this is halloween!!


Today at work the idea of All Might/Toshinori dressed as Samurai Jack popped into my head and I had to draw it when I got home.

I added Izuku in there when cleaning up the details because I ended up imagining that it’s Halloween and Class 1-A just barely avoided Ashido trying to talk All Might into dressing as Dracula. So he’s giving Tokoyami and Tsuyu a thumbs-up for successfully distracting her.


Hiiii it’s been a while *wavess *

Gonna do this this full on some day and the other ghouls as well.(and save up or contacts) 

Sibella from scobby doo and the ghoul school(just a test) Scoobydo was always my jam that is one show i loveddddddd.I dont fancy the newer ones too much but they have their moments.

I’d love to make time to redo this and work on the other girls <3 <3