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OT5 2018 Grammy Submissions

Don’t forget, this is just what we’ve seen in terms of SUBMISSIONS. We’ll see on November 28, 2017 what the actual NOMINATIONS look like.


  • Slow Hands (Niall Horan)
  • I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (Zayn)
  • Dusk Till Dawn (Zayn)
  • Strip That Down (Liam Payne)
  • Sign of the Times (Harry Styles)
  • Back to You (Louis Tomlinson)


  • Slow Hands (Niall Horan)
  • Dusk Till Dawn (Zayn)
  • Strip That Down (Liam Payne)
  • Sign of the Times (Harry Styles)
  • Back to You (Louis Tomlinson)


  • Harry Styles (Harry Styles)


  • I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (Zayn/Taylor Swift)
  • Dusk Till Dawn (Zayn/Sia)
  • Strip That Down (Liam Payne/Quavo)
  • Back to You (Louis Tomlinson/Bebe Rexha)


  • Too Much to Ask (Niall Horan)
  • I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (Zayn)
  • Dusk Till Dawn (Zayn)
  • Strip That Down (Liam Payne)
  • Sign of the Times (Harry Styles)
  • Back to You (Louis Tomlinson)


  • I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (Zayn/Taylor Swift)


  • Harry Styles: Behind the Album (Harry Styles)


  • Harry Styles (Harry Styles)


  • Sign of the Times (Harry Styles)


  • Sign of the Times (Harry Styles)


  • Slow Hands (Niall Horan)
  • Two Ghosts (Harry Styles)


  • Get Low (Liam Payne/Zedd)
  • Just Hold On (Louis Tomlinson/Steve Aoki)

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Notes | Park Jimin

Originally posted by parkjmzl

❁Pairing: Park Jimin x Reader

❁Summary: After waking up after  a lecture ended, you notice someone took notes for you. On the bottom they left a cute message and a phone number. How will this turn out?

❁Words: 1700+ 

❁Category: Fluff

❁A/N: This took way longer than I expected oml. Hope you’ll enjoy ^^

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heyo! i was wondering if you have any lawlight fic recs?

hi! wow. it’s been a long time since anybody has asked me this so bear with me. :~) i honestly don’t read fic in the fandom that much anymore. or in any fandom? i’m veeeery picky about writing style and i keep getting pickier year after year. of course there was a point in the history of my relationship with death note where i’d read literally anything but we’re a bit past that now, and i haven’t found anything that really stood out to me in the last few years. so, i’m going to just give you a few of my longstanding faves. hopefully you haven’t read at least one of them, in which case you’re in for a huge treat.

a tithe to hell by aja (~30k)

hands down the best lxlight fic there is. it’s well-written, true to canon but also served as a basis for a huge amount of fanon, ingeniously structured, funny, a little bit gruesome, and narrated by a light pov that’s every bit as hectic and biased and violent and naive as the one in canon. exactly the death note fic everyone craves after the first arc.

going to marrakesh by edmonia_dantes (~30k)

i’ve got to admit, it’s been so long since i read this one, i can hardly remember what happens in it. what i do remember: the style of writing. surreal and lucid and batshit. the intelligence of the characters and the sharpness of their perceptions of one another is really present in this. also, it’s l/light/misa, and executed brilliantly.

those who stand for nothing fall for anything by halfpromise (600k+)

alright. so i’ve never actually finished this one, but i can still rec it without reservation because the writing is literally? some of the best, if not the best, writing i’ve ever encountered in any fandom. it’s a politician au and it’s pretty distant from canon, which i usually dislike, but it’s so funny and sad and sharply rendered that it creates its own, equally believable if not more-so, universe. the lawlight here is tragic and unhealthy and desperate, and the light characterization is truly the most realistic one you’ll ever come across.

second chances by spades44 (400K+)

it’s kind of a spoiler to even class this as lawlight but whatever. second chances is so much fun. very long but fast paced, expertly plotted, moving, funny, and sweet in ways that i didn’t know death note could convincingly be. the L characterization is a little softer than my tastes tend to skew, but this fic makes a great case for a poorly adjusted L with good intentions. also it’s just! so fun!!

hope you find something you like, anon! and if anyone has any recs that might fit in among these, or with similar writing quality, please hit me the heck up! there’s so much lawlight fic i’m sure i’ve missed some gems. <3

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Fo you have any advice for drawing heads and hands?

