this is goons shit

I hate how anti-recovery this site is. Anytime somebody has some good advice/healthy coping mechanism they got from their therapist or whatever that they want to pass on to others they just get met with some fucking goon saying shit like “LOOOK KARENNN THIS IS SOME NEUROTYPICAL BULLSHIT BECKY LMAO WHY DO YOU HATE MENTALLY ILL PEOPLE LOLOLOL SHARRON” like Jesus Christ. Grow up.

Jason Todd is the type of dude to stop what he’s doing, full Red Hood get up, and help a gosh-darn old lady across the street and carry her groceries home. I don’t care if he’s angrily wielding an ak-47 in the faces of idiot goons, but he’s going to drop that shit like it’s hot and offer his arm like a gentleman while the half blind old lady tells him to put on some sunscreen because “sonny, your face is looking a little red”.

PUDDING: evening, barkeep! i’ll have one of those fruity looking drinks with the little umbrella, please!

BRIX: …uh, can i see some id, kid?

PUDDING: are you absurd?! do you not know who i am? THE Pudding Goon? Pumpkin, tell this imposter of my fame!

PUMPKIN: i apologize on my sister’s behalf, she recently hit 50 subscribers on her internet video website thing.


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The batfamily's comms

Weird things happen when you Listen in the batfamily’s comms… examples:

1. When saving each other they make useless IOUs

“Oh shit, thanks” Jason said as he dodged the goon who was shooting at him. Tim had warned him and he was slightly thankful. “Thanks alot Tim. I owe you…30 bucks and a blowjob or something.” He said in the comms which Tim replied with a chocking sound.

2. No sense of direction what so ever.

Cass ran across the buildings with grace suddenly dick spoke in the comms. “I need uh…help. Cass get over here.” Dick said.“where?” “Here” “where?” “Like I said here…oh shoot. No no no no need for that. Fuck” Cass started running faster.“ Oh it’s ok now. Soo….how was your day.” Dick spoke up nonchalantly.

3. Singing…

“Where did you find the thugs?” Bruce asked as he stood above a warehouse.“across town” jason repiled. Bruce ran above the dark city known as gotham. The rain made it darker but a specific nightwing singing broke through the comms.“you are the dancing queen~” he started.jason followed up singing with dick.“mmmhh"he hummed.tim sang too.”~on the seventies oh yeah" the robins sing together. Bruce just sighed. Not because of their awful singing and harmony but they were the reason for his lss back at the batcave.


Request ⇾ Omg please do a Victor criss imagine where u guys are sorta together but he doesn’t want anyone to know so he won’t even look at her and like flirts w/ other people to cover for that but he starts to realise that it doesn’t bother her at all and he starts to like freak out????

Warnings ⇾ swearing, manipulation, hints at a blowjob??? y'all I’m sorry

A/N ⇾ I hope you like this as I’m not sure I captured Vic exactly how I wanted buut, I enjoyed writing for him and would like more bowers gang requests! so don’t be shy, I think they’re intriguing to write about!!


Victor Criss was a unique guy, to put it frank. He hardly ever spoke and when he did, it wasn’t much at that. He was quiet yet still had this flirtatious and cheeky side. Not everyone knew that, however. To the naked eye, people genuinely believed he was a mute. Apart from the disatisfactory grunts or snickers at innocent victims, he barely did speak. He barely spoke to anyone. Of course, with the exception of Y/N.

Y/N and Vic had been dating for a couple of weeks now, not that anyone besides the two even knew about it. It had something to do with the underlying fact that Victor didn’t want anyone to know. Y/N brushed it off, thinking it was because he didn’t want his venomous friends to know. Deep down, she considered the idea of him being embarrassed by her, but the soothing words he’d whisper to her late at night wiped that idea out of the question.


“Hey, baby.” Vic whispered as he snook into her bedroom.

“Hey.” She said with a short smile.

“You alright?”

He climbed into bed with her.

“Yep. I’m fine.” She knew that he knew she was lying.

“C'mon, babe. Tell me what’s up?”

“Why don’t you want people to know about us? You’re not embarrassed of me, are you?”

The next few sentences he whispered against her neck, in between leaving wet kisses and hickeys all over her. She could feel his hot breath ooze all over her exposed skin, it was intoxicating and she wanted more.

“How could I be embarrassed of you, baby? You’re so gorgeous and sweet. And not to mention that body. You’re beautiful, baby. And you’re all mine.”


Y/N tried to ignore it and it was actually much easier than she thought, considering she wasn’t allowed to speak or even look at him while they were at school. Something about him not wanting the guys to catch on, so she did as she was told and neither looked or spoke to him during school hours.

The one thing that Y/N really did like about that whole arrangement, was, that he could flirt with whomever he chose. If she, however, even dared to look at another boy, Vic would make sure he would regret it. She once had a conversation in her chemistry class with her lab partner who, coincidentally, was a boy. The next day Y/N found out that Vic had got Henry and the rest of his goons to beat the living shit out of him. She honestly wondered how Vic convinced them to do it, albeit she presumed it didn’t take much. They were all assholes, she knew that. So while she was suffering he was nonchalantly throwing his arm around another girls shoulder, or placing his small hand on the bottom of her back. He never outright kissed any other girl, or asked her out, which is why he kept on getting away with it. It, technically, wasn’t cheating. He knew this and that’s why he would continue to do it because he knew Y/N would never call him out on it.

Victor had never really meant to fall into the cycle of playing with Y/N’s heart, he really liked spending time with her, and Y/N had ever meant to get caught in his trap. They never meant to do a lot of things, yet they still did them.

