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a friend told me someone they knew had just recently moved in to a new house with some roommates, and every night at like 4am all the pots in the kitchen would crash to the floor and wake them all up. they had no idea how to stop whatever it was so they consulted a ghost expert who told them to try first to ask the ghost to stop. they didn't know what to say so they left a note on the fridge that said "please stop, we love you", signed with their names, and apparently it never happened again



Ya know what riverdale is REALLY good at?? Showing characters bonding and having great dynamic THEN PRETENDING LIKE IT NEVER HAPPENED ?!!!??

Episode 1: Kev and Betty, best friends.
Every ep after that: barely interact

Episodes 1-3: B&V, forever forged.
Every ep after that: barely interact

Episode 5: Cheryl truly opening up to Veronica and Veronica comforting her.
Every ep after that: Cheryl And Veronica: Arch Enemies.
(Bonus: episode 9: “Archie, sometimes I think you’re the only good person left in riverdale” -says Cheryl, because apparently episode 5 never happened)

Okay, so I just saw a Tony and music headcanon which I absolutely and totally respect, because a classical music Tony is an awesome Tony that is a valid way of viewing the character.  However, I also completely and totally disagree with it and didn’t want to highjack that post to disagree.  Basically, fellow writer, you’re awesome and so is your headcanon which is totally valid and legit, but I’m gonna rift off it because I keep arguing with the post in my head.  

Maria started Tony on the piano at a young age.  Howard yelled and complained about how the kid could never keep still, so Maria taught him cords and basic piano warms ups.  She told him if he couldn’t keep still, he could go over the piano fingering in his mind.  He could even move his fingers if he needed to, going through the motions with his hands at his side as Howard ranted at him about how his latest robot was a failure, and keeping him still enough for photographers to take pictures of the engine while Howard put on his fake smile.

Tony would often hang in the doorway as his mother played and sang, hesitant to come in and interrupt her.  Music was numbers and frequencies and all sorts of things that were fascinating to Tony, but he couldn’t quite manage to fit them together into a song.  

It wasn’t until Maria came upon Tony struggling through “You’ll Never Walk Alone” from Carousel that she teaches him how to play music.  Maria the brilliant scientist who loved show tunes could explain to a young Tony Stark how to make music from the notes.  

From then on, Tony was a quick study.  He would often play as Maria sat by his side and sang along, from My Fair Lady to Evita, he would play and sometimes hesitantly sing along.  He fell in love with the quick wit of Cole Porter, often playing a quick bar or two and sing in a sarcastic tone when Howard railed on him for his failures.  Maria was always more fond of Irving Berlin, and he’d play “Blue Skies” whenever she was tired or angry.  

He always liked it when she played Rodgers and Hammerstein.  Sometimes she’d play “Impossible” from Cinderella when Tony felt like he couldn’t meet Howard’s high standards.  He was always mesmerized when she sang “Some Enchanted Evening” or “Something Good”. 

He sometimes thought about running away and working on Broadway.  He never had a way with lyrics, but he could compose a tune.  Surely he could find a partner and they’d create loads of shows that would become world famous.  But Howard would surely find him, so close to home, and the one time he tried to sneak off to the West End while visiting Aunt Peggy in London ended with her taking out a man who had been following Tony for nefarious purposes.  She was kind about it, but she had to take him home.  

Soon enough, he gave up on that dream and entered MIT, but he still couldn’t shake stealing away into one of the music shops and playing the occasional tune.  Some of the others found out about it and bullied him until he stopped.  But Rhodey could sometimes pull him away and ask him to play a song from The Wiz or some of the old Ella Fitzgerald jazz standards.  He also started to branch out at this time, coming up with piano versions of rock songs that he would play to make Rhodey laugh.

“Try to Remember” was the last song he heard her play before she died, and was always one of his favorites.  It was years before he could listen to the song again, much less play it.  Rhodey was the one who sat with him when he finally managed it, softly singing along even though he was never much of a singer because Tony couldn’t quite manage the words.  

Steve was shocked to hear old familiar songs coming from the Avengers common room one night when he couldn’t sleep.  He walked in to see Tony at the piano, singing some of the old Cole Porter songs.  Tony switched over to his own piano rendition of Highway to Hell as soon as he realized Steve was listening, but Steve had already found out.  After that, he’d sometimes join Tony, sitting at the piano and listening to the old tunes.  

It was during one of those times Tony admitted his mother had taught him, and he played “Try to Remember” for Steve.  It wasn’t one he recognized, but it had a soothing melody that made him think of Bucky, who he was still trying to find.  It was then Steve decided he could never tell Tony about what the Winter Soldier had done.  `Tony was finally in a place where he could play the song as a fond memory, and learning the truth would only cause more pain.  

After everything burned down, Steve only felt guilt when he heard the song or looked at a piano.  There were a lot of things he would never do differently, but not telling Tony the truth was a mistake.

After everything burned down, Tony sat at the piano, but couldn’t play.  He stared at the keys, but couldn’t will his hands to move.  When Rhodey would ask him to play, Tony would smile and say he was fine.

He’s always fine.

Sometimes Peter would hear haunting melodies of songs he had never heard before when he visited Avengers Tower.  He never found out where they came from, but he kind of liked listening to the old melancholy tunes before Tony finally showed up and gave him the latest upgrades for his suit.

i had the weirdest dream so obviously i had to write a fic about it


They met at the park. It could have been a meet-cute, except Derek doesn’t do cute so it ended up just being weird.

