this is gouache


My Etsy is open! I figured that opening a shop would give everyone a reliable and safe way to purchase originals of my paintings without the hassle of private messages. As of today there are only a few items, but I’ll keep adding things as I make them! All of the items are unique and nobody else will have the same painting, so grab yours while they’re available!

Visit my new Etsy @ AniColors 


Hey so I have an Instagram account if anyone’s interested


Plein Air Painting I // Gouache // Nosehill Park // Mary Sanche

My half of my art trade with the AMAZING @taryndraws!  We share a love of tea and witches, so naturally I had to paint a tea witch for her.  I imagine this witch cultivates her own plants to concoct some kind of healing brew, and of course uses magic to do so.

By the way, I’ve started using my Instagram story to post process photos of my paintings, so if you’d like to see all the rough sketches etc that come before the final piece, head on over to my Instagram to check it out!