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ok so not to get controversial but how’s it that Press It™ didn’t get that award today?? Press it was literally the highlights of 2016 a consistent and unique album?? Jimmy Hendrix himself was brought to tears when he heard that guitar intro in One by One, Michael Jackson communicated with Taemin through a dream and just looked at him and told him ‘u did it son’ after he saw those moves in Drip Drop, the CEO of iTunes decided to delete every single song in the ballad category after he listened to Soldier for the first time should I go on? #PressItDeservedBetter

The Adrien Diaries...

Okay, so this is particular entry is a Valentine’s Day special… that’s over a week late. Deal with it, inspiration for the most awkward scenario only struck yesterday after talking to both @animatedsuperchick19 (who suggested the game they are playing) and @mr-hawkmoth (who talked me into this being an Adrien Diaries/Aftermath Addendums). Blame them for sunshine boy’s suffering.

 Now, this has an Aftermath Addendums coming, as well as ANOTHER Adrien Diaries Entry… Although if ya’ll are hoping to get poor Mari’s POV anytime soon, keep waiting XD


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I imagine for all his centuries of experience and adaption, Strickler will still occasionally lapse into more…repressed old-fashioned sensibilities. For example, his response to getting a gander at a fetching pair of ankles.  

Particularly if said ankles belong to one Dr. Barbara Lake, never mind you can see her legs, you nerd.  

Phwoar. Stay strong, Strickler. 

Fan story ! Birthday !

captainthane submitted:

(Okay first of all, this is absolutely not canon !! It’s just something i wanted to try to bring some fun to all of you ^^. Everything here is fan content. It’s my own interpretations so it could have a lot of mistakes and misinterpretations because we only have one chapter of caretaker and not all the background of each character ! So don’t be surprised if i use characters like Sans, Toriel, etc. It’s my first time so i hope you like it ! PS : English is not my first language so i could make some mistakes sorry !)

Asriel is thoughtful. In two days, it’s the birthday of Chara (the day they fall into the underground). He doesn’t know what he can prepare for them. They will be 15 years old and last year they already had a special chocolate cake. He is in Snowdin trying to find some new ideas.

- What should i do ? I already cooked a chocolate cake for them last year ! AAHHH !! Think Asriel ! (Asriel) 

-What’s wrong little tiny Asgore ? (Papyrus)

-Sup kiddo what’s the problem ? (Sans) 

-Oh Howdy Papyrus and Sans ! I try to find what kind of gifts i can offer for Chara. Their birthday is in two days !

-Nyhe he he the great Papyrus already has the solution ! (P)

- No don’t say it Pap…(A)


-Papyrus NO ! You know what happened the last time Chara ate your spaghetti….(A)

-They had a perfect expression, they love them ! (P)

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anonymous asked:

Just wondering how you manage your time. I find I'm always struggling for time, looking for an extra second to read. I just feel so busy with work and I'm tired as soon as I get home. When I go on Tumblr and see so many users finishing so many books in so little time, I get discouraged. Just looking for some time management tips.

  • To do lists are great. I make one each day, but only limit yourself to six or less things a day on that list. Otherwise you’ll get upset with yourself if you can’t cross off every task
  • Get a planner. I have two planners. One for college and one for life where I write out important things that are happening or assignments that must be completed
  • Plan your time accordingly. Stop procrastinating and do the most important things you have to complete each day before you reward yourself with time on Tumblr.
  • Make a routine. Plan each day similarly so you fall into a schedule that you like. 
  • Stop comparing yourself to others. I do it a lot, and it really hurts your self esteem. So what if people read more than you? You’re still reading and getting things done. Your place in life is not the same as others. Life isn’t a race. Go at your own pace. 

anonymous asked:

So there's a chance of my crush being told I like him and I'm not mentally prepared. Some kid found out and he's saying he's gunna tell him cause he's a jerk and does that. My friends doing her best to talk to my crush before the kid tells him but I'm still freaking out. Anytime I like someone it never ends well. Do you have any advice that can calm me down, please?

Ohhh, well this is kinda hard ; w; im not the best with this topic kdhjka
but mhmm, you could convince the kid to talk with you about it, make him see that this doesnt have anything to do with him and that he shouldnt put his nose in personal stuff like this, that please understand that this is something heavy for you and that is not okay with play around with your emotions

Other thing could be to trust your friend? I know she’ll help you on this, you two got this now  ; w;
And well, about the crush, if you know him well, know how he reacts to this kind of situations, nothing but a good talk will solve this
Talking is the key, following that, all of you will find a way to work this out

Geeee, as i said, im not the best for this qwwwq but i hope this helped a bit
Good luck with that, i hope nothing goes wrong
But remember, talking and trusting each other, being honest, all that will make stuff better ; w;//

We get it. You’re not Peeta Mellark. We still wanted good things for you. Be gracious. Douchey too-cool-for-school comments are not okay. Unless your goal is to be Miles Teller. 

If you want the dude-bro fanbase of the Rogen and Franco machine… that’s okay too. Let the work speak for itself though. Don’t act like an asshole about the work and the people who put you where you are.

Self-sabotage is not the smartest life choice.

Don’t ever, EVER feel discouraged when making your Animal Crossing town. 

This game is supposed to be relaxing, not stressful. 

Hacked or not, your town is special to you, and thats AMAZING. 

Don’t worry about what other people think, because its your town, not theirs.

Make a town that YOU enjoy and that will make YOU happy.