this is hard

A guy at work sent me chocolates and a really nice card today through interoffice mail and I don’t really know how to handle it exactly. He’s a sweet guy but he knows I’m not single. Do I say anything to him at all? Or do I thank him but remind him that I have a boyfriend, or is that a bitch move? Or am I making too much of it? Maybe I should just not mention it since he didn’t hand them to me personally. I DON’T KNOW.

anonymous asked:

Fav august song?

Umm lets seee there is Grind & Prey, um You Deserve, Oh I like  Shoot or Die, but I also like Nobody knows, Uhh wait I like Down Right Now , I can get turnt up to Work  His voice when he’s singing Cool On You is Every-Thing! When I feel like side eyeing silly broads I listen to FBGP. But wait his Acoustic covers ARE Life! You can really appreciate his voice. Shit you know what come back to me I gotta get my answer together.