Derek was taking Nora for a walk like he always does when she decided it would be a good idea to chase a squirrel and practically dragged him around, only stopping when another dog got in her way – probably chasing the squirrel too – and they started growling at each other.

“Hey, man. Control your dog, I’m not ready to be a grandpa!”

“My dog is a female.” Derek said, tried not to stare at the other guy’s hands as he struggled to hold his dog back.

“Well,” the other guy said, “how can you know under all – that.” He gestured towards Nora.

“She’s an Alaskan malamute.” Derek took a step back, dragging Nora away from asshole-guy and his dalmatian. “Much better than a dog that you don’t know if it’s white or black.”

The other guy stopped, looked between Derek and his dog. “How dare you.” He narrowed his eyes. “Leia is beautiful.

“Leia?” Derek asked, smirking. “What happened to creativity these days?”

“I’ll show you creativity.” The guy growled, much like Nora was doing, then took Derek’s hand, dragged him towards a bench and started to list all the reasons he named his dog after Princess Leia.

Nora and Leia ended up getting along fabulously, and as fate would have it, so did their owners.

“Unfair.” Stiles mumbles, watching as Derek heads to the bathroom. “I’m supposed to be going to work. Stop teasing me.”

Derek smirks over his shoulder. “Are you sure? I was going to ask you to join me in the shower.”

Gah.” Stiles says as his dick responds to Derek’s smile. “I hate you.”

Derek laughs. “I know.” He walks into the shower, moans purposefully loud when the hot water hits his body. Stiles yells at him to shut up and seconds later he’s joining Derek under the spray.

“You’re gonna kill me.” He leans in for a kiss, nips at Derek’s bottom lip as he runs his hands over Derek’s wet chest. “Fuck,” he moans when Derek presses him against the wall, rubs their dicks together, “you’re awful.”

Derek bites softly at Stiles’ pulse point, enjoys the moan it elicits from him. He’s always talking, moaning, yelling, seriously, Derek is the one who’s going to die here.

It’s been two months and they aren’t even close to getting tired from each other. It’s still hot, fun and - even more - exciting. Sometimes, in between fixing a car or two, Derek checks his phone, sends messages to Stiles, some of them explicit others just telling him about his day, the awful clients that destroy their cars and ask Derek to perform miracles. Other times, it’s Stiles that calls him, rambles about his dad and Leia, about his friends and what he ate that morning.

They haven’t talked about what they are – if they are something – but Stiles doesn’t seem in a hurry, so Derek isn’t going to force him, as much as he wants to.

Really, Derek’s got it so bad even his boss noticed and he’s seventy.

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I actually spent time on this

The one bad thing that could come from Worm getting popular is the inevitable Tumblr Discourse. Can you imagine? What’s worse, people saying you can’t like Regent or Bitch because they did bad things, or people being apologists for them?

soon to be divorced couple obnoxiously painting the walls wacky colours every time the other paints over it x hoseok

They say that love makes you do crazy things.

They never said what would happen when you get stuck in the process of trying to separate one another from your lives… from also loving too hard. You and Hoseok had always been on opposite ends yet it was what drove the two of you to stay together for so long. People didn’t see it, neither did you but one day, without him, it’s a realization that you can’t deny that you like the guy. Lucky for you, he thought the same thing too.

Ten years down the road since then, with a bond on your finger that swears you love him and no other man, it had been great.

Until a heated argument and a colder one later, a divorce was decided.

What happens now?

Well… a war, apparently. Again, you and Hoseok took a while to see eye to eye especially when none of you thought you were wrong. Needless to say, with two stubborn heads clashing against each other, it would be hard to find a middle point let alone reconcile. That brings you to now, two weeks since the paperwork has been filed along with buckets and buckets of paint.

The spare room (initially started out as a baby room) was the custody between you and him. Indirectly, that is. You’d start out to paint white, as a base to cover up with pink but the next day you return to an obnoxiously bright orange stinging your eyes. That leads you to paint over a nice baby blue instead, to repel his initial choice of color and he gives you purple instead.

This mess goes on and on over the rainbow spectrum until one day, the both of you are in the room at the same time, same place… and a different bucket of color. What started out friendly, turned nasty real quick. Paint flew over one another, smothered and left dripping on the floor. Newspapers did nothing to help and painters tape slowly peeled off to show the real color neither of you had bothered painting to show a pastel yellow. 

The color you’d want for your future child with… the man you’ve just splattered paint all over.

“What are we doing?” Hoseok breathes, dropping the paintbrush and you do the same, shaking your head, “I don’t know…”

“…don’t sign the papers,” He says, taking a step closer and when he sees you’re not moving away, he comes near until he’s within reach. Slowly, he places his hands on your shoulders and watch as you don’t move. He takes his time to pull himself towards you, then embracing you with his chin atop of your head. Your hands are reluctant to move but when he rasps a soft please, your heart remembers how deeply in love you still are with this man that you hug him back.

“I didn’t even think about signing it,” You admit, squeezing him and he smiles a little, swaying you left and right.


Laundry Day

Author: Mikala

Characters: Pietro Maximoff x Reader, (also, Sam WIlson makes a brief appearance, so there’s that)

Words: 2,650

Warnings: Smut between Pietro and the reader. Unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it, my dudes). Swearing. 

Author’s Note: I came up with this idea, and @bovaria picked the character. And then I found this picture, so it must have been meant to be. JUST LOOK AT HIM UGH. Anyway, enjoy!

