this is gross whatevs


earth c

this was supposed to be a valentine’s drawing but i immediately hated it about an hour in so uh

i finished it before i could no longer bear to look at it

+ close up because i spent time on drawing that grass just to blur it


Giraffe Boy gets a Giraffe Mug for his rainy day at the café ♡

my kinda boyfriend person took me to build a bear today for my birthday and he chose a sound to put in it and like he wouldn’t let me know what sound it was and he said I couldn’t listen until we got in the car so I was kinda worried bc I thought it was going to be super vulgar or sappy and gross or whatever but we leave build a bear and I press my bear’s hand and it just makes this super loud velociraptor sound.

Shoutout to people who are visibly ADHD

〰To people who zone out and hyperfocus and make unusual expressions while doing it

〰To people who chew on things

〰To people who move to the music on their ipod in public

〰To people who have obvious quirks like touching walls or railings in a specific way

〰To people with big stims that neurotypicals notice

〰To people that have meltdowns in public

〰 To people who can’t help talking about their hyperfixation

〰To people with poor volume control

You’re not weird or gross, do whatever you need to make yourself comfortable and able to do your best.

“What I didn’t realize, back when I was this twenty-five-year-old pinup for geeks in that me myself and iconic metal bikini, was that I had signed an invisible contract to stay looking the exact same way for the next thirty to forty years. Well, clearly I’ve broken that contract. Partly because, in an effort to keep up my disguise as a human being, I had a child at some point. And then, in an effort to stay sane for said child, I took pounds and pounds of medications that have the dual effect of causing water retention (think ocean, not lake) while also creating a craving for salad—chocolate salad. So yes, in answer to your unexpressed question, sanity does turn out to come at a heavy price.

whats up with people putting “white” in front of whatever they want to get away with being gross bigots? like that post going around thats like “white jews complain about the holocaust that never effected them to pretend they’re oppressed” like my god shut the fuck up. i can’t believe so many idiots buy in to that crap and go in to full blown holocaust denial. this is like a prime example of how social justice language can be so easily manipulated and people without any critical thinking skills jump on board with whatever is said as long as you use the right buzzwords. 

it honestly uh Really bothers me when y’all suggest Harry’s more personal/gender neutral songs were some kind of “baiting” tactic or fandom appeasement because some other parts of the album weren’t what you personally wanted instead of like… actually intensely important to him… just throwin that out there…

It is still so wild to me that monosexual people exist.

Like I support anyone who only likes one gender and I am not going to shout at someone for being An Lesbian or An Hetero I just???? can’t really grok it. i can’t really alieve that that’s normal. I believe it, but I can’t alieve it. 

There are so many attractive people in the world??? why would you only want to be intimate with half of them???? 

why this hapen?? 

I get that it’s trendy to talk about how gross pregnancy is or whatever but there’s absolutely no way to go on and on about that without being blatantly misogynistic. we live in a society that treats pregnant women & their bodies as disgusting and disposable, and devalues and dismisses the experience of pregnancy because it’s associated with women (even as it glorifies and essentializes pregnancy and childbirth as the sum total of women’s value). there are pregnant people & people who have given birth who are abused horrifically by the medical system, treated with disdain, have their consent violated, have risk factors not explained to them, have entire important things about their body not explained to them, there are entire swathes of information about pregnancy that are important to know that are not common knowledge because pregnancy is associated with women’s bodies and women’s bodies are thought of as disgusting. maybe you think pregnancy is parasitism or whatever clever description you edgelords are coming up with today but keep it to yourself Karen. and transmisogynists can keep THEIR essentializing reductive hands off this post bc I don’t hold truck w/ you either


lmao tried to be all Serious and Whoa but ended up laughing at myself bc wtf aastha and wow!!! a nice smiling selfie!!!!!! lmao 

got this cheapo jacket thing from bkk and then thought of this yoongi photo and here we are

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Crop top yuuri cosplay (ft my friend who took the photo) ignore my derpy face. Also @zephyrine-gale who gave me the idea and made me wanna wear croptops. Ty for the crop top yuuri revolution.