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Library Calls

Here’s some bughead fanfiction that nobody asked me to do but I got bored and horny so…Also don’t read this if you don’t like smut or if you know me irl. I will die of embarrassment. This for all my fellow bughead sinners, so here goes my first fic.

Words: 1648

Warnings: Don’t read this if you don’t like Bughead smut, hoe don’t do it *does it*

Betty had just finished up her biology homework in the library when her phone started ring. The ring tone Candy Girl by the pussycats started blasting from her phone and before she knew it the librarian was giving her the stink eye. Great. As if she didn’t hate me more.

“Shush!” The librarian hissed as she fumbled for her phone’s silent switch.

“Uh-uh I’m sorry! I’ll just turn my phone off.”

She quickly silenced the phone before she could see the raven-haired boy’s smirk pop up on her phone. Jughead was calling her. Looking at his quite pleased with himself expression in the picture on her phone made her feel guilty for not being able to answer it. She knew she still had to finish AP English and Algebra homework before she could even indulge in seeing that boy. Having that boy even within walking distance was not going to help with her focus. Resist Betty, resist she thought to herself when imagining him strolling through the library in his leather jacket and oh…

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Black Butterflies

Pairing: Y/N/Tattoo-Artist!Calum

Rating: All

Request: No

Words: 1.700+

Summary: Trying to entertain a four year old can be hard at times when nothing seems to be right. But when Calum comes home and saves the day by drawing butterflies on his daughter just like real tattoos it seems to save the whole day

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anonymous asked:

Your story about Betty having a baby with Jughead but him not knowing is so good! I love the plot, if your up for it could you please write a part 5?!?

Okay! Thankyou!

Hunter padded through the upstairs apartment, his little feet making faint thumping sounds as he rounded the corner, running directly into Jughead who was cleaning off the living room table.

“Woah there, you got changed pretty fast. Are you some kind of superhero?” He raised a brow, bending down to the tiny toddlers level.

Hunter smiled wide and excited
“Superman. Mamma calls me super man!” He explained.

Jughead glanced up at the blonde in question as she leaned against the doorframe, a pair of child’s sized socks and a stuffed dog in her hands, she smiled at the two boys.

“Oh really?” Jughead questioned “well I’ve been told superman can fly? Do you want to try it out?”

The dark haired boys eyes grew wide with excitement and he looked to his mother for approval, something Jughead took note of. When Betty nodded and nudged her head, hunter clapped
“Yes please!”

Jughead picked up his son and lifted him in the air, putting him on his shoulders and running around the apartment as hunter squealed happily and clutched his father by the neck. After a few minutes Betty stepped into the room, her eyes shining with something Jughead couldn’t quite place.

“Alright my little airplane, it’s time for bed. I know hotdog sure is tired.” She held out the little white stuffed sheepdog, it looked eerily familiar to Jugheads childhood pet and it just so happened his pets name was hotdog as well.

“Okay mama.” The tired little boy agreed jovially, he was so simple, so obedient. He couldn’t help but stare in awe as Betty took him from his arms, she had raised him right.

The tiny makeshift family made their way to the light blue bedroom and Betty placed her son onto the soft grey sheets.
“Alright what’ll we have tonight?”

Hunter looked up,
“Jughead reads to me?” He asked, pulling an old soft cover edition of curious George out from under his pillow and holding it out to Jughead.

Jugheads eyes went wide and he glanced over at Betty, it was his turn to ask for permission. Betty’s eyes were surprisingly soft.
“Sure bug. Ya know Jughead used to read to me all the time. I remember him being pretty good.” She settled beside her sleepy son and Hunter patted the open space beside him.

“Cuddle. We have to” he explained in an almost bored tone. Apparently this was not up for discussion, not that Jughead was complaining.. at all.

Jughead began reading the book and smiled when both Betty and Hunter giggled at the best parts, almost near the end he felt a soft hand clutch his forearm, he looked up to see Betty with a finger on her lips as she glanced down at the now sleeping toddler.

They both slowly pulled themselves off the bed as Betty dropped a kiss to Hunters forehead and Jughead stared down, cautiously brushing a strand of dark black hair off of his sons face. When the door closed, Jughead slumped against it, he hadn’t realized how much love he felt for the little boy but after that.. it was a lot to take in.

“I’ll meet you in the kitchen.” She smiled reassuringly, she always knew when to give him space, Now was one of those times and he watched her walk from the hall.

His son was amazing, he was smart and kind and beautiful. He had missed so much of his life but there was still time, he could still show him what it meant to have a father, someone who loved him endlessly. And then there was Betty, she was so strong to do this all on her own, and then to let Jughead back into their lives, just like that. Not to mention she ran her own business as a single mother. She was amazing, she always had been. He wasn’t losing this, he couldn’t lose his family. It was something he never thought he could have, growing up his family had been in pieces, they were separated and he was always torn between two halves, he saw firsthand the way it destroyed his mother, he would never let that happen to Betty, not on his watch.

He moved into the kitchen and smiled when he saw Betty resting against the counter, two beers in her hand. She smiled when she saw him, holding out the cold beverage and taking a sip from her own.

“So daddy? How’s it feel?” She wasn’t being sarcastic or nasty, she was genuinely curious, if not a little nervous.

Jughead smiled dreamily
“He’s great, he’s so bright and well behaved. You’ve done such a good job Bets, I never thought.. I just… he’s such a good kid ya know? And he’s half me.” He shook his head disbelievingly and Betty laughed, taking him by the hand and leading him to the couch.