Your night started out with laundry and a string of heavily-accented foreign words being yelled loudly from down the hallway, and even to your untrained ears, they sounded like expletives. You were taking your dirty clothes down to the laundry room in the tower, and before you hit the door, you could already tell that it was Pietro who was shouting. With one hand holding your laundry basket against your hip, you pushed through the door slowly, assessing the situation. Pietro stood in front of one of the various washing machines, a scowl set across his face.

“Hey, Piet. What’s going on?” You asked, cautiously walking closer to him. You set your basket on the floor in front of an empty washing machine next to him, then turned to look at the one he was facing.

“Stark and his damn technology,” Pietro muttered to you, his accent thicker than normal. You’d come to learn that that happened when he was angry. “I cannot get it to work,” he snapped, glaring daggers at the “error” message that blinked on the screen above the appliance. Tony had taken it upon himself to upgrade nearly every electronic and household appliance in the tower, and while some of you were adapting quickly, others were having a great deal of trouble. Pietro seemed to be one of the latter. He was constantly getting into arguments with inanimate objects (some of which could talk back to him—oh, the wonders of artificial intelligence) and he’d already broken several things, much to Tony’s dismay.

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i’m sorry this is going to be a personal post that’s not about skam but i just need to express how so incredibly happy i am right now. so!! yesterday!! (oh god) i found out that i passed my bar exam. and i JUST. you guys. i was so, absolutely, totally certain that i failed it, so so so certain, like 300%, there was no doubt in my mind, like as soon as i finished that exam, that i failed it. and it’s been quite hard, like i felt fine, life went on, but it was something that was still in the back of my mind and like, it was pretty heartbreaking to think that i had failed what was, like, the biggest and most important exam of my life. BUT I PASSED. i saw that i did and i couldn’t believe and i feel like i’ve been on a cloud since 

and today!!! my older brother found out that he passed his medical board exam!! and i am so so so happy for him you guys. like, there was no doubt he would pass but. i’ve grown up with him my whole life, you know? i’ve seen how incredibly brilliant he was ever since we were kids and i can’t think of a person who deserves it more than him. he’s so caring and generous with his knowledge and just wants to help people. he’s going to be the most amazing doctor 

and you know, my parents. oh god, these two. they immigrated here twenty four years ago, and my mom was in her early twenties and 8 months pregnant with my brother and they had nothing. and all they ever wanted was to make sure we would have a good life. and they never even pressured us to chose a certain field a study, they would’ve encouraged us no matter what. and they were so supportive of me when i told them that i was completely sure that i had failed, and they told me that it was going to be alright and that they were proud of me no matter what. but now i passed and my brother did as well and i’m just so so happy they get to have that because i know how much this all means to them. it means so much to our whole family and our friends and aaah. i just can’t stop smiling. and randomly start shedding tears haha 

i just got home and i’m going to go through my dashboard for a bit before i head out again, a lot has happened today apparently, eh? aaaah i’m just so happy so so happy 💝💝💝💝💝💝💝

the one food even mentioned missing to sana was her mother’s chebakia and like the eid clip would’ve been a great opportunity to see him finally have some again, but apparently that clip by the locker never happened in the skam world. but rest assured!! because although we didn’t see that, mamma bakkoush totally came to say hi to even, huge smile on her face, telling him just how happy she was that have him here, and knowing just how much he loved her chebakia, she told him with a knowing smile “they are right there” as she pointed at them. and even thanked her sincerely, for everything, for welcoming everyone in their lovely home for eid, and she told him it was a pleasure

and aah, even was so happy to be here again in this house where he used to spend so much time with his friends, eating the food mamma bakkoush would make for them. he was so happy to get to be there again and to feel like he was not only welcomed to come spend time here on this special day, but also on every other day 

Sass because of 10 minutes

I work at a movie theater on the weekends and yesterday (4/21) and our theater projector in one of the theaters decided to break down 10 minutes before the end of the fast car movie. My managers of course go upstairs to try and fix it and send a coworker of mine (D) to explain the situation and calm everyone down. All managers except for 1 are upstairs and have 1 walkie and the 1 downstairs is writing up free movie passes for everyone. D explained to everyone that we were very sorry and that the customers will be getting free movie passes and a refund for their tickets. He also starts talking to them, joking around and making them feel better about the situation. If any customer leaves to go get the free pass, D would joke and say “don’t yell at me I just work here haha” One lady was not having it and walked to the entry way where he was and snapped at him saying “No one is yelling at you but standing there doing nothing it not helping. You need to call a manager to get down here and talk to us ” D explains that they were all fixing the projected and she demands that he goes upstairs and grab one. He goes. Now D is 18. I’m almost 23 and I have a younger sibling so I tend to be protective over younger people especially if I am acquainted with them. I was there preparing a trash can & think that “hey maybe she just didn’t understand why he was there so I explain that the mangers told him to do that. She goes "well it’s not doing anything and we need a manager” so I tell her that a manger is down at the desk & I point. “They need to be here. Look it’s cute that your defending him, but I wasn’t even talking to you.” Wow ok sorry for trying to help. A manager ends up coming down and after she yells at him that they should have gone in there (D was in there), apologized (D apologized) and given a time frame of when it will be fixed (impossible to determine) she gets told that they are trying to fix it and they will be getting refunds and free tickets and they are welcome to leave or stay. Basically what D told them. I walked off because I was very angry which is not something that happens easily. Apparently as she was leaving D apologized to her again and she said “it’s not your fault, it’s the manager’s” as if the managers went up there and broke it themselves. All of this over 8-10 minutes of a predictable movie. I understand her being upset, however she don’t need to be so rude about it. I hope she enjoys the last 10 minutes of it later.

