • ‘ Why do people constantly feel the need to kill their arteries. ’
  • ‘ Optimism for the win. ’
  • ‘ I told you to keep that baby in. ’
  • ‘ All my orgasms are gonna be self-made, hand-crafted ones. ’
  • ‘ Just because we can live without something, it doesn’t mean we have to. ’
  • ‘ You want to be a mess, be a mess. I don’t care, I can take it. ’
  • ‘ I just got here. I haven’t had a chance to screw anything up yet. ’
  • ‘ Maybe you’ll get lucky and you’ll snip out the part that makes her kinda bitchy. ’
  • ‘ It’s her song, so get off the stage and let her sing it. ’
  • ‘  I love you in a really really big, pretend to like your taste in music, let you eat the last piece of cheesecake, hold a radio over my head outside your window, unfortunate way that makes me hate you, love you. ‘
  • ‘ I’m not good at relationships or talking about stupid feelings. ’
  • ‘ I’m still in love with you. I tried not to be, but it didn’t work. ’
  • ‘  You’re my sister, you’re my family, you’re all I’ve got. ‘
  • ‘ Everyone needs help from time to time. Someone to look out for them. Make sure they’re okay. ’
  • ‘ There comes a point when you have to suck it up and stop whining and start living. ‘
  • ‘ You died in my arms. You freakin’ died. ’
  • ‘ That’s where love exists. In delusional fantasies. ’
  • ‘ Ah, tonight I have things planned that don’t include her screaming your name. ’
  • ‘ I take things personally. I get too emotional. ’