Use lots and lots of references.

I used to really struggle with hands. There are plenty of pictures I drew when I was a teen where I tried to find strategic ways of hiding them. It wasn’t until I fully embraced studying references that I started to see improvement… and part of that, for me, was learning that tracing is not a dirty word when it comes to learning how to draw something. The concept of breaking objects down into basic shapes is something I’ve known since I was a little kid, but my proportions could still end up all over the place when I tried to simply eyeball something. I’d get a bit of a lopsided mess that I’d erase and redraw and erase and redraw and then either settle with the best I could do or just give up altogether.

Now, an example. The first column is obviously my reference (nabbed off of pinterest for this post), the second is a tracing that breaks those hands down into their basic parts, and the third is my super-quick rough sketch where I drew them again freehand (heh) without tracing or using an overlay over the original reference. 

The last column is by no means perfect,  but it gives me something to work with as I clean up the image further. The more I practice, the easier it is for me to draw hands without a reference - but that practice came by not only giving myself a photo to look at, but also a visual break down of how that image can be translated into a drawing. The more I do this, the better I get, the easier it is to do.

Heads are more complex. Our eyes are naturally drawn to faces because we want to see the information they convey - the emotions of the subject, how they’re engaging with their environment, etc. Despite the added complexity, the way I study faces/heads is essentially the same. Take an image and break it down into it’s basic components. Don’t just think about the nose and the eyes and the lips, but consider the overall structure of the head and how those features sit on them. Is the brow heavy or light? How is the eye socket - the space between the brow and cheeks- shaped (which is often a major indicator of mood - if the muscles of the brow, eyes and cheeks tense, the shape of that space will change in the drawing)

As an example, I did a super quick rundown of some shots of Solas: 

As you can see, the top of the skull isn’t a perfect circle with a jawline hanging straight down from it. It’s more ovular. In profile, the nose, lips and chin don’t fall in a straight line from the forehead - instead, they follow a subtle outward curve. When he’s scowling, the cheeks and brow draw close to one another, narrowing the space around the eyes. When he’s relaxed or sad, the size of that “socket” widens.

Every face and head-shape is different. Do lots and lots of studies of different faces at different angles… I promise, the more you do, the easier it becomes to draw them freehanded.

One more tip I will give with regards to studying references:

Don’t marry yourself to your reference.

Aesthetically, people are attracted to symmetry. You could take a photo to study and trace it down to the last detail only to step back and see that it looks off in a way you can’t quite put your finger on as soon as you take the reference image away. The asymmetry we accept as natural in a photograph looks like a conscious decision (or worse, a mistake) in a drawing. Don’t be so convinced that your reference is somehow more “right” than your own artistic instincts. Don’t be afraid to exaggerate or diminish features, to change the expressions, etc. Chances are the image will look very flat and static if you tie yourself completely to your reference…. give it some life. Make the image your own. Play around with it… an image study is your chance to experiment and learn what works and what doesn’t, what looks good to you, etc. 

Hope that helps!

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Could there hypothetically have been an AT (alternate timeline) of your Underswap where Paps grew into the role of The Great Papyrus AND Sans grew into The Magnificent Sans, essentially your US Sans with something akin to a UT Paps? (Not an AU crossover, but contained in one u universe)

I actually had to think about it for a while, but no matter how I poke and prod at stuff, it just doesn’t align.

Best case scenario: You get Papyrus as a pretty enthusiastic scientist, working under Undyne. He never meets Asgore though, so the whole situation with Chara’s appearance in Snowdin gets a ton more complicated.

Sans, on the other hand, has a way more toned down and outwardly mature attitude than what Swap!Sans generally shows. He never tries out for the Royal Guard, and instead, he’s working multiple jobs, including being a cook in a Hotland restaurant and helping out Undyne and Papyrus with stuff now and then.

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just a reminder do trans girl!eddie i cant wait to see what hc you do!!

your wish is my command! thanks for reminding me cause i would’ve hands down forgotten if it stayed in my dm’s

i never really considered trans girl!eddie so i hope this turns out okay!