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What would happen if the RFA + Minor Trio suddenly woke up with superpowers?

***I didn’t quite do waking up with powers, since I figured they’d need to really discover them, so I hope you still like these! Some powers are helpful, some not so much, so let’s get down to business. ~Let’s Connect! FFC

Character breakdown: Good ending canon characters, Secret ending 02 Saeran, V, my version of Vanderwood as seen in my Vanderwood Backstory Fanfiction. *** 


  • The first time it happened he was petting a cat that had been hit by a car while he was talking to you. His face felt hot, thanks to the fact that you’d just told him you loved him <33. A blush always seemed to appear when you did that, and then all of a sudden his hand felt warm. Yoosung looked down to see it was glowing?
  • The next thing he knew, that cat was hopping around, playfully batting at nearby toys and nuzzling into his hand. What had just happened? Did he have healing powers?
  • Yoosung tried again after he stuttered a goodbye to you. He put his hands on a parrot with a broken wing. But nothing happened. He blushed, what a silly thing to think that he had OH! It was happening again!
  • Apparently, whenever he blushed, Yoosung had the power to heal. He, of course, used his powers for good.
  • Sometimes it wasn’t so easy to blush, so he got out an old headset from his LOLOL days and hooked it up to his phone for when he needed a little blushy boost and would call you.


  • That was not a mirror. “Wh-who are you?” The other Jaehee tilted her head. “Well, I’m you!” Somehow, Jaehee now had two of herself?
  • How did that even work? She realized that whenever she would take her glasses off, the second Jaehee would disappear, but she would have memories from what the second Jaehee had done. Her glasses had given her super powers.
  • Of course, she used these powers to complete all of her work much more easily, but it had only meant that Jumin continued to give her more and more work since it was obvious that she could handle the work load, so she still had ended up getting burned out.
  • Once Jaehee finally had her coffee shop, though, it meant she didn’t have to hire someone to work in the kitchens because she had herself! And her partner, of course.


  • NO! NOOOO!!! Where was his reflection? Zen could see his clothing, but not himself??? He was invisible.
  • Zen was not religious, but he was praying!!! The Gods had made him too beautiful, and he was being cursed! And then that Trust Fund Kid posted a picture of his cat and Zen sneezed.
  • WAIT, he could see his hands again!? Of course! Zen looked at a cat photo to make himself sneeze again and suddenly he was invisible.
  • This was actually great! He could escape crazy fans and get through crowds easily!
  • At first, he’d thought it was a curse that people wouldn’t get to see his beautiful face, but it did actually make his life easier, except that time that he almost sneezed during a press conference and he saw the top of his feet become invisible. Yeah, he needed to be careful.


  • It first happened when he yawned, just a small thing. It was hard on him to have such long days and he often would end up taking short naps but now he went to fix his cufflinks and his hands were covered in Elizabeth 3rd’s silky-white fur.
  • Jumin was amazed and brushed the fur onto a the nearby nightstand. He thought it over, deciding to repeat everything he’d done since he’d last looked at his hands fur-free. What had he done? He repeated every step and found that his yawns brought cat fur to his hands.
  • There was one night that you were saying Elizabeth 3rd had gotten cat fur on one of your brand new evening gowns you had chosen for business events and Jumin yawned wide only to have Elizabeth 3rd attach to his hand! What had he done!
  • It was that night that he looked at you, after he had apologized profusely to his darling feline princess and quoted something he said he’d seen from a movie. “With great power comes great responsibility.” You just shook your head.


  • He was staring into the mirror, wishing he could make his face just a little more feminine this time around and then his chin shifted. Woah.
  • Seven pulled off his wig and thought about making his hair longer and then it did. Could he change the color? Could he change everything?
  • Holy crap. He looked down his pants and then back up at the mirror. Seven realized he could change whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. Although he did change back the uh…thing in his pants.
  • There were endless possibilities, and it only made it easier to trick others for pranks or to use it for work. Escaping was way too easy.
  • Although, he did get himself tased once when Vanderwood figured it out after he’d turned into a girl to tease the older agent only to find himself found out when he thought the other agent had left, but Vanderwood had really been watching him to settle the sneaking suspicion he’d had. Which he was very right about. Although, he blamed it on technology.


  • It had started after Saeyoung took him to the bunker. Suddenly, he could start hearing everyone’s thoughts.
  • At first, he would press his hands to his head wanting it to stop, but then he realized that it would stop whenever he would look away from people’s eyes. People were concerned that he had a headache, but he brushed them off. 
  • Saeran was afraid. It was a really frightening power to have, the truth available to him whenever he wanted it. All he had to do was make eye contact.
  • Eventually, he got the courage to ask the questions that mattered, the questions he’d asked himself in his head about why his brother had left him and the like…only to find positive answers.
  • From that moment on, he would use his powers pretty sparingly, mostly because he was uncomfortable with prolonged eye contact, but it sure did make it easier to find out if Saeyoung had eaten the rest of his ice cream or not.


