this is gunna be rough

I don't need fixing || Nate & Dom

Dominic had been holding up the blizzard for over and hour now, he could feel himself tire out, but he was still going strong. He was stubborn when he put his mind to something, and he had been working hard on this so he made his footprint, and he wasn’t going to give in easily, so he held his head high, and let his hair fly in the backlash of the blizzard. His eyes carried on flickering from red to white, and he was completely in the zone. Nobody could take him out of this right now. His mind hadn’t swerved onto anything other than keeping this blizzard going because he knew if he let it slip, it would all go wrong.

Dom no longer had to hold the storm with his arms, all he had to do was keep his eyes firmly on the castle, and everything went as planned. He wasn’t going to lie to himself by saying this was exciting. As a matter of fact, this was one of the most boring things he’d ever done, and he’s of been dying to be playing his drums in the band room, but there it was, his mind shifted, and he shook his head furiously, shaking the storm around the school making the lights flicker on and off momentarily.

Not gunna lie, today was a rough one.

I’ve had quite a few tough days over the last two weeks and it can be incredibly frustrating when dealing with days where things that are normally easy for you are somehow incredibly difficult.

But you know what?

There’s always tomorrow!

Just gotta keep on trying!