  • The first person Eddie comes out to is Bill, they’ve been best friends forever and she’s so scared that she barely manages to get anything out
  • Bill takes her hands and tells her very firmly - in that way that reminds Eddie that he’s a leader - to take a deep breath and restart, slowly
  • She finally gets it out and he just hugs her, kisses her head, and says in a voice so earnest that for just a second Eddie thinks about how only Bill can sound that way, “Thank you for trusting me with this.”
  • They both cry and talk it through - the only part that confuses Bill is Eddie’s insistence on keeping her name Eddie, she reasons that it’s never something that made her uncomfortable like her body or the word “boy” when it was directed at her, Eddie was a welcome part of her identity
  • They both seemed to freeze when they start chatting again and Richie’s name gets brought up
  • “Eddie y-you said I wuh-was the f-f-first. Y-you gotta t-te-tell him.”
  • “I’m so nervous I can hardly take it Bill, he’s gonna hate me.” She can’t bare to voice her most prevalent thought what if he doesn’t want me anymore?
  • Bill offers to come with her but she decides it has to be a private conversation, no matter how terrifying
  • When she sits Richie down he looks just as scared as Eddie, he can’t stop fidgeting and won’t look Eddie in the eye so she just blurts it out, “I’m a girl.” Richie’s eyes blow wide and she rushed to continue, “Not, like, physically of course, but like, in my head and my heart and, I guess, my soul? I know that’s kinda fucked up of me? To have been with you and then just drop this on you so it’s fine if you, um, like you wanna not be with me again or if I should just step out of your life or -“
  • She doesn’t finish because Richie’s kissing her, when he pulls back he chuckles, “I thought you were gonna break up with me. I was so scared I though I was gonna cry - or pee.” They both laugh, Eddie’s eyes are a little wet but neither approach that until Richie takes a deep breath and puts both hands on her cheeks so Eddie has to look at him, “If you think that anything you could do to make yourself happier would make me want to leave you, then I’m not doing my job.” Eddie let’s out a heavy sob at that and just, collapses into Richie’s arms, he holds her and let’s her cry, it’s a strange combination of happy and sad and scared tears so all Richie can do is kiss her hair and promise over and over that he loves her and always will
  • The next week Eddie wakes up to a tap on her window, Richie is there with a cheeky grin and a stuffed full garbage bag
  • The garbage bag is full of clothes that Richie picked out from the thrift store, all very Eddie but very feminine
  • She puts on a pale sweater an a short pink skirt and Richie fucking just - Eddie’s legs are so nice
  • They end up making out for a straight solid two hours, richie just goddamn litters Eddie in hickies and can’t seem to stop telling her that she’s “so pretty baby girl, holy fuck”
  • Eddie wears that outfit for the first time after she comes out to the other losers (and Bev teaches her how to shave) and Richie wouldn’t let her go more than one inch away from him, his hands are on her like he’d implode if he wasn’t in constant contact with her for longer than half a second

people are saying the watch hill secret sessioners aren’t gonna be sent their photos with taylor because of all the leaks. I want to set the record straight.

Not all secret sessioners are terrible people. I am proud to say that I never leaked a single thing, not even to my best friend. Not even to my boyfriend of 3+ years. Not to my family, not to the world. I didnt brag about it or tease others. I do NOT think I am any better than any of you guys. If anything, I feel like you have the upper hand now in meeting taylor because my time has passed and its time for me to step down.

Rather than leak information, many Secret Sessioners helped TaylorNation catch the leaks before they spread too far yesterday (obviously not all were successful) and we are still being punished for the mistakes of others. I am no saint, I have definitely made my fair share of mistakes and I will be the first to admit that. I feel extremely humbled and undeserving to have even been able to attend. I don’t even need to have my photo with Taylor if she doesn’t want to give it to me. But I do want people to understand the repercussions of their actions.

There were good people at the Secret Sessions.

There were people who love taylor and want to protect her.

There are people who have been thrown into a negative category just because they got an invitation.

No one is happy about the events that have occurred over the past 24 hours online. I’m tired of hearing about fans crying, having anxiety attacks, or deactivating due to brutal treatment. So please, can we all just stop fighting and start loving each other a little better. Please.