“I know, it still amazes me everyday. I’ve never regret a day of my life ever since I had him. He’s made me whole, given me something to live for. The first half of my pregnancy was … rough.” She explained, taking in his guilty eyes.
“It’s not your fault Juggie, it takes two to tango. I just thought… I didn’t know why you had left and my dad.. well let’s just say he didn’t want to have another daughter disgrace him, he told me a few times I would be better off dead.. and after hearing that so much, you start to believe it.”

Jughead fists clenched the arms of the dark brown couch, he wanted to kill Hal Cooper, he was a miserable excuse for a man. He prayed to god that man never crossed his path, sure he had grown but there would always be Southside in him, something popped in his head

“What about my dad.. does my dad know?” Jughead asked.

Betty shook her head and looked away.
“I went to see him, a few times actually but he wouldn’t let me in, I wrote letters and camped outside the trailer. I just wanted him to know.. but.. he wouldn’t let me in.”

Jughead bit back his growl, good old dad.

“You’re not him Jughead.”

He looked up surprised, even after all these years she could still read his thoughts.

“How do you know?” He asked desperately “I’ve never been a father, I don’t have the best example to look up too, how do you know I’m not just like him?”

Betty turned her body towards his on the couch
“Because then it would be okay to say that I’m my mother, I’ve proved myself as a parent so far, it’s your turn now.” Her hand raised to cup his cheek.
He closed his eyes, taking in the soft fingers he had always loved, the feeling of her touching his skin sent lightning shocks through his entire body and before he had a chance to speak a word her lips were on his.

After the immediate shock wore off, he devoured her, pulling her onto his lap, his hands hungrily touching every part of her body, he couldn’t get enough, he couldn’t get close enough. She was a drug, heavy and addictive but she was also rehab and without her he would fade away. He had her slammed against the kitchen cabinets in seconds flat, her lips came to his ear and she whispered

“Take me to bed Juggie.”

That.. well that he could do.

Forget Me Not

A/N: @maruthor, here is the Jaybird angst I said I would write ^.^ Also: special thanks to @nightwingdiva who helps me make my angst as painful as possible. She is kind enough to read all of my angst before it gets posted and helps me add all the special little twists and details.

Y/N fought back tears as she ran through the cave. She had gotten a call from Tim twenty minutes earlier. Jason had been injured evacuating a building filled with victims of human trafficking.

It was a case he had been following for months and had brought the rest of his family in to help with. He had been so caught up with tracking down leads that he had barely been around lately. Not that Y/N complained about it, but there is only so much someone can take.

One missed date night turns into two and suddenly she hasn’t seen her boyfriend in a month. Y/N remembered gathering courage to talk to him last week. She had just wanted to get lunch with him. Was that too much to ask? Just sit and eat with me, Jay. Help me remember that I have a boyfriend and that it isn’t just a title I wear.

He didn’t like that though. When Jason is focused on something, that is his world. Everything else fades as he dedicates all of his time and energy to reaching some far off goal he set for himself. Usually, Y/N is able to drag him out of it for small portions of time without it affecting him overly, but this time, the case was personal. The targets of the human trafficking ring were all street kids, like he had been. Many of them Jason knew and tried to take care of when he had the time.

When Y/N had walked into the makeshift headquarters Jason had set up, his brothers had taken one look at her before stepping out. They knew Jason was pushing himself too hard and they hoped Y/N might help a bit, but Jason had tried to dismiss her as soon as he laid eyes on her. He couldn’t afford any distractions when these kids were in danger.

“Jason, you need to eat. I brought you your favorite.” She had begged quietly as she held up a bag of fast food. “And when was the last time you slept? You look exhausted.”

“That’s because I am tired.” Jason said absentmindedly as he continued typing on the computer, not look up at her once. “Just leave the food on the table and I’ll eat it eventually.”

“Actually, I was hoping you would eat with me.” Y/N said quietly as she put a hand on his shoulder.

Jason flinched as he shook her hand off. “I would, but what I am doing right now is far too important to pause for a lunch date.”

Y/N tried not to get too hurt at his words. “I know, it is just that we haven’t had a date in two months and I wanted to see you.”

Jason closed his eyes and sighed. “I’m sorry, but I can’t. There are lives at stake here.”

“That might not be the only thing at stake.” Y/N muttered under her breath.

Jason finally looked at her, his teal eyes narrowed in irritation. “Look, you knew what you were getting into when you decided to stay with me despite me being the Red Hood. If you can’t handle the pressure of dating a vigilante, then pack your shit and get out of my apartment. Now, I need to get back to work if you are done distracting me.”

Y/N bit her lip as she shook off the painful memory of his words and approached the table he was now lying on. “How is he?” She asked Dick, completely breathless from running.

“We aren’t sure yet.” Dick said, his normally bright eyes dull with worry. “He got hit pretty hard by a falling beam. We weren’t expecting the building to blow, but we got everyone out. Jason was the last one in the building, making sure every last person got out.”

Y/N felt her heart break. Of course Jason would get hurt making sure no victims had been left behind. Dick wrapped an arm around her and pulled her into a comforting hug. “He’s been through worse, he’ll make it through this, too.” He said as he played with her hair. Y/N nodded and pulled away. She would love to let Dick comfort her, he was a fantastic friend and the best at soothing emotional hurt, but right now all she wanted was to be with Jason.

She sat down in the chair beside his bed and took his hand. It was odd seeing him so still and lifeless. All his wounds had been treated and his dark hair was mostly hidden with gauze. She laid a kiss on his knuckles as she studied his emotionless face. He looked like a wax doll of himself laying on the bed.