  • He touched a photograph, and then, the entire scene played in his mind of the minute that he had taken it. V realized that he could completely replay the events of that time.
  • It became almost an addiction for a while, touching those moments before his eyesight had been damaged over and over again, all those happy moments. The more his eyesight deteriorated, the more he chose to touch photographs and ‘see.’
  • It took both you and Jumin to convince him to get the operation to fix his eyes, to stop living in the past and start trying to create new memories. Thankfully, once he could see again, it was easier to get him to stop doing it as often.
  • Sometimes though, you were certain he was touching photographs of Rika and reliving his happy life with her before everything happened. But you respected that you weren’t his first love. As much as he loved you, you were another love that he had, not his only love. That’s just part of what it meant to love him.


  • He’d gotten up to make breakfast like usual. Yawning he grabbed his pan and CRUNCH.
  • Woah, wait, what? Vanderwood looked at his hand to see he’d smashed the pan’s handle. Oh dear God, that wasn’t normal.
  • What the fuck was happening to him? Weird shit was not something he wanted to be caught up in. He generally avoided topics such as the paranormal or strange, and he had a personal vendetta against God for personal reasons, but apparently there was no way to just wish this away because now he was irritated and clenched the side of the counter only to have it crumble.
  • Super strength was just a little terrifying for him. He was strong as it was, but now he was going to need more than ever to watch his temper and be careful when he was angry.
  • Thankfully, it turned out that he could get his powers to the point where they only came into effect if he really put effort into it. That was so much less terrifying. Vanderwood pretty much never used his powers unless he had to. It just made him uncomfortable.

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Natasha Romanoff X Female Reader - The Harder You Fall

This is a request from @faith2nyc She wanted angst well here it is. I personally love this fic but i am warning you now you will cry. i spent all day on this and i even started crying while writing it. I hope you guys like it. 

#86 - If you leave, I will literally go out of my freaking mind.
#87 - I just want the chance to be yours again
#88 - Stop saying you’re sorry
#90 - It hurts so bad I can’t breathe

Words: 3124


He sits across the street from the Avenger’s tower with a coffee in his hands, his mind racing. He knew she needed her help, but he doubted she’d help him. Looking down at his mug, he tilts it around making the coffee swirl as he ponders what to do. Should he just leave? That’s what they did all those years ago. It still hurt to think about what he’s done to her. Shaking his head, he decides against asking for help. He goes to leave when he remembers the other reason he had for seeking her out. “Dammit,” He says as he turns and crosses the road.

He walks up to the doors and walking in finds reception and makes a beeline for it. As he nears it he notices the young blonde behind the desk smiling politely at him. “Can I help you?” she asks as he nears her forcing a polite smile.

“Uh yeah, I’m trying to find Natasha Romanoff. It’s not really important, but if I could leave something with you for her will you make sure she gets it?”

“I can see if she’s here if you’d like to wait, can I ask your name?” She asks politely and he feels his stomach tighten.

“Um, Liam; if she’s busy I can just leave it here.”

“Just a moment and I’ll ask if she’s available.” The girl says holding up one finger as she reaches for a phone receiver. Liam roll his eyes becoming annoyed. Couldn’t she tell he didn’t want to actually see her, he just wanted to, if possible, leave a note or something. “Yes Mr. Stark, I have a Liam here to see Miss Romanoff.” She pauses a moment as if listening for a reply.

“You know I’ll just come back later.” He says as he starts to walk away turning into someone’s fist. He falls to the floor holding his jaw as he looks up to see Natasha standing before him about to kick him. He quickly blocks it with his arm as he yells out, “Fuck Red, I’m not here to fight.” She stares at him for a moment rage filling her eyes before she starts to head toward the elevator. Liam knew without asking that he was supposed to follow her.

“Red,” He says unable to think of anything else to say but she ignores him as she continues staring at the elevator doors. “I don’t think-”

“Shut up and get in the elevator.” She says and he nods as he climbs into the elevator. Once the doors are closed she says, “FRIDAY, can we get some privacy?”

“Of course, Miss Romanoff.” The AI replies making his nerves jolt at what was about to happen.

“What are you doing here Liam? Where’s (Name),” She asks straightforwardly making him look down at the floor. Clearing his throat, He reaches into his jacket pocket and pulling out the little USB slowly hands it to her. “What’s this?” She asks taking it from him.

“It’s something I owe you.”

“Don’t bullshit me Liam.” She says arms folding over her chest.

“It’s true Red,” He replies finally meeting her eyes. They were full of emotion and he knew why. At one point in time the three of us were best friends, but I ruined it. “I was expecting to just leave it at the front desk for you.”

“What, you didn’t want to see me?” She asks straightforwardly her eyebrows furrowed.

“No, it’s not like that.”

“Then what is it like?”

“I didn’t think you wanted to see me.” He replies honestly offering her a painful smile. “I wasn’t planning on showing my face at all but,” He pauses trying to hold back his emotions. “Sorry,”

“Stop saying you’re sorry. I got tired of hearing that a long time ago.” She adds making him nod.

“I did say it a lot, and I meant it every time.”

“Then why did you do it?”


“Why did you and (Name) leave? She told me it was over and without giving me any reason why, the two of you just disappeared. I couldn’t find you, and I’m the spy.” She says her eyes looking him up and down.

“You aren’t the only spy, Red.” He adds making her look down at the floor of the elevator. “You were just the better one.”

“Yeah, well tell me something I don’t know.” She says hitting a button causing the elevator to start moving again. He wanted to tell her but he knew better.

“I really should be leaving,” He says forcing himself to look away from her. It hurt. It hurt so bad to be here and not tell her.

“If you leave, I will literally go out of my freaking mind.” She says surprising him with her words.

“I don’t understand.” He says furrowing his brow at her in confusion.