Don’t Go

Pairing: Eggsy x Reader


Request: @centerhabit “Eggsy X reader where you two fight and u get frustrated so you attempt to leave his flat and he apologizes before you can leave and a fluffy makeup?? Sorry if that’s really vague”

Pulling on your shoes and grabbing your bag, you stormed towards the door after an argument with your boyfriend. You just need some space and some air to calm down. Every time you fought, it was always about his job. You knew about Kingsman, and you felt second best sometimes, and it was really getting you down.

As you reached for the doorhandle, you felt a hand grab your wrist. You turned to look at your boyfriend, rolling your eyes, “Gary, just let me go and get some air, alright?” You never, ever called him Gary unless you was really fuming with him. Today was one of those times, and you could tell he felt bad.

“Look, luv, I’m sorry,” he started, gently tapping your chin so you looked up at him. He could tell how angry you had gotten, and he felt awful because it was all his fault. 

He thought the world of you, you was his absolute rock and the last thing he wanted was Kingsman to be coming in between you both. Eggsy didn’t know what he would do without you. “You know what my job’s like, I can’t always guarantee what time I’m going to come back. But from now on I’ll try, alright?”

You thought for a moment, nodding your head before sighing. Eggsy took your hands into his, and pulled you closer to him as you let go of the door handle. “Don’t go, Y/N.” he said quietly, and you wrapped your arms around him, a few tears slipping down your cheeks.

“I’m sorry for getting angry, Eggs,” you mumbled, taking off your shoes and dropping your bag.

“Its fine, luv, just don’t go scaring the living daylights out of me like that again.” he said with a chuckle, pecking your lips softly. 

After that, Eggsy was never late home again.

Poison - Ong Seongwoo

Title: Poison.

Member: Ong Seongwoo

Genre: (Ugly) Angst

Words: 1482

Summary: Everything about Seongwoo is like a poison, the only cure is also him that’s why you kept on coming back until it’s too late.

Song: Luhx. – poison and Troye Sivan – fools

I was walking through the hallways when a familiar man bumped into my shoulders. I gazed at him and saw him lowered his head down and continued to walk still not looking back at me. He was holding the hands of a girl whom I despise for such a long time.

Ong Seongwoo, the man who I never want to see again but he’s also the man that I wanted to be with forever.

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Hal gets a few raging migraines from sitting at and staring at a computer so long and not getting all the sleep he needs. When that happens Snake can tell from the obvious ways Hal’s face scrunches into worse and worse grimaces until he has his head in one hand constantly and hes squinting at his screen. He knows from experience Otacon will often drive himself to nausea and worse if left unchecked and just watching him do that to himself is painful.

So Snake does his best to coax him away from the screen. And if he cant do that he’ll pick him up and carry him away from it. Once in a quiet, dark room he usually makes Hal lay down and sits to gently run fingers through his hair and gently massage his head, neck and shoulders until Hal falls asleep with his head in Dave’s lap. He has to take care of the nerd that does so much to take care of him.

“Many years ago a woman vanished suddenly from a Sligo tavern where she was walking with her husband. When her son, who was then a baby, had grown up he received word in some way, not handed down, that his mother was glamoured by faeries, and imprisoned for the time in a house in Glasgow and longing to see him. Glasgow in those days of sailing-ships seemed to the peasant mind almost over the edge of the known world, yet he, being a dutiful son, started away. For a long time he walked the streets of Glasgow; at last down in a cellar he saw his mother working. She was happy, she said, and had the best of good eating, and would he not eat? and therewith laid all kinds of food on the table; but, he knowing well that she was trying to cast on him the glamour by giving him faery food, that she might keep him with her, refused and came home to his people in Sligo.”

William Butler Yeats, from “Kidnappers” in Mythologies

Meanie Soulmate Au: The Cat and the Puppy

How They Met

College Au (as well)

Mingyu was the type to always bounce off the wall 24/7.

Wonwoo on the other had preffered the scilence of the library over anything else

These two people clearly have differeng sets of friends and seem to be part of a huge world; Until it wasn’t anymore.