According to Henry, the best way to keep a girl on your arm was to play with her heart and Vic wanted more than anything to keep Y/N. He just didn’t want everyone knowing about their relationship. It seemed weird, he knew that and he couldn’t describe why he did to her what he did. He just kept on doing it…

That was, until one day, when he purposely tried to make Y/N jealous. He was standing by some girl, who he didn’t know the name of, and her locker. She whispered something in his ear and he smirked and began kissing her neck, leaving little trails all over her tainted skin. He wasn’t doing this because he wanted to get in her pants, the contrary actually. He wanted to make Y/N jealous. He wanted her to admit that she didn’t like seeing him with other girls. This way, he would believe he had all of the control in the relationship, which was another thing Henry had advised him to do if he ever did get into a relationship. Except, Y/N wasn’t going to fall into his little trap this time. She was better than that, if she acted like she didn’t care then maybe he would stop playing his little game? Maybe, they would finally be able to go public with their relationship, and maybe she would finally be able to enjoy school once again. So she ignored him, she laughed at her friends jokes and even contributed to the crude things they were saying. She even waved back at a boy in her geometry class, she knew that would get his attention. And so it did. Victor was so surprised he stopped leaving sloppy, meaningless kisses all over the girls neck and began pushing her away from him. From the other side of the corridor Henry, Belch and Patrick could not believe their eyes. What was he doing? Did he not want to get laid later, like they thought he did every other day? Why was he throwing away such an easy target? Victor ignored their confused and slightly angry reactions and stormed off in the other direction.


“The fuck was all that about, huh Y/N?”

She simply chose to ignore him, knowing she’d gotten what she wanted, and plastered on a sickly sweet smile, “What do you mean, Vic?” Her doe eyed expression mixed with her slight head tilt - intended to make her look more innocent - only infuriated him more.

“You know fine well what I mean.”

“No, I really don’t. But, by the way Vic, Debbie from chemistry said she’s really looking forward to seeing you later and was real confused as to why you ran off earlier in the corridor. I, personally, am real confused too. Why did you storm off in such a huff, Criss?”

He was stunned. When did she grow balls enough to make her stand up to him? He was also impressed by it and it was evident by the evergrowing tent in his trousers.

“Alright, Y/L/N, you got me. I like you a lot. I don’t want you to be waving or talking to any other guys. You’re mine, Y/N.”

He rushed over and engulfed her in a messy and forceful kiss. She quickly pushed him away.

“Sorry, Vic, but you can’t just do that. You have to agree to go public, or I’m sorry, but I’m going to stop whatever this little thing between us is. Your choice.”

“Fine, we’ll go public if you do something for me in return, we got a deal?” He said motioning to his trousers.

“Yes, i believe we do.”

Dances With Wolves Pt.5 (Richie Tozier/Reader)

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part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4 

(A/N: This ain’t no rock fight like the gif implies but it’s the best i could find. This one is long as hell and as always sorry if it’s poopy garbage.)

Summary: After a lukewarm welcome from the Losers Club the reader decides to spend her Saturday alone, only to realize that being alone isn’t exactly the best idea when a guy like Henry Bowers wants you dead.

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PICKLE: did you sleep okay? i know i kinda hog the covers…

SONG: um, i guess i sorta did… until the leaky pipes woke me up? and the roaches? i tried to sleep on the couch but i swear i heard squeaking… 

PICKLE: oh! that’d Remy, my rat!! and the roaches aren’t too bad. they are kinda hard to get rid of but at least i can fix the pipes with my big strong muscles, right!! right?! that’s gotta count for something?!

SONG: -__-


Heyllo. I’ve been slowly gnawing away at a concept for a short film called ‘Wizard Goon’. Which I would reallyreallyreaLLy like to make next year, 

I wouldn’t usually upload this kind of stuff until I had something more substantial to show, but there’s some other stuff, albeit exciting stuff, coming up that will likely be pushing it back to later in 2k17 than I’d like. 

So for that reason and a couple of others, thought I’d just ralph up some of this bile now. 

This is Isabel. 

I was writing something emotional and appropiate about Hansol, Nakta and P-Goon leaving Topp Dogg but tbh just fuck it.

I’m sad, I’m crying my eyes out even though I saw it coming ‘cause Hunus is a shit company and there’s nothing else to it. They deserved better but instead they went from 13 to 6 in the blink of an eye.

With Jenissi leaving last year and A-Tom joining Produce 101 I just knew something would happen, and now I just hate everything and will go cry under a blanket.

I just hope that the remaining members will be successful in The Unit and in A-Tom’s case in JBJ, and I hope that Hansol and P-Goon take care while in the army, and that all 3 of them pursue solo activities and be successful as well.

I, of course, will continue supporting Topp Dogg as a Topp Klass, but I don’t think I’ll be able to listen to their music for a long while, I am just too hurt. I ask all of you to continue supporting them in these hard times and in the ones that will come. They deserved so much better.

And to HUNUS, fuck you, you don’t deserve anything. How I wish Romeo and Elris weren’t under you, piece of shit.

Stutter (Bill Denbrough x reader)

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request: How about either a Bill x reader where the reader has a slight stutter and idk someone gives her crap for it so Bill either try’s to help her or stand up for her

word count: 362

authors note: I didn’t know what to call this lmao but I hope you like it!!

Having a stutter did not bother you. Your stutter wasn’t bad, compared to Bill’s, but Bowers and his goons still gave you shit for it. Didn’t matter if you spoke smoothly or not, they still would taunt you. Bill seems used to their torment, even smart assing them on occasion. But Bill couldn’t be there all the time.

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