Practice watercolor done a few days ago! From mah Instagram.

699) I feel irritated and anxious if someone offers me food - ''Why do they do this? They know I don't want. They know it will make me feel horrified and anxious after'' and also when they don't - ''They won't offer me any food because they think I'm fat. They want me to starve to death.'' There just seems to be no way I could be just happy and calm with/around people. And this just makes me keep distance from them even more.

A guy at work sent me chocolates and a really nice card today through interoffice mail and I don’t really know how to handle it exactly. He’s a sweet guy but he knows I’m not single. Do I say anything to him at all? Or do I thank him but remind him that I have a boyfriend, or is that a bitch move? Or am I making too much of it? Maybe I should just not mention it since he didn’t hand them to me personally. I DON’T KNOW.

Active Listening

 Still trying to figure out what you say to “You don’t care about us.” What is the active listening affirmation? “You think I don’t care about you?” “You’re upset that I don’t care about you”? It’s a semantic trap and she knows it, which is why she says it. Lovely talk with her therapist, however, who had this to offer:

Wow, you are really doing a good job of showing me how (angry|frustrated) you are right now. Is there another way you can show your feelings?