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wow tyler really said “an entire generation pumping gas, waiting tables. slaves to the white collars. advertising has us chasing cars and clothes working jobs that we hate so we can buy shit that we don’t need. we’re the middle children of history man. no purpose or place. we have no great war. no great depression.our great war is the spiritual war. our great depression is our lives. we’ve all been raised on television to believe that one day we’d all be millionaires and movie gods and rockstars. but we won’t….and we’re slowly learning that fact. and we’re very very pissed off.”

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Excuse me who are the space gays I've been off tumblr for a while and I am very interested to know :)

I’m so glad you asked… (sorry for the different image sizes but im grabbing these off google)

okay ill start with the characters:

this is shiro aka space dad #letshirotakeafuckingnap2k16 and hes kinda in charge? idk he just needs a fucking nap

this is keith and in fanon hes emo but in reality he just likes doin his own thing

this fucker is lance and id fuckin die for this trash bin (look at that smug grin)

this is hunk and hes too pure and too relatable and i think either rock girl or food is his soulmate (look at his precious face id protect him with my life)

this is pidge aka space gremlin and just a great character man

this is allura and shes a beautiful bby and also kinda badass

this is coran aka space uncle and the best most suporting character, like seriously he does so much and needs more love

finally we have this fucking space troll who wants to take over the universe or some shit like hell u r get in ur lane i fucking hate this bitch like y r u even alive still (his name zarkon btw)

and now the plot!! 

so like theres a bunch of cats and they stack together and make a giant fucking cat that shoots lasers and shit. using the power of friendship and gay they save the universe

now for the ships!!

this is the only ship that matters


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Wooow I really wanna see more clothing fashions like yours on the street. Srsly why isn't this more common, why isn't the scarf thing more common? ',:/ I wish I could see more people like that, I feel like I miss something. You guys are actually so cool, media sucks!

wow i am so happy you loved this fashion especially the scarf one :DDDDD

well…..not all people wear the same fashion and scarf design here in fact i have my own style that a lot of people don’t do it like me and i never been on the same style too XD

just look at these i hated my first hijab style then i started to create new style every amount of time some people hated it and some others loved it

those were my own styles over the years XD

man how great i changed…


Emperor Nicholas II of All the Russias


Despite his shortcomings in politics, Nicholas was fiercely loyal to his family and his country. Dominic Lieven, a writer on Russian history, stated that “Nicholas was not a stupid man. The problems Russia faced were very great. Nicholas II loved his country and served it loyally and to the best of his ability. He had not sought power … He was very kind, sensitive, generous. [The situation] would probably have destroyed any man who sat on the throne.” 

For Nicholas, the enthusiasm for power was something alien. Even though he saw his stately position as burdensome and uninteresting, he had a strong sense of duty and did not shrink from it. Nicholas was a hard-working man, once stating “I shall never allow myself to go to bed, until I have completely cleared my desk.” Exceptional self-possession gave the Tsar the strength to spend hours on end tirelessly reading the reports and detailed memoranda submitted to him. He took many matters very close to his heart, but hid his sentiments behind a mask of calm indifference.

bookhobbit replied to your post:I was like “im of a delicate disposition this…

that’s the sneaky thing about leverage you think it’s just gonna be all fun and games and then one of these criminals is crying about how they’re not a good person and they want to be and you’re like I DIDN’T SIGN UP FOR THIS

I resent everyone who recommended this to me and didn’t include a full list of warnings

|| If I ever take awhile to respond on this blog I can say with most certainty it is because I am trying to come up with witty responses. This muse I swear to god. If I’m on a roll I can just BAM, sassing you left and right, but I am not that clever most of the time (/ o w o)/ I’m actually laughing at this tho. I just sit there for awhile and I’m like ‘ okay time to be clever in a mean and snarky way’ and c’: || 

  • Meeting Atlas
  • Diane McClintock
  • Bioshock

The people here have grown to trust me… Ryan’s mistress, and still they take me in! They finally brought me to Atlas. Without him, the people of Apollo Square would give up. I asked him if he was going to lead the people in some kind of uprising against Ryan. He sighed and said, “I am not a liberator. Liberators do not exist. These people will liberate themselves.” I thought Andrew Ryan was a great man. I was a fool.

the thing with broad shoulders is on one hand i look like i could kill a man but on the other everything that fits through the shoulders is too loose through the waist 

The great Arnold Palmer with Peyton Manning. Palmer passed away today(9/25) at age 87.

“Arnold Palmer knew how to treat his fans, he respected them with a wave, with a smile. My dad said Arnold was always available for an autograph or a picture. He really set the bar for being available, being approachable and making that person feel special during that seven-to-10-second interaction of a handshake, an autograph or a picture.  He was keeping things and interacting with the fans early on, and the fact that he’s still doing it today, that gives an athlete like me a lot of inspiration to try to keep interacting with the fans. He is unique in how he’s handled his career on the golf course and certainly off the course as well.”

Peyton Manning on Arnold Palmer

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It makes me so sad that Brienne loved, respected, and was so loyal to Renly, when he was no different than the rest--he mocked her behind her back and looked down on her. Brienne is grateful for his kindness to her believing he was genuine. I just don't understand how Renly could do that to someone who held him in such high regard and would die for him. He didn't deserve Brienne's loyalty :(

I agree anon. :/ Renly was a vain prick, with no genuine respect or sympathy for unconventionally looking girls (never forget what he said about little Shireen, his own niece) and it’s really sad that Brienne spent so much time idealizing him. But not surprising; she was so used to mockery that being treated with the smallest amount of courtesy (really the bare minimum, coming from a man of Renly’s rank and education, a great lord, the king’s brother) was enough to earn her unwavering loyalty and love. It’s good though that Renly’s ghost is slowly being replaced by someone else in Brienne’s mind.