“Do you know when he will wake up?” Y/N asked.

Dick cleared his throat and took in a shaky breath. “He may not.” He whispered hoarsely as he walked away.

Y/N got up and leaned over the bed. “Jason, I need you to come back to me. You did it once before and I have no doubt you will do it again. You are the strongest person I have ever met and I love you for it.” She said as she laid a kiss on his forehead.

She pulled back, hoping to see his beautiful eyes, open and alert, but they remained closed.

She settled in the chair once again and sighed. She was determined to stay until he woke up.

Funnily enough, it turned out he would wake her up.

“Who the ever loving fuck are you?” Y/N jolted awake at the words. She looked up to see him scowling at her.

“Jason, I’m your girlfriend. We have been dating for two years.” Y/N said, thinking that would help to clear up some of his apparent confusion.

“Think I’d remember if I was in a long term relationship.” Jason scoffed. “Now, if you don’t mind” get the hell out of this room.”

Dick chose that moment to walk in. “Good, he’s awake.”

Y/N opened her mouth to speak, but Jason spoke first. “Could you get this crazy bitch out of this room? She is claiming to be my girlfriend and it is pissing me the fuck off.”

Y/N didn’t wait for Dick’s response as she walked out the door. For months now, it had seemed like she was slowly fading out of Jason’s life. What a cruel twist of fate that he would actually forget about their entire relationship. She just wished she had the luxury of forgetting their relationship as well so that she wouldn’t have to deal with the heartbreak.

Prompt: Not sure if your requests are open but I’m a big fan and I was wondering if you could do a Jason Todd x reader where Jason gets hurt on a mission and gets amnesia and forgets the reader by anon

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The word sits heavy in Aaron’s chest and he doesn’t know why. At first he thinks it’s because Robert’s trying to worm his way into good books. Robert doesn’t have that expression, doesn’t look like he wants anything more than to explain, to confess, to come clean. 

Aaron’s head is in turmoil, chest tight, breathing difficult. He wants to hurt himself, wants to hurt Robert, but wants even more to forgive him. Robert’s hurt him, betrayed him in the worst way, but there’s a small knot of realization behind Aaron’s breastbone.

Everyone assumes Robert gets what he wants, sure, but they also assume he can cope, that no matter what, he’ll be the same old Robert. 

Aaron already knows that’s not true. He’s seen evidence for himself, even back in the prison when everyone assumed he couldn’t figure out how tired Robert was, how frayed, how broken. 

Now it’s just -

Now it’s just all come to a head. 

Robert can’t cope without him, and hasn’t he said as much? It’s just never seemed real before. 

Beautiful, Aaron thinks again, as Robert sleeps beside him. They’re still on the floor because Robert can’t bring himself to get back up on the bed, and Aaron doesn’t want to move him. 

It feels like too much, like he wants to get away, but something about Robert’s vulnerability, about how much love still sits between them, large and obvious, makes Aaron stay. 

Moving his chin, pressing a kiss to Robert’s head, Aaron thinks about that word. Such an odd choice of word for Aaron, who’d never call himself beautiful, who wouldn’t call himself much of anything. 

Other people have called him handsome, other words of varying degrees of appreciation, but never beautiful. 

He lifts an arm, lets Robert shuffle closer and wraps his arm around Robert’s shoulders. Part of him is still angry, still bright with fury that Robert could do this to him, to them. If Aaron was worth so much to him why would he -

Though it’s not really a question of that anymore. 

You turn yours on yourself. I turn mine on other people

Perhaps they’re not so different in coping mechanisms. 

Aaron brushes his spare hand over his face, then peers down at Robert as best he’s able. He can hear the steady intake and exhale of Robert’s breath, feel the brush of it against his neck. Robert’s never been so vulnerable, so accessible. Sometimes Aaron feels like he can read everything in Robert, and others it’s like he doesn’t know him at all. 

This moment might have been one of those, if not for the fact that Aaron does know Robert well. He knows when things are alright, when Robert’s being - Robert. There’s been something about him, something small and distant and empty in the way he smiles, talks, acts. Something not quite right, and now Aaron knows what it is. 

“Hey,” he says eventually, his back protesting at the angle. “Robert?”

Robert grunts into Aaron’s neck, but stretches, blinks heavily as he looks at Aaron. There’s a split second, because Aaron’s looking, where Robert looks surprised, grateful, and his heart aches. “You’re still here.”

Aaron doesn’t say anything, wants to shake Robert and tell him to get help, that he can’t keep doing this, but he’s promised to be better. “Come on, up.”

Eyes flicking to the bed, Robert swallows, nods. “Okay.”

If Aaron were a better man, he’d offer to let Robert sleep elsewhere, but he’s not. He can be selfish and jealous and mean when he wants to be, except for the fact that this is their bed. Aaron hates Rebecca, feels it blossom in his chest, and he’s damned if he’s going to let her ruin this for him.

“Come on.” 

Watching Robert change, eyes on the bed as he peels off his shirt, Aaron unzips his jacket. “Why’d you choose beautiful?”

“What?” Robert frowns. “When?”

“You called me your beautiful husband.”

It should be a light moment, and Aaron wants to make a joke of it, wants something about this to feel normal. But he can’t, and it doesn’t. Nothing about this is normal. 

“You are,” Robert says, cheeks red. He drops his shirt to the floor. 

Aaron stares at him, at the scar on his chest from the bullet wound, the one across his neck from the car. So many visible reminders of everything they’ve been through. He’s almost glad there isn’t one from this people can see; it’s something they get to work on between them, try for them.