“You can’t leave until I open this.” She says and he shakes my head.

“That’s not how this works Red.”

“Oh?” She replies anger lacing her words. “Then tell me.”

“I have to go.” He says looking away from her.

“Why?” She asks and He cocks his eyebrow at her. “Tell me where you went with (Name).” Liam looks deep into her eyes as he stands in front of her pain and heartache filling his body. “I can’t.” Was all he said and the elevator doors open giving him the cover of all the people in the lobby to disappear. He knew she would try to follow and find him, but he couldn’t let her. It was better if she hated him.

Natasha stared at the thumb drive in her hand as she sat at the table deep in thought. What could be on this that Liam would come back only to disappear again. Natasha was furious. She had wanted an explanation but all she had got was the run around. She contemplated tossing the thumb drive out but couldn’t. Natasha wasn’t one to show her emotions, something she learned in the red room, but since parting with Liam she was finding it hard not to lash out.

“You okay Red?” She hears Bucky’s familiar voice ask and she shakes her head. Other than (Name) and Liam, Bucky was the only other person she could truly be herself around. “What’s up?” he asks sitting down next to her.

“Liam was here.” Was all she said and Bucky understood everything.

“You okay? Was she here with him?” Bucky asks his eyes falling on the thumb drive.


“What’d he want?”

“To give me this,” She pauses to set it on the table and slide it over to him, “Said ‘It’s something I owe you’, no idea what it could be though.” Bucky picks it up and instantly walks toward the computer room.

“What are you doing James?” She asks following him anger filling her face.

“Let’s find out what he left you.”

“That’s personal.”

“Then personally excuse me as I pop this in.”


“Romanoff.” He replies not looking at her as he slides the thumb drive into the reader. It takes a few seconds before the opens to reveal a folder called for Nat, and a series of video files. “What do you want to look at first?”

“Oh, now you’re asking me?” She asks her eyes focused on the video file. “FRIDAY,”

“Yes, Miss Romanoff?”

“Show the video files on the main screen please.”

“Sure thing miss.” The AI replies and Natasha feels her heart race as the first video opens to reveal (Name) sitting in a chair looking out the window at something.

“(Name), you wanted to make this?” Liam says off screen pulling (Name)’s attention to the camera.

“Sorry, I was just. Never mind.” Clearing her throat, she looks right in the camera and says, “Hey Red, I know you’re probably still angry with me for leaving like I did, and I just want to say that nothing I can ever say or do will make what I did right.” She pauses for a moment to look down at her hands before she adds, “The reason I left was because I was sick, and I didn’t want you to have to take care of me. I was hoping I would get better but it looks like that’s not in the cards for me.” She pauses tears filling her eyes before she continues, “I was hoping I could fix what I have and that I could come back to you and tell you everything; but that’s not gonna happen now. I just wanted the chance to be yours again but apparently God sees things differently. I’m leaving you everything I have, everything we had together, plus Liam.”

“That’s not funny (Name),” Liam adds making her chuckle.

“It’s funny to me, and it will be to her. Later on.”

“It won’t be funny if she kills me.” Liam adds making (Name) shake her head.

“Any way, if you’re watching this then,” She pauses her eyes focusing on something not there.

“(Name),” He calls softly making her blink a few times before her attention snaps to him.

“Huh?” She asks looking offscreen.

“You left off at if you’re watching this,”

“Ah, right, sorry.” She says her expression turning sad.

“It’s okay sis, just when you’re ready.” He adds causing Natasha and Bucky to share a look of confusion.

“Did you know he was her brother?” Bucky asks and Natasha shakes her head silently.

“So, Natasha, I wanted, I just wanted,” She furrows her brow for a moment before continuing, “I love you. I’m sorry. I’m just so sorry.” She pauses as tears fill her eyes. “I just had to go.”

“Okay, I think that’s enough.” Liam says and the screen goes black.

Natasha instantly shoots up and heads for the elevator. “Where are you going Nat?” Bucky asks following after her.

“I have to find her.” She pauses for a moment before adding, “I have to find Liam, he’s here in the city. I have to find her through him.”

“But you don’t know where he is.” Bucky adds making her stop in her tracks. She looks around a moment before she calls out, “FRIDAY?”

“Yes, Miss Romanoff,”

“The man that was here earlier can you find him for me?” Natasha asks her brow furrowed in anger.

“It might take me a while, but yes.”

“Do it.” Natasha replies as she rushes toward the elevator.

“I’m coming with you.” Bucky says and she decides not to argue.

“Fine, we’re taking the jet.”

“No arguments there.”

“Miss Romanoff, I found him at JFK Airport, would you like me to detain him.” FRIDAY calls out and Natasha nods.



“I swear officer, I didn’t do anything wrong.” Liam says as the officer slaps cuffs on his wrists.

“That’s not for me to decide. We got an order to detain you until the proper authorities arrive.”

“The proper authorities?” Liam asks confusion filling his face before it hits him. “God dammit Red.” He says as he lets them lead him to the security office. He sits stewing in anger as he waits for her to arrive. A few minutes later she storms in and punches him in the face again. “God dammit woman, do you ever not use your fists?”

“No, but she uses her legs a lot. You want her to use those instead?” Bucky asks walking in behind her with a laptop.

“Hell no.” Liam states clearly as he tries to shake the pain away.

“Where is she?” Natasha asks rage filling her eyes as they meet his.

“Did you watch all the videos?” He asks narrowing his eyes at her.

