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✨This is more of a filler I guess. I kinda just want this series to feel more realistic in a way? I mean it’s not but what I mean is like they’ll have random texts and talk about random things or normal things lol idk!! But the next part I have planned 🌚 and it’s gonna get MUSHY! I feel maybe this series will have at least 5 more parts? Maybe a lil more? Idk honestly I’m still making them as I go✨

Writing Noah has been a pretty rough for the past year. With all the family and school trouble I’ve been having, I haven’t really been around much, but since I’ve come back, I’ve gotten so much joy out of writing her again. I’m so happy and thankful that all of you stuck with me and Noah. There aren’t words to describe how much I love you all.

I haven’t done one of these in, like, 5ever and I felt like I needed to appreciate all of you. First off, I want to shoutout to ALL OF MY FOLLOWERS! All of you guys are the best and I apologize in advance because everyone, unfortunately, won’t make it onto this list because I’m a super scatterbrained potato face. I want to make sure you all know how much I love and adore you all!


@masochisticmartyr : POND IS EVERYTHING TO ME OKAY?! We have been friends since we first started writing together in the beginning. Noah and Amelia are like one of my two otps for Noah. Anytime I’ve needed someone to talk to or someone to bounce ideas off of, Pond is there for me always. POND YOU ARE SUPERBAE AND I ADORE YOU OKAY??

@floraiison : K A Y L A MY QUEEN BFF! Everything I have to say about both Remy and Kayla are good things. Kayla is a fantastic writer and she paints such a beautiful picture with Remy. Noah is so proud to be her wifey and baby mama. I don’t know what I would do if Kayla weren’t around, okay?? ( even when im a piece of shit and disappear forever and ever at a time ). * A MILLION KISSES FOR YOU GLENN COCO *


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ah, Rosemarie the juvenile ball python has been warming up to me (probably literally); and I to her! 
I’m loosening up in my handling of her more and more as she’s becoming less tense around me. Today, she let me inspect her belly scales, and I was able to move and manipulate her without having her withdraw, flinch, or tense up. 
She likes weaving between my fingers, even though she’s kinda too fat to do so. I still don’t like closing my fingers around her, just because I sorta project my own discomforts onto her and assume she’d hate the feeling of being ‘grabbed’ as much as I would. But on the occasions where I’ve had to, she doesn’t tighten up or bristle at all. She’s been pretty at ease with me, which puts me at ease with her. 

We’re getting to know one another amicably!! 

im so petty like one time i was gonna go to this concert w my friend and @ lunch time, the day of the gig, i was sitting w her n her best friend. so my friend didn’t wanna tell her bff that she was going w me to the gig (jealousy or smth idk) n so, since she had no plans, her bff was like ‘hey wanna come over for a sleepover tonight’ n my friend is like ye sure!! n i look at her like.. tf……. n i text her all like ‘wtf was that ur coming w me right??’ n she texts back (reminder, we’re all sitting together but texting so the other girl doesnt hear) saying ‘sorry :// i cant say no to her!!’ n i just had a moment of pure anger and worry bc like my friend just completely ditched me but also i had a spare ticket n no one to go w right?? so.. i was angry n its not my proudest moment .,, but i ask my friends bff ‘hey, i have a spare ticket to this thing, wanna come?’ n shes just like hell ye that sounds awesome n i look @ my friend like..,, RIP WE’RE NOT FRIENDS ANYMORE