“Am I?”

Robert stares at him, intense, and Aaron wants to look away, but he can’t. “You’re everything, Aaron. I know that might seem - might seem like I’m trying to make this better, but I can’t and I’m not. I just - it’s how I feel and after everything you deserve that.”

“You keep telling me what I deserve and what I should do,” Aaron says. 

“I’m not,” Robert says, looking panicked. “I just -”

“You’re just not used to people choosing you.”

It’s one thing to know it, another to see it confirmed. Robert’s face shutters for a second, a beat and then he’s shrugging, like it doesn’t matter. Like he thinks he doesn’t.

“I’m choosing you.”

Robert nods jerkily, something grateful and surprised. “I know.”

Aaron takes a step towards him, curls a hand around the back of Robert’s neck. “It’s not gonna be easy, and I can’t say I won’t ever bring this up, alright? We fight so much. But I do love ya. And I’ll always choose ya.”

“I know,” Robert says, in the manner of someone who does, who wants that with every fibre of his being. 

They’re both a little broken, the two of them, but together, somehow, they make it work. 

“Just don’t call me beautiful again, alright?”

Not My Father

Pairings: Tony Stark x Reader

Warnings: Little bit of angst but there isn’t too much

Word Count: 1012

Summary: Until you point it out Tony can’t see how much of his Father he’s turning into

A/N: I’m in a real Tony mood at the moment. This one just sort of came out of nowhere but I hope you like it !!


I looked up from the book I reading when I heard the small sobs coming from the four year old running towards me, his cheeks puffy and tear stained. I pulled him up onto my lap as soon as he reached me, rubbing a soothing hand over his back as he cried against the crook of my neck.
“Hey bud,” I cooed gently. “What’s wrong?”
“Dadda yelled at me,” He sniffed, wrapping his arms tighter around my neck. “He said not to - to play wiv his stuff.”
“Aww Sweetie I’m sure Daddy didn’t mean to yell at you, he just doesn’t want you to get hurt.”
“I jus wanted to play wiv him.”
“Well how about you help Mummy cook dinner instead?”

Jayden looked up at me with his wide brown eyes, nodding his head slowly as he wiped a hand over his face. I smiled down at him, placing a kiss to his wet cheek before standing up, letting him wrap his legs around my waist.

I looked back towards the hallway and sighed, feeling my frustration swell as I imagined Jayden’s face as soon as Tony raised his voice. He had been spending hours in lab lately, not generally coming out until Jayden had long since gone to bed. Every day for the last week Jayden had asked whether Tony was going to play with him and I was disheartened giving him the same answer of I don’t know. Tony was his favourite person in his entire world and it made my heart ache to see him so upset.


“Night Mumma,” Jayden murmured as I tucked him into his bed, running one of my hands through his dark hair. I smiled, bending down to kiss the top of his head.
“Goodnight,” I whispered back.

For the rest of the night Jayden had been quiet, playing with himself as he sat on the floor in the living room, not asking after his Father once. I had been hoping that Tony might have emerged to apologize for his brash actions earlier but he hadn’t surfaced once and it made my blood boil. Quietly closing the bedroom door I stomped further down the hallway before heading down the stairs towards Tony’s makeshift lab.

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These Hands Part 3- An Ivar Imagine

How will Ivar react to your kiss? Was it a mistake, or the best decision ever?

TW: mild sexual content, slight sub!Ivar (because that’s how I roll)

Worked my butt off yesterday to finish this for you guys! I like it much better than part 2 haha, hope you guys enjoy! Thanks for your love and support ❤️

Part one here: Part two here:


Ivar went very still.

You kept your lips pressed to his, eyes closed tightly, unable to tear yourself away despite his lack of response. His lips felt warm and slightly chapped, but surprisingly soft. Just the feel of them made you yearn to know what his mouth, his tongue tasted like. You silently begged any god that was listening for him to respond, for this impulsive gesture not to have been a huge mistake.

Your heart thumped madly in your chest, your hopes crumbling into dust with every passing second. You misread him. You had been wrong, you were-

A growl rumbled from deep within his chest. One large hand left the bed and sat on the base of your skull, and you had barely a second to grasp what was happening before his mouth began to move harshly against yours.

Ivar’s lips were fast and rough, devouring yours like a predator starving for his fresh kill. You whimpered at the onslaught, every nerve ending in your body feeling like it had been set on fire. You had been kissed before, by your few past lovers, but they were nothing like this. They had never been so demanding, so hungry. Ivar kissed as if his very life depended on it, an onslaught of sensation after sensation that had your mind reeling and your blood singing.

His tongue was suddenly pushing past the seam of your lips, not even asking for permission before slipping inside the cavern of you mouth. You moaned at the warm, wet intrusion. He tasted like bitter herbs and heady ale. You instinctively curled your own tongue over his, and the groan that ripped from his throat made your toes curl in your boots. You could drown in his kiss, you decided. You could kiss him until he stole the very last breathe from your lungs, and you would die a happy and satisfied woman.

You had to get closer. You had to touch all that golden skin. Your hands slid off his face, down the strong corded muscles of his neck, over the expanse of his broad chest. His skin was warm, so wonderfully warm and smooth and perfect. His scent, metal and earth and something deliciously musky, completely enveloped you. His muscles rippled under your touch, and his strong hands moved to tug at you, urging you closer, closer. You eagerly obeyed, climbing up onto the bed without breaking your kiss.