“What does that have to do with where she is?”

“Just watch the damn videos.”

“Where is she?!”

“I don’t know…” He says barely above a whisper.

“WHERE IS SHE LIAM?!” She yells out angrily.

“I DON’T FUCKING KNOW!!” Liam snaps causing her to flinch at his tone. He had never raised his voice to her before so she knew he was telling the truth.

“How could you not know?”

“Just watch the videos,” he says again pain filling his face. “Please.”

“When’s Tasha coming back from the store?” They both hear (Name)’s voice call out and they turn to see Bucky sitting at the table the laptop for before open in front of him his eyes focused on the screen. “I don’t know (Name),” They hear Liam’s voice reply.

“I wish she’d hurry.”

“What are you doing Barnes?” Natasha asks moving over to look at the screen.

“Well why your two were having a testosterone fight, I did what the man asked and started watching the videos.”

“You brought it from the tower?”

“Yeah, now shut up and watch.”

“I don’t have time for this.”

“Humor me,” Bucky says before he motions to the screen.

They sit there for what seems like hours until they reach the final video. As it starts to play Liam winces in pain at the memory. “Who are you? What am I doing here? Where’s mama?!” (Name) cries out as she tries to run away from Liam.

“I’m your brother, we’re safe.”

“You’re not my brother, you’re too old to be my brother.” She argues as she moves through the house. As she passes by a mirror she freezes and slowly turns to look are her reflection. She stares in disbelief as she reaches up to touch her own face. Panic fills her body as she shakes her head, “Who is this, this isn’t me. I don’t look like this, I’m only thirteen. What is happening? I don’t understand.” She cries out in fear. All the sudden she lashes out and pulling her fist back smashes the mirror.

“Oh my god, (Name), are you okay?!” Liam asks as he moves towards her only to have her swat him away confusion filling her scared eyes.

“Don’t touch me! I don’t know you.” Suddenly the camera goes dark and the video ends. Natasha and Bucky slowly turn to look at Liam who now has tears in his eyes.

“What happened Liam?” Bucky asks as Natasha stares at him in surprise. Liam takes a deep breath before clearing his throat and saying, “(Name) has a severe case of Early-Onset Alzheimer’s.”

“Wait doesn’t that just happen to older people?” Bucky asks and Liam nods.

“In most cases yes, but there’s like one percent of the population that will get it before fifty.”

“And (Name)’s that one percent.” Natasha says tears stinging her eyes.

“Unfortunately,” Liam adds his brows furrowed in pain. “She didn’t want to tell anyone. She wanted to live the remainder of her days somewhere nice and quiet. I thought she’d be safe with me there, I’m her brother, she should have been able to recognize me all the way to the end but she didn’t.” He looks at the laptop tears now pouring from his eyes. “One morning she woke up and didn’t recognize me. She freaked out and while I was trying to help her she hit me over the head with something and disappeared.”

“And that’s why you came to me.”

“I came to you to give you that USB with her will and the videos on it.” He says not meeting her eyes. “I was gonna look for her myself. I figured if she regressed to thirteen then she’d go back to where she was at the time.”

“The Red Room.” Natasha says and Liam nods.

“I was headed to Belarus when you detained me.”

“We have to go.” Natasha says moving to unlock Liam’s cuffs.

“How do you know she even made it there?” Bucky asks causing both Liam and Natasha to glare at him.

“She was raised there. It’s what she knows. She’ll try to get back there.” Liam says rubbing his wrist from where the cuffs had rubbed.


“Are you sure just walking around here is a good idea? I mean, this place isn’t exactly the safest. Even if it has been abandoned.” Bucky asks and Natasha rolls her eyes.

“She’s gotta be here.” Liam says as he heads down the hallway toward where they used to hold the young girls. They continue until they reach the room. Liam lets out a sigh of relief as he sees (Name) sitting on a bed staring off into space. Without saying a word, he moves over to her and reaching her reaches out gently and calls her name but she doesn’t move. He gently shakes her but all she does is look at him with a far-off stare. “(Name)?” He asks and all she does is smile.

“You’re pretty,” She says to him before looking at the others. “You brought friends?”

“Yes, these are my friends, Bucky and Natasha.”

“Natasha?” she asks a hint of something passing through her eyes as she looked at Nat. “I… I know a Natasha.” Everyone looks at her with hopeful eyes and she smiles brightly as she adds, “I love Natasha.” All the emotions that Natasha had been holding back started to flow out as tears fell from her eyes and she reached out to wrap her arms around (Name). Natasha could feel (Name) tense underneath her but then reach up gently patting her on the back say, “Don’t cry, it will be okay.”

“No, it won’t, It hurts, It hurts so bad I can’t breathe.” Natasha replies not wanting to let go of (Name). Then as quickly as the moment came it was gone as (Name) pushed Natasha away and stared at her in fear causing Natasha’s heart to break even more.

“Who are you?” (Name) asks as she looks around at all of them with fear in her eyes.

“It’s okay (Name), remember Liam?” Liam asks and she nods. “I’m going to take you to Liam okay?” He says and she reluctantly follows him. Natasha watches as Liam reaches down and lifts (Name) up into his arms. “Hold on to me sis,” He says and she stares at him for a moment before wrapping her arms around his neck holding him tight. “We’ll be on the jet.” He says to Bucky who is watching Natasha cry silently to herself.

“I didn’t know. Why didn’t she tell me?” Natasha asks as she feels a sharp pain fill her heart.

