this is halloween!!

For your consideration: SuperFriends Halloween
  • Alex is Belle, Maggie is The Beast. Maggie is upset bc people keep calling her cute all night and she’s like ‘i’m not cute, bitch. i’m scary’
  • Alex and Maggie both go as Superman, just to annoy Kara
  • Alex and Maggie both go as Kara, just to annoy Kara
  • Everyone goes as Alex and Maggie (button downs tucked into tight ass jeans, leather jackets)
  • Maggie is Princess Peach. Alex is Mario. They make Kara go as Bowser and Winn as Toad.
  • J’onn always wins best dressed, bc he just transforms into other people
  • Alex goes as Kara. Maggie goes as Cat Grant, calls Alex Kiera all night. Real Kara responds out of habit.
  • Lena shows up in a bald cap and is clearly supposed to be Lex. Everybody pauses for a second and there’s dead silence, and then they all start pissing their pants laughing. She’s invited back the next year.  
  • Maggie dressed as Lexa. Alex comes out of the bedroom, ALSO dressed as Lexa, ‘we can’t BOTH be Lexa’. Maggie pours them shots. ‘We’ll let the spirits decide’.  
  • Kara retaliates to years of Halloween abuse, goes as Alex, does the most perfect imitation, flirts with maggie all night as a cherry on top.
  • Vasquez wears normal clothes and an eyepatch, deadpans ‘I’m a pirate now fuck off’ whenever someone asks about her costume (she doesn’t like Halloween very much)
  • Winn going as Jon Snow bc Winnter is Coming. 
  • Winn painting himself green and wearing Jon Snow outfit: J’onn Snow
  • Everyone goes as different versions of J'onn. J'onn Travolta. J'onn Lenon. J'onn McClain. J'onn Cena.
  • J’onn goes as a pizza delivery guy every year after the Papa J’onns Incident
  • Maggie wears a black muscle tee and says 'I’m Alex’s favorite guns’ as she flexes. She’s not wrong.  
  • Maggie and James, both massive Simpsons Nerds, go as Lenny and Carl
  • Maggie goes as Lisa’s Floreda outfit. Nobody gets it. Maggie is smadissapointed in her friends

Halloween Trick or Treaters by dachweiler
Via Flickr:
illustration by Marjorie Cooper; from Our World of Color and Sound by Renee Bartkowski, 1967

shitty dooodles right before bed.

Have some Laurie and Ace. There are no flowers in the entities grasp :’(

some cattails is all he’s got. He’s tryin.


dirty homeless man makes move on my shy daughter.

night night y’alll