You forgot about his sore legs; you crawled right up onto his lap without even a second thought. Ivar’s lips tore from yours with a pained, surprised gasp, and you immediately threw yourself off of him.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” You cried, trying to slide off the bed. He stopped you by hooking an arm around your waist.

“Do not even think about leaving,” he growled, hauling you back towards him with surprising strength. “I am not finished with you yet.”

You squealed as he picked you up in his hands and set you down on his lap. The impact made you fall forward, and you braced your hands on his chest to stop from your heads colliding. Your faces were barely inches apart, breath mingling in the minute space between you. The tension in the air was heavy, like a fog sitting upon the ocean before the sun rises to dissipate it.

“I don’t care about your legs,” you whispered, staring into the swirling abyss of his blue eyes. You were pretty sure he had figured that out from your steamy kiss, but you felt it had to be said out loud. “Just like you don’t care about my hands.”

His brow creased, and the hands on your hips tightened.

“Your hands are useful,” his tone was edged. “And they are nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Neither are your legs,” you said pointedly. “Ivar, you fascinate me. Ever since I laid eyes on you, I have been intrigued. I want to know you. Both personally and physically.” You blushed at the last part, hyper aware of how close his tantalizing lips were. “That night at the forge, it brought everything to the surface. I was so disappointed our kiss did not happen . And when I did not see you after….part of me thought you had changed your mind, that I was indeed a useless, silly princess with ugly hands.”

You took a breath, making to continue on, but he stopped you with a harsh kiss that had your nails digging sharply into his chest.

“Do you know,” he snarled, nipping at your bottom lip. “That you talk entirely too much nonsense? You will be a useless princess if you do not put that pretty pink mouth to better use.”

You pulled back slightly to look at his face. Desire was written plain as day across it, but something warmer and softer lay beneath the surface. The something that you had seen that night in the forge. And it solidified everything for you. Ivar wanted you. You wanted him. Despite both of your preconceived perceptions, your insecurities, the circumstance of your arranged marriage. And that was a very good start. You grinned.

“And what exactly is a better use?” You asked, fluttering your lashes coyly at him. He growled, leaning forward to capture your mouth again, but you had other ideas. You turned your face at the last second, instead leaving a wet, open mouthed kiss on the sharp angle of his jaw. His skin was salty on your tongue.

“Is this it?” You teased, kissing along his jawline. Feelings confirmed, you were feeling rather confident. Of course, Ivar’s growing excitement against your thigh was certainly helping.

“Minx,” his voice was strained, like he was reigning himself in. Someone who kissed like he did probably liked to be in control, and with the pains in his legs he could not flip your positions. The idea that you had him at your mercy was intoxicating. “I did not peg you for an insufferable tease.” He groaned as your lips traveled the path your hands had taken earlier, down his neck and across his chest. Your body slid down his, and you practically purred at the feeling.

“I am many things, besides a part time craft-smith and a princess,” you said, admiring the small trail of hair leading down his abdomen and under the furs. His stomach jerked as you ran your tongue along it. “We will just have to get to know each other better for you to find out, won’t we?”

Ivar’s hand fisted tightly in your hair as you pushed the furs down an inch.
“When I am able to ‘know you better’, little minx, you won’t be able to walk for a week.”

Something fierce and hot slid down your spine to pool in your belly as you continued to inch the furs lower, and lower, and lower….

“I look forward to it, husband to be. Now, shall I put my mouth to the best possible use?”

The fist that tightened in your hair was all the response you needed.


Needless to say, when the old healer returned to the cabin a few hours later, she was not surprised to find the door locked and some very contented sounds coming from inside. She grinned, knocking lightly on the door.

“I guess you no longer need your legs massaged, do you, princeling?” She asked, laughing at the loud curse that answered her. “Alright, I’ll be back in the morning. Don’t strain yourself too much. And find some time to drink that damn tea!”

Another curse, which trailed off into a strangled moan. The old healer laughed harder, patting the cabin for affectionately before she turned and puttered off into the night.

She had a distinct feeling the prince would be feeling much, much better tomorrow.


Yesterday was tough but you ladies made it a lot better :) thank you, sisters, and have a great day or night!

Late night care - Niall Horan

A/N: Dear anon, here you have the Niall imagine you asked for.
It’d be great if you let me know what you thought about it :)


Laying on bed as he winced in pain, Niall realised having eaten that large amount of food at the Slow Hands’ release party wasn’t, by far, the best decision he had ever made.

He could feel the consequences of not having taken the advice you insistently repeated during the whole course of the night, the words you said back a few hours ago floating in his mind “You should stop snacking or else you’ll regret it later”

He tried not to writhe very much but it was getting pretty impossible, as the cramps, apart from not ceasing, increased even more.


He curled up and buried into the sheets, the previous mild currents of air suddenly dropping a few degrees to him. Noticing the new position didn’t ease the pain even at its slightest, he rubbed his tummy in back and forth motions, hoping that would be more useful.
Despite his initial intention of not waking you up, the desperation to put an end to his pain, mixed with his weak condition to try so, made him release his whimpers and groans in a better audible tone, trying to make these reach your ears, but still feeling bad for making you wake up in the middle of the night just because of his stubbornness.

You groaned at the foreign sound in the pleasant silence you were absorbed in. Being the light sleeper you were, his actions cut your rest. Sitting up and turning on the lamp at your nightstand, you rubbed your eyes as you asked “Ni, is everything okay?”

Before you could focus your vision, he was fast to prop up and try to look better than he actually felt, quite embarrassed about the situation “Uhm yeah baby, I’m just feeling a bit under the weather”

You looked at him, tilting your head. Regretting having woken you up, he glanced at your grinning countenance, not understanding what was going on.

