this is halloween 2013


Halloween by Cris NG Photography

Things I’ve gathered from the 2013/2014 Halloween Event from the Hetalia webcomic

I read them out of order so bare with me here

  • APH Moldova is super cute but terrified of APH Russia
  • APH Luxembourg likes to scare the shit out of APH Belgium
  • APH Canada thinks up costumes for Kumajiro
  • APH Italy’s old bosses are now watching him and he thinks it’s creepy
  • APH China can get crazy sad when it comes down to things
  • APH France is scared of Napoleon
  • APH China can exorcise things
  • My cats are really fucking weird and make weird sounds
  • APH Romania is sad that APH Moldova choose APH Russia over him (which he did out of fright)
  • APH Bulgaria is really bad at cheering people up
  • APH Bulgaria and APH Romania are the top two biggest disappointments in the EU
  • APH Latvia eats screams (idfk, he was eating the words)
  • APH Prussia was most likely crying in the bathroom during the Halloween party
  • APH Russia stuffed APH Poland in a teddy bear (seriously, wtf)
  • APH Romano dressed up in Roman attire for Halloween
  • Both APH Romano and APH Iceland think their guardians are thickheaded (i.e. APH Spain and APH Norway)
  • Both of them don’t mind it too much but APH Romano won’t admit it
  • APH England is a secret fanatic of ninjas
  • There is a ninja five consisting of APH America, APH Turkey, APH Sealand, APH Japan and APH England
  • APH Monaco likes acting as an onlooker
  • APH Romano acts kinda the same when drunk but is definitely more up to ideas
  • APH Portugal has a lot of foolish stories he uses as blackmail against APH Spain
  • APH Greece is weirdly observant and I as a person find it creepy
  • APH China is bad at putting costumes on and got himself stuck
  • APH Liechtenstein calls someone Mr. Pervert but I can’t pinpoint exactly who (my money’s on APH France)
  • APH Switzerland isn’t as protective as everyone portrays him to be (considering he left APH Liechtenstein alone with a bunch of people to tell stories including Mr. Pervert)
  • People can become nations, apparently APH NikoNiko trained to become one
  • APH Japan was actually really surprised when APH NikoNiko became a nation
  • You get out of shape based on your economy
  • APH NikoNiko was making sure it was normal to stop aging
  • People become nations
  • People become nations
  • What the cazzo, people become nations this is a breakthrough for me
  • People become nations
  • APH Australia lifts up APH Wy everytime he sees her
  • APH Denmark and APH Norway thought APH Iceland was lonely so they went to comfort him (he really wasn’t lonely)
  • APH Finland wore a dress for Halloween based off this one ghost
  • APH Iceland immediately assumed it was supposed to match APH Sweden’s
  • APH Taiwan thinks APH Belarus is gorgeous (ship senses are tingling) (she said ‘Whoa! Gorgeous lady at 12:00!’)

Chelsea Autumn by Tim Brown
Via Flickr:
Victorian home in Chelsea, MI, Autumn.

On Halloween morning of 1975, the bloody body of 15-year-old Martha Moxley was discovered in Greenwhich, Connecticut - she had been brutally beaten with a golf club. The beating was so viscous that the golf club had broken, and she was then stabbed in the neck with one of the broken pieces. Martha had been out the night before at a party at the home of 17-year-old Tommy Skakel - a nephew of Robert F. Kennedy. Tommy and Martha were seen flirting at the party and left the home together; this was the last time she was seen alive so Tommy was immediately suspected and he also had a shoddy alibi. The case eventually went cold but many local people believed that Tommy had committed the brutal murder until 1991, when his younger brother, Michael Skakel, who was 15-years-old at the time of the murder, was charged. He always professed his innocence and was granted appeal in 2013.

aph-iceland  asked:

Is it really true that Poland hasn't shown up in canon since march of 2015.... is this really where our world has come to? Please tell me I'm wrong....

Unfortunately due to Hetalia having such a large cast, there are a lot of characters that have been neglected for a good few years. Poland is not alone.

I made a list of last appearances for minor characters, and these are the ones that haven’t appeared since mid-2015. Also these dates are being based off their last canon manga strip appearance, not random illustrations, since those aren’t specifically attached to a canon story. So some have made a couple later illustration appearances.
The dates on older material may be off a little, but I did my best.
Feel free to correct me if I missed something.

This is not including characters that haven’t been formally introduced, fully designed, or those that may not be canon anymore, like Tibet who hasn’t appeared since 7/23/2006 (The Story about the Early Days of China and Japan) and was replaced by a panda in the anime.


Movies to watch starting tomorrow, October 1st.

Also these that I don’t have in my collection:

  • Trick or Treat (1986)
  • Lady in White (1988)
  • Jack O (1995)
  • WNUF Halloween Special (2013)

And a few I haven’t seen before:

  • Boo (2005)
  • Hack O Lantern (1988)
  • Halloween Night (2006)
  • Halloweenight (2009)
  • House of Fears (2007)
  • The Midnight Hour (1985)
  • The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane (1976)
  • The Pumpkin Karver (2006)
  • Trick or Treats (1982)
  • Once Bitten (1985)
  • The Basement (1989)
  • Cemetery of Terror (1985)

And to round off each night, a few episodes of:

  • Tales from the Crypt (1989–1996)
  • Tales from the Darkside (1983–1988)
  • The Munsters (1964–1966)
  • The Addams Family (1964–1966)

anonymous asked:

do you have any diys for angelkin?

Do I ever. 

The obvious starting place: wings. Some nice etsy shops for wings: for the higher end, and for a few cheaper but still nice, large wings. 

If real feathers seem too high-maintenance, felt feathers can look awesome too: Or try foam: 

If you’re more likely to want to make wings, here are some suggestions:,,,, and while it’s a doll wing progress series, this one has a pretty cool shape that can be easily duplicated by sight and used with foam or felt:  

Can’t wear wings? Wing shirts! Bam! and are of the cut-out variety, and is the sewn-on one. 

I’ll probably just keep randomly adding more to this, but for now, WINGS.

-Mod Spider