  • The time Mingyu’s timer showed a bright shade of blue on his wrist, he was so ecstatic he didn’t spare a minute in telling his friends (especially his best bro S.coups)
  • Wonwoo on the other hand groaned as he sa the count down that was due two weeks from now thinking ‘I’ve got a test on that day’
  • Though both had different reactions towards this event. It was clear to their friends and to them, things were soon to change (even if some didn’t want it to)
  • The pair during the first week would obviously be consulting all the people they could talk to -friends, family, even siblings- especially those who already experienced it.
  • Wonwo would somehow be calm towards the end of the count down thinking, 'if the person is my soulmate then he’d accept my rejection’
  • Mingyu would surely be anxious compared to the past days thinking 'what if the person wouldn’t like me?’ and all that
  • On the day of their deadline, jeonghan along wonwoo’s other friends would lowkey try to convince him to give the guy a chance since wonwoo would surely turn the poor lad down even before they’d show wonwoo how much they feel for them
  • Mingyu would be a ball of toughts and be at his peak of clumsiness and could possibly hit a tree or a door due to his lack of concentration, even worry Hoshi and the rest of his gang
  • To distract his mind though, Mingyu would hide the timer under his blazer’s sleeve, while wonwoo would hang with his friends the more the numbers on his wrist decreased
  • Finally, Wonwoo would be seated with his usual bunch when Jeonghan’s and woozi’s parter (S. Coups and Hoshi <strike> dont hate me for this </strike> ) joined them
  • As the bunch’s interaction uncharacteristically turned the taste of Wonwoo’s mouth sour - he’d usually not care- he decides to take a leave and retreat to the library for the rest of his free period
  • Mingyu would be on the way to the cafeteria. And slowly his busy mind turns dazed; blocking everything around him except one thought 'who the heck could this guy be?’
  • Though wonwoo doesn’t exactly know why, but he dashed to the library and well collided with another being snapping out of his bitter thoughts.
  • “ah sorry…” he murmured in the embrace of the guy he bumped into (who was a tad bigger than he was)
  • Mingyu was snaped out of his thoughts when another guy collided with him, but as soon as he saw his face.
  • Something rather lucid filled both of them and slowly they both looked at their wrists.
  • 00:00:00.

To be continued.


Well that was another midnight thought. I will update this (maybe) and if ever anyone stumbles apon this, do HEAT, REPOST, and FOLLOW me for MORE

All the love, I. (not harry tho lol)

coopsbird  asked:

just finished the thunder underneath his ribs and HOLY SHIT. that was, hands down, one of the best fics i've ever read. ever. i don't have an ao3 account so i couldn't leave a comment - sending you a message instead. "I’m not okay, John thinks sometimes, wonderingly, but the declaration only feels detached, as though it’s been torn away, and it really belongs to someone else." = the best description of this feeling i've ever come across. the entire fic is beautiful and haunting. thank you!!!

<3333 thank you so much dear!!! i love this fic and i’m glad you enjoyed it, thank you for taking the time to send me this message. much appreciated :D 

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If you were my girlfriend, I would probably read books out loud to you. I would sit down against the wall in bed, and just keep reading a nice story out loud until you got bored of it. I would probably toss blankets over us and just spend hours watching movies. I would hold hands and smile and it'd be really calm. I'd make coffee and hug and try my best to make you smile. I'd try to go places you'd like and I'd help take away any stress and annoying feelings from long days. I'd love you lots.

ahaaaaaa i melted

i gues im jus one of those people who gets inspired at stupid ass times ? anywaythank u a lot @lily-clare for the prompt, i love all of ur draws <3

Arthur crossed and uncrossed his ankles. He didn’t frequent this park too often. Too many families and screaming children. 

He looked down at his lap. Just above his fidgeting hands and secured on his right wrist was a leash. He followed the worn material down to the collar of a golden retriever, who was quietly laying on the ground. 

He’d found the dog in his own damn backyard, of all places. He’d had no idea what to do; his Scottish fold, on the other hand, had various plans to rip the dog to shreds. Once the cat was secured in his bedroom, Arthur managed to acquire some dog food from his neighbors and sat with the retriever as it ate.(He noticed the dog was named Hero, but did his best to ignore this in favor of his commitment to finding the dog’s owner, whether they were as idiotic as their choice in dog names implied or not.) 

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I’ve been wanting to roll more Tellius and Magvel characters for the longest time (cause they’re the best characters hands down) and finally on my 4th summoning attempt on the FE4 banner, I GOT HER!

I was really hoping to land her during the Tellius banner she was a part of, but never did so. I did at least get Ike at the time.

Now to hopefully collect the rest of em! :D