“So you’re feeling sick”


“Could you be any specific“

“Not really, it’s a general thing”

Picking him by the chin so that his blue orbs met yours, you suggested “Well, I’ll shed a light on you. You’re lying to me, it’s very specific, you’re having a stomachache, aren’t you?”
A silence was followed right after, in which Niall tried to choose between confessing or making up an excuse and leaving you alone. He decided to go for the first one and, as a pout took control of his lower lip, he said “Ugh yeah… It hurts so bad” A wave of relief came as soon as the words rushed out of his mouth. Now that you were aware of the situation he didn’t hesitated moving towards you to be captured by your warm embrace, your arms wrapped around him and his face landing on the crook of your neck.

“My stubborn leprechaun… I’m not gonna say I warned you, but I warned you” you chuckled, feeling the vibrations of the groan he let out. You both inmersed in a silence, in which you carefully ran your hands through his messy hair, intensifying it’s disheveled look. The pleasing feeling eased the pain coming from his stomach. He nuzzled the skin of your neck, enjoying your delicious scent.

“Are you feeling any better, honey?” Before pulling away from what had been his shelter for the past minutes, he left a peck on the smooth surface “Yeah baby, you’re always the best medicine for me” With a cheeky wink he left the warmth of the sheets “I’ll be right back”

You watched as he walked to the bathroom, when he halted before making it into the room. Turning to give you an uneasy look, he retched, covering his mouth before finally rushing to the toilet. You immediately jumped off of bed and followed him, finding a knelt down Niall leaning towards the toilet, throwing up all the food he had enjoyed without measurement previously.

You stood behind him, facing the side to avoid such view you had in front. Once he was over you stroked soothingly at his back, trying to calm his panting. “Geez, I didn’t see that one coming” “It’s okay baby. Brush your teeth while I go downstairs to make you a tea” He grabbed your hand before you left the room “I love you”


You stood by the kettle waiting for the water to boil. Niall came up from behind, wrapping his arms around your waist, bringing you close to his figure “Hi handsome” you said, he placed a kiss on your temple as an answer back. “I feel bad” He whispered into your ear a few seconds of silence later. You turned to him and threw your arms around his neck. He tried to hide his face in shyness by tilting it to the side where your arm met his neck, but you managed to make him lock eyes with you.

“Hey… look at me. Why?”

“Because sure I’m bothering you with all this stomachache thing”

“Absolutely not! what makes you think so?”

“C’mon baby! I made you stay up the whole night; you had to put up with the not nice view of me throwing up; and now you’re here preparing me a tea to recover, dealing with my situation when I was the one who looked for it. I’m so-”

“Okay you should stop right there. Niall, you’re not bothering me nor you should apologise. This things happen and of course I’m gonna help you if I can. Don’t be silly” With a wink you closed the gap separating you both and left a chaste kiss on his thin lips.

He chuckled, which quite confused you. “I also feel bad because stomachaches are annoying as fuck. I don’t want to be sick!” He groaned “Don’t you say!” you giggled.

He placed a kiss on the tip of your nose

“But you always manage to make it bearable. Thank you my love.”

Being trapped in an elevator with them

Jinki (Onew - SHINee)

Jinki would sigh deeply once it stopped. Maybe press the floor button to see if it would continue.
“Really?” he’d mutter to himself as he pressed the emergency button. “Hopefully they won’t take long. Are you alright?” He’d asked turning to you, flashing you that charming smile of his. Any worry you were experiencing would be lessened.
“Yeah, not a huge fan of confined spaces but hopefully they won’t take too long.” He’d nod in understanding offering his hand for you to shake.
“I’m Jinki, by the way. Let me know if it gets to be too much and I’ll do my best to help you calm down.” you’d return his infectious smile as you shake his hand.
“I will, thank you. I’m Y/N.”
As the time ticked by you’d start to get hungry, face heated as you stomach grumbles loudly.
“Ah, sorry. I had an early lunch…”
“Haha, don’t worry, I’m hungry too. If you like chicken, I know a great place to get some.” That adorable smile back on his face immediately brings the corners of your lips up, “And if you haven’t had enough of my company by then, we could go together maybe?” You nod in excited agreement.
“That would be lovely!”

(He’s such a lovely cute little bean >v< - admin Mimi)

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Yugyeom (GOT7)

This adorable little Maknae wouldn’t know what to do at first when the lift stopped moving. He’d be internally panicking himself, his eyes wide and darting all over the doors to see if they were going to open. He’d forget all about the fact he wasn’t alone until he heard sniffling. He’d spin to see your eyes wide and full of fear, tears gathering.

“I-it’ll be okay!” He speaks suddenly causing you to jump and look at him. “It’ll be okay.” He repeats reaching out to put a hand on your shoulder comfortingly. “S-someone will come.” 

“What if they don’t? It’s late, what if everyone’s gone home?” You respond, your words fusing together as you rushed to get them out in your scared state. 

“They will.” He gives you a reassuring smile. “And until then, I’m here with you, okay? You’re not alone.” Slowly, you nod and accept his arm as he wraps it hesitantly around your shoulder in hopes of comforting you until someone arrived.

[*whisper*I’m too lazy to find a gif i like that fits so have this one of the baby looking niioooce ~Chee)

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Jinyoung (GOT7)

Instantly frustrated when the small metal box shudders to a stop. He grumbles under his breath before stepping forward to press the emergency button impatiently. 

“I-I think they’ve heard it.” You stammer out. He turns to look at you wide eyed, he hadn’t realised anyone was still with him. He assumed everyone got off at the last stop. 

