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so there’s this guy I know who thanks people by exuberantly complimenting them, and I feel like aos kirk would do that?? not in a sexual way but in a gentle & fun way like

“thanks for the medbay reports bones!!! you’re so hot”

“omg spock. SPOCK. you’re so fucking smart and sexy thank you, thank you”

“uhura, I swear I could kiss you, but I wouldn’t because you’d punch me, thank yOU”


Front and back covers that I illustrated for @capri-anthology!

Thanks so much for allowing me to be a part of this great project! I had a lot of fun with this, and got to read some incredible fics. You can still get the pdf copy of this anthology here until July 25th! 

These are up as prints etc on my Redbubble.

Pictures of my haul under the cut!

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early fanon Matt: I can’t BELIEVE you dragged a 14-year-old into an active war zone, you put my little sister in danger! *protective older brother archetype*

canon Matt: *hits blunt and tries to pick up chicks by playing the guitar on college campuses* has anyone heard in the last five minutes that my little sister Pidge is the coolest person and can literally do anything? WOO

Keith but with cat eyes

As in Lance is just tapping his fingers against the arm rest of the seat and Keith just zones it on it and his irises get ridiculously huge and Lance just moves his fingers back and forth to see them go from small to large.

And yes Keith does try to pounce and gives Lance a heart attack in the process

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Klancept: Keith likes salty food and Lance likes sweet food. Back on Earth they cook for each other a lot and once when hunk was over he said "wow nice job cooking Keith" since the food was salty, but PLOT TWIST it was Lance that cooked. The next time hunk was over he said "this is great Lance!" Since the food was sweet, PLOT TWIST it was Keith that cooked. Hunk asked why the cook food like that when they don't like it and without missing a beat they point at each other and say "but he does".