“Because she only wanted you to remember the good times. She wanted you to remember the time when you two were in love with each other.” Bucky says wrapping his arms around her. He hugs her tightly as he offers her some moral support.

“I’ve been so mad at her for so long. What do I do now?” Natasha asks into his chest.

“I don’t know Red.” He replies gently rubbing her back. “I don’t know.”

Somewhere between Heaven and Hell/I Love You More

Okay, so - I don’t really know what to make of this episode. We know Davy Perez is all about brotherhood and family dynamics, and it looks like he forced quite a few things to be able to tell the story he wanted to tell. Which was, overall, good. I mean, I’m less than thrilled that he had to rewrite so many plot points and queercode every single villain to get there, but it was an interesting episode. What it also was - all about Sam and Dean, and whatever the hell is happening now between them, so it turns out the title had less to do with Crowley and Cas than I’d assumed (which is worrying, becase ‘between Heaven and Hell’ - that’s literally where Sam and Dean were in season 4, and boy, those were fun times).

Just to get it out of the way, a short list of OOC things:

  • Dean is absolutely not the kind of person who’d wear the same underwear for four days and walk around - or, Jesus Christ, sit down in his stupidly beloved car - covered in entrails if he had any other choice. Which he clearly had, because Sam looked freshly showered, so.
  • Ghouls, wraiths and sirens don’t live together, so either Dean went without a shower for two weeks, or, what? They found an underground poker den full of magical creatures? That was weird.
  • Also, sirens do interesting things to their victims - show, you lose several points for using one on an offscreen case.
  • I thought Sam was done assuming Dean is an idiot? Apparently not, though. And is Dean playing along, or just badly written? Still on the fence on that one.
  • Crowley is so fickle. Or, at least, written that way. He can’t be angry and bad-tempered one second, and flirting with Dean the next. That’s not how it works - or, it shouldn’t be.
  • And - he’s got a soul, now? Is this canon? Because if it is, it’s Big News. Of course, it’s possible Lucifer was just grandstanding and dicking around, but if so, one line of dialogue would have made that clear (“I’ll eat your soul. Not that you have one - figure of speech.”), and instead - what?
  • Cas is in some town where they kill angels (and, remember, we’ve got two Princes of Hell on the loose, one of them, we know, is taking an active interest in Kelly) and Dean’s like, Okay, sounds like fun, bye? I’m just - okay, then.
  • Master of secrecy Sam Winchester waited weeks to make his case to Dean about the BMoL, and then just chose to blurt it all out at the worst possible moment because Mick was calling him? Uh.

See, I know I say this every other week, but you can’t just pick and mix. If you write for a show with twelve season of canon behind it, you need to be more careful about balancing that canon with what you need to happen in a specific episode. 

Then again, apparently the target audience here is this mythological ‘casual viewer’ who wouldn’t notice any of those things, so, whatever.

I’m not bitter.

Moose and Not Moose

I was slightly uneasy about their relationship before, and now I’m downright worried. Because Sam and Dean were clearly paralleled with Gwen and Marcus, and what the hell was up with that? 

I mean - Gwen is this brilliant young thing going off to university, while Marcus, sweet and goofy, stays behind. He’s happy for her to go because it’s a great opportunity, but, of course, will miss her like crazy and hopes they can keep having the same kind of relationship even when Gwen’s away. Meanwhile, Gwen knows she’ll dump him the second she gets to college and move on to bigger and better things.

(Seriously - how much more obvious can they get?)

Also, Gwen has to stay and watch while Marcus is torn apart by Hellhounds.

(Okay, I take that back.)

Now, this is neither nefarious nor unusual. Sam and Dean get mirrored with random characters every week - that’s how shows work. And it doesn’t even mean anything subtextually, because, come on, they’re brothers, okay, so it’s a different kind of love, and of course they would know about each other’s underwear - they’ve basically been sharing a room for thirty years. It’s not weird.

What is weird, on the other hand, is what Gwen said: I liked Marcus. He was sweet and kind. And he loved me. More than I ever loved him. 

What are we supposed to take away from this?

I don’t think this is to be read at face value, ie that Dean loves Sam more than Sam loves Dean. I think that what we see here is the same thing we keep seeing about their relationship - what we’ve seen for years and years: that there’s an unbalance there, because they do not behave like brothers, but like parent and child - which is what they are. Dean raised Sam, after all. I mentioned two weeks ago this little detail of Sam being completely unprepared to take off Dean’s clothes and look for symptoms of a lethal curse, and here it is again: the parent/child coding. Sam can be fine without Dean, because that’s what children do. They wander off on their own, generally don’t call, and never, ever realize how much their parents are hurt by this, and how much they worry about them, their wellbeing and their happiness. And it’s no use complaining, because, after all, they’re supposed to make you miserable, as Bobby angrily reminded Dean, right before comparing the relationship John had with Sam with the choices Dean was making. Because, again, subtext, or whatever. In any case - things may be slightly different now, because Sam’s weird and dented (although, we’re still not focusing on that, and aaaaargh), but before - when they were Gwen and Marcus’ age - yeah, that’s exactly what happened. Sam went away to his renowned university, and he was fine and happy and had a whale of a time, and meanwhile Dean was - we don’t know. Hunting on his own, experimenting with drugs, left behind by his father, getting his heart broken by Cassie after a two-weeks relationship he took too damn seriously because he had nothing else.

Getting torn apart by a Hellhound is certainly a quicker way to die, though the jury’s still out on the levels of pain.

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