“Oh, right.” He gives an awkward almost embarrassed smile. “Uh, are you alright?” 

“I’m not good in confined spaces for long.” You confess uneasily. “I hope it won’t take long.” He simply nods and leans against the wall. 

“Uh, I’m Jinyoung.” He announces, not wanting it to be awkward in the small space between you. He had no idea how long you’d be there and the last thing he wanted was to be stuck suffocating on tension. 

“Oh, I’m Y/N. Nice to meet you, Jinyoung.” You respond smiling politely at him. He smiles back. 

“So what’re you doing here?” He asked and the two of you fall into simple, light conversation distracting you both from the situation.

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Kyungsoo (D.O - EXO)

The elevator stops harshly without warning and you both stumble. Kyungsoo manages to catch himself but you fall over having been wearing high heels. 

“Oh!” He exclaims noticing and bending over to hold his hands out to help you up. “Are you okay?” 

“I think I twisted my ankle.” You wince as you try to move it. 

“Don’t move, just stay there.” He instructs straightening up. He presses the emergency call button before crouching next to you. “Here.” He offers reaching out and helping you slide your shoe off. “It’ll help if you don’t confine it.” 

“Oh, okay, thank you.” You smile warmly up at him and he smiles back. “Are you hungry?” You ask picking your bag up from the floor. “I always keep snacks in my bag, you never know what will happen.” You take out a few different snack items and he laughs lightly. 

“Wow, okay.” He agrees and sits down comfortably, accepting an item from you. “Thank you.” You smile widely and you both start to nibble on your snacks, making conversation as you went. 

You were both so immersed in getting to know one another that you didn’t notice the time go by. The only evidence that you had been there for a while was the fact that all your snacks were gone, empty wrappers filling your bag.

“Oh, I’m Y/N, by the way.” You announce as he helps you out of the elevator, an arm around your waist, your arm around his shoulders. 

“Kyungsoo.” He smiles, helping you find your location before leaving with your number saved safely into his phone.

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@noiaoweek2k17 day 6: re:birth (after life)

We’re both single parents and our kids are best friends with each other AU

Aoba and Noiz were practically “forced” to spend time with each other as no one else was available to watch over their kids as they played together.

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Player: Tyler Seguin – Dallas Stars

 Prompt: After being highly requested, Best Friends Tyler & Y/N are back. 

 Mentions: Jamie Benn (Slightly)

 Warnings: Angst

 Preview: “I’m sorry I just, I can’t.” You pulled your hands from hers grabbing your bag and rushing down the stairs. You were opening the door to the waiting Uber, when Tyler’s Jeep erratically pulled into the drive

 Characters: 1057 words.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three |

Masterlist is Over Here

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You had run straight out of the AAC and found the first cab you could jump into. You gave Tyler’s address hoping to get your things and be out of the house before anyone arrived back home. You didn’t want anyone to see you like this. You must have looked like a crazy person. You thanked the driver and paid him through sobs as he passed you a sympathetic look. You entered the house with the key Tyler gave you a while ago.

 You ran up the stairs ripping the jersey off your shoulders. It suddenly felt like it was suffocating you. You threw it onto the bed and grabbed a t-shirt from your bag. You gathered as many things as you could from around the bedroom stuffing them hurriedly into your bag.

 As you reached for your makeup on the sink, you caught a glimpse of the bracelet on your wrist. Just the thought of its meaning made the tears come harder. You were so focused and struggling with taking it off that you had not heard the door to the bedroom open.

 “Y/N.” It was Jackie. She looked at you sadly. She walked over and helped you unclasp the bracelet. “Please don’t go”

 You looked up at her. “I can’t stay here. Not now.”

 “Just stay, wait for him to get home, talk about it.” She pleaded with you, rubbing your hands she was holding.

 “I’m sorry I just, I can’t.” You pulled your hands from hers grabbing your bag and rushing down the stairs. You were opening the door to the waiting Uber when Tyler’s Jeep erratically pulled into the drive. You hopped in the Uber and closed the door before he even opened his. You refused to look back, but you caught a glimpse of a distraught Tyler standing in the middle of the street as the car headed towards the airport.

Tyler’s POV:

 I watched as she drove away, shaking my head hoping this was some kind of dream.

 I walked into the house and went straight up the stairs hoping to find some remnant of her. My eyes quickly searched the bedroom. Everything was gone. Her luggage, her things, the only thing left was her scent still floating around the room, consuming me. And then I saw the crumpled victory green thrown onto the bed.

 It was her jersey. I grabbed it from the bed and put it to my face, her scent growing stronger. I walked into the bathroom, things were knocked down and a mess was still left on the kitchen counter, a sparkle caught my eye and there was her charm bracelet set in the middle. I picked it up as well going back to my bed.

 I placed the bracelet in one of my watch boxes and closed it in my bedside table. I went to lay down on my side of the bed but decided on the opposite. I laid my head on the pillow where I left Y/N sleeping so peacefully just this morning. How did everything just go so wrong? I just lost the best thing that ever happened to me. I curled up, pulling the jersey closer. I felt the bed shift. I looked up to see my mom as she rubbed circles into my back.

 “She’s Gone, Mama.” I let the tears engross me.

The first week after you had gotten home from Dallas, you didn’t leave your bed. Your roommate occasionally forced you to eat something, and you would nibble at it to appease her. The dying bouquets of sunflowers were piling up at your door. You had refused to touch them, but wouldn’t let your roommate touch them either. You felt as if you had lost a part of you, one you would never get back and the more you thought about it, the more it broke the piece of your heart you had left.

 You somehow got through the semester. You barely attended classes and when you did your thoughts were always somewhere else. You sat through graduation, forced by your family. All you could do the entire time was stare at the empty seat you had almost sold your soul for. You moved back home, still in a blatant rut. You weren’t the same person anymore and you couldn’t figure out how to find the old you. There was no old you, without Tyler. He had always been such a strong staple in your life. You sat in your childhood bedroom gazing at the box labeled Tyler. You hadn’t had the strength to throw anything out, you just tucked everything away in the box hoping one day you would find closure within it.

 After a few months, it was summer again. You were still stuck in the same place you were back in October, with no improvement. You moped around the house, and your family had become concerned. They decided on a family trip to the lake house. They felt as the outdoors would do you some good, or that’s how they put it at least. You had just prayed that the Seguins didn’t have the same idea since their lake house was just some yards away.

 You hadn’t spoken to Tyler since that night. You ignored every call, text, snap and every other means he tried. He even wrote you letters. Jamie, as well as Candace, had reached out to you but you couldn’t bring yourself to answer. They were too close to Tyler, and it stung to even look at their messages.

 So here you were, sitting on a swing by the dock in leggings and an oversized t-shirt. Your hair was tied in a messy bun on top of your head. You swung back and forth trying to fool your family into thinking you were “enjoying the outdoors.” You were pulled from your thoughts by a chocolate lab sitting patiently for your attention at your feet. Your heart dropped into your stomach the moment your head processed that it was Marshall. You must have looked like a deer in headlights.

 “Relax Y/N, it’s just me,” Candace stated sitting next to you on the swing. “But he will be here tomorrow..”

@officialgrandpa and @mywaywardcupcake both wanted Mai, so here we go! (damnit tumblr, let me reply to replies!)

-Mai is the best female duelist in the world. Hands down. This is not up for debate.

-She visits Domino often, and loves to hang out with Yugi and Jounouchi, and sometimes she hangs out with Shizuka if she’s with her big brother when Mai comes to visit

-She has gone to New York City to visit Anzu and has seen her perform. She and Yugi are tied for Anzu’s biggest fan

-Though she doesn’t use them on her cards anymore, she is actually proud of her perfume collection. (if Atemu is alive in whatever au I’m doing, she lets him borrow some of them)

-She enters international duel tournaments around the world and usually wins, if her friends aren’t there. Since Yugi doesn’t enter tournaments often, usually she or Jounouchi come in first place. She doesn’t mind when it’s down to just him and her

-She speaks several languages, fluently 

-Mai got her dream shopping and travel trip that she had wanted back in Duelist Kingdom, and it was a delight (it was a birthday gift from Yugi)

-She’s beautiful and wonderful and I love her dearly

Sometimes I look at my hands and see all the ways in which I let my parents down. It is harrowing to behold failure, mistakes, and disappointment, and wrap tired arms around the mess and tell it that it is home in my embrace. It is easy to cut those parts of someone away, it is not beautiful to be human. It is a war zone, a battle cry, and healing all in one. An entire tragedy and its aftermath exists in the small hollows of our veins, but there is such strength underneath it all because we persist. I try my best to remember that all my wrongs do not define me, but that they do build me. They are inherent to me.  My wreckage has served as the foundation upon which I rise, and it is a messy process but I repeat it over and over again. I will continue doing so until there is no beat in my chest, because I am not a white flag or final call. When I am lain down for my eternal rest, the words I want attached to my name are that I did not give up - I gave my best.

So I read some posts saying that Yuri!!! on Ice is dead after the WTTM skate, and they are very disappointed in Kubo, and I’m just like ??????


Didn’t Yuri!!! on Ice become even better with this skate? Do y'all even understand the leap that the relationship between Yuri and Otabek has taken?

Didn’t Kubo just become God with this skate?

Why do people think this way? I’m so saddened by this. I really don’t get why some people are calling it bad.

I have always respected opinions and have always tried my best to not hate other opinions I don’t like, but this anti-otayuri shit is kinda getting outta hand now, and needs to slow down, if not completely stop.

If Kubo isn’t concerned with the age problems in YoI and just wants Yuri to express his true self, then what’s your problem? Let it be guys. Please.

Let me enjoy this skate in peace, please.

Thank you.

dont let tumblr trick u into thinking dull and bland shows r good. this is about parks and recreation i cant believe i gave it so many episodes when i knew i didnt care about it from the first ep. also miraculous ladybug. these 2 r shows i Wasted valuable time on. also tumblr never talks about ping pong the animation and that is hands down one of the best shows i have seen and ever will see

im-the-ruler-here  asked:

Just give me any headcanons about my babe FS Papyrus pls 👌💛

Gotchu bb

Fellswap Papyrus Headcanons

  • He is an anxious bab
  • It’s because he bottles up all his emotions which has just made him apathetic to most things
  • People are usually scared of him at first because of how tall he is
  • He prefers dates where you stay in because going outside risks running into people and having to interact with them
  • He has bad days where all his emotions come crashing down on him. On these days, he snaps at people more often and if you call him out on it or get upset, he’ll feel bad and start crying because he really didn’t mean it, he’s just having an off day.
  • On these off days, it’s best to just bring him some food, ((doesn’t matter what)) and just let him cry. He won’t talk about his problems, but he does appreciate you being there for him to cry on.
  • He’s also hella affection starved, so he’ll always want to hold your hand, cuddle, or have some kind of physical contact. As long as you’re comfortable with it, that is.